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Gluten Free Places To Eat

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Get Yourself A Gluten Free Restaurant Card In French

Gluten Free Restaurants in Denver, Colorado: Our Top 6 Gluten Free Places to Eat

I speak French. Kind of. Maybe a little. Okay, I can say Bonjour and thats about it. Same-same, right? One of my biggest pain points on my first trip was anxiety around the language barrier in Paris. What if the server didnt understand me and accidentally served me gluten? Or fries cooked in a contaminated fryer?

Thats why I recommend a French Gluten Free Restaurant Card from Jodi over at Legal Nomads. Jodis Gluten Free Restaurant Cards are a big factor in helping me travel the world gluten free by making sure Im able to communicate my needs even if there was a language barrier. It has cross-contamination call outs and a list of safe and unsafe foods, all translated to French by a native speaker. Get one today to make gluten free travel in Paris easier than ever.

Ive used her cards in Germany, Mexico, and Colombia, and they have helped me travel confidently and safely, even when I cant speak the language. Its well-worth the $9 to have peace of mind and not have to worry about overcoming a language barrier.

Farmstand 42 Drury Ln Covent Garden London Wc2b 5aj

Now, Farmstand used to be 100% gluten free, this is no longer the case unfortunately.

However, the majority of the menu remains being gluten free and everything is clearly marked on the menu.

Ive regularly visited Farmstand for one of their little boxes you can fill it with a main and then add a couple of sides too.

Ive always loved visiting Farmstand for gluten free in Covent Garden as they have been very understanding of my onion and garlic issues and helped me find the right dishes to suit me.

Eating Out Gluten Free At Restaurant Chains

You see, if youre allergic to gluten or have Celiacs Disease, there are a few issues that you sometimes run into.

First, most major restaurant chains dont offer an official gluten free menu. Youll literally have to spend hours at a time looking at a restaurants nutrition and ingredients list manually crossing out unsuitable options for your diet. This is an annoying and painstaking task that should be done by no one, and I mean NO ONE.

And if restaurant does have a gluten free menu, they usually burry it in the archives of their websites where youll literally take hours of your life digging through it into you finally find the menu.

Second, if a restaurant does offer a gluten free menu the kitchen staff, servers, and management are either

  • uneducated you know that time when your server teases you with a warm basket of fresh baked bread even after you clearly tell them that you are on a gluten free diet
  • unaware of the gluten free menu sometimes staff dont even know that a gluten free menu at their restaurant even exists.
  • Third, certain restaurants are cross contamination havens I mean seriously, some restaurants you go to are so dangerous for gluten free dieters that their dining experience can be deadly.

    Its a nightmare.

    So hopefully, this listing helped you out!

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    Are You A Celiac Who Likes To Travel Please See My Gluten Free Travel Page For Free Detailed City Guides Country Guides And Restaurant Cards In Over A Dozen Languages

    11. Another Vietnamese spot, albeit less traditional, isEat Bonmi, with quinoa or bun vermicelli noodle bowls inspired by Vietnamese flavours. Their menu is clearly marked for gluten free dishes, and the lemongrass sauce should not be missed. All of their sauces are gluten free, though! Staff was knowledgeable about cross-contact.

    12. French bakery NoGlu, has expanded from its gluten free Paris outposts to New York. As the name suggests, is a 100% gluten free bakery. It sells pastries, custards, breads, and much more. You wont miss gluten one bit.

    13. Italian gelateria Grom has opened two New York outposts, and your tastebuds deserve a try. ALL of the their ingredients are gluten free, and certified by the Italian celiac association. .

    14. Craving a rich, rice-based Italian meal? Risotteria Melottiis 100% gluten free, delicious, and worth a stop if you have the time. Try their shrimp and lemon risotto, or if you wanted a classic option, their mixed mushroom dish.

    15. On the Upper West Side, newcomer Le Gourmand NYChas organic, gluten free baked goods in a 100% gluten free facility. Croissants look fabulous, as do their innovative matcha pastry with mango and avocado.

    17.Senza Gluten has 100% gluten-free menu. I usually dine at places for both celiacs and non-celiacs, since most of my friends eat their gluten. But if youre particularly worried or youve got more than one GF eater in tow, this is a good bet.

