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Gluten Free Food At Dunkin Donuts

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Chocolate Dipped Gluten Free Doughnuts

A review of Dunkin Donuts GLUTEN FREE

One of the finest breakfasts in the known world is a cup of coffee and a doughnut.

Sit yourself down for a spell. Were about to take a chocolate covered journey.

Just for fun, I decided to pair up my favorite chocolate dipped doughnuts with a new coconut topping and a new coconut-flavored coffee. Dunkin Donuts Coconut ground coffee is a seasonal flavor thats only available for a limited time at Target.

When I went shopping at Target to top up my baking supplies, I grabbed a bag to enjoy with the finished doughnuts.

The doughnuts are surprisingly easy to make and bake. The batter comes together quickly, and the doughnuts bake in just 15 minutes. They only have to cool for a few minutes before they can be dipped in chocolate and decorated with toppings.

After dipping each gluten free doughnut in thick chocolate glaze, I placed them on a wire rack and sprinkled them with shredded sweetened coconut.

This coffee is quite easy to make. For hot coffee, you start with a clean coffeemaker and fresh, cold water. Then you measure a heaping tablespoon of ground coffee for every 6 fluid ounces of water, and brew as usual.

For iced coffee, you simply use half of the amount of water, brew, then pour over ice.

Since it was chilly outside, I made hot coffee. I look forward to enjoying the Dunkin Donuts Coconut ground coffee as an iced coffee once the weather warms up a bit. The instructions for hot or iced coffee are right on the bag.

Dunkin Donuts Gluten Free Menu 2021

There are plenty of meals that you can pick and eat without being concerned about gluten discomforts. Dunkin Donuts gluten-free menu is what you might be looking for to have a great meal. Here we have some of the food that Dunkin Donuts provides for no gluten experience.

Dunkin Donuts Gluten-Free Hot Coffee

  • hot coffee
  • americano

Dunkin Donuts Gluten-Free Iced Coffee

  • iced latte
  • iced coffee

Dunkin Donuts Gluten-Free Flavor Shots

  • french vanilla

Dunkin Donuts Gluten-Free Flavor Swirls

  • mocha swirl
  • hersheys cookies n creme swirl
  • heath swirl

Dunkin Donuts Gluten-Free Coolatta and Frozen Drinks

  • cosmic grape coolatta
  • hash browns
  • oatmeal

To have more information about Dunkin Donutsnutritional facts you have a look at their website. Also if you wish to grab more knowledge about the Dunkin Donuts allergen menu, then you can a look over here.

Are There Other Options To Whole Milk Available

Yes. You can also substitute almond milk, another lactose-free and healthy alternative to regular cows milk that is low in calories and fat. Dunlin Donuts has been providing almond milk to its customers since 2014. Another choice that is a more recent addition is coconut milk. Coconut milk has more saturated fat than the other options, but it provides antimicrobial properties that can help boost the immune system. It also contains iron and other important nutrients that can help improve health. Dunkin Donuts has been providing coconut milk as a substitute for milk since 2021.

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Avoiding Gluten At Dunkin Donuts

Based on the companys statement, you shouldnt stray beyond plain coffee or coffee-plus-milk drinks at Dunkin Donuts if youre gluten-free. Note that this is the same advice we give for people who like to get coffee at Starbucks .

However, theres another issue you need to consider at Dunkin Donuts: airborne gluten. Dunkin Donuts sells massive amounts of gluten-containing doughnutsthose doughnuts are basically the raison dêtre for the company. Making those doughnuts involves using large quantities of wheat flour, which can become airborne. Some people react to airborne gluten.

Not all Dunkin Donuts stores make their own doughnuts on site. According to the company spokesperson, some restaurants do have on-site baking facilities, other locations receive product fresh daily from a dedicated baking facility. Restaurants without baking facilities may have a lower risk of airborne gluten.

Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Drinks

Donuts, Dunkin

Like its coffee competitor Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts offers a huge variety of hot and cold beverages. You can purchase plain coffee, but you also can ask for a salted caramel hot chocolate, which contains more than 20 ingredients, including some derived from milk and soy . The frozen beverages also contain milk- and soy-based ingredients.

Of course, many people who are sensitive to gluten can consume milk- and soy-based ingredients safely. The problem is with gluten-based ingredients that are not made from wheat .

In the U.S., wheat is considered one of the eight major allergens and is required to be listed in ingredients. Unfortunately, ingredients derived from barley and rye don’t need to be called out on labels or in ingredient lists at restaurants.

