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Best Gluten Free Bakery Nyc

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Gluten Free Restaurants Nyc Map

Toni On! New York: Best Gluten Free Baked Goods In The City

This is a map Ive been working on for two years. Here, you can find all the gluten free restaurants listed above, as well as some of my favorite shops and tourist destinations in the city. Use this map on your phone , and easily find the closest gluten free restaurant to your location.

I truly hope this guide helps you on your next trip to NYC! It really is one of the best cities in the world to visit if you are celiac, gluten intolerant, or otherwise avoiding gluten. And as long as this guide is, there are always new gluten free restaurants popping up. I will do my best to keep this gluten free restaurants NYC guide updated hopefully with new reviews after my next trip to NYC!

In the meantime, let me know your favorite gluten free restaurants in NYC in the comments! Did I miss any?

Sarah xx

Mashbar At Hu Kitchen

Hu Kitchen is an absolute culinary haven for the gluten-free. If you have room after feasting on their entirely gluten-free menu that includes everything from elk meatloaf to paleo kale caesar salad to Moroccan chicken stew, head on over to the restaurants mash barkind of like Pink Berrys fro-yo bar, but entirely gluten-free, and with a healthier twist. Try chia pudding topped with berries and cashew cream, or taro pudding topped with mango, berries and puffed quinoa.

Hu Kitchen, 78 5th Avenue,

Gluten Free Panini Bread

Ready to elevate your Paninis Game?

Our Panini bread is a crusty gluten-free bread with a soft inside, topped with toasted Sesame this thin loaf makes two deli size sandwiches. Just reheat, cut, and fill with what your heart desires.

We believe that any tasty panini starts with a slice of good crusty bread, and it should hold any filling without crumbling and falling apart. And we just did that!

We look forward to trying it!

Only $4.50 each!

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Mango Sticky Rice At Pure Thai Cookhouse

Its an unusual choice, but this Thai dish is one of my favorite desserts of all time. Its also naturally gluten-free.

One can find mango sticky rice at most Thai restaurants. For those unfamiliar with the crave-able treat, its generally served as a bed of warm, sticky coconut-flavored rice topped with coconut sauce and slices of ripe, sweet mango. The mango sticky rice at PURE Thai Cookhouse in Hells Kitchen is regarded as one of the citys best.

PURE Thai Cookhouse, 766 9th Avenue,

Inday Fast Casual Mediterranean Food

The Best Gluten

Fast-casual Mediterranean-ish dedicated gluten free restaurant in the heart of New York City. A variety of pre-set bowls, or the option to build your own. They have a couple of locations in NYC and are a great option for a quick and easy lunch or dinner. Get the falafel.

Available for delivery or pickup too.

From the same group that brought us the Little Beet Table, this is the chain of fast casual restaurants around NYC. Like the Little Beet Table, everything is gluten free. Choose from some pre-set bowls and sandwiches, or customize your own.

They also serve breakfast at a handful of locations grab a breakfast sandwich or bowl and a coffee for a quick breakfast to fuel your NYC exploration!

Available for delivery or pickup too, if youre in a hurry.

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Other 100% Gluten Free New York City Restaurants

Like Ive mentioned, the gluten free NYC scene is on fire. There are even more 100% gluten free restaurants that I havent been to myself. Here are all the other dedicated restaurants that Im aware of:

  • Modern Bread & Bagel 100% gluten free bagel shop that serves brunch all day! I go into further depth about this amazing restaurant further down in my gluten free bagels NYC section. Read on for that!
  • Arba Restaurant The sister restaurant of Modern Bread & Bagel, this is a 100% gluten free and kosher mediterranean restaurant
  • Claro Brooklyn An Oaxacan style restaurant in Brooklyn. Its 100% gluten free although it doesnt overly market this fact!
  • Manchi 100% gluten free healthy food restaurant
  • La Esquina 100% gluten free Mexican restaurant with multiple locations
  • Springbone Kitchen 100% gluten free restaurant with food based on bone broth
  • ROLLN 100% gluten free sushi restaurant
  • Le Botaniste 100% gluten free, plant-based and organic food
  • Hu Kitchen 100% gluten free restaurant and market serving food and products with conscious ingredients
  • The Village Den 100% gluten free restaurant serving healthy food and bowls
  • Brodo 100% gluten free restaurant, everything is based on bone broth
  • Nami Nori A 100% gluten free fast casual sushi restaurant. Sushi is served in the temoki style.
  • Santina Dedicated gluten free, coastal Italian style restaurant
  • Tap NYC A fast casual, 100% gluten free NYC Brazilian style restaurant

Coconut Macaroons At Magnolia Bakery

As with the case of Dominique Ansel Bakery, not all of Magnolia Bakery is off-limits for the gluten-free.

