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Are Jelly Belly Gluten Free

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Gluten Free Products By The Jelly Bean Factory

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You are viewing Gluten Free products from The Jelly Bean Factory

Gluten is a protein derived from wheat and other related grains, such as barley and rye. Amongst other uses, it helps give elasticity to dough, helping to keep its shape and rise when baked. Coeliac UK say that as many as 500,000 cases of coeliac disease go undiagnosed in the UK and can be the cause of many day to day illnesses and complaints such as a lack of energy, digestive problems, stomach pains and bloating, depression and infertility.

A gluten free diet is recommended in the treatment of wheat allergy and coeliac disease. About 1 in 133 people in the world’s developed nations are estimated to have coeliac disease so we have gathered a range of gluten free products, from tea and coffee to chocolate and snacks to take the hassle out of finding gluten free alternatives.

Please note: We take every care to ensure product information on our site is correct, however food products are regularly being reformulated by manufacturers, so ingredients, nutrition content, dietary and allergens may change. You should always read the product label and not rely solely on the information provided on our website.

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Are Jelly Bellys Kosher

Jelly Belly states on their website: Yes, we are happy to report Jelly Belly® jelly beans and all of our confections, with the exception of Harry Potter Chocolate Frog and LolliBeans Lollipops, are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union . The OU, or OU-Dairy symbol is now on packages and bulk bin labels for all candies produced at the Jelly Belly factory. Therefore, Jelly Belly jelly beans are certified kosher

Since Starburst products in the United States are almost always non-vegan, we felt it was necessary to give you a Starburst alternative. The Organic Fruit Chews by Wholesome are USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan, Certified Gluten Free, and Contains No High Fructose Corn Syrup. You can purchase Wholesomes Fruit Chews directly on their website.

What Is A Belly Flop

We make millions of pounds of Jelly Belly jelly beans each year. In the course of production, we produce a small percentage of what we call Belly Flops. These consist of misshapen beans, clusters of beans and off-color beans, all of which are perfectly edible. The flavor mixes in the Belly Flops vary according to the production schedule. Although we do our best to pack a variety of flavors in each bag, everyone is different and we cannot guarantee the selection of flavors. Part of the fun is anticipating which flavors you’ll get.


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Necco & Spangler Candy

To be confident that you are getting an allergen-free Spangler candy item, check the back of the item you are purchasing for the allergen statement. Spangler Candy bags manufactured and packaged in our facility will have all of the following identifiers:

  • Current Spangler allergen statement: This product does not contain peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat, or gluten. It has been manufactured on dedicated equipment.
  • Address line on the back of the bag: Manufactured by Spangler Candy Company, Bryan, Ohio, 43506 USA.
  • UPC code begins with 0 30800. This is the code for our manufacturing facility.
  • More Than Just Jelly Beans

    Jelly Belly Gluten

    While our Jelly Belly jelly beans are by far our best sellers, theyâre not the only goodies our company makes. Youâll find candies for every season, mood, craving â and plain old everyday enjoyment! Some of our non-jelly-bean favorites include Candy Corn, Malt Balls, Jordan Almonds, Licorice Bridge Mix â just to name a few.

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    Gluten Free Jelly Bean Doughnuts Recipe

    Jelly beans and Easter just go together, which is why I found myself with an abundance of jelly beans on hand. And why I decided to create this gluten free jelly bean doughnut recipe.

    Not only are these doughnuts studded with jelly beans on the inside, they are also sprinkled with chopped jelly beans. I love the jewel-like look of the chopped jelly beans so much, I may have found a new kind of sprinkle for cupcakes, cookies, and cakes.

    The jelly beans I used were from Surf Sweets, which are organic, naturally sweetened , and made with fruit juice. They gave the doughnuts a fruity flavor that was not overly sweet.

    I made two batches and found that inserting the jelly beans into the doughnut batter worked better than trying to fold the jelly beans into the batter before putting it into the doughnut pans.

    I just love these doughnuts even more than I thought I would. They are so pretty. In fact, they would be perfect for any girl party little girls and grown up girls.

    Gluten Free Surprise Inside Jelly Bean Cake Recipe

    This Surprise Inside Cake Jelly Bean Cake recipe is pure fun for Easter or any springtime celebration baby showers, school celebrations, outdoor birthday parties, and spring cookouts.

    But if youre gluten free, that probably means missing out on baked treats. Luckily, Pillsbury makes awesome gluten free premium cake mixes, brownie mix, cookie mixes, and frostings.

    So gluten free treats like this Gluten Free Surprise Inside Jelly Bean Cake are easy enough for anyone to make and all to enjoy, not just the gluten free folks!

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    Review: Jelly Belly Sport Beans

    I dont know if I have mentioned it here or not, but I am currently training for a half-marathon that is coming up in October. I have never run in a race before, unless you want to count a 5K walk/run that I did in 3rd grade when we lived in New Jersey. No worries, I am going to run in a 10K this month to break the seal and see what the hoopla is all about before the big day in October. I started running on & off in the Spring of 2008. I really started to get more into it in December of 2008 and have never looked back.

