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Gluten Free French Onion Dip

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What To Serve With It

How to make the best Gluten Free Vegan French onion Dip

Dip it!

  • Have some pita chips, crackers, or even tortilla chips with it for a quick snack.
  • Take some flatbread or pita wedges and dip them in it.
  • Cut up some fresh raw veggies into sticks, like carrot, cucumber, rutabaga , celery, or bell peppers and scoop up some.
  • This dip is a great addition to any party platters or appetizer boards next to classic hummus or vegan cream cheese.

Drizzle it!

Let us know in the comments what is your favorite way to serve it with!

Cooking Tips For Onion Dip

Gather your 4 ingredients and get started! Yes, you read that right..this dairy free french onion dip is only 4 ingredients! How many other homemade recipes can say that?

Make certain that you let your onions cook and be really caramelized. You want them to be noticeable that they are in the recipe, but not overpowering it entirely.

As you are adding in the garlic salt, you can taste the dip.

However, I caution you about adding more. Let the dip chill for an hour or so then taste test again.

It gives time for the flavors to blend together. It is easy to overdo it with the garlic salt!

Be prepared…your taste buds are going to love this dip! I think its a safe bet to say that you wont be able to stop after just one dip….but remember, no double dipping allowed! If you want to double dip then you need to just make up your own batch for yourself to enjoy!

It will be the star of the party, IF you choose to share it! I adapted this recipe Give it a try, you will love it!

If you are looking for more game day food ideas, you need to check out our Party Style Bean Dip, Spicy Vegetarian Chili, Buffalo Tofu Bites and Loaded Plentils Nachos! Wondering How to Cut an Onion, you have to check out this tutorial!

How To Caramelize The Onions:

For this dip I like to chop the onions in small bite size pieces…

Then put them in a cast iron skillet with some butter & olive oil and let them do their thing.

You’ll need to add a little dried thyme & salt after they’ve cooked for a bit…

And at the end a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

The key to making the perfect caramelized onions is patience, patience & EVEN more patience.

They need to slow cook till they have that nice caramel color and delicious sweet nutty flavor.


I could easily just eat these by the spoonful. But I guess I need to save em for dip.

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Is French Onion Dip Vegan

If you ask if store-bought French onion dip is typically vegan, thats hard to say. So, the best answer is, No, it is notnot always.

Most sour cream and onion dips typically have one ingredient that is not dairy-freewhich is sour cream.

But this easy to follow nut-free, no-cook recipe is made using only plant-based ingredients, like tofu, and it comes together in minutes.

So, instead of reading the tiny print on labels at the grocery store, why not make a batch of homemade Vegan French Onion Dip?

What Can I Use Instead Of Sour Cream

Easy + Healthy French Onion Dip (Gluten Free)

You can use any store-bought or homemade cream cheese. We have a delicious Tofu Cream Cheese recipe which you can make in 5 minutes. We dont recommend using mayo alone only in combination with cream cheese or sour cream as otherwise it will be too heavy.

This Vegan French Onion Dip recipe is egg-free and dairy-free. It is suitable for a vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diet. Its WFPB-friendly if you use oil-free sour cream like this one.

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Vegan French Onion Dip

A creamy, flavor-packed and dairy-free french onion dip that is easy to make and perfect for the super bowl or any party that you will be heading to. Its vegan, gluten-free and most importantly, delicious!

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, Chris and I thought it was only fitting for us to share recipes that are perfect to serve to crowds for the big game! We are starting off with a classic crowd favorite French Onion Dip.

French Onion Dip was alwayssss served at my family Super Bowl party, so I thought that it was time for us to create a vegan version so we can still take part in the tradition on game day. This recipe is not only vegan and gluten-free, but it is also easy to make, uses ingredients that are familiar and *almost* identical to its nonvegan counterpart and most importantly, it tastes just like I remember!

If youre looking for more vegan dip recipes, weve got you covered. Check these out:

If you make this recipe, let us know what you think in the comments below! + If you post any photos on Instagram, make sure you tag us and so that we dont miss it, we love seeing your photos!

