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Best Resistance Bands For Glutes

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Do Resistance Bands Actually Work

5 Best Glute Strengthening Exercises with Resistance Loop Bands – Ask Doctor Jo

Yes! The best resistance bands work by exerting pressure on your muscles when stretched. Shante Oudnie, personal trainer and owner of premium resistance bands brand Shante Franca, told us: “Resistance bands – like dumbbells, barbells or any other free weights – provide external resistance that your muscles have to work against. When pushing against a resistance band during an exercise, your muscles have to engage to fight the tension. When you add a resistance band to any kind of exercise, your muscles are under tension during both the eccentric and concentric phases of the exercise, meaning you create constant tension throughout the range of motion of the exercise.” This means regular use of resistance bands will lead to muscle growth.

Best Resistance Loop Band Exercises For Glutes

If youre looking for some new exercises to grow bigger and stronger glutes, youve come to the right place. Whether you already have your own bands and just need some new exercises to add to your routine. Or are new to resistance loop band exercises for glutes and want to learn more about how to use them. I can help

The following are 10 of the best resistance loop band exercises anyone can do at home or outdoors. Each exercise is very effective at targeting your glutes and activating those muscle fibers responsible for growth.

I have added WOD videos and descriptive step-by-step instructions on how to do each exercise correctly. Do make sure you do each exercise correctly.

I have also included some information concerning glute activation, with some helpful tips on how to perform glute resistance band exercises for best results.

So without further ado, lets get started with our first loop band exercise for glutes.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

These glutes activation resistance bands are among the top-selling brands in the market, with an average rating of 4.5 stars across 12000+ customer reviews.

The Fit Simplify resistance loop bands set are available in different color schemes, and each color band represents its level of resistance. With each band, one can do multiple exercises, especially for legs and butts.

Ranging from light to heavy, these bands help those who want to put some extra resistance during their workout sessions at the home, gym, or anywhere in the open.

On each band, one can see the scale of glute band resistance, which helps the user with the amount of resistance one needs for the different exercises and their sets.

These exercise bands for glutes are suitable for people of all ages and sizes, but they might not fit the large category because of their small loop design.

They also come with a small bag that can carry these booty bands anywhere you want.


  • Five different levels of resistance
  • Colorful scheme to show resistance levels
  • High quality at a reasonable price


  • The design might not fit oversized people
  • Design is a little slippery

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Benefits Of Booty Bands

Keep in mind, though, that the best booty bands are good for more than just leveling up butt workouts. They can be used for full-body workouts, not just for the booty,” says certified trainer Bec Donlan, who specializes in helping people build their bums. “I’m a huge fan of using them for arms and abs, and they are great for activating your lats, too.

Best Booty Bands For Glutes Review & Buyers Guide

Resistance Bands, Fabric Resistance Bands for Glute and ...

Welcome to our best booty bands review and buyers guide. If youre looking for the best booty bands to use for your next butt workout routine without having to use cumbersome weights, then youve come to the right place.

Glute bands come in various sizes and resistance levels to accommodate many workout intensity levels. Booty bands are very effective at targeting your glute muscles from multiple angles and stimulating those muscle fibers responsible for toning and growing your glute muscles to perfection.

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Exercise #: The Donkey Kick

  • Place the resistance band around your thighs and get down to an all-fours position. Your wrists should align with your shoulders, and your knees should be on the floor.
  • Flex your right foot, then kick it up toward the ceiling. Make sure to engage your glutes and balance your body with your core. Keep your leg in line with your hip and avoid arching your back too much.
  • After holding the position for a few seconds, assume the starting position, then do the other side.
  • Resistance Band Exercises For Legs: Hamstrings

    6. Resistance Band Romanian Deadlift

    The Romanian deadlift, or RDL, is a popular exercise for working the hamstrings. It normally involves using a barbell or dumbbells, but you can do it at home with resistance bands.

    To do a banded RDL, start by standing with both feet on the center of the band about shoulder-width apart. Next, grab the band on either side of your feet about 1 foot from the floor.