A Dunkin’ Donuts company spokesperson says: ” ingredients are not present in Dunkin’ Donuts beverages. However, because not all restaurants and production facilities are dedicated gluten-free, the brand cannot guarantee that there is no cross-contamination. For that reason, the brand stands by theoriginal statement: ‘While many of our beverages do not contain gluten as an ingredient, not all restaurants and production facilities are dedicated gluten-free facilities.'”

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Chief Marketing Officer Tony Weisman We Know That The Dunkin Run Is A Daily Part Of Many Of Our Guests Lives As They Keep Themselves And Their Friends Running So Were Excited To

Dunkin gluten free bagel. You dont need any yeast, there is no waiting for the dough to rise, and it does not use any apple cider vinegar. I worked for dunkin for 6 year and loved it but it was hard for me especially trying to be good. sweet black pepper snackin bacon.

According to dunkin donuts u.s. This option comes in at 320 calories. A dunkin donuts multigrain bagel contains soy and wheat.

Theyre not the roll with a hole that you get from somewhere like dunkin donuts . These delicious goodies hit the spotany time of day. View nutrition, allergens, & ingredients.

Well, that turned out to be way too many recipes to peruse at once! Chocolatey, chewy, and delicious, this individually wrapped brownie makes for a great afternoon treat. A few select dunkin’ donuts restaurants in the boston and miami areas are.

The dunkfetti donut will be available starting december 30th through january 26th, so run, dont walk, to your nearest dunkin to give it a try. Just call or stop in any location, 24 hours in advance, and we’ll do the work. No one aspires to that sort of bagel, not even dunkin donuts.

I rose and stumbled but kept going even with all those. Specifically, they were in part 7: Dunkin donuts has also rolled out a new whole wheat bagel.

Bagels with cream cheese spread. It just may not be as extensive as starbucks. Serves best new york style bagels in northern virginia.

Gluten free recipes gfJules with the REAL Julesgluten

Chocolate Beet Donuts Recipe

Summary Of Gluten Free Menu Options At Dunkin Donuts

Pro tips and a quick summary of everything gluten free at Dunkin Donuts

  • When you order at the store or even online, tell them you have an allergy or Celiac Disease so they take precautions with your drinks and food.
  • Confirm ingredients as Dunkin Donuts menu changes often. Ask them if your drink contains wheat or gluten to be sure.
  • The Dunkin Refreshers are very popular and all flavors are gluten free.
  • Dunkin Donuts gets low ratings on Find Me Gluten Free due to their limited gluten free food options.
  • Ask staff to switch out tongs, gloves, etc. when handling your food
  • Dunkin Donuts has a lot of gluten free drinks and coffee/tea options, but very few food options. If youre hungry consider another place like Panera Bread
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    Drinks To Avoid At Dunkin Donuts

    • Avoid anything with oat milk at Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts uses Planet Oat Milk which does not have any gluten-free certification on the label, on their website, or certified gluten-free oats in the ingredient list. Learn more about how to know when oats are celiac-safe in this post.
    • Avoid drinks that say they are smoked as smoke flavoring is at higher risk of being gluten derived.
    • Avoid drinks that are flavored with cookie dough, there is a higher chance of these having gluten-derived natural flavors. Without an official gluten-free menu from Dunkin Donuts, Id deem this drink as a higher risk.
    • Avoid anything Oreos or Oreo flavored, this flavoring can also be at high risk for gluten-derivatives.

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    Dunkin Donuts Adds Its First Gluten

    Dunkin’ Donuts to Sell Gluten-Free Pastries

    A larger portion of Americas population can say they run on Dunkins.

    Massachusetts-based Dunkin Donuts recently updated its menu with the companys first nationwide gluten-free product a fudge brownie.

    The individually wrapped snack is among several new ones, including Donut Fries, ham and cheese roll-ups and waffle-breaded chicken tenders. Gluten-free products are a growing segment for restaurants and retailers, with the market expected to grow from $3.5 billion in 2016 to $4.7 billion in 2020.

    We also recognize the importance of providing alternative choices for people with dietary restrictions or who choose a gluten-free diet, said chief marketing officer Tony Weisman in a statement.

    Angela Schiavon, of Chicago, says she has celiac disease and was excited to hear about the menu change.

    Im happy a major chain is finally starting to accommodate those of us in the gluten-free community, and that theyre doing so safely, the 23-year-old said.

    Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that can cause damage to the small intestine with the ingestion of gluten.

    The brownie is gluten-free certified, and packaged individually to reduce the potential for cross contamination. It is now available in all of Dunkins U.S. shops for $2, according to the companys site. The company lists the only allergen as eggs, although it is manufactured on shared equipment that may contain soy.

