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Best Gluten Free Pizza Crust

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How to Make the World’s BEST Gluten Free Pizza Crust

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Note: based on reader feedback and retesting, we reduced the pre-bake time by 5 minutes on 10/17/2021 to ensure a perfectly baked crust every time!

Our Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix Is Our Best Sellerfor A Reason

Gluten free pizza crust mix should make pizza crust that tastes like the real deal. And Jules missed ‘real’ pizza almost more than anything when she was diagnosed with celiac disease. So, true to form, she took a good, hard look at what made a great pizza crust a great pizza crust. Her gluten free pizza crust mix would have to yield an authentic, crispy, airy crust, or it wouldnt have her name on it. She didnt have to taste a lot of other gluten free crusts in her research. She could tell by looking at the ingredients.

The Best Gluten Free Grocery Store Pizza Crust

We like Trader Joes gluten-free because the texture and taste are the closest we have tried to regular pizza. Its a great consistency and doesnt taste rubbery. Says Melissa McNamara, the Food Guru for The Pickup Line.

What does she recommend for baking it?

You can make a thin crust or a thick deeper crust. Whatever you prefer. We find if you roll it out, then bake for 10 minutes with olive oil and a little salt it will get crispy.

Put whatever toppings you like on and bake at least 10 more minutes until the cheese and toppings are all melted and gooey!

One of my favorite toppings is BBQ chicken with caramelized red onions. Its a great way to use leftover sous vide chicken breast tenders.

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The Best Gluten Free Pan Pizza

This is hands down the BEST gluten free pan pizza you will ever have! Just like the thick crust almost-fried-on-the-bottom pan pizza we used to get back in our days of delivery!!

Yall are not gonna be-LIEVE how good this pizza is!!!! It seriously took me back to a time when I was able to order delivery pizzas from Pizza Hut. Back when everything was so much simpler, especially when I! Am I right?

As much as I love to cook and bake, there will always be times when I wish someone would make ME dinner! I hope someday the city I live in will be more gluten free friendly, but for now I have to cook all my own meals. At least if they taste like this pizza, I can totally deal

Make The Raw Dough Up To 3 Days Ahead Of Time

Best Gluten

The whole recipe for the pizza dough can be made up to 3 days ahead of time and stored in a tightly-sealed container in the refrigerator. Its best to work with the dough cold, so youll shape it right out of the refrigerator.

Be careful not to allow the dough to dry out in the refrigerator, as it will do if your container is not well-sealed. I always use 2 liter plastic Cambro buckets for storing dough, since the seal is perfect. If your dough dries out, it wont rise.

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Tips For The Best Gluten

  • One thing Ive noticed at a lot of restaurants that serve gluten-free pizza is that the pizza never gets crispy on the bottom. Gluten-free things generally need to be baked longer than regular baked goods.
  • With this recipe I parbake the crust for 15-20 minute before adding the toppings. Then bake it for another 10-15 minute with the toppings on and youll have perfectly crispy, chewy pizza!
  • I bake the pizza on these pans, then transfer it to a wooden cutting board to slice up. Any cookie sheet will work but I recommend greasing the sheet with shortening so it doesnt stick.
  • Another great thing about this crust recipe is that it works with basically any gluten-free flour blend. It turns out wonderfully with King Arthur Flour and Bobs Red Mill gluten-free flours. You can use what you have on hand.

Are Some Premade Pizza Crusts Gluten Free

Most store-bought pizza crusts are made with wheat ingredients, but there are also many gluten-free pizza crust brands available!

With these premade gluten free pizza crusts, you can quickly make a homemade gluten free pizza! Just spread tomato sauce on the dough, sprinkle on some cheese and toppings of your choice, and pop it in the oven!

Most of the products on this list are certified gluten free, which means that they have been tested to prove that they are safe for people with Celiac disease or gluten-sensitivities to consume.

If a brand is not certified gluten-free but is labled gluten free by the company, Ill let you know in the brand description. These products just have to be free from any gluten-containing ingredients but have not been tested. Whether or not you choose to consume these products is up to you.

If you are following any other special diets besides gluten-free , Ill list other product certifications in the description as well!

Before purchasing any of the products on this list, be sure to read the most recent label information, allergen warnings, and product certifications, as ingredients are always subject to change.

