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Gluten Free And Soy Free Bread

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Loaded Hummus & Veggie Cauliflower Sandwich

Easy Homemade Vegan Bread (Gluten-Free and Soy-Free)

I used the Outer Aisle Cauliflower sandwich for this recipe, and you heard it here first Im officially swapping my coconut tortillas and toasted bread for this veggie-based alternative. Its light yet filling, plus its incredibly flavorful . And unlike most gluten-free alternatives, this cauliflower-based sandwich thin actually passed the loaded sandwich test yep, it holds all of your toppings without falling apart or crumbling. Its a winner, for sure!

Never Made A Vegan Cake With Oat Flour Before

Not to worry- if youve never made a cake with oat flour before, then youre in for a treat. When combined with arrowroot starch or cornstarch, the texture is sublime. Soft, tender, and perfectly fluffy. It is a bit more delicate than regular flour. However, it makes for a great substitute for anyone whos gluten free and doesnt want to use gluten free 1:1 baking flour.

If youve tried my vegan gluten free vanilla cake that uses oat flour, then youre going to really just fall in love with this chocolate version.

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Tips For Baking Gluten

  • Make sure you have fresh yeast .
  • Always use room temperature ingredients! Yeast thrives in a warm environment.
  • You can bring your egg whites to room temperature by pacing the whole large eggs in a bowl of really warm water and let them sit for 5 minutes.
  • Always use gluten-free non-stick cooking spray to grease your pan and the plastic wrap. I like either coconut oil or olive oil cooking spray.
  • Bake the bread on the middle rack.
  • I also like to bake my bread horizontally for even baking.
  • Remove the loaf from the baking pan and place it on a cooling rack. If the bread cools in the pan, the steam can get trapped and the loaf can get soggy, especially on the bottom.
  • Use a serrated knife to slice the bread. Using a smooth-blade knife can squish the bread.

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Whats The Best Oven Temperature For Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Cake

Ive tested this recipe at two different oven temperatures: at 350ºF and at 320ºF , and the slightly lower oven temperature of 320ºF gives noticeably better results, with a more even crumb, less doming and a slightly sturdier, less crumbly cake.

The sponges baked at 350ºF rose less in the oven and also rose more unevenly, with a more pronounced dome in the centre. They were also crumblier and more difficult to level off.

In comparison, the sponges baked at 320ºF rose higher, were almost flat so that they required minimal levelling, and they were also less crumbly and therefore easier to handle.

So, I definitely recommend baking this gluten free vegan cake at a slightly lower oven temperature of 320ºF for best results. Note that these oven temperatures refer to a conventional/non-fan oven. If youre using a convection/fan oven reduce the temperature by 25ºF . This is a general rule of thumb that holds true for most recipes.

Outer Aisle Gourmet Cauliflower Sandwich Thins

Sourdough Bread Gluten

Price: $$$

Outer Aisle Gourmet Cauliflower Sandwich Thins stand out from other gluten-free wraps and thins, as theyre made with just four ingredients, including cauliflower, cage-free eggs, Parmesan cheese, and nutritional yeast.

As a result, these veggie-packed thins are not only certified gluten-free but also paleo- and keto-friendly.

Free of artificial ingredients, each Cauliflower Sandwich Thin is low in calories and carbs, high in protein, and provides one serving of vegetables.

Still, keep in mind that theyre unsuitable for people who are allergic to eggs or dairy.

These thins get good reviews for being soft and having a mild flavor that complements a wide variety of toppings. In addition to their suitability for wraps and sandwiches, these thins can be baked in the oven to make mini pizzas.

One thin provides 50 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, 1.5 grams of saturated fat, 130 mg of sodium, 2 grams of carbs, 1 gram of fiber, 1 gram of sugar, and 4 grams of protein .

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Months Of Testing Gluten

Ive always had a penchant for baking bread and especially since weve been spending so much time at home this year, Ive been testing and experimenting with so many bread recipes.