  • Total Time:1 hour 45 minutes
  • Yield:16 servings

Instant Pot Gluten Free French Dip Sandwiches Recipe

Brianna Hobbs | Flippin’ DeliciousMarch 22, 2021

Instant Pot Gluten Free French Dip Sandwiches are always in our dinner rotation! Tender and juicy beef roast braises in a garlic and rosemary jus in just 60 minutes in an Instant Pot. Just add gluten free bread and your favorite cheese!

I still clearly recall the first time I had a French dip sandwich.

My first post-high school job was working at Jasons Deli. I had never heard of dipping a sandwich in jus and at first it seemed really weird to me.

Over time, based on the recommendations of many others, I gave their French dip beef au jus sandwich a try and I fell in love! It was a regular on my lunch rotation while I worked there.

While I enjoyed French dip sandwiches at Jasons deli, I never thought to make them at home.

One Sunday for family dinner, my sister-in-law made gluten free French dip sandwiches. She sent me a flurry of texts and phone calls while she was at the grocery store, asking me which soy sauce I could have, and which brands of beef broth were safe.

I was so touched that she thought to make something that I could enjoy with everyone else, and was going to such effort to make sure the ingredients were safe for me.

I brought my own gluten free bread and a batch of gluten free yellow cupcakes to family dinner.

I usually get to bring dessert to family dinner, which is my favorite! If not gluten free cupcakes, I usually bring my giant gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

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Keto French Onion Dip

Once you make homemade keto French onion dip you will never reach for a packet of onion soup mix again! Caramelized onions in a creamy cheesy dip makes a great dip to serve with vegetables and keto crackers.

The key to this tasty French onion dip recipe is that the onions are caramelized, giving them a great flavour. It is worth the time to cook them slowly for the taste that they release.

Opening a packet of onion soup mix may be quicker, but it may contain additives and simply cannot beat the flavour of homemade onion dip.

How To Make This Dairy Free French Onion Dip

Vegan French Onion Dip

Theres two main components to this dip the caramelized onions, and the flavorful and creamy cashew base.

Before you blend the cashews youll need to soak them in hot water, so get that started before you start with the rest of the recipe.

After that, the caramelization of the onions is the most time consuming part of the recipe. For the best flavor, dont shortcut this step! While the onions caramelize you can cut some veggies for dipping, or just pour yourself a drink and crank some tunes while you stand by the stove.

Heres the step-by-step

  • Soak the raw cashews in a heat proof bowl for at least 30 minutes, or up to overnight.
  • Thinly slice some yellow or sweet onion and caramelize slowly on the stove with olive oil and salt. If the onions look like theyre getting too dark on the edges or are sticking to the bottom of the pan add a few tablespoons of water and scrape up any dark bits and reincorporate them into the onions.
  • About 5 minutes before onions are done add the thinly sliced green onion and continue to cook, stirring occasionally, until wilted and soft.
  • Drain the cashews and blend on high until smooth and creamy with the lemon juice, coconut aminos, and spices.
  • Mix together the caramelized onions and cashew base. Season to taste with salt and pepper and move to the refrigerator to chill and thicken up.
  • Garnish with some reserved caramelized onions or chives if desired and serve with chips and your favorite cut veggies!

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Paleo French Onion Dip

Cheryl MalikPosted: DFDairy FreeGFGluten FreePPaleoVVeganVGVegetarian

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy.

This paleo French onion dip is easy, delicious, and perfect with potato chips for a paleo appetizer. This Paleo French onion dip is absolutely bound to become one of your favorite paleo dips and its just in time for summer!

Hi, my name is Cheryl. C-H-E-R-Y-L.

And I have an addiction.

Ever since I can remember, Ive opted for salty snacks over sweet, bashfully eating radioactive orange nachos at the NBA games, always the girl ordering giant dill pickles at the movies, always eating entire blocks of cheese when Im nervous

Anyone get the throwback Always Sunny reference or do I just sound super weird right now? Anyone? Just me? Oh, OK.

