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What Restaurants Have A Gluten Free Menu

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Create A Sanitation Process

Are Restaurants Gluten-Free Menus a Lie?

Gluten-free items are only truly gluten-free if theyre prepared in a sanitized space with different equipment and prep materials than the normal, gluten-filled options. If you have the space, you can make a separate area for gluten-free prep. But if not, there are ways to still prevent cross-contact. Heres a great resource from Beyond Celiac on how to clean dishes and surfaces in shared kitchen spaces.

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Can You Trust Them Are They Actually Gf

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. If youre on a gluten-free diet, youll need to avoid any products that contain this protein. Wheat products like breads and pastas may be the first to come to mind, but gluten can sometimes pop up in other packaged foods too.

When eating out, it can be difficult to eat gluten-free since sandwiches come on buns and salads often include breaded chicken and croutons. Even if you order your meal without these gluten-containing foods, cross contamination can happen in the kitchen.

As you would at any other restaurant, be mindful of the possibility of cross contamination at fast-food joints. The biggest culprit is frying oil.

Oil is naturally gluten-free, but restaurants may use the same batch of oil to fry a bunch of different foods. Once that oil has been used to fry gluten-containing foods , its def contaminated and so are the french fries or any other foods that take a dip in the oil afterward.

Even with GF labels, the risk could still be high since the food prep is fast. If you have an allergy, dont be afraid to ask specifically how your food is cooked and mention that it must be gluten-free.

Telling the staff might help limit cross contamination that can happen if folks touch gluten-containing foods while prepping your meal.

Wondering what you can actually eat? After weighing all the gluten-free options, weve broken down whats available and whats potentially risky at Americas fave fast-food chains.

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Best Chain Restaurants For Gluten Free In 2019

This awesome list of the 25 best chain restaurants for gluten free dining is the only resource youll ever need for safely eating out gluten free! Not only do these restaurants offer a gluten free menu, but theyre also celiac friendly. This list includes gluten free fast food restaurants and sit down restaurants chains, so you can find exactly what youre looking for! Enjoy safe and delicious gluten free options anywhere in the USA!

This post contains affiliate links. I only post links to products I completely trust and highly recommend. Please see full disclosure here.

When youre allergic to gluten, eating out can be a challenge. Its hard enough just avoiding obvious gluten without also having to worry about cross contamination too. This list of the 25 BEST Chain Restaurants for Gluten Free takes the guesswork away, so you can confidently enjoy a safe gluten free meal without the worry! Ive personally researched and eaten at every single restaurant on this list Ive even spoken to managers and corporate where necessary to make sure these chain restaurants are safe for celiacs!

These 25 celiac friendly chain restaurants all have gluten free options and/or menus to make eating out gluten free much easier! They also have standards and procedures for dealing with cross contamination, so you know that your meal is safe. These delicious gluten free restaurant chains will keep you coming back for more. Enjoy!


Chili’s Bar And Grill

240+ Gluten Free Restaurant Menus You Must Check Out in 2020

Chili’s Grill & Bar Restaurant, which has locations throughout the U.S. and in 34 other countries, has a fairly extensive gluten-free menu, with some caveats.This is another restaurant that fits more into the “casual dining” category than the fast food category.

  • Baby back ribs with some sauces
  • Ancho salmon

Chili’s notes that its gluten-free menu is based on information from food suppliers, and says it can’t guarantee the absence of allergens in the food, in part because of the possibility of gluten cross-contamination in the kitchen.

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These Are The Best Gluten

None of the gluten, all of the flavor.

Eating out when you’re gluten-free, can be hard as a lot of food chains either don’t have a gluten-free menu, or their gluten-free items aren’t advertised. Luckily, more and more chains are adding gluten-free items to their menu. These are the best options at each of your favorite chains.

While the regular nuggets at Chick-fil-A include gluten, the grilled nuggets don’t.

For a gluten-free meal at Chipotle, go for the corn tortillas, which come in the crispy and soft version for your tacos.

