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Annie’s Vegan Gluten Free Mac And Cheese

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Annie’s Now Makes Vegan Mac And Cheese

Annie’s Vegan Gluten Free Mac & Cheese Review

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Growing up, you were either an Annie’s kid or a Kraft kid. But if you were vegan or lactose intolerant, you were neither kind of kid.

Now Annie’s has changed the game with the release of a dairy-free version of its classic macaroni and cheese. It’s 100 percent vegan.

In fact, the company unveiled two vegan versions: One with shell-shaped pasta and a second with elbow-shaped pasta that’s made from organic rice pasta and gluten-free. Both were found at Whole Foods for $2.89 a box. The “cheese” that makes up the marketed “creamy sauce” is made from a mix of pumpkin and sweet potato powders, and the sauce instructions call for half a cup of non-dairy milk.

HuffPost editors had the chance to get their tastebuds on the shells. One the main conclusions: It certainly doesn’t taste like the cheese sauce in the brand’s dairy offerings. But with vegetable ingredients and seasonings like paprika, garlic and mustard powders, it never promised to.

We used plain old almond milk in the sauce, and felt the thickening mixture looked a little scary as we stirred — the color was a bit Halloween-y, but not in that neon Kraft kind of way. Plus, there was an unexpected spicy odor, thanks to the seasonings. Once the shells were added back into the pot, however, things didn’t look so bad.

How Do You Make Mac And Cheese Creamy Without Dairy

This ultimate dairy-free mac and cheese happened thanks to a lot of trial and error.

How can macaroni and cheese be so rich and creamy and, well, cheesy, without the you know, the most important ingredient: the cheese?

There are so many different ways you can make macaroni and cheese without dairy. The trick is finding one that suits your personal tastebuds.

Ive tried using butternut squash, and while I liked the results, I cant always find fresh butternut squash year-round.

What has worked for me time and time again is a combo of these ingredients.

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The Best Vegan Mac And Cheese Brands In 2021

This is an in-depth comparison of the best vegan mac and cheese brands out today. We conducted this review by looking at the product ratings across multiple sites and analyzing the descriptions of each vegan mac and cheese brand.

In this guide we compare similarity to dairy mac, price, flavor, pros/cons, etc. of each vegan mac and cheese brand to find out which is best for those following a plant-based diet. We only compared options available , since prices are the most competitive and are accessible to the largest number of people.

Even vegetarians agree that the ethics of dairy are also not great, so striving toward vegan and non-dairy alternatives is becoming much more popular in recent months. Thus the usefulness for this guide!

If youre looking to make the switch, hopefully this buying guide for vegan alternatives to mac and cheese will be helpful!

Gluten Free Rice Pasta & Cheddar Microwavable Mac


We took your favorite comfort food and packed it into perfectly portioned microwaveable meals. Thats right, Annies Gluten Free Rice Pasta & Cheddar Microwavable Mac offers all of the yum of a classic box of Annies gluten free mac without the work or extra time. Simply add water, microwave, and voila! Easy, cheesy goodness done in three minutes. Plus, this rice pasta and real cheese deliciousness is made with just the good stuff no artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives here. Perfect for a quick and easy lunch for yummy afternoon snack.

Contains milk ingredients

  • Gluten free
  • Made with 100% real cheese
  • Cheese from cows raised without antibiotics or synthetic hormones, and not treated with rBST .
  • We work with trusted suppliers to source only non-GMO ingredients
  • No artificial flavors, synthetic colors, or preservatives

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Annie’s Organic Vegan Macaroni And Cheese Elbows & Creamy Sauce Gluten Free Pasta

Whether youâre vegan, or youâre just digginâ a plant-based diet, we have no doubt that youâll deem our Organic Gluten Free Vegan Cheddar Flavor Mac a delicious dish. Made with gluten free rice pasta, and without any artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives, this mac offers the same comforting cheddar taste youâll find in classic dairy mac & cheese So grab a spoon & dig in!

