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Are Panko Breadcrumbs Gluten Free

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What Exactly Are Panko Breadcrumbs

Gluten Free Panko Parmesan Potatoes

Whats the difference between Panko breadcrumbs and standard breadcrumbs? It depends on the type of bread used. Technically, there are two types of Panko breadcrumbs:

  • White Panko, which is made using white bread without the crust
  • Tan Panko, which is made from the entire loaf of white bread

In either case, the white bread is processed into relatively large flakes instead of crumbs, then dried out for quite a while. Panko breadcrumbs dont have as much flavoring as other breadcrumbs. So theyre better for adding texture or mouthfeel to a meal instead of changing its taste.

Many people use Panko breadcrumbs as a coating for meats and other foods, but they can also be used for vegetables.

No matter what brand you purchase Panko breadcrumbs from, the basic recipe wont deviate too far from this:

  • Wheat flour
  • Oil
  • Salt

Thats it. As you can see, traditionally made Panko breadcrumbs dont have any animal products or byproducts, so they are usually vegan.

Most Panko breadcrumbs with wheat flour by default. However, you can also find Panko made with rice flour, all-purpose flour, and other flower alternatives. Because of this, gluten-free Panko is a possibility, even if it isnt exactly common.

Panko Breadcrumbs Nutrition Facts

As broken down above, you have to try really hard to find non-vegan Panko-style breadcrumbs. At their core, these breadcrumbs are basically white breadcrumbs with the few extra ingredients to help everything stick together.

Because of this, most of the Panko breadcrumbs youll find will be vegan-friendly by default. Here are a couple of options.

Where To Buy Panko

Because of panko’s popularity in American cooking, it should be easy to find in the neighborhood grocery store. It is often in both the international aisle with the Japanese food as well as on the shelves among the containers of breadcrumbs. It is packaged in canisters, boxes, and sealed pouches. Panko is also sold in Asian markets and is easily found online.

Although traditional panko is plain and made with white flour, there are other versions such as whole wheat, seasoned, and gluten free.

The Spruce Eats / Alex Dos Diaz

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Jeff Nathan Culinary Creations

Jeff Nathans gluten-free panko* tastes not only great but also makes excellent super-crunchy breading. It is certified gluten-free and comes in three flavors: Plain, Cajun, and Seasoned. Here is a little tip toast the plain panko with some spices or herbs, and you will have an absolute winner on your hands.

Are Panko Breadcrumbs Gluten

Ians Breadcrumbs, Gluten Free, Original, Panko (7 oz) from ...

As mentioned earlier, panko is made using white bread. As we know, white bread is made using wheat flour. This means that panko breadcrumbs are not gluten-free and you should not be consuming them if following a gluten-free diet. However, in more recent years gluten-free alternatives are starting to pop up in local grocery stores.

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Q: Your Baked Desserts Are Full Of Sugar Can I Make Them Healthier By Replacing The Sugar In The Recipes With Natural Sweeteners Like Honey Maple Syrup Or Dates

A: You can successfully replace granulated sugar with date sugar or coconut sugar in most recipes. They arent quite as sweet as white sugar but they work just fine. Note that both date sugar and coconut sugar are darker in hue, which can impact the color of light, delicate cookies and white cakes. Replacing sugar with liquid sweeteners like honey and maple syrup will alter the wet-to-dry ratio in your recipe, so I dont recommend doing that. For healthier eating, remember that baked desserts and sweets are special treats and enjoy them in moderate amounts.

Q: I Want To Make Over A Recipe That Calls For Panko What Exactly Is That Whats The Difference Between Panko And Breadcrumbs Could I Use An Equal Amount Of Gluten

A: Im so glad you asked! Panko crumbs and standard breadcrumbs have long been staples in a gluten-filled kitchen. Only recently have both been commercially available in gluten-free versions. Produced by several companies, these gluten-free brands are sold online and in supermarkets and natural food stores.

Panko crumbs and regular breadcrumbs are similar and can be used interchangeably. The biggest difference is texture. Panko, which has Asian roots, is a lighter, flakier crumb that creates a crispy, crunchy coating. Its made with white bread thats processed into large flakes and dried. Breadcrumbs are made with any type of bread the bread is dried and then processed into crumbs.