While the pizza chain offers a gluten-free crust, this option might be better suited for those who are only sensitive to gluten. As the brand notes, the gluten-free crust is prepared in a common kitchen with the risk of gluten exposure.

Chocolate lovers, this one is for you: the famous bakery offers a flourless chocolate cake that is gluten-free.

Gluten-free bread is available at select Melt Shop locations for an additional price. No one wants to miss out on grilled cheese.

All of the rotini dishes at Olive Garden are gluten-free: Rotini with Marinara, Rotini with Meat Sauce, and the Rotini with Parmesan Pesto.

Panera has a whole gluten-free menu on their website, including this Southwest Chicken Tortilla Bowl, which features smoked pulled chicken, a quinoa tomato sofrito blend, brown rice, spinach, napa cabbage blend, fresh lime, pickled red onions, roasted red peppers, adobo corn, chile lime rojo vinaigrette, and masa crisps in hen broth.

Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants In Edmonton

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Gluten Free in Downtown Edmonton

Gluten Free in South Edmonton

Gluten Free in West Edmonton

Gluten Free in North Edmonton

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Porter Creek Hardwood Grill

Ask for the gluten-free menu at Porter Creek for a variety of options like rotisserie chicken, steak, and fish options, and a few salads. If the weather is nice, opt for the patio for a relaxing afternoon or evening.

We recommend: Mahi Mahi with quinoa in an avocado-herb cream sauce.

1555 45th St S, Fargo | 369-3669

Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen

Dining Out Gluten-Free

Almost the entire menu at Picazzo’s is gluten free, and they also incorporate local, organic, natural, non-GMO, and preservative-free items. You can choose from small plates, salads, pastas, Italian favorites, and dozens of traditional and avant-garde pizza combinations. Guests are also welcome to create their own customized pizzas from a long list of gluten-free toppings and sauces. Read More

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Allergen Information In Restaurants

Caterers must, by law, be able to provide you with information on any allergens, including cereals containing gluten, in all the dishes they serve. This means if a recipe uses cereals containing gluten such as wheat, rye, barley or oats in the ingredients, they will have to tell you. This is as a result of legislation that was brought in at the end of 2014 to improve allergen information for consumers. Read more about the changes brought in with the Food Information Regulations.

Caterers can provide allergen information in writing or orally. Where the information is not provided written and upfront, there must be clear signposting to where the information can be found. Businesses choosing to provide information orally must ensure that there is a written notice, menu, ticket or label that is clearly visible, at the point that you choose your food, to indicate that allergen information is available from a member of staff.

To help a server take your order and correctly mark it as requiring special attention in the kitchen, simply tell them that you need a strict gluten free diet and cannot have gluten in any of your food. Do this at the earliest opportunity and make sure to ask questions about anything that isnt clear.

If you are in a restaurant or café that is selling food that is already packaged such as a sandwich or cake, make sure you read our page on food labels so that you know what to look for on the label.

Starting The Conversation On Celiac

Thank you to Ellen Bayens of the CCA Victoria chapter and for permission to use this document.

More and more restaurants are offering gluten free menu items, but providing a safe gluten-free dining experience requires the combined efforts of the kitchen and serving staff. Some restaurants have developed extensive policies and procedures to achieve this, others have not. Here are some questions you might want to use to determine whether the restaurant or foodservice establishment is really able to serve you safely.

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Gluten Free Italian Restaurant Menus You Absolutely Must Try

Last updated on by Adam Bryan. This post may contain affiliate links.


Whenever someone goes on a gluten free diet, whether if its willingly or forcefully through allergies or Celiacs disease, one of the first foods that they immediately believe that they cant have is pasta. And with no pasta, they usually assume that they need to forever cross out all Italian restaurants from their list.

And all I have to say about that is STOP. Why?