    The new menu went into effect Monday at some locations.

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    Popular Gluten Free Items At Dunkin Donuts

    Well, it pretty much starts and ends with coffee, coffee, and more coffee, and a little bit of soda. There isnt a single donut item on the menu that is gluten-free, something which regularly makes us sad. However, it has to be said that for all the years theyve been open their coffee has been nearly as much of a draw as the donuts themselves, so its not a total loss.

    Take a look at their most popular gluten-free drinks below:

    Fruit Iced Tea

    While the lack of donuts makes it seem like theres nothing to order, these Fruited Iced Teas provide an excellent sweetness to your visit. You can ask for peach, raspberry, blueberry, Mango Pineapple with Peaches or Blackberry with Strawberries as your flavors. Each of them is sweet and delicious and will go far towards sating your sweet tooth when it cant be cured by donuts.

    Get your glass starting at $1.49

    Iced Latte

    Going over their coffee menu brings us to a cold and tasty favorite of many coffee drinkers, the Iced Latte. Made with Dunkin Donuts proprietary blend of coffee, you can get the great flavor by adding French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, or Blueberry, Raspberry, Coconut, or Toasted Almond flavor shots to the mix. You can also add their creamy Flavor Swirls, which includes French Vanilla, Mocha, Caramel, and Hazelnut.

    A delicious choice starting at $2.99

    Cold Brew Coffee

    Try your cool brew starting at $1.59

    Iced Macchiato

    Get your glass starting at $3.19

    Dunkin\’ Donuts Gluten Free Menu Items And Options

    Sip into Dunkin’® and enjoy America’s favorite coffee and baked goods chain. View menu items, join DDPerks, locate stores, discover career opportunities and more.

    For guests who have a gluten-free lifestyle, or those who are simply looking for a change of pace in 2021, Dunkins Gluten-Free Fudge Brownie is a perfect new snacking choice. Chocolatey, chewy, and delicious, this individually wrapped brownie makes for a great afternoon treat.

    Dunkin’ Donuts Gluten Free Menu Items and Options – GlutenBee In this article and guide, we’ll highlight all the gluten free menu items, sides, drinks, and other gf options available at Dunkin’ Donuts.

    Dunkin Donuts Gluten-Free menu is, essentially, non-existent. There isnt a single primary item on their menu that doesnt require gluten as the basic component of its creation. Unfortunately, this means that when you head out to a Dunkin Donuts, youll be stuck to picking up one of their beverages rather than anything off the menu.

    Dunkin Donuts menu includes their famous variety of donuts along with other baked goods including Munchkins, Bagel sandwiches, Croissant sandwiches, Deluxe Grilled Cheese, Muffins, Big n Toasted, Coolatta, Coffee and many more. Similar menu items can also be found at Peets Coffee & Tea, Panera Bread, Cinnabon and Starbucks.

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    How To Order Gluten

    Ordering gluten-free drinks at coffee shops involves a little bit of planning and a lot of self-advocacy. My biggest tip is to do your research .

    My second tip is to make sure youre avoiding cross-contact points. This means asking baristas to wash things that might be commonly rinsed between uses. These things include blenders, milk frothers, and more.

    For more on ordering gluten-free coffee drinks, check out this post on how to order gluten-free coffee drinks.

    Gluten Free At Dunkin Donuts

    Dunkinâ to Sell Gluten

    Dunkin Donuts!

    This isnt something I ever thought likely but I know some donut loving gluten free folks out there who will be pretty excited about it. Im happy to report that Dunkin Donuts in the US are testing out a gluten-free donut option!

    These gluten free donuts are not currently available in most Dunkin Donut stores so dont get too excited just yet. Well, get excited if you are one of the lucky ones who lives in the test area of course! For now the gluten free donuts are being tested at a few selected stores in Florida and Massachusetts.

    Whilst Dunkin Donuts havent yet confirmed when, or even if, these gluten-free donut options will be available nationwide, its pretty exciting to know that they are at least considering it.

    As always, the issue of cross contamination is likely to be the biggest road block for them to work through before they can offer gluten free donuts nationwide, or perhaps even internationally. So far though, it sounds like Dunkin Donuts may be following the Chuck e Cheese route and packaging the gluten free donuts off site to prevent the threat of cross contamination. It will be interesting to see how this progresses and whether they can do this on a national scale.

    What are your thoughts? Do you miss Dunkin Donuts? Do you think they should offer gluten free options? Perhaps you live in one of the test areas and youve already tried their gluten free donuts?

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