How Annie’s Vegan Mac And Cheese Tasted

I served my Annie’s vegan mac and cheese with some nutritional yeast and extra paprika to add a little zest, but I also tasted it on its own. This stuff is really good by itself: Annie’s did a great job being assertive with flavors to ensure that the product was not bland. That being said, adding nutritional yeast and paprika made it even more “cheesy” and flavorful.

Although it has been a long time since I myself have eaten “real” mac and cheese, I found that Annie’s vegan mac and cheese was almost scarily similar to the comfort dish I grew up eating. The sauce comes out thick, creamy and bright yellow without any artificial coloring, tricking the taste-buds and mind alike.

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How Do You Make Dairy Free Mac And Cheese

Thankfully, to make homemade gluten free, dairy free mac and cheese, you dont have to be a rocket scientist. #Winning

Its relatively easy when it comes to making a dairy free meal too. Sometimes when making something dairy free it can take a long time in preparation however, this took us just about 35 minutes total.

Start by boiling water to soak the cashews in to soften. By placing the cashews in hot water, they will soften faster than having to let them soak for more than 4-6 hours like many recipes you may see. Of course, if you wanted to do this ahead of time, you can soak for that long in cool water instead.

In the same pot, you bring the water back to a boil and cook a medium size carrot until fork tender. Also, start a separate pot and cook your pasta according to the package directions. Once the carrot is tender and the cashews have soaked for 30 minutes, you combine those two things, with some reserved carrot cooking water and the remaining ingredients minus a little butter for later, into a blender until smooth.

The last thing you do is melt some butter with some pasta water until melted. Then add the cooked pasta and sauce. Stir to combine and serve!

You could easily add some cooked, chopped broccoli or toasted breadcrumbs to the top if desired.

Banza Plant Based Mac

Annie’s Organic Gluten Free Vegan Mac and Cheese

This vegan and gluten free mac is made with chickpea pasta, and the sauce includes sweet potato and pumpkin. I’m not entirely sure what went wrong here, but it smelled bad and tasted worse. I don’t mind the texture of the pasta, so I’d consider buying Banza’s pastas on their own, but the cheese is yucky.> > all Banza products are gluten-free

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Does Cheese Have Gluten

Some good news almost all cheese is gluten-free. In fact, Ive yet to find any cheese that isnt suitable. I would strongly advise always reading the labels when purchasing foods though. Depending on the preparation area and the manufacturers, there may be some cross-contact issues. Cheddar is the cheese youll usually find in most macaroni and cheese. I always avoid cheese that has been prepared behind a deli counter theyre sometimes not labelled as a may contain, but will often be prepared in the same area as gluten-containing products.

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Roads End Cheddar Style Organic Shells & Chreese

A family favorite, these cheddar-style shells are light and tasty.


By choosing one of these mouthwatering vegan mac n cheese products, youll be standing up to the cruel dairy industry. No animals should suffer for our foodespecially when there are so many delicious animal-free options out there!

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What Happens If Annie’s Organic Vegan Gluten Free Elbow Rice Pasta & Creamy Sauce Is Out Of Stock And I Need To Give Specific Instructions

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Dairy Free Mac And Cheese

Annies Vegan Mac and Cheeses Now Available at Whole Foods ...

This easy dairy free mac and cheese recipe will satisfy all your cravings! Make it in just over 30 mins! The cheese sauce is gluten free so perfectly pair with a gluten free pasta for a gluten free dairy free mac and cheese.

One of the hardest things when making a dietary change is having to give up some of your favorite comfort foods. Luckily, it doesnt have to always end. Sure, it will be different than grandmas famous family recipe that has been passed down for generations, but thankfully, its easy than ever to recreate some of your favorite dairy heavy recipes, like mac and cheese, to make them dairy free.

