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Gluten Dairy Free Gift Baskets

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Bonus Goldbelly Vegan Meals And Desserts

GREAT Gluten Free Gift Basket Giveaway

If youre looking for unique, hand-crafted eats, made by small companies in the U.S., then look no further than the vegan selection at Goldbelly. They have vegan cheeseboards, cupcakes jars, mac and cheese, pizza, ice cream, tamales, donuts, and much more. Honestly, there were just too many cool things for us to narrow it down! Most items already have the shipping included in the price.

Please note that this post does include some affiliate links. They have been included to help you easily find the product, and to fund this site. This is not a sponsored posts we hand picked these items without influence. Thank you for supporting Go Dairy Free!

Dairy Free Gift Baskets

Sensitive Sweets Cookie Sets

Sensitive Sweets is a Southern California vegan bakery that makes cookies free of gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, or sesame. They also ship their cookies throughout the US, and are one of the few who offer decorated Christmas sugar cookies. You can order directly from them at

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Thanks For Reading And Hopefully You Find The Perfect Gluten Free Monthly Subscription Box

Plus, dont forget to check out our gluten free makeup subscription box article where youre also find some killer beauty boxes for under $10 a month!


This post contains affiliate links which means that we will make a small commission if you purchase a product after clicking on any of them, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

Best Gluten Free Gift Baskets

Gluten Free For All Gift Basket

Dietary restrictions can be difficult to get around sometimes, especially when you want to send particularly festive edibles. This list offers gluten free gift baskets for every occasion, or just because. Each one is filled with carefully selected packaged snack foods and/or fresh produce to accommodate special diets.

It can be challenging to shop for items that complement one another while keeping in mind the dos and especially the donts of someone elses strict dietary restrictions. This luxurious selection takes all the guesswork out of the equation while leaving a good taste in your recipients mouth.


Heres a box thats lots of fun tasty snacks for everyone. Men or ladies, girls or boys, all find treats theyll enjoy. We checked to be sure, each treat is pure. Things you cant are never in, things you can yes! A win! Plus, a Bunny James poem in every box.


Some gifts are easy: check their wishlists. What about those for which you havent a clue? You want something thoughtful and sincere, but frankly, you dont want to get too personal. This selection of snacks is a nice variety of savory and sweet and lets someone know youre thinking of them.

Prices Vary

Price varies


Prices Vary

Prices Vary

Price varies

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What Are The Benefits Of Gluten

Supermarket shelves can be limited, and sometimes it costs a small fortune finding exactly which brands are the tastiest. Gluten-free snack boxes offer a great way to explore best sellers and try before you buy. And, if were talking about a fresh-baked cookie gift, theres no need to wrestle with a pantry full of flours. That special someone can simply open up and dig in! Preferably with a tall glass of milk — or their favorite dairy-free alternative.

Insomnia Vegan & Gluten

This popular cookie company makes a vegan and gluten-free chocolate chip cookie, which you can order by the freshly baked box. They now also offer additional vegan cookie flavors, which usually include a seasonal choice. They say their icing is also plant-based, but dont yet have a vegan and cookie icing kit available. You can order from their website at

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Deliciou Seasoning Combo Pack

This Australian company offers free shipping to the U.S. on all of their vegan seasonings. They make everything from Ranch to Nacho Cheese to Spicy Bacon. In fact, their big combo pack of shakers includes 17 varieties. Its a fun and inspiring gift for both novice and experienced cooks. However, it doesnt arrive in gift-worthy packaging, so order ahead rather than shipping directly to your recipient.

Gluten Free Jerky Box

Building Fruit Baskets

What it costs: $54.95 a month.

What you get: With a Gluten Free Jerky Box subscription, youll receive a curated selection of the 6 best gluten-free, protein-packed, artisan jerky on the market today.

Each box includes a variety of flavors and new jerky brands that changes every month.

Coupon / Buy Now: Use the code JERKY25 to get 25% off your first shipment HERE.

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Barnetts Cookie & Biscotti Gifts

This indulgent cookie company is such a fun find. They decorate Oreo-style cookies and biscotti with every comforting combination imaginable. Everything is packaged in beautiful boxes and sent to many satisfied customers. This is also a kosher pareve company that ships throughout the US. You can order their cookie and biscotti boxes or at

Danas Bakery Vegan Cookie Lover Box

Dana is definitely someone who needs to keep busy. Shes a former photo-editor of Muscle and Fitness magazine, turned trained pastry chef, who started her own bakery. And while she was at it, she started a line of vegan and gluten-free cookies. Her gift box includes vegan, gluten-free black and whites and chocolate chip cookies. She also offers dairy-free jelly donut macarons in a pretty box! You can order these cookies at

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Homemade Hot Cocoa Gift Basket

Learn how to put together a cozy & festive DIY hot cocoa gift basket in minutes with a homemade hot cocoa mix , marshmallows, bar chocolate, and a few other fun goodies . This makes a simple, yet thoughtful gift for all ages & any occasion.

