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Is Liquid Iv Gluten Free

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Liquid Iv Triple Threat Review

Liquid IV lemon lime flavor hydration multiplayer vegan soy free dairy free and made in the USA

Liquid IV Triple Threat

The Triple Threat Bundle combines three Liquid IV products that will revolutionize the way you feel each day. This bundle comes with a handy Liquid IV bottle with 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz markers for keeping track of your water consumptionthroughout the day.

The bundle contains a total of 3 bags, one each of Energy Multiplier, Hydration Multiplier, and Sleep Multiplier. Drink the hydration supplement in the morning to start your day off right, followed by the energy mix in the afternoon for a boost. Right before bed, drink the sleep supplement and pass out comfortably.

The Hydration Multiplier is available in Lemon Lime, Guava, Passionfruit, Acai, Apple Pie, Watermelon, or Strawberry. This is paired with the Lemon Ginger Energy Multiplier ,and the Blueberry Lavender Liquid IV Sleep Multiplier . With the multipliers and water bottle, this bundle costs $76.

Liquid Iv Mega Hydration Multiplier Variety Pack Review

Liquid IV Mega Hydration Multiplier Variety Pack

The Mega Hydration Multiplier Variety Pack enables you to stock up on a variety of flavors. This pack is great for those who want to stay hydrated, and know the value that their Hydration Multipliers have for overall health.

As a reminder, Hydration Multipliers contain 3 times the electrolytes than traditional sports drinks, as well as Vitamin C, Potassium, B3, B5, B6,andB12. Cellular Transport Technology ensures quick and efficient delivery of hydration to your cells.

Each bag has16 servings , for $140.The Mega Hydration Multiplier Variety Pack includes Acai Berry, Passion Fruit, Apple Pie, Guava, Watermelon, and Strawberry flavors. Yum!

Liquid Iv Kygo Pina Colada Hydration Multiplier Review

Liquid IV Kygo Pina Colada Hydration Multiplier

Liquid IVs new limited-edition flavor will bring you those summer dance vibes and a tropical party in your mouth. The Kygo Pina Colada Hydration Multiplier bursts with pineapple and creamy coconut milk notes its a refreshing hydration option to bring a little sunshine to dark days.

Liquid IV has collaborated with Kygo to pump up the volume and offer this fresh-tasting favorite. Kygo Pina Colada Hydration Multiplier provides the same hydration that their other multipliers do, using CTT to hydrate you 2-3 times faster, and a more impressive and tasty solution than water alone.

Each bag contains 16 servings in small packets. This limited-edition Liquid IV flavor can be yours for $25.

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Gluten In Medications: A Hot Topic

How can you successfully manage celiac disease if medications you need contain gluten?

Gluten-free claims on packaged foods and supplements are regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration and standards are in place requiring manufacturers to call out certain common allergens if they are included in a packaged food. Unfortunately, similar laws are not in place for labeling gluten in medications, although a proposed bill was reintroduced to Congress in September 2015.

On April 3, 2019, Representative Tim Ryan introduced H.R. 2074, the Gluten in Medicine Disclosure Act of 2019 to the House of Energy and Commerce Committees Subcommittee on Health. If passed, the bill would amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to require gluten be labeled in all medications.

On December 11, 2019, Senator Richard Blumenthal introduced S.3021, to the Senate, Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. This bill is meant to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to require the label of a drug that is intended for human use and contains an ingredient that is derived directly or indirectly from a gluten-containing grain to identify each such ingredient, and for other purposes. It will also be known as the Gluten in Medicine Disclosure Act of 2019 and uses the same language as H.R. 2074, the bill Representative Tim Ryan introduced to the House in April.

There are risks for the celiac disease community when gluten is left off a medication label:

Liquid Iv Passion Fruit Hydration Multiplier Review

Terry Naturally Bronchial Clear Liquid â 3.4 fl oz ...

Liquid IV Passion Fruit Hydration Multiplier

Honey and berry flavors accent this Passion Fruit Hydration Multiplier. Passion fruit is tangy and juicy, with a hint of sour flavor that will tantalize your taste buds. Youll dive headfirst into a tropical explosion of flavor when drinking this multiplier.

To use any of the Liquid IV Hydration Multipliers: pour a stick into 16oz of water and shake before drinking. Heading out for a beach day? Be sure to include a few packs in your bag for a refreshing way to hydrate in the hot sun.

The Passion Fruit Hydration Multiplier offers 16 servings for $25.