    Begin with your knees slightly bent and your back bent forward but flat. From this position, push your hips forward until youre in a fully upright standing position. Squeeze your hamstrings and glutes at the top, then repeat.

    7. Resistance Band Standing Leg Curl

    To do a banded standing leg curl, start by anchoring one end of the band near the floor. Then wrap the other and of the band around one foot or ankle. Step back so the band is stretched under tension in front of you.

    Next, lift the banded foot slightly off the floor. From this starting position, flex your hamstring to pull your foot up and back towards your butt while keeping your knee relatively still. Perform the desired number of reps and repeat with the other leg.

    8. Resistance Band Seated Leg Curl

    To do a banded seated leg curl, start by anchoring one end of the band near the floor. Then wrap the other and of the band around the back of both ankles. Step back so the band is stretched under tension in front of you and sit on a bench or chair.

    9. Resistance Band Nordic Curls

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    How To Do A Fire Hydrant Leg Lift:

  • Find a comfortable quadruped position or a position on all fours. Align your body so that your shoulders are over your wrists and your hips are directly over your knees.
  • With your knee bent at a 90-degree angle, lift one leg up and away from your body to a 45-degree angle.
  • Slowly lower the leg back down to complete the movement.
  • Best Resistance Bands For Glutes Reviews

    The best 21 glute exercises using only resistance bands

    You are worry about your Fitness? Or are you trying to get in shape or maintain your figures? Well, nowadays personal fitness becomes a modern trend. Everyone wants to have a good shape. But have any smart way that helps you to maintain your figure? Yes, there is a way that helps you to keep your personal fitness. And this is the modern gift of having the best resistance bands.

    Best resistance bands for glutes can use a different exercise program. Resistance bands are extremely popular with a variety of practitioners, from bodybuilders to beginners and casual athletes. Having a resistance band into your glute workouts is highly effective to get the best results. Using the best resistance bands for glutes seems to be the best way to target those muscles that stay under stimulated by normal exercises. The best resistance loop bands are the best way which increases the gluteal activation and improves the stability needs of a muscle group. Its known as the best workout bands which are light in weight and easy to carry and versatile. They are also best when you are on the road, can be used in almost every sport. They are used in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, stretching, CrossFit, Pilates, and yoga.

    Therefore, they belong to the repertoire of everyone who cares about his fitness. Here we have put together a selection of top 10 best resistance bands for glutes. Read on to find out more.

  • Final Verdict:
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    How To Do A Banded Frog Bridge:

  • Place your resistance band around your lower thighs and slightly above your knees.
  • Lay on your back with your knees bent and press the soles of your shoes together so that your shoulders, butt, and the outer edges of your feet are on the ground.
  • Press your knees outward to create tension on the resistance band as you raise your hips.
  • Hold at the top of the bridge, and then slowly lower your hips back down.
  • The Best Fabric Loop Resistance Bands

    • Resistance levels: 15 – 25 pounds, 25 – 35 pounds, 35 – 50 pounds

    Not only are these fabric resistance bands super durable, but they’ll give you a good workout, too. Each of the three bands is made from a soft fabric blend with stretchy natural latex built in to keep you comfortable while still providing plenty of resistance. These bands are also the thickest bands, width wise, on this list, which helps prevent them from rolling when you’re mid-squat. Plus, they come in multiple resistance levels so you can find your perfect level. Resistance-wise, these fall squarely in between the two latex sets above, so they offer plenty of versatility for both lighter and more intense workouts.

    According to one reviewer:“These are great quality material and the colors are really cute. I’ve used these during every single leg/glute day for a little over a month now and they have not stretched out or lost their elasticity.”

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    The Best Resistance Bands For Glutes Strengthening

    I love resistance bands. Theyve been a necessary tool in my glute development.

    I experienced so many amazing benefits when including resistance bands into my glute training.

    Today I want to share the best resistance bands to strengthen the glutes that Ive personally been using.

