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New York Times Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Why Chill The Dough

How to Make (Flourless!) Chocolate Chip Cookies | Bake #WithMe | NYT Cooking

The dough really does benefit from being chilled for 24 to 72 hours. Ive tried baking the dough right away, and baking it after chilling it for at least a full day. The texture of the baked cookies is really amazing after the wait.

In fact, even the color of the dough seems to change color a bit as the dough rests. It goes from being quite light in color to a deeper brown, a bit more like the cookies as baked. I could make up some sort of smartypants science reason for that, but I like you too much. 🙂

If you think you wont be able to wait without even a taste, try chilling half the dough and baking off half the dough. Then, you can judge whether it was worth the wait.

One way or another, youre gonna need to make these. Theyre the perfect combination of chewy and crispy .

Be sure to sprinkle that little bit of coarse salt on top.That salty-sweet combination of tastes, along with all that texture magic, is something you wont soon forget.

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Why are these the best gluten free chocolate chip cookies? Because they do not require a lot of special, expensive flours. You only need almond flour and you’re good to go!

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What is it about a chocolate chip cookie? For me, it’s the contrast in texture. The crispbut not too crispdough, giving way to that chunk of chocolate.

And for me, that chocolate has to be dark chocolate. No question.

And why should gluten free people be deprived of this glorious sensory experience? They shouldn’t be.

My husband is gluten free, so I’m always on the lookout for gluten free desserts. But if you know me at all, you know I don’t like to mess with sourcing several different kinds of specialty flour to make them happen.

I don’t bake a whole lot so keeping coconut flour, tapioca flour, various starches and concoctions around just isn’t practical for me. But almond flour? I can handle picking up a bag of almond flour.

And that’s all you need for these gluten free chocolate chip cookies so they win! Huzzah!

They are simple simple simple!

How To Make Gluten Free Dairy Free Choc Chip Cookies

To make these cookies dairy free, try using vegan butter. My favorite brands are Melt and Miyokos Kitchen.

You shouldnt need to make any other changes to the recipe. Just be sure your chocolate chips are also dairy free.

Ive tried making this recipe with Earth Balance buttery sticks in place of butter, but the texture wasnt great. Earth Balance has too much moisture.

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How To Make The Perfect Gluten

The much-loved choc-chip biccie in trouble-free format for the gluten-intolerant but who makes the best version?

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies. Sadly, however, if you cant tolerate gluten, chocolate chip cookies do not usually love you back while squidgy brownies and many other deliciously squidgy cakes dont really suffer for a lack of this natural glue, its harder to keep a biscuit together without it. Harder, yes, but not impossible.

What Is A New York Cookie

Gluten Free New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies  Great ...

The Manhattan-based Levain Bakery has become famous for it’s cookies which just look absolutely incredible.

They’re most known for the fact they’re a whopping 6oz and packed with chocolate, nuts and other treats.

The fact these cookies are so fat means they stay proper gooey in the middle – almost to the point of still being cookie dough.

They’re different to my gluten free chocolate chip cookies, in that they’re bigger with more chocolate and a much more gooey centre.

Basically, they’re unlike any other gluten free cookie I’ve tried and are now officially my new favourite recipe – I can’t stop eating them!

As I’ve never been able to eat the ‘gluten’ version, I am going out on a limb here when I say these are just like the Levain Bakery cookies.

This recipe was largely inspired by , which I have essentially tweaked and ‘de-glutened’.

I always find gluten free cookies aren’t always a straight swap from ‘normal’ recipes but Jane’s recipes are always super reliable!

She also has a new cookbook coming out soon with many of the recipes easy to make gluten free, I’d definitely suggest you check it out here!

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The Best Chewy Gluten

I dont like to throw the term Best Recipe around casually. But when I want to really get across that Ive tested and tried and adapted a recipe a bunch until I got it PERFECT, then I feel justified in calling it the Best gluten-free chocolate chip cookies ever!

Thats a whole lot of gluten-free cookies eaten for testing purposes so that I could share the best gluten-free cookies!