Time for another themed gift basket! I’m kind of addicted to making these right now, so I hope you’re not tired of them yet. They’re super fun to put together and it gives me joy seeing people’s reaction to receiving them.

Last December I shared a self-care gift basket , a few months ago I posted a wine & cheese gift basket , and right now I’m working on a yummy breakfast-themed one .

Today’s gift basket is hot cocoa & hot chocolate themed because that’s one thing everyone loves! Well, almost everyone. There are some weirdos who dislike chocolate. Sucks for them, right? )

If that’s the case, coffee is probably a safe bet. Or liquor. Or spicy, savory things. Do some online sleuthing on your person and find out what they like. If you need tips on that, read my self-care gift basket post . Or pick something random from my homemade food gifts round-up.

Since we’re close to Christmas, this gift basket makes an awesome last-minute holiday gift, but it’s also great for a random “thinking of you” care package or a thank you gift to show your appreciation for someone who’s helped you recently.

Housewarming gifts, bridal showers, and baby showers are also excuses to make one. I mean, do we even need a reason? Not when chocolate is involved.

Dairy Free Chocolate Gift

Large Gluten Free

We have the widest collection of vegans, dairy free and gluten- free chocolates to serve some of the most unique demands. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to fulfilling the demands of all the conscious consumers. Different ingredients are wonderfully infused keeping your preference and health in mind. Our chocolates are totally devoid of dairy ingredients and you can go ahead and indulge in these without worrying.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Gluten

1. Are your gluten-free gift baskets processed in a facility that processes wheat?

a. Our gluten-free gift baskets are produced in a facility that also processes milk, egg, wheat, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts.

2. Where can I ship gluten-free gifts?

a. We always go the extra mile to ensure an enjoyable gift experience for you and your recipients. Our simple gluten-free basket delivery means each gift is carefully packed and shipped so that it will arrive safely and ready to enjoy.

You Must Be Looking For The Most Delicious Dairy

Not only cruelty-free but our chocolates made using natural ingredients that are 100% organic.|We have curated our collection selectively choosing the dairy free products and ingredients. The flavors are sure to delight your senses. We promise that the variety that we have for you to offer will leave you spoilt for choices.

Choose from chocolate dipped orange peels, sephra begian dark fondue chocolate, vegan salted caramels, vegan assortment, chocolate dipped oreos and dark chocolate collection.You might be thinking, are Oreos dairy free? Yes, they are, the white part of oreo is made up of Canola oil and corn syrup. So, all the chocolates in our collection are perfect gifts for a vegan. The chocolates that we have been inspired by unique chocolate flavors globally.

Ready to choose your dairy-free chocolate gift online?

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Stonewall Kitchen Fruit Butter Collection

This New England company has been handcrafting condiments for more than 20 years with local ingredients. We adore their Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, but their fruit butters speak to our dairy-free side. These butters are naturally dairy-free, but are pureed into a rich, smooth finish thats utterly irresistible. In addition to the selection in the gift collection shown, they offer a seasonal Gingerbread Butter.

Trusted Brands Certified Gluten Free Snacks

DIY Last-Minute Mason Jar Superfood Cookie Gifts (Vegan & Gluten Free) | Cassandra Bankson

Our snack box is the perfect gift for anyone with Gluten and/or Dairy Intolerance. Filled with trusted better-for-you brands, these snacks are nutritious and delicious. Ideal for birthday gifts, Father’s or Mother’s day gifts, college student care packages, get well soon, military care packages, appreciation and thank you gifts for colleagues and clients as well as housewarming gifts.

Treat yourself or someone special to this memorable gift!

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Laumire Gourmet Superfood Parfait Collection

This beautiful, healthy gift box is a twist on classic fruit and nut baskets. Each treat is made with a blend of pure, clean ingredients, which might include quinoa, pistachio, figs, flax seeds, almonds, apricots, chia seeds, pine seeds, coconut, dates, or acai. Its a dairy-free, vegan, and paleo-friendly gift.

Ingredients For Homemade Dry Hot Cocoa Mix

Here’s all you need for a basic hot cocoa mix that you can stir together in minutes:

  • coconut sugar or brown sugar
  • Dutch cocoa powder or cacao powder
  • cinnamon powder
  • sea salt

You might have noticed the dry mix contains no powdered milk. I left it out on purpose. Why? It’s not a common pantry ingredient so I figured I’d save y’all some hassle and moolah by creating a version without it.

That said, this hot cocoa mix tastes best when combined with some type of milk for added creaminess. I typically use unsweetened vanilla almond milk but feel free to use whatever you have on hand.

Only have water? Here’s a tip to make it taste better: finely chop several squares of bar chocolate and melt that into your hot cocoa. The cocoa butter from the chocolate makes it taste richer & creamier . Or, check out my hot chocolate recipe to learn how to make it from scratch without cocoa powder.