    Im writing this post because I use glute resistance bands frequently in my glute workouts on this blog, and I had a bad experience with a few bands I bought online.

    Heres what Ill cover:

    • How resistance bands work the glutes
    • Best fabric glute resistance bands
    • Best beginners resistance bands

    I had to return or stop using so many bands. And, it took me years to find the right ones.

    If you look on Amazon, youll be overwhelmed by the number of brands out there selling resistance bands

    Keep in mind that many of these brands use the same manufacturers and just private label their products.

    I literally received two bands with different brand names but they looked exactly the same.

    Below I want to share the best resistance bands I used so far, and how Im using them to strengthen and build my glutes.

    Side Steps/lateral Band Walk

    Resistance Bands Best Exercise Loop Bands for Booty ...

    The lateral walk is simply a quarter squatwhile stepping to the sides of your body. On its own, its a difficult exerciseto pull off. When you add the band, it becomes even tougher. The good news is,its results are immense.

    Its done as follows:

    • Place the band at your ankles then assume aquarter squat position with your feet hip width apart. You can have your handsakimbo or held together at your chest.
    • Make a step to the left until your feet arewider than your shoulders. Follow through with a step of the right foot in thesame direction until the feet are shoulder width apart again. Do this until theleft leg has made three steps before making three corresponding steps to theright.

    Given that a single rep is when youve made 3steps left and 3 steps right, perform 15 reps.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Using Resistance Bands

    So many. But these days it’s their size and versatility. With so many of us sweating it out in our homes, driveways, or the nearest park, resistance bands are small, stackable, and portable while still being effective and thoroughly challenging. You can work your entire bodyarms, chest, shoulders, legs, and gluteswith a single band. And because you can build resistance over time, they truly do complement all fitness levels. Now that you know a little bit more about these small workout wonders, check out and shop 15 of the best resistance bands below.

    All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    Hip Thrust Loop Band Glute Exercise

    Exercise Instructions: This glute exercise can be performed on the edge of a bench or couch. Or even flat on the floor. Position your upper back against a workout bench or flat on the floor. Bend your knees at approximately a 90-degree angle and, your feet positioned slightly shoulder-width apart in front of you. With the resistance band placed slightly above your knees, push your pelvis upwards from your heels.

    Tip: Make sure to squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement and keep the tension going with the bands. Using the booty band will make these hip thrusts more difficult and result in greater glute activation.

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    How To Clean Resistance Bands

    Its always a good idea to keep your fitness equipment clean. Thankfully, cleaning your resistance bands is a pretty easy process.

    If you have latex or rubber resistance bands, youll want to start by dipping them in a bath of warm waterwith a few drops of dish soap mixed in. Swish the bands around the soapy water. Then, pull them out and rinse them off with warm water. Youll want to let your resistance bands air drybut not in the sun.

    If you have fabric resistance bands, you can likely toss them in your washing machineand perhaps even in your dryer. Just be sure to check the care instructions for your resistance bands before trying this.

    Verywell Fit / Ashley Mateo

    How To Do A Banded Single

    At Home Butt Workout With Resistance Bands – Best Glute Workout!!
  • Place your resistance band around your lower thighs and slightly above your knees.
  • Lie down with your knees bent so your shoulders, butt and feet are pressed against the floor.
  • Push down through your heels to raise your hips off the floor.
  • Once you find a stable bridge position, straighten one leg and leave the other bent.
  • Without taking your shoulders or your grounded foot off the floor, drive your hips upward into a bridge until you feel your glutes engage.
  • Slowly lower the hips back down to the floor.
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    Can I Do Resistance Band Training Everyday

    “If you are using resistance bands for a variety reasons such as resistance training, stretching, mobility and yoga, then yes you can use resistance bands every day,” Shante said. “However, if you are specifically just using resistance bands for resistance training, while you can resistance train every day, for most people it may offer no additional benefits towards reaching their goal when compared to those whoincorporate rest days in to their program.”

    By Lucy Morgan

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