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Low Fodmap Gluten Free Bread

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Eating Breadcrumbs On A Fodmap Diet

THE BEST No Knead/Gluten Free/Low FODMAP Bread

Breadcrumbs make an essential part of so many dishes. Unfortunately, because breadcrumbs are high FODMAP products, it does mean you need to avoid anything that contains breadcrumbs. This will often include sausages, meatballs and even some cakes and sauces.

But dont fret! There are alternatives. Weve covered everything you could possibly need to know about breadcrumbs and the FODMAP diet below.

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Schr Low Fodmap Foods

Schär have had a range of our foods including bread, rolls, Pizza Bases and Grissini certified as low FODMAP by Monash University. The products are labelled low FODMAP and are available in supermarkets now. We are also offering a FREE pack, which includes information about IBS, resources for a low FODMAP diet and low FODMAP recipe cards.

Schär took the decision to independently test our core product range as it is still possible for wheat free foods to contain other types of high FODMAP ingredients. This testing and certification was undertaken by Monash University in Australia, the founder of the low FODMAP diet.

We have also put together a video which gives you information about IBS and the low FODMAP diet. The video stars are our animated tummies, inspired by real people with IBS who tell us about how it feels to have IBS day to day. We hope you enjoy the full video.

Low Fodmap Bread Vs Bread You Can Tolerate

This is a very important section of this article. When an ingredient or a commercially prepared finished product is lab tested by either Monash or FODMAP Friendly and is guaranteed to be low FODMAP, there is no question that it is low FODMAP.

It doesnt matter if the bread contains honey, or wheat, or fruit juice concentrate. If the bread has gone through a lab testing process and is sporting one of the certification icons then it is low FODMAP in the serving sizes recommended. ALWAYS pay attention to the serving sizes, though. That is very important, as always.

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The Best Low Fodmap Bread Options

Bread has been forever known as a household staple but the recent increase in fads like ketogenic and paleo diets focus on keeping bread out of the kitchen. Toast is one of my favourite breakfast options and is a great source of carbohydrates for energy and healthy whole grains. I wouldnt want anyone to miss out on the great Australian favourite of vegemite on toast, so in this blog post we look at low FODMAP bread options.

Gluten Free And Low Fodmap Soda Bread


Delicious bread in a hurry, this gluten free and low FODMAP soda bread is made with baking soda rather than yeast and is just as perfect dipped in soup as it is smeared with jam. I LOVE baking gluten free bread at home, but it can be time consuming and use a lot of ingredients sometimes the need of a sourdough starter. This recipe however, couldnt be simpler, more versatile, or more comforting.

The ingredients of traditional soda bread are: flour, baking soda, salt, and buttermilk, but Ive added in a few additions here to make this recipe work much better gluten free. Oats add texture and stop the loaf from getting that gluten free dusty vibe, while just half a teaspoon of sugar helps to balance out the flavour and encourage the loaf to brown .

Leiths add butter to their dough, as you would when making scones and trying it for this recipe, it really helped make the loaf more tender. Wanting not always to rely on xanthan gum, I added a large egg yolk to help bind the dough, increased the amount of liquid to flour ratio just slightly and added a little extra bicarb to help give lift.

So I hope you love this recipe and chop and change it to work for you. Some of my favourite additions to stir through the dry mix before you add the buttermilk and egg:

  • 120g crumbled stilton and 80g walnuts
  • 150g grated cheddar and a small bunch of thyme leaves, roughly chopped
  • An additional 5 tablespoons of sugar, 150g dark chocolate chunks and the zest of 1 orange

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Certain Breads That Are Gluten

Some gluten-free breads are low in FODMAPs, but be careful, this isnt always the case! It is very important to verify the ingredient list! Honey, which is high in fructose, is sometimes used in place of sugar. Inulin, which is high in fructans, is a type of fiber that is sometimes added to bread to increase its fiber content. Dried fruits are high in FODMAPs, so breads that contain them, such as raisin bread, are not good choices. Other ingredients to avoid are: chicory root, molasses, fructose, fructooligosaccharides , agave, glucose-fructose, apple, and sugar derived from fruit. Amaranth flour, coconut flour, bean flour, chestnut flour and cassava flour are high in FODMAPs even though they are gluten-free. Psyllium has not been tested by Monash University, but some products certified as low FODMAP contain it, so we can assume that it is low in FODMAPs when consumed in small amounts. The following ingredients are low in FODMAPs and therefore allowed: cane sugar, dextrose, glucose, maple syrup and rice syrup. There are a variety of gluten-free flours that are also low in FODMAPs and therefore permitted with the low FODMAP diet: buckwheat, millet, quinoa, oats, rice, tapioca, corn, sorghum, almond and teff. However, be careful, as some of these can only be consumed in limited quantities! Almond flour is low in FODMAPs up to ¼ cup . Buckwheat flour is low in FODMAPs for 2/3 cup , but buckwheat grains are allowed for only 1/8 cup .