Because many major Italian restaurant chains offer some of the best gluten free selections arounds. From gluten free penne pasta and spaghetti all the way to gluten free meatballs and alfredo sauce, Celiacs and gluten free dieters alike can find some great gluten free Italian restaurants that dish out delicious Italian classic favorites for you to devour. Plus, some restaurant are even really good when it comes to handling cross contamination in their kitchens which is a HUGE bonus.

And instead of you having to scour the web to find the perfect gluten free Italian restaurant, I went ahead and compiled a full list of them, including their complete gluten free menu.

The Search For Kid Friendly Restaurants With Gluten Free Options

240+ Gluten Free Restaurant Menus You Must Check Out in 2020

If your family is anything like mine, they occasionally like to go out to eat, but eating out with my one year old can be quite a challenge. She is not gluten free, and there is nothing she likes more than throwing her gluten-encrusted dinner all over me. She has glutened me on more than one occasion. When she is with me I really need her to eat gluten free, she doesnt need a sick mama. I started thinking,

Are there any places I would want to take my daughter that have gluten free menus for kids?

Adults arent the only ones who need gluten free menus. There are many children who have celiac disease and gluten sensitivity as well. Finding gluten free friendly restaurants to accommodate gluten free eating for children was not as easy as I hoped. I almost gave up all together. There were several criteria I was looking for:

  • Reasonably loud. I know, I know, who wants to eat in a loud restaurant. Someone who has a one year old, that is who.

  • Has a kid menu with gluten free options, or has a regular menu with kid friendly food.

  • Is generally knowledgeable about working with celiac disease/gluten sensitivity and allergies.
  • It wasnt easy. There are lots of restaurants that claim to be gluten free friendly, but few have any training. After quite a bit of research, these were the four national chain restaurants that I personally found to have the best options for kids and adults.

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    Essential Gluten Free Restaurant Menus

    Just browse through the various cuisines and restaurant types until you find your restaurant of choice.

    Once you find a menu that interests you, just click on it and it will take you to the complete gluten free menu listing on this blog.

    Thats it!

    Also, this list will continue to grow as time goes on and more gluten free menus are published so be sure to check up on this post frequently.

    So I recommend that you go ahead and bookmark this post.


    Pf Chang’s China Bistro

    P.F. Chang’s is another favorite fast casual go-to restaurant for those who eat gluten-free, and many gluten-free diners have had good success ordering off the chain’s dedicated gluten-free menu.

    The choices include a wide variety of appetizers, gluten-free egg drop soup, a noodle dish, plenty of entree options and even vegetarian options. You even can order a great dessert, P.F. Chang’s excellent GF flourless chocolate dome.

    Gluten-free options at P.F. Chang’s include:

    • Chang’s chicken lettuce wraps
    • Pad Thai
    • Chocolate souffle

    All of P.F. Chang’s gluten-free dishes are served on a special plate with the chain’s logo so that you know you’re getting a safe meal. The restaurant also uses gluten-free soy sauce in its GF creations.

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    Essential Gluten Free Restaurant Menus You Need To Know

    by Adam Bryan

    One of the most stressful parts about eating out on a gluten free diet is trying to figure out whats safe to eat.

    Some restaurants dont provide gluten free menus and others require you to search through those annoyingly long allergy/nutrition charts online that literally takes you hours to navigate.

    And then there are times when restaurants dont do neither of those.

    So basically, you have to email every restaurant that you want to eat at just to get their complete gluten free menus.

    And even then, some restaurants may just ignore your emails.

    Its honestly just a tedious, time consuming task that you have to do just to discover which restaurant menu items are gluten free or not.

    Too bad there isnt an all-in-one resource that provides you with a large majority of major fast food and chain restaurant gluten free menus.

    Or is there?

    Well youre in luck because I created this huge listing of 75 essential gluten free restaurant menus you absolutely need to know.

    And the best part is that they are all easy to read menus that can be printed with you whenever you go out to eat.

    So with that being said heres the complete listing of gluten free restaurant menus. Enjoy!

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