Macaroons, generally made from ground almonds, coconut, egg whites and sugar, are naturally gluten-free, and a yummy option for lovers of coconut. If one can bear the sight of the bakerys famed banana pudding , Magnolia does sell coconut macaroons, both plain and chocolate-dipped.

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Corn Cookies At Schmackarys

The goofy name may be embarrassing to say out loud, but this bakerys gluten-free offerings are anything but shameful. One can walk in on any given day and find delectable gluten-free cookies in intriguing flavors like Monster or Yogi Bare . My personal favorite is Sweet Corn, a cookie made from corn flour, cornmeal, sweet corn, cranberries and pecan bitsthe perfect blend of salty and sweet.

Schmackarys also has an online menu that helpfully denotes which of its daily offerings is gluten-free.

Schmackarys, 362 West 45th Street,

Modern Bread & Bagel: 100% Gluten Free Bagels Yes Please

Gluten Free Bakery in NYC | EAT IT takes on Senza Gluten NYC – Season 1

I havent actually been here yet, but I feel like I have with all of the Instagram bagel pics Ive seen. Tragically, they opened a week after my trip, so Ill have to wait until next time.

Its a 100% gluten free NYC restaurant that makes bagels .

Youll also find some sit down brunch options which look fantastic.

This place is the #1 spot on my list in terms of gluten free New York City restaurants that are a must visit next time Im in the Big Apple. You should make it a priority to add it to your itinerary.

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French Delicacies At Dominique Ansel Bakery

Yeah, yeah, so the cronut is a no-go. But that doesnt mean everything at Dominique Ansels legendary Soho bakery is off-limits to gluten-free folk. The bakery has a number of gluten-free items, including the Giant Blackberry pictured above, described on the menu as milk chocolate and rosemary mousse filled with homemade blackberry jam over a chocolate dacquoise cake. Um, yes please? Other gluten-free items on Dominique Ansels menu include a strawberry pistachio pavlova, a four-textured chocolate cake, and chocolate pecan cookies.

Dominique Ansel Bakery, 189 Spring Street,

Cookies And Cupcakes At Tu

The Biggest Loser

Tu-Lus Gluten-Free Bakery was a dessert staple when I lived near the East Village . Tucked away on East 11th Street, this cute little bakery serves up awesome cupcakes, cookies and brownies, plus other non-dessert-y gluten-free items like bread, crackers, granola and paninis. When stopping by, be sure not to miss the snickerdoodles.

Tu-Lus Gluten-Free Bakery, 338 East 11th Street,

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Nowadays, most people have to follow a specific diet, whether for health reasons or for personal preference. One diet and lifestyle that can get challenging is going gluten-free. Most people who follow a gluten-free diet have to for health reasons. They always have to eat gluten-free. Now, some food companies have made it easier for them by creating products for them and making it available through supermarkets or online shopping. And there are some who choose to cook all their food so theyre sure it follows their diet. But what about while traveling? The good news is there are now a lot of gluten-free options in different cities, including New York City. And if you really love bread, heres a list of gluten-free bakeries in New York City, USA.

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Posted by Baked by Melissa on Thursday, January 21, 2021

Baked By Melissa

Opening hours: Depends on Location

Average price for two: USD 11-30

Posh Pop: Another Gluten Free Bakery In New York City

20 Of the Best Ideas for Gluten Free Bread Nyc

Located near NYU, Posh Pop is the 4th dedicated gluten free bakery on this list for one simple reason: I didnt make it there on my trip.

Reviews are stellar. Pretzels. Brownies. Cakes. Pies. The list goes on. Well worth a stop for Celiacs in NYC.

Looking for more Celiac City Guides? Here are a few to start with.

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Friedmans: Celiac Safe Fried Chicken & Waffles


This is the final restaurant in the Celiac-must-eat trifecta the other two being Senza Gluten and Bistango.

The food is what I would call upscale American think burgers, sandwiches, salads, etc. Almost everything on the menu can be made gluten free and the best part is the gluten free flag that marks your dish as it is served to you.

But I visited for one thing, and one thing only. I walked in, asked for a table for one, sat down at the communal high top, and waited in anticipation.

The waiter walked over. I made eye contact. He asked how I was doing and what I would like to eat.

I said Im a celiac, and I would like the fried chicken and cheddar waffles with habanero honey gluten free please.

The rest is history!

They have several locations across the city and do a great job of catering to those of us with celiac disease. They have dedicated fryers and prep areas. Its a great place to grab a quick breakfast or lunch.