Could This Ingredient Make People Eat Bread Again

Bakers now have an easier way into the growing market of low-FODMAP baking, with a natural way to lower fructan levels in bread products.

Baked goods that promote gut well-being are becoming more and more popular. And while gluten-free foods may be getting most of the spotlight, low-FODMAP food is making a name for itself as well. FODMAPs are fermentable short-chain carbohydrates that are hard to digest, found in wheat and rye as well as some other food groups.

For many, FODMAPs trigger symptoms like bloating and discomfort. Many of the sufferers have Irritable Bowel Syndrome . Currently, around 15% of the Western world has IBS and many more have a self-diagnosed sensitive stomach. This is the same population who are going wheat-free because it makes them feel better. Low-FODMAP foods are a dietary solution for these people, and also for those suffering from non-celiac wheat sensitivity. While FODMAP is not linked to celiac disease, many people who choose to go wheat-free will see the same benefits from low-FODMAP diet. So a substantial proportion of population has real needs for low-FODMAP products to increase their well-being and comfort.

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Whats So Special About This Low Fodmap Oven Baked Bread

  • A healthy homemade low FODMAP bread with your favorite blend of flours, without additives such as gums or psyllium
  • Its easier to make than in a bread machine
  • Its versatility the combination of flours is endless, making it easy to use the flours you have available. This way you can also experiment different flavors and find your favorite!
  • You get a beautiful, homemade loaf to satisfy your bread cravings

This is on of my favorite bread loaf recipes and it just keeps surprising me all the time!

And for more of my low FODMAP bread recipes, checkout this collection.

How To Find A Low Fodmap Bread Sourdough

Polenta Bread * low-FODMAP * Gluten-Free Healthy Bread

The fermentation process that sourdough bread undergoes significantly reduces its fructan content.

The fructans actually act as feed for the fermentation process.

A 2021 study tested the fructan content in four different types of sourdough bread. Three were standard sourdough bread and one was a sourdough made with yeast.

The results showed an average 72% reduction in the standard sourdough breads. One bread actually had 92% less fructans after processing.

The fourth bread that was made with yeast only had a 20% reduction in its fructan content.

So whilst we know that sourdough breads are going to have a lower fructan content, it would be impossible to know for sure, without lab testing, if these products are suitable for a low FODMAP diet.

Because everyone with IBS has a different threshold to fructans, it would be most helpful to try different brands until you find one that works for you.

But do be mindful of imitation sourdough bread. These are typically marketed as sourdough style and simply have added flavors to make them taste like sourdough and havent undergone the fermentation process.

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Nut Roast With All The Trimmings

Many shop bought nut roasts contain problem foods but you could make a homemade alternative. Many recipes can be manipulated to be suitable Nut roast recipe. Make sure to be aware of the following:

  • Replace pistachios and cashews with chestnuts, almonds , walnuts, brazil nuts or pine nuts.
  • Replace onion and garlic with herbs and spices. Thyme, rosemary, ginger or parsley.
  • Make sure that only suitable fruit and vegetables are used .
  • If the recipes call for breadcrumbs then just use a gluten free alternative.

What Flour To Use To Make It

I like to use my universal homemade gluten-free flour blend. Which is a mix of the following flours :

3. Sweet Rice Flour

4. Tapioca Flour

5. Xanthan Gum

If you cant make that one, you can try with any gluten-free flour mix . The final result using different flour mix might vary slightly, depending on what flours your mix contains.

To find the recipe for my gluten-free flour mix click, HERE.

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Can You Eat Bread On The Low Fodmap Diet

Some bread is low FODMAP, it all depends on the ingredients and process used.

Bread made with wheat flour is not low FODMAP as wheat contains fructans which are a type of FODMAP. The good news is that you can still have small amounts of FODMAPs on the diet, Monash advise a fodmap serving size of up to 1 and a half slices of wheat bread is allowed.