    Frankie & Bennys Cardiff

    Gluten free North Devon

    I can never resist a visit to a Frankie and Bennys when we are away, this time our trip took us to Cardiff. We hadnt visited the city for a while but I always remembered how well endowed it is with restaurants, especially ones that now cater for gluten free. We were off to watch a hockey match that evening at a local stadium so this bought us to the restaurant just off Dunleavy Drive. We were greeted by Matthew who grabbed me a gluten free menu and sat us down at our booth. He explained how things have changed at Frankie and Bennys in terms of how they handle allergy orders and proceeded to show me a screen which I had to read and agree to, then went onto the online menu and selected my allergies which bought up exactly what I could order within the restaurant. Perfect, makes it even easier! Thank god my favourite House Burger was on there. There are so many options for gluten free at Frankie & Bennys burgers, ribs, pizza, pasta, chicken, its a difficult decision most times but the burgers always win. He really took the time to sit down with us

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    Cafes Catering For Gluten Free

    The Whole Bagel, 8 Upper Borough Walls Bagels and Sandwiches: for an amazing gluten free sandwich, head to the Whole Bagel in Bath. I can personally recommend the avocado, smoked salmon, horseradish, rocket and lemon sandwich. The Whole Bagel have a dedicated preparation area foe coeliacs, including a separate toaster for gluten free bread, use of clean gloves and big effort to avoid cross contamination.

    Café Retro, 18 York Street Cake and Lunch: a family-run café that has been going for years. They often have gluten free cakes available and can advise you as to which of their lunchtime dishes are gluten free. The menu is marked up with dairy free options but not gluten free options.

    Nourish, 1 Beaufort West Lunch: I havent been into this plant-based cafe but always see if when I drive in and out of Bath. I checked out their website and they have lots of gluten free options, specifically mentioning coeliacs as a group they can cater for.

    The Connies Tea Room, Timsbury Lunch and Cake: this place does the greatest gluten free carrot cake everrr and is located in Timsbury, near Bath. In addition to the excellent cake, they can prepare a number of gluten free savoury options and have allergens marked on the menu. We had gluten free toasties cooked between layers of grease proof paper so as to avoid any toastie machine cross-contamination. Loved this place, so good for coeliacs.

    + Gluten Free Restaurant Menus You Must Check Out In 2021

    Last updated on by Adam Bryan. This post may contain affiliate links.

    One of the most, if not the most stressful parts about eating out gluten free is trying to find a restaurant that actually does offer gluten free options.

    Then, once you do finally find a suitable restaurant, you have to then figure out if the restaurant is actually safe to eat. If youre allergic to gluten or wheat or are Celiac, youll know what Im talking about.

    Now instead of navigation the web trying to find suitable gluten free restaurants from every single restaurant that you absolutely love and cant live without, I went ahead and created the ultimate guide to gluten free restaurant menus to make life just a little bit easier.

    Because the last thing you want to do is spend hours trying to find the gluten free menu for Red Lobster.

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    % Gluten Free Restaurants In London

    In truth, I dont make a massive effort to search out 100% gluten free restaurants. Of course Im happy when this is an option, but given the choices and high standards of non-100% gluten free restaurants in London, this is an option for me but not a requirement.

    Ardiciocca I adored my meal at this 100% gluten free trattoria and pizzeria in Fulham. If youre looking for the lightest, tastiest gluten free pizza was top quality ingredients, you would be hard pushed to find a better place than this authentic, Italian run restaurant. Despite the lightness of the food I could not help indulging on my meal here. The menu is full of flavour combinations you wont find offered gluten free elsewhere in London from potato and mussel croquettes, arancini, pasta with beef ragu to tripe to pizza Nduja with lemon and rocket. This is a must-visit destination in London. ££

    Free From Bakehouse Although Carolines award winning can be bought online and in various outlets ranging from Fortnums to Whole Food Markets, its to Borough Market you should come. The market itself is a wonderful place for a foodie to roam, if a little crowded on a weekend. My favourites are the savoury tarts and the raspberry and white chocolate brownies are impossible for me to resist so good!

    Indigo At One Aldwych 1 Aldwych London Wc2b 4bz

    Top 10 gluten free things to eat in Rome

    And it only gets better at One Aldwych!

    One Aldwych also have an amazing restaurant called Indigo which is 100% gluten free and dairy free as standard. Yep, everything on the menu.

