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Gluten Free All Inclusive Resorts

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Mexico Gluten Free Restaurants And Gluten Free All Inclusive Resorts

Dining in the Caribbean with Dietary Restrictions at Beaches Resorts

Ive added an extra section here because readers have asked for all-inclusive resorts frequently. As with any of the other guides, I will keep updating this section as I receive more information.

Gluten Free All Inclusive Resorts in Mexico

Stores with Gluten Free Products in Mexico

Gluten Free Restaurants in Mexico City

In addition to pure corn-based or rice-based Mexican food listed above , the following spots offer gluten free eating in Mexico City:

Matt from Wheatless Wanderlust also has a thorough restaurant guide for celiacs in Mexico City here, and Becca and Dan from Halfhalf travel has another Mexico City guide here.

Further Reading About Mexico: Cookbooks Guides And More

For those of you looking to visit, here are some wonderful books to help learn a little more about Mexico and its food before you get there.

  • For guidebooks of a different sort, please see The Peoples Guide to Mexico I recommend it to anyone spending a lot of time in the country.

For food books and cookbooks about Mexico:

  • I bought Tacopedia and lugged it to Mexico, charmed by its bright colourful cover and fun style. Its not the most comprehensive food book but I found it useful and part guide, as it suggests stalls to eat a variety of dishes from tacos to tamales and so much more.
  • The Essential Cuisines of Mexico, by culinary legend Diana Kennedy, combines 3 of her other books about the country into one useful reference. With classic recipes from around the country, including many Ive never heard of, Diana writes expertly about the country she loves.
  • Eat Mexico is a love letter to Mexico Citys stalls and markets, with recipes to keep your kitchen busy for eons. Its only available in hard cover but its worth the wait as I found it enjoyable not just for the recipes but also for the stories and photos that accompany them.
  • In the From the Source series of food books from Lonely Planet, their Mexico book features 60 recipes from around the country.

Tip #1 For Eating Gluten

In 2012 when we wanted to book our honeymoon, finding an extensive menu with options that are gluten-free at all-inclusive resorts was difficult . But today, many of the top resorts have prioritized allergy-friendly and gluten-free meals at all of their restaurants.

Looking for a tropical resort such as Beaches or Sandals? Gluten-free options abound. Wanting a family friendly trip like Disney? Its gluten-free heaven.

When researching whats gluten-free at all-inclusive resorts, I start with a list of 2-3 specific resorts and dig in. I recommend beginning at the resorts official website and finding their dining page.

Search for their restaurant menus, a note on food allergies, and if you dont see anything, look for a search bar. The best search terms to use are gluten-free or food allergy.

Many websites also have a help box or customer service who can be very helpful.

For example, I went to Sandalswebsite, I quickly found that they not only do accommodate Celiacs and food allergies, but they even have Culinary Concierges to assist you with finding allergy-friendly options!

Chefs at each restaurant will accommodate gluten-free needs and can prepare almost any dish gluten-free. Score!

Once you think you have a top contender I recommend searching social media and to read about others experiences at the same resort.

You can even check out my Gluten-Free Traveling board where Ive rounded up many reviews in one place!

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Azia: Japanese Cuisine And Hibachi

In addition to Las Ventanas, the other formal restaurant at Royal Hideaway is Azia. This is a Japanese restaurant with hibachi tables that also serves sushi.

Unlike my experience in some other Japanese restaurants, Azia was able to accommodate my gluten intolerance. While the rest of our table’s food was prepared in front of us on the hibachi table by a very talented chef, my steak, rice, and veggies were prepared in the kitchen, away from cross contamination. For my sushi appetizer, the waiter let me know that only the California roll was gluten-free but, luckily, it was the one I really wanted, so that worked out well.

Vacation Planning For Celiacs: Resorts

Another Gluten Free Blog: All Inclusive Resorts

Back in the fall, I got an e-mail from a reader who wanted to get married at a resort, but was having trouble finding one that could accommodate the gluten-free diet. While its certainly true that more and more places are offering options for gluten-intolerant and food-allergic guests, its not always easy to find those spots. Here are some resorts that are ready and able to cater to the gluten-free. Keep in mind that its always important to confirm in advance, via telephone or e-mail, that a resort will be able to accommodate you even in a celiac-friendly kitchen, ingredients may need to be specially ordered before your visit .