Many people prefer panko over breadcrumbs and heres why. Panko absorbs less oil than breadcrumbs. The result is a light, airy, delicate coating. Panko makes awesome oven-fried and deep-fried chicken, for example. Panko imparts a crunchy topping to macaroni and cheese and other casseroles. It also works nicely as a binder in meatballs and meatloaf.

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Q: Can You Give Me A Recipe For Homemade Gluten

A: Heres a quick DIY recipe. For best results, use a light-textured gluten-free white bread.

Process slices of bread into coarse crumbs with the shredding disk of a food processor. Spread crumbs on a cookie sheet and bake in a 300°F oven until the crumbs are dry but not toasted, about 6 to 8 minutes. Immediately remove crumbs from the oven and let cool. Store unused panko in a sealed container at room temperature up to a week. Freeze to extend shelf life.

Gluten Free Panko Style Breadcrumbs

Gluten Free Oven Baked Panko Chicken Fingers & Nuggets

Panko is a type of Japanese breadcrumb that creates a light and flaky coating for your favorite dish. Traditionally, panko is made with a special type of crustless white bread and baked with an electrical current. The loaf is then processed into fine flakes that are dried. The texture of panko resists the absorption of oil, which means your fried foods taste crispy- not oily. We set out to create gluten free panko style breadcrumbs at home because we love the way panko performs, and we could not find in stores a brand of gluten free panko that we enjoyed working with. We hope you love our breadcrumbs as much as we do!

Panko vs. Breadcrumbs

What is the difference between panko and breadcrumbs? The term breadcrumbs is a broad category for breading that generally refers to dried bread that is crumbled and uniform in size. Breadcrumbs can be made from any type of bread. Panko is also dried bread, but its made specifically from white bread and has a light, airy and jagged texture. The dried pieces of panko are not uniform. Panko can be used in recipes that call for breadcrumbs. It provides a crunchy topping to casseroles, and is an excellent binder for meatballs. As a side note, we do leave the crusts on the bread. We like the golden hue, and we do not like to waste the crust for the sake of color, but its not traditional.

Tips for Perfect Panko Style Breadcrumbs

Peace & LOVE Teri

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What Are Panko Bread Crumbs

If you dont know what panko bread crumbs are, heres a quick explanation:

The word panko comes from the Portuguese word for bread, pan, and the Japanese word for made from, ko. Panko bread crumbs are made out of a certain kind of white bread that doesnt have crusts.

This type of bread crumb is never made with whole wheat bread white bread is always used. Panko bread crumbs are used very often in Japanese cuisine to create light breading in foods.

The ingredients for panko bread crumbs are wheat flour, yeast, oil, and salt.

What can you make with panko bread crumbs? Here are a few examples of popular foods made with panko.

  • A topping for casseroles Panko adds a lovely texture to any sort of casseroles, such as main dish casseroles, pasta casseroles, bean casseroles, and more. You can sub French fried onions with Panko bread crumbs on a green bean casserole, for example. On a savory casserole, spread crumbs and Parmesan cheese before placing into the oven.
  • To thicken soups Panko thickens soups and sauces by absorbing extra moisture. It also adds an interesting texture to a soup or sauce.
  • As a binder Panko bread crumbs can also be used as a binder for vegans or those with allergies to eggs.
  • As breading By coating meat such as chicken with panko bread crumbs, youre creating a delicious chicken breading thats a bit better for you than using stale bread or coarse crumbs.

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Gluten Free Bread Crumbs

Don’t throw away that stale bread or the ends of the loaf. They make great gluten free bread crumbs and you won’t waste any bread.

I typically keep a container or zip lock bag of stale bread or ends in my freezer for when I need gluten free bread crumbs.

If you don’t need any bread crumbs you can also use the stale and leftover bread to make gluten free croutons.

Any type of non-sweet gluten free bread works. White, whole grain, rye … any. And it’s okay to mix and match.

There are two methods to making bread crumbs. They involve the same steps but in different orders.

You can either cut up your bread, place it in a food processor and then bake it to remove the moisture, and then process it again OR you can cut the bread, bake it to remove the moisture, and then process it in a food processor.

I like to the the first one, process then bake. I find that if I bake the bread and then process it, the gluten free bread crumbs turn out too fine.

If you need really fine bread crumbs you can always process the amount you need when you are ready to use them.