I didnt make it back for seconds, but once was enough for me to know that it is a celiacs paradise. Order the fried chicken and cheddar waffles extra habanero honey.

Exploring gluten free New York City? Friedmans needs to be on your list.

Gluten Free New York Restaurants: Includes Bakeries Lunch Spots Great Dinners And More Last Update: August 24 2021

I rarely wrote about having celiac disease when I started this site, as the focus was not food. Now that food figures prominently, I get more and more questions about travel with food restrictions. Its part of why I dedicated a full chapter to food allergies in my book, and started my own celiac guides and translation cards for travelers. At the bottom of this post, Ive included other resources for those wanting to visit New York as a celiac.

Red highlights = 100% gluten free

I visit New York every year, so this post is a living tree and I update with additional restaurants and bakeries, as well as newcomers to the gluten free dining scene. The first 10 here are places I loved during my summer visits.

1. La Esquina. Go on a nice day. Order from the takeout window and sit across the street in the park. Warning: you might need to fight off pigeons whilst eating. My favourites: Carnitas tacos , chicken tinga tacos, elote. Staff was very knowledgeable about gluten free eating, and celiac disease.

A post shared by Jodi Ettenberg Legal Nomads on Aug 1, 2013 at 11:00am PDT

A post shared by Jodi Ettenberg Legal Nomads on Jul 31, 2013 at 12:36pm PDT

4. Pho Bang. After years of living in Vietnam, I usually aim for a fix when Im back in New York Great banh cuon , and a wide variety of pho to choose from. Menu not marked as GF, so consult my Gluten Free Guide to Vietnam for dishes that are usually safe and unsafe, to confirm with restaurant staff.

Hu Kitchen

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Gluten Free Bagels Nyc

Per your requests, I am updating this gluten free New York guide with an entire section dedicated to you guessed it, gluten free bagels in NYC! Bagels are a New York specialty, and you shouldnt be left out just because you have celiac disease. To be completely honest, I am not confident in the cross contact procedures at most of these places , but Ill go into further detail below!

The Little Beet & The Little Beet Table

Visit This Gluten-Free Bakery in NYC! | NYC FOOD VLOG

I want to profusely thank the Endless Distances reader who recommended The Little Beet to me via Facebook! The Little Beet Table is a 100% gluten free, sit down restaurant. There are also five The Little Beet locations across the city, which are fast-casual grab and go places. I was walking down the street when I passed The Little Beet close to Rockefeller Centre. We were hungry so we just popped in! Other gluten free travelers know how rare this experience is not having to hunt around for an appropriate restaurant! Anyway, the food here is stunningly healthy. There are so many yummy options it was hard to choose, but I went with a beet-based falafel bowl which was crispy and perfect.

  • The Little Beet Table // 333 Park Avenue South, Manhattan
  • The Little Beet // 135 West 50th Street, Manhattan
  • The Little Beet // 111 West 40th Street, Manhattan
  • The Little Beet // 2 Penn Plaza, Manhattan
  • The Little Beet // 320 Park Avenue
  • The Little Beet // 1140 Broadway, Manhattan

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Senza Gluten Cafe & Bakery

I mentioned Senza Gluten in the 100% gluten free restaurants section, but they also have the Senza Gluten Cafe & Bakery! This is a more casual setting, where you can either sit down or grab some pastries to go. Im a sucker for eclairs so obviously thats my pick, but you can also get fresh bread, muffins, cakes, danishes, and so much more.

  • Senza Gluten Cafe & Bakery // 171 Sullivan Street, Manhattan

Noglu Nyc: Gluten Free Croissants & More

Ive been to the Noglu in Paris, but I actually had no idea they had a location in New York City. I vividly remember NoGlu being one of the first places abroad that reinforced the idea that gluten free food can be amazing.

While I was planning my trip to NYC, I came across Noglu, and when I mapped it out, it happened to be just a few blocks away from where I was staying on the Upper East Side. SOLD!

Its a dedicated gluten free bakery in NYCs Upper East Side that makes everything from little apple tarts, to breads of all shapes and sizes, a range of cookies, muffins, cupcakes, scones, and CROISSANTS.

Since being to NoGlu in Paris 6 years ago, I dont actually think Ive had a croissant. Its not that I dont like croissants, its more that I never see them made gluten free.

Go for the croissants, stay for the cupcakes, tarts, baguettes, sandwiches, crepes, toast, and the rest of the gluten free goodies they have to offer. Well worth a trip out of the way you can hit Noglu and By the Way in one trip theyre a handful of blocks away from each other.

Head to this gluten free Bakery for breakfast or lunch, then hit the nearby Met, take a stroll through Central Park, or just wander.

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