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Ingredients Youll Need To Make Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Creating a great gluten free pizza crust is no easy feat. One of the very things that makes pizza crust chewy is the very thing were missinggluten! But, with a few ingredients and my gf bread flour blend, were able to create a gluten free pizza crust that is JUST LIKE its gluten-filled counterpart:

  • Kims gluten free bread flour blend there really is NO substitute for this flour blend. If you need to make things dairy free, there are suggestions right on my flour blends page.
  • Additional xanthan gum this helps with the stretch of the dough.
  • Instant yeast if all you have is active dry yeast, youll need to bloom it in the water for the recipe. The water will need to be warm, not over 110 degrees F.
  • Psyllium Husksyou can make this pizza crust without psyllium husks. However, adding them makes the dough a dream to work with and helps with the stretch.
  • Kosher salt
  • Honeyyou can sub equal amounts of sugar if you cant have honey or want to make this vegan.
  • Olive oil use extra virgin
  • Water it doesnt need to be warm, unless youre not using instant yeast.

Add the dry ingredients to the bowl of a stand mixer and mix with a hand whisk until combined. On low speed and with the dough hook, slowly add the liquids . Turn the speed up to medium high and knead for 5 minutes.

Best Budget: Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza 9 Crusts

Science: Secrets to Making & Baking the Best Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

Some gluten-free products are more expensive than their traditional glutinous counterparts. If you need to follow a gluten-free diet on a budget, try Udis Gluten Free Pizza Crust. This delicious product offers two crusts for a budget-friendly price.

Udis utilizes brown rice flour as the gluten-free alternative to wheat flour. Brown rice flour is a common gluten-free flour in many products. Its quite versatile and can be used for baking and thickening sauces. Udis Gluten Free Pizza Crust is also dairy-free, nut-free, and soy-free, so it makes a great option for those who have multiple food allergies. You can purchase these pizza crusts fresh or frozen, and they bake up thin and crispy in the oven in less than 10 minutes.

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What Makes A Great Pizza

There are all kinds of pizzas out there: thin crust, thick crust, Sicilian, etc, etc. Im not a pizza snob. I will eat just about any pizza thats put in front of me. But I WILL NOT eat cardboard with sauce and cheese! And that, my friends, is sadly what is offered to us gluten free people.

Even if we felt like risking everything and ordering a gluten free pizza from a local pizza place, its nothing more than cardboard with sauce and cheese.

I LOVE my own gluten free pan pizza, but I also love New York style pizza. You know, the kind that you can fold over that is slightly crispy and chewy at the same time, with bubbles of dough that have risen and created craters. This pizza has all of those wonderful traits and you can make it at home!! No more cardboard for us. Woohoo!!!!

A Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix Shouldnt Be Rice Based

Most gluten free pizza crusts are more like crackers. That’s because most use flour thats primarily brown rice based. Rice is nice, but its dry, crumbly and doesnt behave like flour that traditional pizza crusts are made from. gfJules Gluten Free Flour does behave like traditional flour, so she had a great start. Then she tirelessly tweaked and tested and re-testedand finally hit upon THE perfect combination of everything to produce a gluten free pizza crust mix thats easy to make, and gets gobbled down by gluten-loving teenagers and discerning gluten-free diners alike.

Voted best gluten free pizza crust mix 2017, 2018 & 2020

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Tips For Measuring Gluten

The best way to measure gluten-free flour is the spoon & level method. Using a spoon, scoop the flour into the measuring cup. After youve spooned the flour into the measuring cup, use the back of a knife to level off the top of the measuring cup. Please do not scoop the flour out of the bag with your measuring cup or you could get more gluten-free flour than the recipe calls for.

Also, use a measuring cup made for dry ingredients .

Pizza Night = A Night Off

the best gluten

Its so easy to make this basic gluten free pizza crust that the day you make it for dinner, itll feel like a night off. I promise. I first started Friday night pizza nights in my house when my oldest child started full-day kindergarten.

All daughter could talk about was that they served pizza in the school cafeteria every single Friday. The kids lined up forever to buy itand you know it most likely wasnt very good. But they got it every Friday!

