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Gluten Free Recipes For Kids

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Fruit & Veggies For Gluten

Gluten Free Dairy Free Recipes for kids – fudge bars

Banana sliced with peanut butter or sunbutter

Celery with peanut butter or sunbutter and raisins check out this post for a more creative idea

Raisins, craisins, or dates

Sliced apples with peanut butter or sunbutter

Any fruit with this tasty peanut butter yogurt fruit dip

Homemade fruit salad in a container

Acai smoothie bowl in a sealed container send the fruit in a baggie or other container to be added at lunchtime

Applesauce in a pouch or container

Vegetables with hummus

Cut The Graham Crackers

Use the pizza cutter to cut 2 x 3 inch squares. Use a fork to make marks onto the graham cracker, 2 rows of 4 marks. Use the flipper to carefully place each square onto the lined baking sheet. Place the baking sheet into the freezer for 5 minutes, or refrigerator for 10 minutes. Repeat with the second dough ball. Refrigerate the extra scraps of dough to combine with the second scraps. Make sure the dough is chilled before rolling out.

Hidden Vegetable Recipes For Lunch

  • Farmers Market Sandwiches Who said sandwiches needed to be boring? Make it colorful and customizable with this epic Farmers Market Sandwich! Vegan and Nut Free
  • Crock-Pot Chicken Salad & Sliders Rich in probiotics. NO mayo needed. EASY and another great meal to make in bulk or ahead of time. I like to sneak in a little chopped cabbage to the chicken salad.
  • Gluten Free Baked Homemade UncrustablesBetter than store-bought. These uncrustables make this meal plan for kids super fun! Not to mention, nut butter and jelly is a kid favorite! The recipe is easy to make vegan as well!

Other homemade uncrustables fillings with fruit and veggies include:

  • Nut Butter, bananas, and honey
  • Cheese with apples or figs
  • Cucumber and hummus
  • Fresh strawberries and cream cheese

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Gluten Free Breakfast Recipes

1. Uttappams arent made just from rice they can also be made from ragi or finger millet. This Ragi Uttappam recipe gives a different twist on traditional uttappams and the result is yummy!

2. Banyard millet isnt a grain that youd generally associate with upma, but this recipe of Barnyard Millet Upma will make you wonder why you didnt think of it before!

3. Oats pancakes are common the sweet kind. Add some spices and vegetables in this Savoury Oats Veggie Pancake thats ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

4. Give your regular oats porridge a sweet, nutty flavour by adding bananas and coconut to it! Check out the recipe of Banana Coconut Oats Porridge to know more.

5. Brown rice still has its outer covering, making it more nutritious than brown rice. Try using brown rice flakes in a Brown Rice Poha, to which you can add veggies of your choice.

6. Bajra or pearl millet is often used in making rotis, but not commonly in upma. Give this Bajra Upma recipe a try and youll be pleasantly surprised!

7. Why stick to regular white rice dosas all the time? Change up your breakfast menu with this Jowar Dosa thats soft and easy for toddlers to eat too.

8. If the kids are tired of all the upmas and dosas, give them a break with this filling and tasty Egg Breakfast Casserole from Leelalicious. With potatoes, eggs and veggies, itll keep them full till lunch!

Gluten Free Recipes For Kids

24 Simple Gluten Free and Dairy Free Recipes for Kids

Jodi / /

These gluten-free recipes for kids are go-to recipes that kids love. Changing to a gluten-free lifestyle is challenging. Our goal is to make it as easy for your family as possible. Save this list and use it to meal plan for gluten-free meal ideas you dont have to stress over.

Perfect for any night of the week, holiday events, or birthday parties, these are all easy gluten-free meals for kids that can be made for any occasion. Plus, this collection of recipes is enjoyed by everyone even those that arent gluten-free! From Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks and French Dip Sandwiches to Apple Cider Donuts and Pumpkin Muffins, you can easily create family-friendly meals that please everyone!

Using naturally gluten-free ingredients in combination with a few of our favorite gluten-free products, these recipes were created with families in mind. Affordable, easy to make, and full of flavor!