Canyon Ranch: With locations in very different climates â Tucson , Lenox , and Miami Beach â Canyon Ranch offers something for everyone, and that includes the gluten-intolerant. While the company does point out that none of its kitchens are completely gluten-free, they are ready and able to take care of gluten-intolerant guests.

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts: When Ive done the On the Road With interviews, one of the things Ive noticed is that Hyatt seems to be universally respected for its food allergy awareness and its ability to cook for those on a gluten-free diet. Personally, Ive found this to be true of Hyatt kitchens in cities across North America, as well as in Santiago, Chile. Oddly, this fact doesnt seem to be mentioned on the companys own website.

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Sandals Resorts Offer Gluten Free All Inclusive Vacations

If you or a family member has celiac disease, gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity you may wonder if it is safe to vacation or honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort such as Sandals or Beaches. Other concerns might be the variety or quality of gluten free foods at a Sandals Resort or even if dietary restrictions might detract from a gluten intolerant guests relaxation and enjoyment of an all-inclusive resort vacation.

  • Sandals and Beaches Resorts support all dietary restrictions and needs
  • They make it easy
  • There are lots of choices
  • The food is delicious
  • Its all included and up to 65% off for families and adults

The Mayo Clinic has published lists of food and drink safe for celiacs, those foods which are not to be consumed and others to be avoided unless labeled gluten free. However restaurant menus are designed to entice the palette, not detail ingredients, and gourmet cooking and presentation relies on sauces, marinades, gravies and seasoning mixes that may not be safe for gluten intolerant travelers. Importantly, even when ingredients arent a problem, there is the danger of cross contamination from foods prepared on a shared surface or with utensils that were used to prepare gluten-containing foods and even a trace amount of gluten can make a celiac quite ill. So this issue is serious and an important factor in choosing the best all inclusive resort for a gluten free vacation

The Grill: Steakhouse And Seafood On The Water

Last, but certainly not least, is the Grill. Another restaurant where we had the opportunity to dine twice, the Grill has possibly the nicest vista of any of the dining venues at RH. That’s because this beachside open-air restaurant looks over the Caribbean Seaâa beautiful sight to take in as you await your dinner.

As the name suggests, The Grill offers grilled options such as steak, chicken, shrimp, scallops, and so on. Everything we had in our two dinners at The Grill was scrumptious and memorable. My New York Strip and garlic shrimp were two favorites for the whole week.

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What Sets Royal Hideaway Apart

Our initial searches confirmed this tendency at many of the large all-inclusive resorts. Fortunately for me, my husband is a tenacious and very talented Googler. He eventually stumbled upon a diamond in the rough. The “diamond,” called Royal Hideaway Playacar, sets itself apart from the majority of quantity-over-quality resorts in the Cancun area.

With beautiful two-story hacienda-style rooms on a relatively small property, Royal Hideaway was the perfect choice for us. The resort offers a large white sand beach overlooking the Caribbean Sea and five separate pools. In total opposition to the standard all-inclusive resort, it also has five distinct restaurants on-site offering gourmet dishes and plenty of gluten-free options.

The five restaurants are Azia, Palazzo, Spices, The Grill, and Las Ventanas. We visited each at least once and I had a great experience at each. Every night, the host or hostess would ask if anyone had any allergies before seating us. The servers were extremely attentive, always bringing me gluten-free rolls when they served bread to the rest of my family.

The menus have gluten-free and vegetarian labels but the servers are the best resource. The servers will go check with the kitchen if they don’t know the answer. I never felt like I had to sacrifice in order to avoid cross-contamination. In fact, every meal I ate was delicious and memorable. Here are a few of my favorites from each restaurant:

What Is Not Gluten Free In Mexico

El Dorado Royale Mexico All Inclusive Resort Tour 2021 | COVID Travel Vlog

As I mentioned at the top: beware of condiments like Maggi, Salsa Inglesa or Knorr cubes/seasonings. I got sick at tacos made from scratch where they were frying up and seasoning the meat using Salsa Inglesa. The gluten free Mexico restaurant card accounts for these and should help keep you safe.

In addition, people may get glutened with:

  • contaminated oil
  • tortillas that are a mix of corn and wheat
  • mole sauces that are used as flavouring in tamales, especially mole negro and coloradito
  • rice cooked with bouillon cubes, or flavoured with condiments above.

