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Gluten Free Desserts Recipes Real Simple

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What Causes A Gluten

How to Make Chewy Chocolate Strawberry Pavlova | Gluten-free Dessert| Easy Step-by-Step Recipe

If your temperature is too high, or your cake is placed in the oven too high your cake may bake up into a high, cracked dome.

The heat of baking activates the baking powder and causes it to release carbon dioxide, which forms bubbles and raises the cake.

If your oven is too hot, that process is sped up. Make sure to place your cake in the center, and regularly check your oven’s temperature.

Instant Pot Apple Crisp Tips

This recipe has a cook time of one minute. It takes between 10 and 15 minutes for the pot to come to pressure. Add this to the 15 minute prep time, and you can have this Instant Pot apple dessert on the table in 30 minutes.

The minimum liquid for the Instant Pot is usually one cup, but I only use 3/4 cup of water in this recipe. Thats because the apples release their juices as the pot comes to pressure, which generates more liquid and allows the pot to come to pressure. Any more water would turn this into applesauce.

Ive made this recipe several times, experimenting with using a half cup of water as well as 1 cup of water. There was one occasion when the pot didnt come to pressure, but it still cooked the apple crisp perfectly while it was trying to come to pressure.

For the best texture, chop the apples into large cubes or slices so they dont turn to mush. If you want to make Instant Pot apple pie filling, follow this recipe and simply skip the crisp topping.

Even though the topping on this Instant Pot apple crisp is mostly soft, it does have a bit of crunchiness from the oats and walnuts. If you want to dry out the topping after cooking this in a pressure cooker, you can transfer it to an oven-safe dish and put it under the broiler for a few minutes.

If you dont prefer the cornmeal texture in your crisp topping, you can substitute unsweetened shredded coconut. Ive made this Instant Pot apple crisp both ways, and theyre equally delicious.

The Best Gluten Free Flours

There are a lot of different gluten free flours out there, but here are some of my favorites for baking :

  • Almond Flour a lower carb flour that isnt too dense
  • Tapioca Flour pairs well with almond flour in baking recipes
  • Coconut Flour another lower carb option and great for nut-free baking
  • Cassava Flour great nut-free option

Our go-to brand for gluten free flours is Bobs Red Mill. You can order them online or find them in most stores.

Looking for more? Check out this roundup of 50 Healthy Desserts!

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Make Yummy Treats Gluten

If you follow a gluten-free diet, whether due to an allergy, intolerance, celiac disease, or a personal choice, you know that making homemade options to fit your needs can be time consuming, while buying premade options for the convenience can be expensive. Add to that: Sometimes gluten-free recipes just dont taste as good as the traditional versions especially when it comes to desserts.

But making your own gluten-free and delicious dessert doesnt have to be difficult. With a few simple ingredient swaps, you can transform many favorites into gluten-free treats youll love.

A couple of general tips:

  • The main source of gluten in most baked goods is flour. But before you simply swap out all-purpose flour for a gluten-free alternative, be aware it isnt always a straightforward switch. Gluten provides structure to baked goods, and removing it can change the texture and appearance of a recipe. To help avoid this, try adding xanthan gum or an egg into a recipe when swapping all-purpose flour for gluten-free all-purpose flour.
  • If you want to use almond flour, you may need to slightly increase the rising agent to accommodate almond flours heavier weight. You may also need to increase the amount of almond flour or reduce the liquid in the recipe since this flour naturally contains more moisture than an all-purpose flour does.

Ready for some delectable and incredibly easy-to-prepare gluten-free desserts? Try these from our favorite food bloggers. You won’t be disappointed.

+ Gluten Free Dessert Recipes

Insanely Delicious Gluten

4 5 from 2 reviews

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

Gluten free dessert recipes are my favorite kind to create. Making decadent treats with better for you ingredients is one of my favorite past times. Today, I rounded up some of my favorites!

Its no secret I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. Every week Im brainstorming what my latest dessert creation will be. Lucky for you, I created this epic 50+ roundup of all my favorite gluten free dessert recipes for you to peruse and enjoy!

Am I going to stop creating sweet treats anytime soon? HECK to the NO. Ill probably add to this list overtime and continue this exhaustive list of gluten free dessert recipes.