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What You Need To Know Before Buying Electrolyte Powder

What are electrolytes? As the name suggests, electrolytes are electrically-charged minerals that carry energy in your body. When mixed with water, electrolytes help to rebuild the electric tissues in the body, which are essential for maintaining proper organ function and overall health.

What do electrolytes do? Electrolytes help to hydrate the body and provide energy, which is great when youre recovering from an illness or want to prevent a hangover. Electrolytes also work to repair nerve and muscle damage . Electrolytes can also help to prevent headaches and light-headedness, while keeping you calm and alert.

How do electrolyte powders work? The best electrolyte powders help to repair and replenish your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Mix them into a glass of water and drink them just like you would a punch mix or iced tea .

Electrolyte powders work faster than regular water alone, and they often contain more electrolytes than traditional sports drinks and with less sugar and calories. Weve found options on our list with zero sugar and zero calories too.

The best electrolyte powders use a ratio of potassium, sodium, and glucose that helps to deliver water to your bloodstream faster and more efficiently than water alone. The newest electrolyte powders also contain added vitamins and minerals to help boost immunity and to provide energy.

What Are The Most Important Electrolytes To Pay Attention To

Heres a brief synopsis of the most important electrolytes and the role each plays in the body:

  • Protein formation
  • Immune system function

Its clear from the list that all electrolytes are critical for a healthy existence. But one Id like to point out especially for women is Magnesium. The body uses it for many functions, and you cant have too much of it. Research links Magnesium deficiency to many serious ailments like anxiety & depression, high blood pressure, hypertension, hormone and sleep issues, and low energy. For women, magnesium is used to make certain hormones, leading many to temporary deficiencies at certain points in the menstrual cycle.

Its also worth noting that maintaining proper electrolyte levels is key to regulating mood and a positive outlook. If you feel tired or down in the afternoon, a simple electrolyte boost can be a game changer. No wonder companies like Nuun, Liquid IV, and Hydrant are so focused on bringing their supplements to the masses, not just runners or extreme athletes. Read on to see how exactly what these three electrolyte brands offer and what sets them apart.

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Liquid Iv Reviews: What Do Customers Think

Liquid IVhas over 30k reviews on their website. Does Liquid IV work? It appears so. Many customers report excellent hydration, high stamina, and feeling alive.This Liquid IV drink mix review will provide a selection of reviews below:

One happy customer wrote on the website, My husband has been using this for two years now. He seriously cannot live without it. He has heart kidney and lung issuesHe was amazed at how well he felt after drinking it!!! He said he felt alive againIt will change your life.

The Hydration Multiplier Lemon Lime flavor has 4.7/5 stars on Amazon, among an astonishing 41,483 ratings. Were review experts here, and trust us when we say: such a high satisfaction rate with so many ratings is very rare.

Customers lovethe flavor and effect of the mix, especially those who have serious problems with dehydration. Take a look at some highlights:

I had been having problems with getting dehydratedeven had to go in hospital for itI showed it to my doctor, who was delighted that I was going to take it. She uses it herself. I have noticed a big difference.

Unlike the other water enhancers that claim to have electrolytes this is the real deal. Confirmed by my surgical nutritionalist when I was having complicationsShe researched it and now is recommending all patients use it. Oh and it tastes great.

Liquid Iv Vs Nuun Vs Hydrant: Whats The Best Electrolyte Supplement

Liquid IV passion fruit Hydration multiplier

Lets face it we are living in generation hydration, and the messaging is everywhere:

  • Dehydration is the #1 cause of daytime fatigue.
  • Youre probably dehydrated RIGHT NOW!
  • And my personal favorite: Hydrate or Die-drate!

Back in the 90s, we were told to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Then the 2000s brought about a proliferation of electrolyte-infused sugar waters Gatorade, Powerade, and others endorsed by the biggest names in sports and touted as a healthier substitute to soda. Admittedly, we may have overdone it a smidge:

But as society became increasingly health-conscious , it was only a matter of time before the market became flooded with better ways to hydrate. Think smartwater® and smart water bottles. Next came an overabundance of flavored carbonated waters in retro-colored cans La Croix, Bubly, Spindrift, etc. and that pretty much brings us to date.

Looking ahead: the biggest innovation in hydration may not be a liquid at all, but rather powder supplements that you add to water. You may have seen the new breed of electrolyte packets from brands like Liquid IV, Nuun, and Hydrant, all of which are gaining popularity fast.