In the past few months, Ive made gluten-free no-knead bread , rosemary focaccia , easy gluten-free naan bread , among plenty of other bread recipes that Im still tinkering with and testing out.

How Should I Store This Gluten Dairy And Egg Free White Bread

This bread is best eaten fresh Otherwise, you can keep it room temperature, in an air tight container for a day. After that, I would keep it in an air tight container in the fridge. I eat it room temperature, soft and plain for about a day. After that, it gets better if you toast it by that point. Ive never personally frozen it, as we eat it all up, but I would imagine you should slice it first before freezing, and then pull out a slice at a time, and toast it to eat it.

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How To Make Vegan Coffee Cake

As with all of my recipes, the full directions and ingredient measurements are found down below in the recipe card. But well go over a brief overview of how to make an entirely vegan coffee cake here!

Essentially for the actual coffee cake, its just layers of different ratios of the above ingredients.

Heres the order of making each component:

  • Cinnamon sugar filling
  • Cinnamon streusel topping
  • Coffee cake batter
  • I start with making the cinnamon sugar filling first, as this doesnt require any wet ingredients. This is just cinnamon, flour, and sugar.

    The reason I start with the filling first and not the vanilla cake layer is that once the wet ingredients are added to the dry, the leavening agents begin to activate. If we dont then get the crumb cake into the oven as fast as possible, we risk our coffee cakes not fully rising.

    Heres a quick overview:

  • Make the cinnamon sugar filling: Simple combine all ingredients in a medium sized bowl until mixed, then set aside.
  • Next, make the cinnamon streusel or cinnamon crumble on top: This is just vegan butter, cinnamon, flour, and sugar.
  • Finally, make the vegan vanilla cake base of our vegan coffee cake: Combine the dry ingredients in a separate bowl, then whisk together the wet ingredients in another bowl. You actually dont need any equipment here. Just a whisk and/or a silicone spatula. Then fold in the dry ingredients with the vegan buttermilk. The coffee cake batter should be thick but pourable.
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    So Is Soy Lethicin Gluten Free

    Simple Homemade Gluten Free Vegan Bread Recipe Yeast Free

    This supplement is free of gluten because it does not contain wheat products. However, some products that use soy lecithin do contain other additives.

    So, is soy lecithin gluten free? Its important that you research each additive in the brand that you purchase to see whether or not it contains gluten.

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    Food For Life Sprouted Gluten

    This tasty choice is not only gluten-free, but its also loaded with plant-based nutrients such as organic and sprouted quinoa, millet, chia, and flax seeds! Sprouted nuts, grains, and seeds are easier to digest and have more bioavailable nutrients. Therefore, this gluten-free bread is a great option for anyone with a sensitive digestive system. It is 100% plant-based, rich in fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids, and contains just one gram of sugar .

    Per 1 slice serving: 110 calories, 2.5g fat , 21g carbs, 115mg sodium, 1g sugar, 4g fiber, 2 g protein

    Recommended Products For Gluten Free Bread Baking

    Below, you will find the tools that will help you get the best results on your gluten free bread adventure. Note that not all of them are strictly necessary a proofing basket can be replaced by a bowl lined with a clean tea towel, you can score the bread with a sharp knife, and a sturdy baking tray that holds heat really well can replace the cast iron skillet.

    However, these are the tools that will give the best bread, simply because thats what they were created and optimised for. For instance, the cast iron skillet and Dutch oven are excellent at holding onto heat, which helps give the bread that delicious crunchy crust.

    So thats it, friends.

    The start of your gluten free bread baking journey. Wonderful, delicious things lie ahead.


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    What Is The Best Type Of Bread Pan For Baking Gluten

    I test baked this gluten-free bread in two different types of bread pans. I used both a 9-inch x 4-inch Small Pullman loaf pan and a Wilton 9-inch x 5-inch non-stick pan.