    Now that I have been increasing my mileage and running more than an hour at a time, I needed to find some kind of fuel to eat before or during my run. I am a sucker for jelly beans, so when I saw that Jelly Belly made Sport Beans, I knew I had to try them. All Jelly Belly beans are gluten-free per a phone call made to the company in June 2009. Some of the regular beans are labeled gluten-free. I have not seen the gluten-free labeling on the Sport Beans yet.

    The 1 oz bag of Sport Beans are only 100 calories and contain carbs, electrolytes & vitamins B & C. There are 6 different flavors, 2 of which also contain caffeine, if that is your thing. These are a great, portable product to help keep your energy level sustained during those longer runs or bike rides.

    Tropical Mix Jelly Beans


    20 Reviews

    Jelly Belly Tropical Mix jelly beans in a 7.5 oz gift bag. Perfect present for candy lovers. Convenient size bag!

    Product Info

    < font size=”3″> Whisk yourself away to a tropical paradise with the Jelly Belly Tropical Mix. Our tropical mix includes 15 of our most exotic flavors, including Piña Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, Island Punch, Coconut and may more!< br> < br> 7.5 oz. gift bag.< br> < br> All Jelly Belly jelly beans are OU Kosher, gluten free, peanut free, dairy free, fat free and vegetarian friendly.< /font> < div style=””> < font size=”3″> < br> < /font> < /div> < div style=””> < p class=”MsoNormal” style=””> < font size=”3″> The content in this mix arerandom. There is no guarantee that you will receive any specific proportion ofcolors and/or flavors.& nbsp < /font> < span style=”font-size: 12pt “> < o:p> < /o:p> < /span> < /p> < div style=”font-size: 13px “> < br> < /div> < div style=”font-size: 13px “> < br> < /div> < /div>

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    Jelly Belly Orange Sherbet Sparkling Water

    7 Reviews

    Jelly Belly Orange Sherbet Sparkling Water brightens your day with guilt-free fun. One sip of this zero-calorie refresher will put your mind in summer vacation mode with the creamy, juicy taste of dessert â but no sugar, sweeteners, sodium or carbs.

    Donât settle for flavorless seltzer water or diet drinks that rely on artificial sweeteners or loads of sodium. Find a better sip with Jelly Belly Orange Sherbet Sparkling Water made with natural flavors and no funny business. Whether youâre looking for sugar-free refreshment that keeps your diet goals on track or youâre recovering from being Beanboozled into a Carolina Reaper challenge, this sweetheart of a zero-calorie beverage brings cool clarity to the table.

    Stock up with a 24-count case of Jelly Belly Orange Sherbet Sparkling Water and start earning points toward free sweetness with our Jelly Belly Sweet Rewards loyalty program.

    Product Info

    Are Jelly Bellys Gluten Free Or Vegan

    Image by FoodieFactor from Pixabay

    According to Wikipedia, the Jelly Belly Candy Company was founded in 1898. They are most known for their jelly beans, but they also sell other products. Their signature jelly beans come in over 50 varieties with flavors ranging from the traditional lemon, lime and orange to the exotic buttered popcorn, earswax, and chili-mango. Jelly beans are a topic of much discussion in the vegan community as they typically contain animal based beeswax and confectioners glaze, not to mention the sugar and artificial flavors. In this article we look to settle the debate if Jelly Bellys jelly beans are vegan.

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    Are Jelly Bellys Vegan

    Unfortunately, it appears that all Jelly Belly flavors contain 2 non-vegan ingredients: Beeswax and Confectioners Glaze. According to Wikipedia, Confectioners Glaze is made from the secretions of female lac bugs found in India and Thailand. As Shellac/Confectioners Glaze is a insect-derived ingredient, it is usually not considered to be vegan friendly. Additionally, Beeswax is another non-vegan ingredient because it is a Honey Bee product. Therefore, Jelly Bellys are NOT vegan.

    Help My Teenager Has Coeliac Disease

    Jelly Belly Jewel Spring Mix 7 Flavors Gluten Free Jelly ...

    You have those last few things to buy for Christmas gifts and suddenly you realise you need to find something gluten free and quickly.

    Dont panic as there are a number of gluten free stocking fillers that are readily available.

    I posted a couple of weeks ago a list of gift ideas and published the more comprehensive list as a page but I thought I would post it as well.

    While I am writing specifically for what is available in Townsville and generally Australia, the range of gluten free Christmas stocking fillers can be quite versatile.

    So give yourself a bit of extra time when at the shops or think outside the square or do a quick internet search and you WILL find gluten free Christmas shopping easier.

