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Gluten Free Dairy Free Sugar Free Desserts

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What Exactly Is Tigernut Flour And Whats The Best Way To Use It


If youve gone gluten-free, then you know just how many variations of four are out there almond flour, arrowroot flour, coconut flour, cassava flour, just to name a few. But what about tigernut flour? This might be a new one.

Lets start off by saying that a tigernut isnt actually a nut like the name implies. Its a small root vegetable that grows in the Mediterranean and North Africa that is naturally gluten-free, AIP-, and Paleo-friendly, offering those with nut allergies a safe flour alternative. Yet, it has a subtle nutty flavor!

This grain-free flour has become a trend in the natural foods space and is beginning to make its way to store shelves across the U.S. more regularly. So even if you havent spotted it out in the wild just yet, just you wait! In the meantime, I find it online here.

Tip: I highly recommend sifting Tigernut flour before measuring it in cups, I like to do this in a large mixing bowl using a fine-mesh sieve or flour sifter. Its worth the extra few minutes to kick the clumps out and ensure it bakes well . Learn more about this and more AIP-friendly flours in this guide!

Its also one of my favorite GF flours, and Ive used it in a ton of my recipes, including:

Salted Almond Chocolate Truffles

No-Bake Gluten-Free Refined Sugar-Free Paleo Dairy-Free Vegan

These Salted Almond Chocolate Truffles are sweet and creamy with a hint of salt and a delicious crunch from the almonds. You only need FOUR ingredients to make them, too. Theyre a chocolate lovers dream, and would be the perfect thing to tuck inside a box for a homemade box of chocolates 🙂

Healthy Peanut Butter Blondies

These healthy gluten-free dairy-free peanut butter blondies are easy to make you do most of the mixing in your blender!

Theyre also a little more on the healthy side of desserts, ramping up the protein factor with chickpeas instead of traditional flour. I cant wait to give this recipe a try!

This peanut butter protein ball recipe is naturally gluten-free and dairy-free using peanut butter, honey, vanilla, rolled oats , shredded coconut, vegan chocolate chips, and vanilla extract.

Easy peasy and you can even enjoy them as a healthy snack mid-day!

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Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies By Allergylicious

Ginger cookies are a holiday staple, and these delicious treats strike perfect balance of spice and sweet. These can easily be made grain-free with a gluten-free flour and are the perfect gift for a neighbor or loved one celebrating from afar.

Naturally-sweetened and downright delicious, this might be one of the healthiest holiday desserts around.

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Amaretto Chocolate Cream Cake

Source: Amaretto Chocolate Cake

Dont let the looks of Clémence Moulaerts Amaretto Chocolate Cake fool youits so easy to make! Amaretto gives desserts an amazing nutty, sweet, and exotic flavor. If you dont want the alcoholic liquor, look for alcohol-free extract instead. Or, go with the original recipe and treat yourself to a dessert worth sharing with friends!

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter And Banana Blizzard

Source: Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Banana Blizzard

Missing cold, creamy blizzard desserts? Make Shannon Hickmans Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Banana Blizzard! If youre a strict soy-free eater, check your dark chocolate bar to make sure theres no soy included since some vegan brands and non-vegan brands may include it. Or, you can just use raw cacao and call it a day!

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Raw Vegan Chocolate Truffles

This one isnt for the faint of heart. If, however, youre a serious chocoholic , youll absolutely love these. With only 5 ingredients , these healthy truffles couldnt be easier to make and I bet you have all the ingredients on hand right now! Plus, theyre not only dairy but also refined sugar free! Get the recipe for the raw vegan chocolate truffles here!

Paleo Coffee Cake Is The Perfect Brunch Dish

Dairy-, Gluten-, even Sugar free Chocolate Desserts for Holiday Gatherings

Coffee cake is the quintessential baked brunch menu item. Its fluffy, sweet, and pairs perfectly with coffee, tea, and even matcha. And this Paleo version is sure to be a hit at your brunch or breakfast get-together!

Take this cake over the top with a dollop of coconut cream, dairy-free ice cream, or some Paleo caramel sauce.

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What Do I Mean By Sugar Free Desserts

In this case, none of the sugar free desserts in this post use any concentrated sweeteners not even natural concentrated sweetenersso that means no honey, no coconut sugar, no maple syrup, no raw sugar.