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How Else Can I Dress Up This Gluten

Besides the nut or seed butter spread and a banana topping, you really can fill it with whatever fruit or veggie your child likes

  • Yogurt is a good base that can also help fruits stickyou can do a soy or coconut yogurt if you cant do regular milk.
  • Jams are also delicious, as a base of their own, or along with the nut or seed butter your diet can handle.
  • Hummus is a great savory base that would be delicious with roasted vegetables. I have a sesame free, from scratch recipe in my top 8 free cookbook
  • Frozen fruit would work that way you can enjoy things that arent in season. Just be sure for little eaters theyre thawed and soft
  • You could also use a safe mayo, and use deli meat. Itd also be delicious with a meat and cheese, if you can do cheese.

Gluten Free Dessert Recipes

46. You may not associate a healthy ingredient like ragi with dessert, but the truth is that this Ragi Flakes Kheer is absolutely delectable!

47. Youve probably tried rice kheer, but have you tried Brown Rice Kheer? Made with organic brown rice flakes, this is one gluten-free, wholegrain dessert.

48. Gajar Halwa is a mainstay at all Indian festivals and celebrations and with good reason! Check out our gluten free recipe for your little gluten-sensitive toddler.

49. Get the benefits of dry fruit and finger millet with these Ragi Flakes and Dates Laddus. These are positively addictive, so youve been warned!

50. The Thrifty Diva has a delicious looking Microwave Chocolate Fudge recipe that looks absolutely melt-in-the-mouth! Cut down on the sugar if you think its too much.

51. Every busy Mom loves the word no-bake doesnt she? These No-bake Cookie Dough Bites will delight you too, because theyre easy and yummy too!

52. With strawberries in abundance now, its the perfect time to make some Strawberry Yogurt! This is a head and shoulders above the store bought version, so do try it out!

53. These Ragi Balls are so yummy theyre perfect for a kiddie party! You wont believe theyre made from something as healthy as finger millet!

54. Have you tried a banana payasam before? If not, you should try this Banana Coconut Payasam recipe, made with the popular raw Kerala bananas.

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Kid Friendly Gluten Free Recipes

Feeling like a normal person after a food allergy diagnosis can sometimes be a challenge. And if you are a parent of a child with Celiac disease or non-Celiac gluten sensitivity you are most likely completely overwhelmed with what is safe for your child to eat. Take a deep breath we are here to help. Planning a freezer cooking day can help you have a variety of safe meal choices on hand at all times. With a Membership, you can even create your own custom menu to meet your specific needs.

Important Tips To Remember When Shopping For Gluten Free Recipes:

5 Quick and Delicious Gluten-free Recipes for Kids
  • The label may just say a red flag ingredient, like malt, or have a descriptor after it like malt flavoring, extract, or flour. Its all a no-no.
  • Modified food starch and dextrin are only bad if they are made from wheat. Some certified gluten free products will include as an ingredient, but these versions are safe.
  • Read the labels on anything packaged or seasoned.
  • Even if a grain is naturally gluten free, like oats, they still may be processed on equipment shared with wheat products so there will be cross-contamination.
  • When gluten-free baking, most recipes can be adapted to GF by using a 1-to-1 gluten free baking flour. My favorite brand to use with the most consistent, best -tasting results is Cup 4 Cup. However, I did put together a guide on the best gluten free flour, to see how different brands compare with each other.
  • Other flours made out of safe grains can also be used with great results. However, they are best used in recipes tested with that flour. Go to Best Almond Flour recipes to see all the dishes made with a gluten free and grain free flour.
  • Gluten free kids deserve candy! Here is a great resource gluten free candy list.
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    Gluten Free Lunch And Dinner Recipes

    31. Start your meal with a lovely, warming Maize Flakes Soup. Its also a great thing to feed kids to ensure they stay hydrated during cold weather.

    32. If youd like a creamy soup thats easy on the tummy, go for this Creamy Tomato Soup from Officially Gluten Free. With lots of warming spices, this soup is perfect for winter!

    33. Paneer is a good option for kids who resist drinking their milk from a glass. This Paneer Tikka is sure to have them asking for more and more!

    34. Coconut Rice is a popular South Indian dish thats also very kid-friendly. Its light on spice and has the mild sweetness of coconut, making it a winner for kids!

    35. One of the identifying features of fish sticks is the breadcrumb coating, something thats not gluten friendly! However the Simply Gluten-Free blog works around this with their Coconut Fish Sticks recipe.

    36. Italy meets India in this Vegetable Pizza Dosa recipe! Sneak in veggies with this unique dish, perfect for your fussy eaters dinner!