Its alright Im used to it. My salt addiction runs deep, demarcating me from the other girls in high school who would die without chocolate. Chocolate? Eh, its better when coating potato chips or simply serving as the bed for a sprinkle of sea salt. I prefer it in mole with a side of tortilla chips and smoky guajillo salsa. In other words, I can keep candy in my house for weeks on end.

Potato chips, on the other hand? In college, I simply couldnt keep potato chips in the apartment. Id coyly open a bag after class and end up with my fingertips brushing the bottom of the aluminum packet in the blink of an eye. Huh? What happened? I my roommate must have eaten all of those pretty sure.

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Why Should I Make My Own Spice Mixes

As someone who cannot eat gluten, I learned that many spice blends and flavoring mixes contain gluten.

Making your own mixes allows you to control everything that goes in, so you’ll know that it’s safe for you and your family to eat, and that kind of peace of mind is priceless.

Speaking of price, making your own spice and soup mixes will save you money too. The markup on pre-mixed spices is can be significant.

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How To Make Vegan French Onion Dip

First, peel and chop onion into small pieces. Take a frying pan or stockpot and heat it to medium. Add olive oil and chopped onion and cook them until for approx. 2 minutes . Stop right before they begin the caramelize. Now, add 1-3 Tbsp veggie broth and cook the onion until the broth is absorbed or steamed away . Repeat this step if the liquid is gone but the onion pieces are not cooked and soft.

It is a bit of like cooking risotto. You add only more veggie broth if the previous amount evaporates but the onion hasnt cooked yet. Try to work with small increments. At the end, you should have soft and tender chopped onion and little to no liquid. We usually use up to cup of vegetable broth at the end.

Now, take a mixing bowl and add the sour cream and the seasoning , freshly chopped parsley, salt and pepper) , finally add the cooked chopped onion . Mix and serve. Delicious and easy! Homemade and healthy!

A quick tip: We totally love the bits and pieces in this dip, but you can blend it with an immersion blender if you want the onion to completely disappear.

What Onions Should I Use


Try to use Vidalia onions . They are the onions traditionally used in this dish. If not, Walla Walla onions are also considered sweet onions. In a pinch, if you cant find either, Id use a yellow onion. If you need a tutorial on how to make caramelized onions you can find one by my friend Wholesome Yum.

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What Vegan Butter Do I Use

To caramelize the onions, I wanted to use butter to enhance the flavor. I stuck to my goldie oldie, Earth Balance Buttery sticks. If you need a soy free option, they have soy free sticks as well. Feel free to use whatever vegan butter you prefer. If you do not have a dairy allergy, you can use regular butter as well at the same amount.

Dairy Free French Onion Dip

Add this incredible dairy free french onion dip to your next party or gathering! Rich, creamy and jam-packed with flavor, youll never believe its made without any butter, cream cheese or sour cream. A crowd pleasing favorite, its also way better than store-bought thanks to loads of caramelized onions. Gluten free and vegan.

Appetizers can be a bit challenging when youre dairy free.

So many party classics are loaded up with tons of cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, butter. The list goes on.

And when youre at a gathering staring down a table of finger foods you cant actually enjoy? Yeah, its not so much fun.

My solution? Bring your own options. Especially ones that will please even your dairy loving friends and family.

Like this incredible homemade french onion dip.

Featuring plenty of sweet caramelized onions balanced out by a dreamy, creamy, cashew base filled with just the right amount of spices and flavor.

Making it WAY better than the store-bought dairy free versions.

Ive tried several and they barely have any of that awesome caramelized onion taste .

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How To Make Keto French Onion Dip

For the onions, use white, yellow or brown. Or even a mix of them. The onion needs to be finely chopped to caramelize quicker and easier for dipping.

We add garlic for an extra flavour but this can be either omitted or replaced with garlic powder.

This simple low carb dip is as easy as cooking the onions, mix the cream cheese, sour cream and mayonnaise together. Then combine. That’s it!

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