Back when I used to be able to eat gluten, I worked for years to find a homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe that I loved that reminded me of my favorite mall cookies.

I grew up loving the old Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies. My favorite thing to get at the mall was one of the huge cookies that they sold back in the 1980s. They were the perfect chewy cookie and were about as big as my head as a child! Over the years, the cookie size and quality has gone down, but I did still love those cookies.

I also liked the famed New York Times cookie recipe that was going around about 8-10 years ago pretty well. Just when I finally had a recipe for cookies that I loved, I got diagnosed with celiac and had to start all over with my recipe testing.

Ugh, how am I going to make gf chocolate chip cookies? I had to get trying!

Heres what I wanted in a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie:

  • Crispy edged, chewy cookies with a bit of a gooey center.
  • Lots of chocolate no chance of having a bite without chocolate in it.
  • No gritty texture or weird feeling in mouth from too many starches or gums.
  • The Perfect Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie By Vibrant & Pure

    Why we love them: If theres a cookie that never disappoints, it the classic chocolate chip cookie. Chocolate chip cookies are iconic, and I honestly dont know a single person who would turn one down. However, when it comes to gluten-free, dairy-free baking, these cookies are the most difficult to nail. This recipe from Vibrant & Pure is the best Ive tried, and tastes closest to the real thing.

    Hero ingredient: Instead of using a chia or flax egg, this recipe calls for 1/3 cup of cold vegan butter. Im a firm believer that this is the distinguishing ingredient in this recipe, and what makes these cookies have that moist, buttery flavor thats just to die for.

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    What Can I Use Instead Of Oat Flour

    If you cant use oats, another great option is almond flour. These two are a great swap for one another in most instances. Although, almond flour isnt as absorbent as oat flour.

    Try to use super-fine almond flour for best results. Just make sure the cookie dough is easily scoopable and holds its shape. If the dough is too thin, add a couple extra tablespoons of the all purpose gluten free flour blend.

    Nutty Dark Chocolate Chunk Almond Flour Biscotti By Rachel Mansfield

    NY Times-Style Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Why we love them: Imagine yourself sitting at a café in Italy, dipping a crispy, chocolate-dipped Biscotti into a steaming, frothy cappuccino. Is there anything better? Talk about a dessert that can transport you elsewhere, these Biscotti cookies are a dream.

    Hero ingredient: These homemade Biscotti are almond flour-based, giving them the crispy, crunchy texture these cookies are known for. So get your coffee, tea, or glass of oat milk ready, because Biscotti are meant to be dunked.

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    Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies By Vibrant & Pure

    Why we love them: Decadent and chocolatey with hints of peppermint and vanilla, these cookies are perfect for cozy nights at home year-round. But when you add in the chopped peppermint and marshmallows to garnish, youve got the perfect holiday cookies on your hands.

    Hero ingredient: Melted dairy-free chocolate is a key ingredient of the dough in this recipe, making these cookies extra rich. When you omit the peppermint, this recipe also serves as a great base for a straight up double chocolate cookie.

    New York Times Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Post date: Apr 17, 2017 9:07:58 PM

    1 cup all purpose gluten free flour

    1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum

    1 1/4 cup Gluten Free Bread Flour*

    1 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch

    1/2 teaspoon baking soda

    2 cups certified gluten free old-fashioned rolled oats

    3/4 cup granulated sugar

    3/4 cup packed light brown sugar

    16 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature

    1 egg plus 1 egg yolk at room temperature, beaten

    1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

    10 ounces bittersweet chocolate disks


  • 1 cup Gluten Free Bread Flour, as discussed more fully on pages 8 to 10 of GFOAS Bakes Bread, contains 100 grams Mock Better Batter all purpose gluten free flour + 25 grams whey protein isolate + 15 grams Expandex modified tapioca starch.
  • For a calculator that helps you build the flour without math, please see my Gluten Free Flour page.
  • If you would like to use Ultratex 3 in place of Expandex, please see #6 on my Resources page for instructions.
  • Directions

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    Nyc Chocolate Chip Cookies

    *This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details!*

    Giant, Gooey and Utterly Epic NYC Chocolate Chip Cookies based on the famous Cookies from New York City!!