These no sugar recipes are allowed to use whole fruit like bananas or in some cases whole dates. For the most part these recipes rely on the natural sweetness of whole fruit or other ingredients without added sugar.

The Best Gluten Free Flours

There are a lot of different gluten free flours out there, but here are some of my favorites for baking :

  • Almond Flour a lower carb flour that isnt too dense
  • Tapioca Flour pairs well with almond flour in baking recipes
  • Coconut Flour another lower carb option and great for nut-free baking
  • Cassava Flour great nut-free option

Our go-to brand for gluten free flours is Bobs Red Mill. You can order them online or find them in most stores.

Looking for more? Check out this roundup of 50 Healthy Desserts!

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How To Store This Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Recipe

To store after frosting: store your cake in an airtight container like this one for 1-3 days, in a cool environment. Keep out of direct sunlight and way from heat sources.

To store before frosting: you may freeze the cake and frost before serving . Wrap cake layers in parchment paper or plastic wrap and store in an airtight, freezer-friendly container. Do not make frosting until you are ready to whip and frost the vegan chocolate cake.

Strawberry Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Bars

Pin on Low

Gluten-Free Refined Sugar-Free Dairy-Free Vegan

These Strawberry Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Bars have an oatmeal cookie crust and crumble, filled with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate chunks it makes for an irresistibly delicious treat! These oatmeal bars are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and vegan.

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Four Ingredient Chocolate Caramel Truffles

These sugar free chocolate caramel truffles have a rich chewy texture and are so easy to make. With just four simple ingredients, you can make them any time you have a chocolate craving and have a quick treat ready in no time!

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Healthy Fats For Baking: Get Slim By Eating Fat

Now that weve got the sweetness and the structure aspects of baking covered, its time to tackle the fats.

Fats provide moisture and tender texture to baked goods. They give rich mouth feel to soufflés, the silky finesse to mousse and golden, flaky goodness to pie crust. But what they do in your body is even more important than what they do in the kitchen.

The fats you eat influence inflammation and metabolism. They affect how cells communicate with each other. They even affect how your genes express themselves! And when they are used at the wrong temperatures they can cause oxidative damage that can mutate cells and encourage cancer.

But using the right fats, in their appropriate temperature range, is one of the best things you can do for your health. Healthy fats can help reduce inflammation, boost brainpower, discourage wrinkles and even flip your bodys fat-storage switch off. And these are the kind of fats we rely on at Healing Gourmet.

Stock your pantry with these heat stable, REAL fats for delicious baked goods with benefits:

The fats to AVOID in your baking include hydrogenated oils/trans fats as well as fats that are high in omega-6 including: vegetable oil, corn oil, canola oil, peanut oil, grapeseed oil, and soybean oil. .

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Vegan Chickpea Brownies From Erin Lives Whole

Gluten-Free Refined Sugar-Free Dairy-Free Vegan

These gluten-free and dairy-free chickpea brownies are so easy to whip up! Made from a base of chickpeas, almond flour& nut butter which all get blended up into batter. Erin uses dark chocolate chips and a touch of maple syrup to sweeten this delicious Valentines Day dessert!

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Caramel Brownies

Flourless, Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Gluten-free Chocolate Brownies

You know what I said about those triple chocolate salted caramel-stuffed cookie-bottom brownies? I might have been kinda lying. And okay, as far as healthy go, these still arent the very definition of healthy but they contain no gluten, no dairy and no refined sugar, and are paleo to boot. And for something that has cookie, caramel and brownies in its name thats pretty impressive. Get the recipe for healthy caramel chocolate chip cookie brownies here!

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No Bake Sweet Potato Bars With A Gingerbread Crust

Source: No Bake Sweet Potato Bars With A Gingerbread Crust

Also a winner are Jenné Claibornes No Bake Sweet Potato Bars With A Gingerbread Crust that require no baking whatsoever as long as you have some sweet potato purée on hand. Almonds make the dish sorta nutty, sweet, and boost the protein content, while the coconut and other sweet ingredients round out the flavors. These bars have no refined sugar and can be whipped up in just a food processor or a high-speed blender.