    From gluten free and dairy free fish and chips, to gluten free and dairy free cheesecake there really is something for everyone.

    One Aldwych is a hotel so you could also book yourself in for a special stay its worth it for the gluten free and dairy free breakfast, trust me!

    Well, Ive never actually stayed here, but its on my hit list for the immediate future.

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    Guide To Eating Gluten Free In Iceland


    Reykjavík is absolutely safe and very pleasant for people who are on a gluten-free diet. The following guide will give you a nice overview of the wide selection of places where you can enjoy the local food and stay gluten-free.

    Being a tiny country with an even smaller population, you might have the impression that Iceland doesnt offer many options for visitors with food allergies. Surprisingly, Reykjavík is absolutely safe and very pleasant for people who are on a gluten-free diet. The following guide will give you a nice overview of the wide selection of places where you can enjoy the local food and stay gluten free. It is always good to know you can get a nice meal without having to worry about your sensitivity or disease bringing some nasty consequences.

    A Killer Guide To Barcelona Restaurants Both Gluten Free And Vegan

    Famous for its assortment of creamy, salty cheeses and sweet smelling fresh baked bread, I found an abundance of gluten-free restaurants in Barcelona, Spain. If the restaurant I found wasnt completely gluten-free, they at least had several gluten-free options.

    Each eatery has their unique spin on either traditional food in Spain or a fusion of international cuisines. My favorites were the robustly flavored vegan paellas loaded with grilled zucchini and bell peppers, and gluten-free lightly fried churros with semisweet rich dark chocolate. Yum!

    Below are some of the top Barcelona restaurants where you can find gluten-free and dairy-free options. Some of them are dine in restaurants with a charming ambiance. Others are quick eats, with a grab and go option, but all are excellent choices for travelers with food allergies.

    The latter is my favorite option on vibrantly warm summer afternoons. Its so nice to swing by a health food restaurant and grab some delicious gluten-free food to savor at a charming picnic in Park Ciutadella in Barcelona City.

    Theres also a plethora of coffee and dessert restaurants with vegan and dairy-free treats to check out too!

    Side note: If you happen to be visiting Barcelona during the late summer theres a huge festival with tasty food truck fiestas stationed throughout the entire city heres the La Mercé festival guide.

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    Gogo Daddy Thai Canteen


    The staff at GoGo Daddy take dietary requirements really seriously so you can rest easy knowing theyve got you. Order a bunch of plates of big delicioustheyll arrive at your table, whip-fast and tuck into some of the best Thai food youve ever tasted. P.s. the crispy salmon salad is next level.

    Grilled Fish Or Squid

    20 Best Gluten free places to eat in Dublin

    A simple safe meal, I often opted for grilled fish or meat prepared with herbs and served with a generous half or quarter of a lemon.

    Again, for those times where fried fish in batter was on the menu, it was an easy request after proffering my GF card to see if a special grilled version could be made on my behalf. Restaurants were happy to oblige with a batter-free protein option, and the grilling meant that I was not worried about cross-contamination with oil used for breaded dishes.

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    Which Independent Restaurants In London Offer A Reasonably Priced Gluten Free Meal

    Mommi This fabulous restaurant in Clapham, south west London, offers an exciting menu of Japanese Peruvian inspired dishes. Ive visited a few times and always impressed with their approach to diners with more than one allergy. You can read my post about Mommis entry in the Free From Eating Out Awards . The menu is full of interesting dishes and for me, the Nikkei tempura fish and chips, with wasabi mayo and cassava fries is a stand out in terms of flavours and textures. All dishes at Mommi are gluten free and its also accredited by Coeliac UK. ££

    Ceru If you love the flavours of the Eastern Mediterranean, you should head for Ceru with a menu of big, bold Levantine dishes packed with flavour. So much of the menu here is gluten free, including items normally off limits to coeliacs including spice battered squid and there are plenty of options for vegetarians too the sticky aubergines with dates and tamari are a must. Locations in South Ken and Soho

    Bird Come here for naturally gluten free finger lickin good fried chicken yes, it really does exist! Bird should probably be in the chain section following their recent expansion

    The Vurger Co This vegan and plant based burger resto in Shoreditch offers gluten free burgers and buns. I thoroughly enjoyed eating here, especially as they offer 50/50 fries for those like me who cant decide between regular and sweet potato fries. ££

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