    I highly recommend using the 9-inch x 4-inch small Pullman loaf pan with this recipe. The Pullman loaf pan has a narrow bottom with steep, high sides and a ridged surface that gives gluten-free bread dough the extra support to help it rise the best. I did not use the lid in this recipe. I only bought the Pullman loaf pan.

    If you bake the gluten-free bread in a 9-inch x 5-inch bread pan, it will not rise as high because the pan is larger than the Pullman loaf pan. Even though it does not rise as high, it still as delicious!

    What Is Psyllium Husk And What Is Its Role In Gluten Free Bread

    BFree Bfree Gluten Free Sandwich Bread, Seeded Brown, Vegan, Soy Free ...

    This is probably the only unfamiliar ingredient in the list above but one that is absolutely crucial if you want to bake proper gluten free bread.

    And before you ask: there is no substitute for psyllium husk.

    Psyllium husk is available in two forms: as the rough husk or as a fine powder. This recipe uses the rough husk, which has the following appearance:

    When its mixed with water, psyllium husk forms a gel and this is what acts as the gluten substitute, both in the dough and in the baked loaf.

    Before baking, the psyllium gel helps to create a dough that can be kneaded and shaped . It also gives the dough enough elasticity so that it can trap the gas produced through the yeast action and expand during the bulk fermentation and the final proof.

    In the final baked loaf, psyllium is responsible for the characteristic elasticity and flexibility of the bread, as well as its amazing chewy texture with an open crumb.

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    Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Recipe

    This Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Recipe is an ABSOLUTE hit! Its moist, decadent, fluffy and made with easy pantry ingredients so anyone can make this! Its foolproof, has the perfect texture and is bound to please!

    This post is sponsored by Bobs Red Mill! Thanks for supporting the brands that support Jessica in the Kitchen! All thoughts and opinions are my own!

    This Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Cake has been requested so many times that it would simply be a disservice not to come out with it! Based on my reader favourite vegan chocolate cake, this cake is beautifully sturdy, moist, has the perfect texture and is very foolproof! I tested this cake under so many different circumstances and I can say its probably my easiest chocolate dessert to date.

    I know youre used to me saying this but it does *not* taste gluten free. This cake was an absolute favourite amongst all my family who dove right in and were shocked when I mentioned it was gluten free. I used my favourite Bobs Red Mill as usual for this masterpiece and as usual, it did wowed me.

    Now That We Are All A Little More Aware Of These Allergies Lets Get To Some Gluten Free And Dairy Free Bread Recipes

    Below are are a few of my favorite go-to gluten free and dairy free bread recipes. All are soy free with a few being egg free too! These recipes will bring a smile to anyone suffering with certain food allergies. Why? Because they dont taste like cardboard! Haha, finally, tasty healthy allergy friendly breads!

    Lets begin. Drool napkin in hand, ready?

    Cocoa Hazelnut Molasses Bread This is my favorite recipe for a chocolate dessert bread. Its rich but not too sweet! Great with coffee, always!

    Savory Indian Chickpea Pancakes/Crepes This recipe is posted on Alissas site but the actually is from Richas new Vegan Indian Kitchen cookbook. Looks amazing, right? no eggs, dairy, or gluten. Just lots of FLAVOR!!

    Lexi made this amazing and simple sandwich rolls. Paleo friendly! Look at the color and the flexibility. Perfect for burgers!

    Kelly made this dairy free gluten free Blueberry banana bread that just screams summer, spring, and all things brunch! Oh wow. Simple, healthy, delicious!

    But lets not forget bananas and bread! How about a healthy vegan, gluten-free, soy free banana bread? Miryam has one that looks amazing and sounds super simple. Cant wait to try it!

    Ever tried making your own bagels? I have not since eating gluten free. But thats about to change! I cant wait to try Briannes Gluten Free and Dairy Free Cinnamon Raisin Bagels. Ahh, wow, impressive, right? Hand me the coconut butter please!