Sourdough bread is a great example of a bread that may or may not be low FODMAP depending on both the ingredients and process. Traditional sourdough bread is low FODMAP because it is made with spelt flour and fermented in the process. However, if the bread is not fermented for very long or uses a different type of flour, then it may not be low FODMAP.

You can read more about sourdough bread and the low FODMAP diet in my article here.

Grain Free Gluten Free Bread

Low FODMAP banana bread (also gluten free)

Posted on

Grain free bread and the FODMAP diet are not always the best of friends. Almond meal, the best gluten and grain substitute there is, does not present the most friendly option possible. Considered safe in 1/4 cup or 24g serves, its not like one can consume it with reckless abandon.

With so many dietary requirements on my list these days, Ive come to realise you cant have it all. Not all diets play superbly nicely together. Vegan FODMAP is hard, refined sugar free FODMAP is hard, and grain free FODMAP is hard. If you want a grain free bread, youre going to have to ration it a lil. Sorry bout it.

With all that said, a FODMAP friendly grain free bread is possible! This loaf contains 150g almond meal, and makes 10-12 slices. If you slice it on the thinner side, you get two slices per serve! What a boon!

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Low Fodmap Breadcrumbs Recipe

Breadcrumbs are one of those basic ingredients that many of us rely on in the kitchen so not having access to them can be challenging. It can make bulking out sauces, crumbing chicken and binding meatballs difficult.

The good news is that you can actually knock up a batch of low FODMAP breadcrumbs which are both gluten-free and dairy-free.

All you need to do is tear up some gluten-free bread or rolls, place on a baking tray and throw into a warm oven for 10 to 15 minutes or so. Youre looking to just dry the bread out a little so that it creates crisp breadcrumbs.

Tip the dried bread chunks into a food processor and blitz until you have breadcrumbs. You can even pimp your breadcrumbs up a little here by tossing in a pinch of dried herbs, chilli or spices.

You can place your breadcrumbs in an airtight jar for a good 3 to 4 months which should be plenty of time. If you need to store them even longer then you can freeze them quite easily in a freezer bag.

Its the toasting in a warm oven which will take your breadcrumbs to the next level so dont skip this stage. It only takes a matter of minutes.

Low Fodmap Banana Bread Recipe

This banana bread is perfectly sweetened, moist, hearty, loaded with banana flavor, satisfying and beyond delicious! Its the best banana bread that Ive ever tried and Im absolutely obsessed with it! The sour cream makes this bread so soft and tender while the oats make the texture diverse and rich.

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Low Fodmap Bread Vs Gluten

Fructans are most commonly found in wheat products which also happen to be a major source of gluten. It is common for people to refer to a fructan sensitivity as gluten intolerance, however, when it comes to IBS, gluten itself is not always the culprit.

What can make this even more confusing is that, because gluten-free bread is not wheat-based, they are often actually low FODMAP as well.

However, you can have low FODMAP breads that do contain gluten such as certain sourdough breads.

You can also have gluten-free breads that are not low FODMAP due to them containing other high FODMAP ingredients.

Who Will Love This Bread

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes 2021!! SIBO DIET, PALEO, LOW FODMAP, Gluten Free, Dairy Free
  • Those who are on the low FODMAP diet as prescribed by a doctor or Registered Dietitian
  • Those who experience digestive issues when eating bread, and need a bread that is easier to digest
  • Those who have given up bread for lifestyle reasons other than having Celiac disease
  • This bread cannot be consumed by those who have been diagnosed with Celiac disease since it contains wheat.

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Bread For Ibs Sufferers: Gluten

The first thing I want to mention about gluten-free versus Low FODMAP is that I usually recommend that my clients talk to their doctor about getting screened for Celiac disease. Its not necessary to avoid gluten or seek out gluten-free products on the Low FODMAP diet. But, if you have Celiac disease, the treatment will involve a strict gluten-free diet. Although Celiac disease doesnt affect a large portion of the population, the symptoms of Celiac disease can overlap quite a bit with IBS. Its best to get checked so your health care providers can provide you with the best recommendations and treatment.

Because the sugar in wheat is highly fermentable , many people think that gluten-free breads should be low FODMAP since they are not made with wheat. This is not the case! Many gluten-free grains, flours, and other ingredients that are used to make gluten-free breads are actually high in FODMAPs, so its often the case that gluten-free products are not Low FODMAP and may be triggering your symptoms.

The good news is that there are some certified Low FODMAP bread products becoming available so you can enjoy the convenience of store-bought breads for all your morning toast and lunchtime sandwich needs!

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