Did You Make This Recipe

KIKKOMAN Panko Bread Crumbs

Tag on Instagram and hashtag it #thismessisours

Plain Gluten Free Bread Crumbs

To make unseasoned gluten free bread crumbs I use CrispyBrown Rice Cereal. I adjust the size of the crumbs based on what I am making. For instance, my Artichoke Gratinata uses these bread crumbs, but I crushed them by hand instead of in the food processor so that the topping for my dish would have a nice texture to it.

  • 1 cup crispy brown rice cereal

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Can You Make Panko At Home

Homemade panko wont be the same as the kind you find at the store, but here is a simple recipe to try anyway. All you need is about 15 minutes and a gluten-free loaf of white bread.

  • Remove the crust from the bread and crumb it using a food processor.
  • Place the crumbs on a baking sheet and into a preheated oven for about 5-7 minutes.
  • Make sure the breadcrumbs do not brown. And you are done!

Gluten Free & Delicious

A gluten free crumb in a panko style, delicate, light and airy texture that helps it crisp as it cooks and absorb less oil than traditional breadcrumbs.

  • Panko is a Japanese-style flaky breadcrumb traditionally used as a coating for deep-fried foods such as tonkatsu.
  • Traditionally used in Asian cuisine, although now more popular in all types of cooking because of it crispy finish.
  • Size: 1kg.

Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.


Rice Flour, water, dextrose monohydrate, Vegetable fibre, salt , glycerol monostearate , caramelised sugar syrup, paprika extract.

Allergens are highlighted in BOLD.

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Can I Use Either Regular Or Panko Bread Crumbs In A Recipe

Absolutely. You can reach for either for whatever your recipes you are making.

However, your never get quite the same crisp with regular bread crumbs. This is especially true if you are going to deep fry whatever food your covering in bread crumbs.

The more airy, flakiness of the Panko bread crumb not only will make your fried foods crispier but less oil can be absorbed.

When using Panko you are less likely to have soggy food and it should be your life’s mission to avoid soggy foods!

How Are Panko Bread Crumbs Different

Nutty Nugget Chicken ~ Gluten Free Panko Chicken

As the photos indicate, the Panko bread crumbs are different. I have described them to people as looking like someone took some croutons and smashed them to bits.

Panko is more coarse than normal bread crumbs.

We have fallen in love with Panko in our house and they are now the only bread crumbs we will purchase. We use it mostly for coasting chicken but has also used it with pork chops, cod, and shrimp.

I have seen an increase of Panko products on the market, including different flavored versions .

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How To Use Homemade Panko

This homemade Panko can help transform your favorite recipes into a gluten-free version. Here are some of my favorite recipes that include this easy Panko in the recipe.

This recipe for light and crispy panko breadcrumbs is naturally gluten-free and the perfect addition to your next recipe. Perfect texture and crunch!

  • MOMables Laura
  • Yield:2 cups breadcrumbs 1x

Love This Recipe Save It For Later

Cuisine: Category:

If you love the crunchy crispy texture of panko breaded or topped dishes, enjoy this gluten-free alternative to panko in all your favorite recipes. Make your own at home, buy it at the store or online, and get cooking!

If you loved this post, I hope that youll share it with your friends on and pin it for future reference on .

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Are Breadcrumbs Gluten

Breadcrumbs can be used in so many dishes, but unfortunately, many brands of breadcrumbs are not gluten-free. But if you suffer from celiac disease or have gluten sensitivities, you can still find some gluten-free breadcrumbs both online and at a grocery store near you!

If you want to add breading to meat or tofu, add a crunchy layer on top of a casserole, or thicken a soup or stew, you usually have to use some form of breadcrumbs. But if you need to avoid gluten-containing ingredients , you have to find a gluten-free substitute for breadcrumbs.

There are two varieties of breadcrumbs, so you want to make sure you choose the right kind for the meal you want to make. Panko breadcrumbs are usually used in Asian cuisine and will result in a crunchy layer as it resists absorbing oil and other moisture. Other kinds of breadcrumbs absorb more moisture and will add a thickness without being crunchy. You would use this type of breadcrumb for something like stuffing or meatloaf.

To find the best brand for you, read through the product descriptions to see where you can purchase the product both in stores and online. Here you can also see some other features of the brand, like if it is vegan, organic, non-GMO, and more!

Be sure to check the label for the most recent product certifications and allergen warnings, as product ingredients can change at any time.

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