I plan to test out another recipe with powdered coconut milk and grated bar chocolate included , so look for that here in the future.

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Bloom Caramel Sampler Set

While we were updating, they ran out of this holiday set! But you can still order a selection of their most popular dairy-free and vegan coconut milk caramel sauce flavors for a choose-your-own gift pack. At last check, the jars were still $5 each, and they offer 11-ounce squeeze bottles for $8 a piece.

Nadamoo Ice Cream Bundles

Gluten Free Gift Basket

They offer the most fun flavors of any dairy-free ice cream brand, and let you build your own bundle of 5 or 9 flavors. For the holidays, they also have Peppermint Bark and Pumpkin Pie flavors. Please note that the price above does not include shipping. They offer a very fair $25 flat shipping rate, so your ice cream arrives perfectly frozen. Just be sure to let your recipient know its coming!

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What Are Popular Types Of Gluten

When it comes to gluten-free gift baskets, snack boxes are where its at. Whether it’s a birthday gift that’s filled with gluten-free cookies and brownies, a gluten-free care package for your favorite college kid packed with artisanal beef jerky, or a corporate gift loaded with grab-and-go snacks that are perfect for the office, getting a little something special and flavorful every month can be a boon to anyone who’s on restrictive diets. Delicious gluten-free snack boxes make gifting easy!

What To Put In A Hot Cocoa Gift Basket

There are loads of options for food & non-food items to include in a hot cocoa gift basket . However, there are three main things you should always include:

  • hot cocoa mix
  • good-quality bar chocolate

If you’re gifting this to someone who lives nearby, you can also include perishable items like whipped cream, refrigerated milk , or hot chocolate bombs .

My favorite bar chocolates to use right now are from Divine and Bar & Cocoa, and for chips, it’s Ghiradelli .

If you’re gifting this to a chocolate lover, I HIGHLY recommend ordering some chocolate through Bar & Cocoa. The Castronovo Dark Milk Chocolate is my favorite. You can read more about them in my double chocolate banana muffins post.

Now back to the cocoa mix. If you’re in a rush or don’t want to buy the ingredients to make homemade hot cocoa then grab some of the pre-made mixes from the store instead. Look for packets, canisters, or jars of hot cocoa that are made with high-quality ingredients like cocoa powder, sugar, powdered milk , and vanilla.

Swiss Miss is one I would NOT recommend because it gives me an upset stomach after drinking it . I prefer the individual packets of Ghiradehlli hot cocoa that are meant to mix into hot milk.

But, really…it’s so simple to make your own mix by blending together a few pantry ingredients.

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Top 10 Gluten Free Gift Baskets

If youre feeling overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the perfect gluten free gift basket, dont worry. Weve gathered up ten delicious gluten free gift baskets your loved one is sure to enjoy.

This bright and fresh arrangement is packed with fresh pineapple daisies, grapes, melon, chocolate covered strawberries, and so much more. Plus, its completely gluten free, so you can rest assured that your loved one can enjoy it.

Cost: $89.99

This beautiful fruit bouquet is packed to the brim with strawberries and pineapple daisies. Plus, it all comes in a white keepsake container speckled with gold dots.

Cost: $64.99

This gift basket is packed with all sorts of gluten free goodies, such as cherry hard candies, chocolate chip cookies, trail mix, preserves, crackers, and so much more. Its the perfect gift for that special someone with wheat allergies.

Cost: $89.99

4. Deluxe Hanging Garden

This tin is filled to the brim with a generous selection of craft baked treats and special confections, such as gluten free chocolate chip cookies, gluten free ginger cookies, gluten free brownies, and so much more. Just be sure to choose the gluten free option at checkout.

Cost: $60.00

5. Gluten-Free Diet Starter Kit

If your loved one is just starting out on her gluten free journey, this starter kit from Thrive is the perfect pick. Its full of fun and exciting treats that are all gluten free compliant. Shes sure to find a few new favorite snacks in this kit.

Cost: $49.99

Cost: $49.95

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How To Choose A Gluten Free Gift Basket

Peppermint Patties – Vegan Gluten-free Edible Christmas Gift Ideas

When choosing a gluten free gift basket, youll want to thoroughly inspect each item in the basket to make sure its free of gluten. Gluten is a mixture of proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, and oats, so youll want to strictly avoid these ingredients. Fresh fruit is a great choice, as well as nuts, popcorn, beef jerky, and chocolate. Or, choose cookies, cakes, brownies, or crackers made with gluten free flour.

Typically, when it comes to products that are typically laden in gluten, like baked goods, the fact that a product is gluten free will be indicated on the package. If youre a little out of your element when choosing gluten free products, you can always opt for a non-food gift basket instead, such as a spa basket thats filled to the brim with pampering goodies and soaps. However, if you can, its a great idea to try to stick to a food gift. Your loved one will enjoy the fact that you took her dietary restrictions into consideration and chose a basket full of tasty treats she can enjoy.

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