    37. This Tomato Pulao from Revis Foodography is an ideal one pot dish that is lightly spicy but flavorful enough to appeal to fussy eaters. Serve with cold raitha as the perfect accompaniment.

    38. If the paneer tikka is a tad too spicy for your little one, go for this Flavored Paneer recipe instead. Its much milder, softer and just as yummy!

    40. Get some protein power in your little champions lunch with this Egg Rice recipe. It tastes almost like fried rice, without all the unhealthy ingredients!

    They Are Not Missing A Thing

    The object of gluten-free cooking for kids is that they feel they arent missing out on the foods they love.

    There are also a lot of gluten-free products on the market today, some taste better and are healthier than always read labels.

    I have a gluten-free bread recipe that is versatile in making tacos, flatbread, pizza, naan, you could decide to make cheesy bread with it as well. I am sharing that with you to help you learn how to substitute

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    Ways To Use Gluten Free Graham Crackers

    Not only are homemade graham crackers the ultimate snack and essential for smores, but they can also be crushed into graham cracker crumbs for all your baking needs.

    These crackers may look intimidating to make, but they really are easy and taste 100% better than most gluten free options on the market currently.

    From topping Campfire Banana Boats andSmore Cones to turning into a pie crust forEasy Gluten Free Cheesecakeor Coconut Cream Pie with Graham Cracker Crust. So many fun and delicious ways to use gluten-free graham crackers!

    To get started, gather the equipment and ingredients then follow the step-by-step instructions. A printable recipe card is available below.

    Kid Friendly Gluten Free Meal Ideas

    Kid Friendly Gluten Free Meal Plan {Recipes, Snacks}

    Published: by Katelyn | With Sweet Honey · This post may contain affiliate links

    Take the pressure off trying to find recipes that your kids will enjoy. With these kid friendly gluten free meal ideas, your kids should have no problem finding something they will look forward to having during the day or after school. These kid friendly meals incorporate essential nutrients and will help keep your family satisfied and energized to go through their day.

    havent yet entered the stage of extreme picky eaters at my house. My daughter is still pretty happy with just about anything that she eats. If you want more baby and toddler friendly recipes, check out my6 baby food combos and 3 kale baby food pureesthat my daughter loves. Even though my daughter is not a picky eater , I know finding things that kids will actually want to eat is tough on parents so I wanted to compile this list of recipes to hopefully alleviate some of that stress.

    Feel free to try any of the recipes on the blog but these were the recipes that are particularly kid friendly. Enjoy!

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    A Gluten Free Diet And What To Look Out For

    Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley, malt, and brewers yeast. Gluten is the protein that gives dough its elasticity, holding it together, and giving it a soft, pliable structure.

    When reading food labels you should look out for the obvious red flags, such as wheat, rye, barley, and malt. However, even if grains, like oats and rice, are naturally gluten free, they may have been processed on equipment shared with wheat products.

    To be confident look for a certified gluten free label on the package or cross reference with the manufacturers website. Although first experiences shopping gluten free can be overwhelming and time consuming, it does get easier! Once you are familiar with safe products its easier to grab and go.

    What Is Power Your Lunchbox

    The mission is to empower families with recipes, tips, and more to help you eat a more nutritious and delicious lunch at school, home, or the office! This year, the Healthy Family Project is proud to support United Fresh Start Foundation to support childrens accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables.

    This year youre also able to nominate a favorite teacher for the chance to win 1 of 5 $250 Amazon gift cards by uploading three words that describe your teacher, their name and grade they teach, and your name and grade.

    EVERY teacher nominated will receive promo codes for discounts on trending items on the popular website Etsy.

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    Healthy Gluten Free Recipes For Kids

    February 1, 2017

    Gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free are all terms were seeing more of nowadays, whether its recipes or packaged foods. Parents are becoming increasingly aware of their childrens food sensitivities and allergies, something that has been undiagnosed for long. An article in the Indian Journal of Medical Research refers to celiac disease as an impending epidemic, claiming that there are still many more cases left to be diagnosed. As a result, gluten free recipes for kids have seen an increased demand.

    At My Little Moppet, weve had many queries from concerned parents about gluten free recipes, which is why we decided to handle it all with this mega post of 60 healthy gluten free recipes for kids! Weve covered all meals, from breakfast to snacks to desserts, so you dont need to search anywhere else!

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