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Liquid Iv Energy Multiplier Review

Liquid IV Energy Multiplier

The Energy Multiplierdoes exactly as the name says and amps up your energy! The tried and true flavor favorite, lemon ginger, wakes up your tastebuds and is crisp, light, and zesty.

Made from a blend of matcha, guayusa, and ginger, this multiplier has approximately 100mg of natural caffeine included, equivalent to1-2 cups of coffee. Though you may prefer a hot cup of joe, coffee is extremely dehydrating and acidic. In the long run, it could produce the opposite effect of what you want, often leading to an afternoon crash.

With the Energy Multiplier,youre getting Liquid IVs CTT for hydration, alongside nutrients and electrolytes. Say goodbye to coffee! This supplement delivers steady energy throughout your day. Matcha, the main caffeine source in this multiplier,is an antioxidant and works to promote detoxification and well-being.

This happy customer wrote, I loved the liquid IV original But the energy multiplier gives you just the right amount without making you feel like youve had 8 cups of coffee. Hydrate and Energize Yes please! The IVEnergy Multiplier comes in a pack of 14for $25.

Liquid Iv Vs Nuun: How These Electrolytes Stack Up

Buoy Hydration

  • Hydration supplements make staying properly hydrated easy. Is there a best option for you?
  • HINT: One easy, squeezy option is our favorite!

If youre looking for a detailed breakdown of Liquid IV vs NUUN, youve come to the right place. Roughly 85% of Americans get their sodium from less than ideal sources, like refined salts in food and the mined table salt used in most hydration supplements .

So the question is, are NUUN and Liquid IV up to snuff? In this article, we show you how they stack up, mono-y-mono, and call out some areas where they both missed the mark… Let the hydration games begin!

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Establishing Itself As A Member Favorite Liquid Iv Launches Newest Flavor At Costco

Liquid I.V. launches newest flavor, Passion Fruit, in Costco warehouses nationwide.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., May 22, 2019/ PRNewswire/ — Liquid I.V., the 360-degree wellness brand widely known for their original product, Hydration Multiplier, launched their newest flavorPassion Fruitin Costco warehouses nationwide today. Previously, Costco had carried Liquid I.V.’s original flavors, Lemon Lime and Acai Berry, exclusively, but they have since elected to expand to all 3 flavors. The Passion Fruit flavor will be available with an $8 discount from today until 6/16 at Costco.

“Passion Fruit is my personal favorite,” said Liquid I.V. Founder and CEO Brandin Cohen. “We worked closely with our product development team who had clear objectives — utilize clean, simple, premium ingredients that follow our scientific guidelines for maximum absorption of water in the body and tastes delicious and wow did they do an incredible job creating something that is enjoyable for everyone. People get passionate about Passion Fruit.”

A strong first quarter selling the original flavors led to the prominent Club chain introducing the Passion Fruit flavor to the lineup.

How Do Hydration Powders Work


Most of these drink mixes are based on the science behind oral rehydration solutions a lifesaving tool used by the World Health Organization.

Just like hydration powders, an ORS is a blend of sugar and electrolytes. When this specific ratio of sodium, glucose, and potassium are mixed with water, it speeds up the rate of osmosis within the body.

The transfer of water and electrolytes from the stomach into the body is called cellular transport by some.

However you want to label it, the result is the same: The combination allows water to move from your stomach into your bloodstream more quickly. This means you feel the positive effects of hydration faster.

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The Secret To Better Health Is In Your Glass

Brain fog, lightheadedness, dry skin, dry eyes, fatigue, irritability, headacheyou could have any or all of these after a long day in front of the computer at work. But actually these are all signs of dehydration, which is no joke. Getting enough water is critical for heart health, blood pressure, metabolism, digestion, and so much more.

Weve all heard the advice to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but that can be difficult to do consistently, especially if youre on the go. Now you can seriously upgrade your water with Liquid I.V., a great tasting electrolyte drink mix that hydrates you 2-3x faster and more efficiently than water alone.

Sure, there are other electrolyte drinks on the market, but they arent nearly as effective as Liquid I.V.s Hydration Multiplier. Why? Science. This convenient powder stick pack utilizes Cellular Transport Technology , a specific ratio of potassium, mined salt, cane & beet sugar that allows water to be absorbed in the upper digestive tract of the body. Normally fluids have to pass through the entire digestive system before getting absorbed, losing water and nutrients along the way. Think of CTT like an expedited delivery system in the body, giving one bottle of water the hydration power of 2-3 times as much water!

Hydrate with the best while giving back to those in need! Try Liquid I.V. today and save 20% with special code CP20 . Cheers!

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