    Cheers to Friday and allergy awareness week!

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    Dish By Dish Tips/tricks:

    • The Gluten-Free Bread Dough Will Be Wet and Sticky: Dont be alarmed when you see that the bread dough is wet and shaggy and sticky and shapeless strangely resembling cake batter as opposed to the firm and shapable traditional bread dough. It is completely normal and desired to have a wet bread dough when making gluten-free baked goods, because this will ensure a moister crumb once baked. Please DO NOT add more flour in an attempt to make the dough drier or more manageable. Gluten-free bread dough, unlike normal bread dough, does not required kneading, so it doesnt matter that you cant shape it with your hands since it will go straight into the loaf pan and take the shape of the pan.
    • Extra Fiber and Binding Power: If you want even more fiber and more binding powder, you can mix in 2 tablespoons of psyllium husk powder with the dry ingredients.
    • Add Flavor with Other Flours: If you would to add a bit more flavor and texture, you can replace 1/2 cup of the GF all-purpose flour blend with brown rice flour, sorghum flour, millet flour, buckwheat flour or almond flour.
    • Pan Size Will Determine the Height of Bread: I like using an 8 x 4 loaf pan because the bread rises slightly more in this smaller pan. If you use a larger pan , just note that the dough will spread out more and as a result will not rise as high compared to baking in a smaller pan.

    Mixing The Ingredients And Kneading The Dough


    First, mix the yeast and sugar with some warm water to activate the yeast. After 5 10 minutes, it will become bubbly and frothy, which means that the yeast is active. If theres no bubbles and/or foam formation, youll know that its inactive and you should open a new yeast package.

    Next up, prepare the psyllium gel by mixing the psyllium husk with some water. The gel will begin to form within seconds.


  • Add the potato starch, brown rice flour, buckwheat flour,
  • and salt to a bowl,
  • and mix thoroughly to combine.
  • Make a well in the middle and add the yeast mixture,
  • the psyllium gel, and
  • the apple cider vinegar.
  • Now, we come to the mixing and kneading stage theres really no right or wrong way to knead gluten free bread, as you dont have to go though the stretching motions youd typically use to build up the elasticity in a gluten-containing wheat bread.

    Once the wet and the dry ingredients are combined, I tend to squeeze the dough through my fingers until smooth and homogeneous. After a few minutes youll notice the dough coming away from the sides and it will be easy to form it into a rough ball.

    While it wont have the same super-stretchy elasticity of a gluten-containing wheat dough, theres enough elasticity there that you can stretch portions of it without them breaking off.

    Once you complete one 360 degree rotation of the dough, you should be left with a ball of dough. Flip it seam side down and rotate in place to seal the seams.

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    What Is Soy Lecithin

    Soy lethicin is an emulsifier. It helps two different ingredients stay together like oil and water. And, it also helps stabilize foams by incorporating air into the liquid.

    Is soy flour gluten free?

    Yes, this type of flour is made by grinding up soybeans.

    Is soy milk gluten free?

    Pure soymilk contains no gluten. But, its important that you do your research to be sure that there are no additives in it.

    How can I learn more about emulsification?

    You can learn more about emulsification by using a Molecular Mixology Kit which includes this supplement as well as sodium alginate, and calcium lactate. These are natural texturing agents that can be used to make any dish or drink more fun.

    I had a lot of fun learning more about questions like Is soy lecithin gluten free. So, if youd like to learn more about how food does what it does, you may enjoy it too.

    Finally, the Molecular Mixology Kit contains 1 box of 4 sachets of sodium alginate, 1 box of 4 sachets of calcium lactate, 1 box of 2 sachets of soy lecithin, 1 slotted spoon, 2 pipettes, 1 silicone mold, and a booklet with 3 Molecular Margarita recipes.

    If you want more GF recipes, you can try these

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