Flourless Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gluten-Free Refined Sugar-Free Dairy-Free Vegan Paleo

These Flourless Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies are thick, gooey and SO delicious, with a fruity strawberry flavor and melty chocolate chips. Theyre gluten-free, paleo, and vegan, and made with just six ingredients! Perfect Valentines Day dessert for the strawberry lover in your life 🙂

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Healthy Flours For Healthy Baking: Better For Blood Sugar& Gluten Free Too

The first step in making healthier baked goods is to take a close look at the flour you use. Many bakers now choose whole grain flours over refined white flours. However, whole grain flours are still very high in carbohydrates and score high on the glycemic index.

And when it comes to your health, thats a really bad thing. High glycemic foods cause your blood sugar to spike, raising insulin levels. Your blood sugar is directly linked to nearly every chronic disease including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, obesity, macular degeneration, PCOS and many more.

And because insulin is the fat-storage hormone, eating high glycemic foods promote weight gain too.

If you want to avoid that muffin top then stay away from grain based flours.

And heres another reason to avoid traditional flours: Most are made from wheat and contain gluten an allergenic protein that causes health issues for many people.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

30+ Tasty Sugar Free Desserts! (Gluten Free &  Paleo ...

No-Bake Gluten-Free Refined Sugar-Free Paleo Dairy-Free Vegan

If you want something snacky and sweet that you can indulge in all day long and red velvet aint your thing, these Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls are for YOU. They can be in your mouth in just 10 short minutes what more could you ask for on Valentines Day?!

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Healthy Gluten Free Sugar Free Carrot Cake

Continuing to obsess over baked goods that allow me to pretend like Im eating a plate full of veggies.

Well, only one kind of baked good: CARROT CAKE.

I know its only been a hot minute since the gluten free carrot cake cupcakes, vegan gluten free dairy free carrot cake and easy healthy gluten free carrot cake muffins but TIS THE SEASON.

Just making sure the Easter bunny has ALL the gluten free carrot cakery that he/she needs to experience this spicy-sweet, MOIST cake deliciousness no matter what kind of eating habits said bunny follows. Even if its a WILD bunny, I have gluten free oatmeal carrot muffins with GARAM MASALA for it.

Also, internet BFFS, in this scenario Y-O-U are the Easter bunny that I am trying to cater different-diet-friendly carrot cake to.

Anyway. I KNOW that youre gonna feel SO good about this sugar free carrot cake recipe.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Macadamia Nut Tart

Gluten-Free Refined Sugar-Free Dairy-Free Vegan Paleo

This Dark Chocolate, Coconut & Macadamia Nut Tart is decadent, delicious and easy to make. It has a coconut crust thats filled with a luscious chocolate ganache and topped with toasted coconut and macadamia nuts. Youd never guess that this nutty tart is gluten-free, vegan, Paleo, and refined sugar-free!

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The Ultimate Collection Of Delicious & Easy Gluten Free Dairy Free Desserts Recipes For Sweets Lovers Everywhere My Favorite Gluten And Dairy Free Desserts All In One Place

Happy Valentines Day! Well, almost. Are you going to:

  • Celebrate this weekend
  • Forget about the whole thing altogether
  • Chill because you already celebrated it
  • Eat chocolate, like normal
  • Erik and I are still kind of up in the air about what to do. Should we cook each others favorites and have a romantic candlelit dinner that culminates in no fewer than 17 gluten free dairy free desserts, order some take out and binge some rom-coms , or just go along like normal and ignore the whole thing?

    Also, for those of you planning on celebrating it, do you have any ardent opinions on whether weekend plans should happen before or after? Ive never known how these things work myself. Just curious.

    5 Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites Recipe : a quick n easy recipe for decadent no bake cookie dough bites made with healthy gluten free ingredients and PLENTY of chocolate!!

    Meanwhile, V-Day lover or not, I figured it would be the best policy to kick off this weekend with this collection of 50+ Gluten Free Dairy Free Dessert Recipes list! After all, why wouldnt we all need a deliciously comprehensive list of mouthwatering gluten free and dairy free desserts?

    There are so many fun and seriously tasty treats to try! I cant wait to hear which is your favorite and see the photos/videos you post on .

    Heres to a weekend of love, hugs, and super yummy treats! You ready? Lets make this!

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