Whether youre making a sweet bread like banana bread or gingerbread or you need some birthday cupcakes, youll find a recipe here for all your gluten free baking needs!

To be honest, I could probably add 50 more gluten free dessert recipes to this list but I reached 50 recipes and it felt. thorough. So, I hope you find. anew favorite recipe!

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What Can I Use Instead Of Almond Flour

You can use hazelnut flour, or if you can’t do nuts you can use your favorite cookie crushed instead of making the cookie crumb filling.

Looking for more single-serving desserts? Try my Gluten-Free Cherry Pie Dessert Shots. If you make these dessert shots, please stop back by and let me know what you thought.

Can I Make This Gluten

I haven’t tried using an egg substitute in this gluten free chocolate cake but a few others have tried it with flax-egg.

If you make it egg free please stop back by and let me know which egg replacer you used.

If you don’t want to experiment, you could always start with my Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes.

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Notes On Ingredients For This Flourless Chocolate Cake:

  • Chocolate: The chocolate is the star of this recipe, so I recommend using a good one! Some people like using bittersweet chocolate, but I really prefer semi-sweet chocolate. You can chop your own bars of chocolate or use semi-sweet chocolate chips like I did. I make with Guittard semi-sweet chocolate chips.
  • Butter: I prefer using salted butter. It has better flavor.
  • Eggs: There is no subbing the eggs in this theyre important for giving this lift, and the incredible texture. Youll be separating yolks and egg whites. I prefer using this egg separator to perfectly separate eggs without breaking any yolks or getting any shells in there. Ive had this one for probably 20 years, so its worth investing in one!
  • Sugar: Just plain white sugar is all you need for this!

See, just 4 simple ingredients for the flourless cake portion! You probably have all of these on hand already too!

For the whipping cream, youll want to grab a quart of heavy whipping cream, some powdered sugar and some pure vanilla extract.

Looking for more flourless desserts thatll impress? Im in awe of this pavlova recipe and love all the many options for toppings! Ive been eyeing this flourless black forest cake from my friend Jeanine for YEARS and definitely think it would impress guests and be delicious too! If you need a low carb option, check out this paleo and keto flourless chocolate cake.

Heres How To Make Gluten

Pecan Pie Bars Recipe (Vegan Gluten Free) – Dolled Up Desserts

*A detailed and printable recipe card is available at the bottom of this post.

Youre going to start by melting the chocolate and butter. You can do this in a double-boiler, but honestly, I use the microwave! Melt butter and chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl for 30 seconds. Wait, 30 seconds, and then microwave for another 30 seconds. Stir, set aside, and let it cool 5-10 minutes.

Take an 8×8 baking pan and place a piece of parchment in, with some excess hanging over the sides. Pro tip:if you use a ceramic baking dish, you may need to increase cooking time by 1-2 minutes. If you use metal, check the brownies at 33 minutes for doneness.

While your delicious melted chocolate is cooling down, combine the almond flour, baking powder, salt, cocoa powder, and cinnamon in a separate bowl. If you want to make these into one-bowl brownies, you can skip this step, BUT it could result in overmixed brownies. Too much mixing = cakey brownies. Cakey brownies = you may as well not make brownies at all.

Add the sugar to the butter/chocolate mixture. Stir. Pro tip: if you want crinkly top brownies, use a hand or stand mixer and beat the sugar and butter mixture for 1 minute.

Add in the eggs, coffee, and vanilla. Stir.

Fold in the flour mixture until it is about 50% combined. Add in the chocolate chips and gently stir until just combined.

Pour into your parchment-lined baking dish. Bake! See the printable recipe card below for baking temps and times.

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Gluten Free Dessert Recipes

Jack-o-lanterns, bats, and colored sprinkles â oh my! Soft, cake-like gluten-free Halloween sugar cookies make the perfect Halloween treat. Wouldnât you agree? Guess what – you can make these frosted sugar cookies into any share you’d like. They are the perfect gluten-free dessert.

These Gluten-Free Vanilla Cupcakes are dairy-free, simple to make, and lend a bakery style texture and a vanilla bean finish. You can bake up a batch of these perfect cupcakes in no-time. They are a stunning gluten-free dessert!

Hopefully you’ve found at least one gluten-free dessert recipe that you want to make.

You can find more gluten-free desserts by searching the dessert section under “recipes” in the menu at the top of this page.