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Go For Cheesy Sauces That Suit Your Dietary Concerns

Cheddar cheese is considered the best cheese to use on mac and cheese because it leaves a silky, glossy coating on the macaroni. If youre bored with the standard taste, you can go for flavors like creamy Alfredo sauce, four-cheese or white cheddar. You can look for inclusions like bacon and veggies to add more variety to your menu .

If youre vegan or lactose intolerant, you can find cheese alternatives. Some brands use plant-based, dairy-free ingredients like potato and pumpkin to get a creamy sauce. Ingredients that go well with these are almond and coconut milk, although you get a nutty hint of flavor if those are included in the ingredient list.

Shells & Vegan Cheddar With Broccoli

Ingredients: organic pasta , water, organic coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, organic rice flour, organic dried broccoli, salt, organic tapioca starch, organic sunflower lecithin, organic natural flavor, inactive dried yeast, lactic acid, organic guar gum, organic annatto extract , xanthan gum. Contains: wheat.*

Nutrition : 312 calories, 8g fat, 52g carbs, 3g fiber, 1g sugars , 8g protein.*

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Annies Homegrown Organic Gluten Free Vegan Elbow Pasta & Creamy Sauce

Ingredients:* used as a processing aid.

Disclaimer: we do our best to provide accurate information on every item , but over time information and packaging may change or be updated and there may be a delay before appearing here. If in doubt or have specific concerns please contact us or the manufacturer as necessary.

Frequent Question: Is Annies Vegan Mac And Cheese Dairy Free

  • Is Annies white cheddar mac and cheese vegan?
  • Now Annies has changed the game with the release of a dairy-free version of its classic macaroni and cheese. Its 100 percent vegan. The cheese that makes up the marketed creamy sauce is made from a mix of pumpkin and sweet potato powders, and the sauce instructions call for half a cup of non-dairy milk.

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    Product Review: Annies Gluten Free Creamy Deluxe & Cheesy Cheddar

    A longtime favorite around GFF HQ, this boxed gluten free mac & cheese is deluxe because it includes a pouch of ready-to-squeeze-out cheese sauce rather than a powder you need to mix with liquid. But more than that, the flavor and texture is super rich and thick, creamy, yummy, and on par with the gluten versions we devoured as a kid. As far as ready-made mac and cheese goes, Annies deluxe and cheesy cheddar is definitely one of our favorites.


    INGREDIENTS: Rice pasta , cheddar cheese , skim milk, cream, whey, sodium phosphate, salt, natural butter and cheese flavor, sodium alginate, lactic acid, organic annatto extract , xanthan gum.


    Where Can I Buy Dairy Free Mac And Cheese

    Now, just for good measure. Maybe youre reading this and its just not something that you really are in the mood to make right now. You want even faster. I get that. We all get busy, right? You may be wondering where can you buy dairy free mac and cheese in a store. Im here to the rescue in case thats the mood youre in too .

    • Annies Vegan Mac and Cheese Annies makes 3 varieties. A gluten free cheddar flavor, a non-gluten free cheddar, and a creamy variety
    • Amys Rice Mac and Cheeze Amys has a rice pasta that in addition to being vegan, is also gluten free, soy free, and kosher.
    • Daiya Mac and Cheese Daiya has 5 dairy-free mac and cheese styles: Deluxe Cheddar, Deluxe Alfredo, White Cheddar with Veggies, Bacn and Cheddar, and Four Cheeze w/Herbs. All 5 versions are Top 8 Allergen Free.
    • Field Roast Field Roast has two varieties, creamy and a chili version. Both are also vegan.
    • Roads End Roads End has four varieties that are all vegan and organic. Two are cheddar one shells and one traditional elbow noodles. The other two are also gluten free and are a cheddar Penne and an Alfredo elbow.
    • Uptons Uptons has two versions a cheesy mac and a cheesy bacon mac. Both continue gluten, but the one without bacon is soy free.

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    Chickpea Pasta Mac & Cheese Shells & White Cheddar 55 Oz

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