    Can we take a minute, right at the beginning of this blog post, to appreciate that I have given you guys this recipe. I have finally given you all the recipe that you have been after, for such a long long time. QUEUE THE APPLAUSE.

    Im joking seriously. But anyway I will say the reason they took this long to come to my blog, is because I only, finally, went to New York four months ago, so I finally got to try some classic NYC Cookies for myself!

    I wasnt prepared or willing to post an NYC Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe before I had actually eaten some for myself! I feel like that is pushing the limit really can you make a recipe for something as famous as this, if you havent even there and eaten them?!

    Anyway. When I was in New York, I ate so. many. cookies. The best of all, for me personally, was the ones from Levain Bakery. Oh, holy geeeeeeee they were insanely epic. I heard lots and lots of talk about Levain Bakery on my social channels before I went, and my gosh they did not disappoint.

    I managed to get in when there was absolutely no queue, and then trotted over to Central Park to enjoy them, and my gosh it was the best thing ever. Not only was I finally taking in the sites of Central Park, in actual New York City, but the cookies wow.

    What Do These Soft Gf Choc Chip Cookies Taste Like

    New York Times

    These particular chocolate chip cookies remind me of Archway brand chocolate chip cookiesthey come in a cardboard sleeve, covered in plastic. The thin choc chip cookies and the oatmeal cookies were always my favorite.

    For a short time, Archway did make a couple varieties of gluten free cookies, but they were very thin and crispy. Nothing against thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies, but the Archway brand cookies that I miss are the soft-baked homestyle cookies.

    These cookies bake up evenly, like Archways. That means that, unlike our thick and chewy gluten free choc chip cookies, these cookies dont even have any crisp edges.

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    How To Make The Perfect Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

    EEveryone loves chocolate chip cookies. Unfortunately, chocolate chip cookies usually dont love you if you cant stand gluten. Squid brownies and many other delicious squid cakes dont really suffer due to the lack of this natural glue, but its hard to keep biscuits together without it. Difficult, yes, but not impossible.

    What Ingredients Do I Need

    Making these gluten free NYC cookies is actually really easy to do and only requires a few simple ingredients.

    There’s a full printable recipe card below, but for the shopping list you’ll need…

    • 75g granulated sugar
    • 150g milk chocolate chips
    • 150g dark chocolate chips

    I always make this recipe with the FREEE by Doves Farm gluten free flour or any supermarket plain gluten free flour blend.

    In the US you’ll want to make these NYC cookies using All Purpose gluten free flour.

    I prefer to make them with plain gluten free flour then add the baking powder in so you can get the amounts just right.

    Personally I haven’t yet attempted this recipe dairy free but if you did, I’d recommend using something like the Stork baking block instead of butter.

    I think regular margarine would be too soft and the cookies would lose their shape in the oven.

    With the sugar I’d absolutely recommend you stick to the recipe and use the same ratio of light brown and granulated sugar that I have.

    Using caster sugar won’t get the same texture and trust me, I have eaten a lot of these NYC cookies to get them right!

    You can of course use just milk or dark chocolate chips but I love a mixture of both… and I like a LOT of them.

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    What Makes These Cookies Different

    What makes these cookies different is the flour used to make them, mostly. Are you familiar with the Famous New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies? Theyre made with a combination of bread flour and cake flour.

    We make bread flour like we do with our newer-style gluten free breads. We make cake flour the way everyone does: with a combination of about 80% all purpose flour + 20% cornstarch.

    All that means is that, if you have 1 cup of flour, 80% will be an all purpose gluten free flour blend, and 20% will be cornstarch. Here, Ive done the math for you in the recipe below by including all purpose gluten free flour and cornstarch separately in the ingredients.

    If you cant have cornstarch, try using potato starch or arrowroot. It should work just fine. If you cant have dairy, you can try using rice protein isolate or pea protein in place of whey protein isolate, along with Expandex, in the bread flour. I havent tried it, though, so youll be experimenting!

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