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Paleo Pizza Crust Ingredients

Previously, when I first published this recipe I used palm shortening instead of the olive oil that is now listed. While that works equally as well, a lot of readers dont commonly keep palm shortening on hand. We tested this with olive oil and love the results, so weve updated the recipe to call for that instead. If you know and love this with palm shortening, you can still go ahead and use equal the amount of that.

  • Olive Oil
  • Fine Sea Salt

Making Your Home Oven Behave Like A Pizza Oven

I used to make pizzas quite often from scratch before I became gluten free. So I always tried to recreate the effects a pizza oven would give for the best possible outcome. Ive found a pizza steel to be the best option. Ive had other pizza steels that were cheaper, but they were never as good as this one so look at it as you get what you pay for. Theyre great for mimicking the effects of a pizza oven because they conduct heat 20 times better than a stone would. Id also be lost without my pizza peel for launching the pizza into the oven.

Put your pizza steel on the middle rack of your oven and preheat it to 500 degrees F. Allow it to preheat for at least 30 minutes. When you slide the pizza onto the steel, the crust will bake first at 500 degrees, for about 6-7 minutes. Then youll switch to broil to melt the toppings until bubbly, creating the best gluten free pizza youll ever have!!

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Tips For Working With Homemade Paleo Pizza Crust

  • Use a scale to measure out the flour! Coconut flour is very absorbent. If it is not measured correctly it could impact the recipe. Check out this post for more information.
  • Form the crust directly on the parchment and baking sheet you plan to bake the pizza on.
  • Let the dough rest for a few minutes before you form the pizza crust. This dough uses coconut flour and the longer it sits the more liquid it absorbs. If you try to form the crust right away it may be too wet.
  • This pizza crust is sticky! Use extra tapioca flour as needed to prevent it from sticking to you, or the parchment. If you have an excess after you have finished forming the pizza, brush or gently blow it off.
  • You must parbake the crust. Typically pizza is baked at a very high temperature. Because of the use of paleo flours, it is better for the flavor for this crust to be baked at 350ºF, so youll need to fully bake the crust before adding in your toppings.
  • Why Not Buy Pizza Crust At A Local Pizza Shop

    The Best GLUTEN FREE Pizza Crust

    My mom used to do this all the time growing up. Im from Rhode Island, which has so many Italian restaurants and bakeries. I remember being very young and running in with money to buy balls of pizza dough for our pizzas.

    And Im not alone in loving the idea of buying pizza dough at local pizza shops.

    Nathaniel Lee, Editor of Beginner Food says:

    The ideal place to buy pizza dough is from a local pizza shop. Oftentimes, smaller shops will sell their dough, and since the primary focus of their business is making pizza, the dough will naturally be better quality.

    If buying from a pizza shop is not an option, look for grocery stores that have a dedicated bakery section because the dough will be fresher and will not contain preservatives.

    These sauteed mushrooms are so tasty. Add them to any fresh or frozen store bought pizza crust to add instant flavor.

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    Cappellos Naked Pizza Crust

    Buy Online: | Cappellos

    Another gluten-free crust alternative, Cappellos Naked Pizza crust is an almond flour crust! It is certified gluten-free, grain-free, paleo, vegetarian, dairy-free, soy-free, and yeast-free!

    You can find Cappellos Pizza Crust near you using their store locator. This brand seems to be popping up at more stores, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Publix, Fresh Thyme Market, ShopRite, and more. You can also order this product online from their website or .

    What Other Flours Can I Use In This Pizza Crust Recipe

    I have tested this gluten-free pizza crust recipe with Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 Gluten Free Flour Blend. It works incredible in this recipe and it’s my other go-to flour blend.

    If you want to mix your own blend for this pizza combine 1 cup white rice flour, ¾ cup brown rice flour, ¼ cup tapioca starch.

    I haven’t tried this gluten-free pizza dough recipe with other flour blends. If you do, please come back and let me know which gluten-free flour blend you used.

    We’ve used this gluten-free pizza recipe several times just this month, and we’ve started passing the recipe on to friends and family member to show them how easy making your own pizza at home can be.

    We usually par-bake a couple of extra gluten-free pizza crusts and store them the in the freezer for super busy nights when we need to make dinner quickly.

    Simply pull a crust out of the freezer, heat your oven, top, and bake. Just like store bought pizza crusts, only better.

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