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Gluten Free Bakery Kansas City

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Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Bakeries In Americas

Toni On! New York: Best Gluten Free Baked Goods In The City

Many bakeries and cafes across North and South America now cater to gluten free and food allergy customers. Some are dedicated gluten free facilities while others are shared environments with strict food safety processes in place.

Each bakery listing below indicates that the baked goods are gluten free as well as if any other allergy friendly items are offered. These items are identified by: corn free dairy free , egg free , peanut free , soy free and /or tree nut free .

For detailed information on locations & product offerings, please visit the respective websites. Enjoy your sweets!

US Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Bakeries & Cafes


Cookies Cookie Sandwiches Cookie Cakes

Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Snickerdoodle, Confetti Cookies, Double Chocolate, Chocolate Crinkles 6 for $12

Classic Iced Sugar Cookies By the Dozen only, $33

Oatmeal Cream Pie with Salted Caramel, Chocolate Chunk Sprinkle Cookie Sandwiches, Confetti Cookie Sandwiches 6 for $19.50

Cookie Cakes $24 Chocolate Chip, M& M

Gluten Free Bakery Kansas City

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The Second Way To Enjoy Our Treats Is To Visit One Of The Retailers In Kansas City That Carry Our Products

Our baked goods are available for daily, walk-in purchase at a variety of shops and cafes around town. Click on any retailer below for location information. The offering varies from location to location, so be sure to call ahead if you’re looking for something specific!

You can also find our products at all Kansas City Whole Foodsstores and at Whole Foods in Wichita, at many area McKeevers and Cosentinos Price Choppersor our newest friends at all five Queens Price Chopper stores. You can also have them delivered right to your door withShatto Home Delivery.

You can also find us at all Dierbergs Grocery Stores in St. Louis, as well as at Whole Foods stores throughout the Rocky Mountain Region across Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and Utah.

Vegan Gluten Free Bakery Kansas City

Kansas City Gluten

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Reviews For Emily Kate’s Bakery

EmilyKate’s bakery does an incredible job with whatever gluten-free baked goods I may need.Their team is really awesome, and they’re always trying to release fun new flavors that make me sometimes forget I have Celiac disease.It’s not a tradition in my home to buy my partner a tray of cinnies for their birthday!Thanks everyone!

Kansas City Gluten Free Bakery

Morganas Gluten Free Bakery Located on 9711 East 63rd Street in Raytown, this bakery is fully gluten free. Currently it is offering take out only. However, you can preorder online. The bakery specialize in cakes, desserts, breads and pies. Some of the items that you can pre order are cinnamon rolls, bread, rolls, cupcakes, peach pie and dairy free donuts.

The Littlest Bake Shop Located on 645 East 59th Street in Kansas City, this bakery is gluten free and vegan. The kitchen is a dedicated gluten free and vegan kitchen. It is accepting orders for pick up Saturdays 10AM-2PM at their front door pick up window. You can order and pay online on their website. Some of the items that are available on their pick up menu are salted caramel apple cobbler, vanilla hazelnut cup cake, chocolate vanilla cupcake, blue berry pancake cup cake, 6 inch chocolate cake with vanilla swirl and 6 inch churro cake.

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