    NB Specifically for children, Big W has a range of merchandised gluten free products for children eg One Direction, Smurfs, Angry Birds, Barbiesee below

    1. By Product

    Leda Gluten Free Rum Balls

    Leda Gluten Free Rum Balls are already on the shelves and can be found in the bakery section in Woolworths and in the gluten free section in Coles.

    Nougat Limar Available in Townsville at Sprout, Angelinas Deli, Sunvale Meats, IGA Garbutt

    Noosa Natural Chocolate Company Available in Townsville at Angelinas Deli


    Another perfect stocking filler. and from their website..

    Does Toblerone contain Gluten?No. All Toblerone flavours do not contain any gluten ingredients.

    Spanish Turron

    Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

    2. By Store


    Goldbar Milk Classic

    Big W

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    Why Make Surprise Inside Cake For Spring

    Inspired by all the gorgeous colors of spring, I wanted to create a surprise inside cake recipe also called a piñata cake using Pillsbury Funfetti Gluten Free Cake & Cupcake Mix and Pillsbury Funfetti Vanilla Flavored Frosting.

    In addition, I thought a rainbow of colorful jelly beans would go well with the sprinkles included with the Funfetti frosting.

    Plus, jelly beans would be delicious and easy to eat along with a moist, gluten free cake unlike hard candy or big pieces of chocolate.

    So now that I wanted to do a jelly bean cake recipe, I wondered, are jelly beans gluten free? I consulted the General Candy List at the Celiac Disease Foundations website and found out they recommended Jelly Belly Jelly Beans!

    Our Commitment To Gluten

    While weve always sold naturally gluten-free products, weve gone a step farther to offer an even wider range of trusted, affordable, and certified gluten-free products.

    • We analyzed ingredients, vetted suppliers, and got facility certificates ensuring non-contamination of ingredients and production aids.
    • We completely segregated our production lines to eliminate any possibility of cross-contamination.
    • We established policies and procedures to ensure compliance and randomly test products in our gluten-free production room.
    • Not only do we voluntarily comply with USDA federal guidelines, but were also certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.
    • We show the GF logo on each product page that is gluten-free.

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    Vegan Jelly Bean Alternative: Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans

    Image from Amazon

    Since Jelly Belly jelly beans are non-vegan, we felt it was necessary to give you a jelly bean alternative. Unfortunately, there was only one brand of jelly beans that we could find that did not include Beeswax or Confectioners Glaze in their ingredients list. This brand was Jolly Rancher. Jolly Ranchers jelly beans do contain Sugar and Artificial Colors that may or may not be vegan depending on your stance, but they do not contain any other non-vegan ingredients. You can purchase Jolly Rancher jelly beans on .

    You can find our vegan analysis of all Jolly Rancher products here.

    Jelly Belly Tangerine Sparkling Water

    Prince Choco Opening, Very yummy Candy with Fanta Flyer #shorts

    2 Reviews

    Jelly Belly Tangerine Sparkling Water expands your palate with guilt-free flavor. Grab a handy eight-pack of 12-ounce cans to share the bright refreshment of our zero-calorie, sugar-free Tangerine Sparkling Water.

    Tangerines are the orangeâs sweeter cousin. We squeezed a lot of that naturally juicy flavor into Jelly Belly Tangerine Sparkling Water, but we left out all the sugar, sweeteners, sodium, calories and carbs that usually weigh down juice and sodas. The result is a bright, guilt-free refresher that brings the taste of summer to every fizzy, light sip. Keep an eight-pack on hand for a fresh twist on your afternoon cravings for sweets, and stay on track for your nutritional goals without feeling deprived. Jelly Belly Tangerine Sparkling Water is OU kosher certified and Whole Foods compliant, so everyone can enjoy the guilt-free taste of summer sunshine in this little beverage with big, juicy flavors.

    Product Info

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    Ideas For Surprise Inside Cake Recipes

    Gluten Free Surprise Inside Cakes are versatile! Here are some more fun hidden surprise cakes decorating ideas:

    You can decorate surprise inside cake recipes using whatever flavor or color of Pillsbury frosting or Pillsbury Gluten Free Cake Mix you like. Have fun with the frosting.

    A big trend is showing the cake layers like I did in the Gluten Free Surprise Inside Jelly Bean Cake.

    If youre going to make a surprise inside cake for a baby shower as a gender reveal cake, use a neutral frosting on the outside and either pink or blue Jelly Belly Jelly Beans on the inside.

    You can use other types of gluten free candies in your piñata cake recipes such asgummy bears, chocolate kisses, M& Ms, or chocolate chips. Make sure to double check the labels for gluten!

    Are you making a surprise inside cake recipe for a school function, like after prom or a team banquet? Use candies in the school colors!

    Experiment with the piping on the bottom and top edges by using different types of Wilton piping tips. A Surprise Inside Cake is a whimsical cake have fun with it!

    Dont forget to choose a cool cake stand to present your jelly bean cake on. Ive found beautiful ones at antique stores, home good stores and online. Amazon has a terrific and affordable selection for any birthday party or celebration:

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