Tortas: Sandwiches. All off limits.

Pastel: Cake. Rare to find gluten free baked goods here even the corn breads have wheat flour unless you seek out a gluten free bakery.

Certain mole sauces / Tamales with those mole sauces: Mole negro, mole rojo, mole coloradito and sometimes mole amarillo are all often made with breadcrumbs.

Chile relleno: Some stuffed chile peppers are dredged purely in egg and fried, instead of with egg and wheat flour. It seems to be the exception and not the rule, and you will be wise to avoid this snack.

Processed soups if base is made with Knorr or Maggi seasonings

Tortillas de trigo , which are found a lot more commonly in the North of Mexico and the Yucatan, including for quesadillas and empanadas. In the more Southern/Central areas of Mexico, corn tortillas are the prevalent option.

Michelada: This includes beer, and often Worcestershire sauce/Salsa Inglesa, and is a no go.

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Where To Eat In Punta Cana

Once I arrived at Breathless I made the concierge aware of my allergies and she provided me with a Spanish allergy card that I needed to bring to all of my meals. This was crucial in ensuring my avoidance of gluten, peanuts, and shellfish!

Coquette All I have to say is this is one of the best restaurants Ive ever been to. Coquette, one of the many dining options at Breathless, is a French-style dining experience. Just like everywhere else, make sure your waiter knows your allergies because my meals did have some minor modifications. No reservation is needed.

Some of our favorites:

  • Lamb Chops
  • Braised Duck
  • Crème Brule

Silk City This onsite hibachi-style restaurant was more than accommodating to my gluten allergy, yet I didnt miss out at all on the experience or food! The restaurant had gluten-free soy sauce on hand and cooked my food first on the grill. A reservation is needed for the hibachi dining experience but walk-ins are welcome to general seating.

Some of our favorites:

  • Gluten Free Hibachi Plate Steak, Chicken and Shrimp
  • Gluten Free Fried Rice
  • Gluten Free Red Curry Pork Bowl

Sofrito This Latin-style restaurant was open for lunch in a buffet-like fashion. There were so many great traditional Dominican dishes offered as well as your typical American staples. Every dish had a name card that showed which common allergies were included to make it easy for you. No reservation is needed.

Some of our favorites:

Eat Drink And Be Merry

You can enjoy a variety of gluten-free food, even when lavishing in the luxury of an all-inclusive resort. Just be sure to let your servers know about your dietary preferences and ask for any clarification before ordering. My Heart Beets also suggests taking a translation card and packing your sauces if possible.

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The Essential Gluten Free Guide To Mexico

When I based myself in Oaxaca after almost 8 years in Asia, I was relieved to be in a place where I could speak the local language and enjoy a cuisine that seemed mostly corn-based and safe for a celiac.

What I didnt realize was that some Mexican food includes wheat or bread as thickeners, as well as sauces like salsa Inglesa , or Maggi sauces both of which almost always contain wheat. I communicated my celiac needs in Spanish, but still got sick because the inquiries werent specific enough. If I asked whether a mole sauce was thickened with wheat or flour, the answer was no. I would get sick only to realize later that it was thickened with bread. When asked, the vendors said, but you didnt ask about bread! Thus, the need for a gluten free guide to Mexico was born, and a sufficiently detailed card to make sure no one else got sick either.

Dont get me wrong: the country is full of wonderful corn-based snacks, soups that are made from scratch without pesky bouillon cubes, and a wondrous amount of tacos. My point in sharing those whoopsie stories is only to make clear that what seems safe in Mexico may not be safe for a celiac. As a result, my gluten free translation card is clear to mention bread, egg bread, and the sauces that may be added and contain wheat.

  • Further Reading About Mexico: Cookbooks, Guides, and More
  • Top Vacation Resorts With Gluten

    Experiência em hotel all inclusive â Viagem Gluten Free

    Most people dont know where they can go on vacation and still have amazing gluten-free options. If you have Celiac Disease or a gluten allergy, it can be really hard to travel and not worry about getting sick all the time!

    In this article, youll find 10 of the best vacation spots with food options for those with gluten/wheat allergies and sensitivities.

    So, read on to find out how you can enjoy your next getaway! Cover photo via Stocksnap. Photo shot by Matt Moloney.

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