Did you make these gluten free dessert shots? Please leave a comment below letting me know what you thought.

Summer Desserts That Taste Too Good To Be Gluten

Pencil these naturally gluten-free sweets in for all your summer soirées.

Get the Recipe:

Fun fact about me: Ina Garten was the person who suggested I get into food editorial . Long story short, a friend of a friend set me up with Ina for a coffee date at her house in East Hampton . Wed had a big thunderstorm and the power went out, but I showed up anyway. We drank tap water and I tried to play it cool as I sweated buckets while she was warm and gracious and exactly the type of fairy food godmother you envision her to be.

You can imagine my love for Ina runs deep. So when she tells me to make a gluten-free dessert no one will know is gluten-free, I say, Great idea, Ina.

Summer is, in my mind, the easiest season to entertain, even for friends and family who eschew gluten. Open a couple bottles of cold rosé, drizzle some sliced tomatoes with olive oil, and throw a salt-and-peppered steak on the grill. And for dessert? Try one of these gluten-free numbersthey’re so satisfying, gluten lovers won’t be the wiser.

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+ Decadent Gluten Free Desserts

Weve rounded up our favorite gluten free desserts! Eating gluten free shouldnt prevent your from enjoying a decadent dessert. And we love making gluten free treats everyone can enjoy!

In this roundup weve got you covered with gluten free cookies, brownies, cakes, cheesecake, pies and bars. Lets dive in!

Fudgy Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies

These Flourless Cake Recipes Make Gluten


These Fudgy Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies are the best homemade brownies youll ever eat! So much better than a box mix, a batch of almond flour brownies are perfect for any dessert-lover. Youd never know that these double-chocolate brownies are actually gluten free!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Attention, attention, please! If youre looking for a dry, cakey brownie recipe, please x out and go find another blog. THIS gluten-free chocolate brownies recipe is for lovers of fudgy, intense chocolatey brownies only.

You guys. This brownie recipe is so dang good. Its the best gluten-free brownies recipe youll ever eat/make/devour.

And Im laying down a truth bomb for you all right here and now. This will be the best brownie recipe youve ever made. Nobody will be able to tell theyre gluten-free. NOBODY!

Were not gluten-free by any means, but my husband and oldest son do better with limited gluten. Multiple family members prefer to avoid grains, so I developed this recipe, based on the Espresso Brownies from Real Simple to have an easy gluten-free dessert.

If you love rich, chocolately desserts, you should definitely check out my Strawberry Truffles. They taste like pure sin, but are vegan, dairy-free, and paleo! And for something ready in a flash, whip up a Gluten-Free Mug Cake for dessert or even a quick chocolately breakfast.

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What Is In This Gluten

  • Butter. Lots of it 1.5 sticks! Because youre worth it. 1994 called and they said you can put away those gross low fat treats. Havent you heard? Fat is ok again! :confetti:
  • Chocolate cocoa powder and chopped chocolate or chocolate chips
  • Sugar both brown and regular
  • Eggs
  • Almond flour
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Baking powder

If you want to take these brownies to the next level, top them with some Mocha Frosting. You wont be sorry.

Can You Substitute Gluten

In most cases, no you cant. Gluten-free flours have different chemical properties and reactions compared with traditional flours.

I used almond flour in this dish because it works really well in this gluten-free brownie recipe. It incorporates easily, doesnt make the brownies taste gritty, and there is no distracting almond taste.

These almond flour brownies have not been tested with other gluten-free flours. Any gluten-free flour substitutions may impact the outcome of the recipe. Most gluten-free cup for cup replacements will result in a cakey brownie. And cakey brownies are evil.

But, guess what? If youre not gluten-free you can totally use all-purpose flour for this recipe. Its true!

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How To Make Gluten

There are a couple of tips and tricks to getting the right texture with gluten-free cake. First, you have to follow the recipe.

So many people comment on recipe posts saying that they made a ton of substitutions and the recipe didnât turn out.

Other than the dairy substitute, I havenât tried other substitutes in this recipe. If you use substitutions, you are doing so at your own risk.

Second, you want to mix at the right time and not over-mix. When you are beating the oil, sugar, and eggs youâll want to beat it for the time listed.

This adds air which in turn helps the cake rise. Beating any longer will cause the batter to stiffen.

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