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Gluten Free Freeze Dried Meals

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Best Variety: Wise Company Emergency Food Supply Gluten

Valley Food Storage Gluten Free Pankcakes and Freeze Dried Blueberries

This large stash of survival food is perfect to have on hand for any gluten-free households emergency supply. Wise Companys product is made in the USA and contains a hefty 84 servings . Packed into a secure, sturdy bucket, this emergency food supply has an extensive 25-year shelf life, so no need to replenish annually. Each meal is individually wrapped and ready-to-eat, so its easy to grab single-serve items to take on camping or hiking trips. Best of all: No cooking is necessaryyou just add water, wait up to 15 minutes, and its ready.

This convenient bucket of survival food includes 22 total servings of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. These gluten-free meals include beef stew, breakfast skillet, scrambled eggs with bacon, and rice and chicken. Its super easy to prepareall you need to do is add hot water and its ready in under 10 minutes. The meal pouches are conveniently designed to act as bowls, tooso no cleanup is necessary. Even better? The pouches are recyclable.

The bucket itself can be easily stored or carried so that you can bring it on trips, and it wont take up too much space or be too heavy to transport. And no need to worry about replenishing your emergency supply every few yearsthis Mountain House bucket has an impressive 30-year guarantee.

Best Dehydrated Food Brands

  • Calories Per Pouch: 660 cal
  • Price: –

Backpackers Bistro chef Melissa Lynn Lieser uses her culinary training to design some of the most flavorful and sustainable gourmet backpacking meals on the market. The food used is sourced from local farms and sustainable suppliers. She chops the food by hand and dehydrates it in the oven overnight. All scraps are composted, nothing is left to waste. The vegetarian and vegan options are more balanced than other carb heavy alternatives. The meals take longer to rehydrate than other brands, but if youre in the mood for a sustainable, chef created meal while backpacking, Backpackers Bistro is a top choice.

Order Backpacker’s Bistro’s Wild Rice and Mushroom Pilaf on .

Yes You Can Have Pasta

If pasta was a go-to trail food until the gluten thing exploded in your life, mac & cheese doesn’t have to be a dim memory!

You can carry the flavor packet and add it to your own GF noodles.

Here are my absolute favorite sources for GF pastas for car camping and backpacking:

Use the same sauce as everyone else is eating!

Or jazz up that pasta with pesto, olive oil and sun dried tomatoes, packets of chicken, tuna or salmon…

  • More ideas on how to spice up your life as a gluten free backpacker here

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Option : Modify Existing Products

This is tricky if you have a raging gluten allergy and must avoid gluten at all costs.

That’s why I don’t recommend this route if your life is endangered upon ingesting gluten .

However, if you suffer mild abdominal issues & discomfort and want to experiment with taking the gluten out of your favorite mixes, you can try the modification route.

For example, you can substitute rice noodles in your favorite instant soup recipe as long as the noodles are in their own separate package: toss the original noodles and keep the flavor packets to flavor the gluten free noodles.

I use these and love them.

Freezer Friendly Gluten Free Lunch Recipes

Wise Food 1 Month Gluten Free Basic Freeze Dried Food ...

An easy freezer friendly meal for a quick weeknight dinner or healthy lunch! Ready in under 30 minutes, gluten free and vegan friendly. Cant beat that now, can you?

From Freezer to Plate tipReheat in glass container in microwave on defrost/thaw mode.

Baked cod never tasted so good, with garlic and herbs baked into the form of FISH CAKES! A light, easy, and paleo friendly, freezer friendly recipe youll want to make again and again.

From Freezer to Plate tipReheat in oven or microwave .

These Vegan Falafel bites are super easy to make with just a can of chickpeas, spices, veggies, jalapeño, and gluten free flour. Great for a quick finger food meal or a wholesome appetizer!

From Freezer to Plate tipFor these, I recommend making the batter and storing in the freezer uncooked in a ball. Then when you are ready to eat, simply fry in pan.

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Best Overall: Legacy Premium Food Storage 120 Serving Gluten

This hefty 27-pound supply of survival meals by Legacy offers about 346 calories per serving and is gluten-free, GMO-free, and made in the United States. Meals are packed into Mylar pouches that offer a 25-year shelf life, all conveniently packed into one bucket for easy storage. All you have to do to prepare your meal is add water, so its not only great for emergency situations, but its useful to have on hand for any camping trip or other outdoor adventure. This survival food supply includes meals like enchiladas, pasta, and chili.

Best For Breakfast: Mountain House Freeze Dried Scrambled Eggs With Bacon

If youre just looking for a breakfast option, Mountain House has you covered with this scrambled eggs and bacon kit. Not only is it certified gluten-free, but it also contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. And there is no need to refrigerate this can is easy to store with the rest of your emergency supplies, whether its in your car, basement, or pantry. Each serving contains 350 calories and 23 grams of protein to provide you and your family with plenty of energy to start the day, whether youre in an emergency situation or simply need an easy-to-transport breakfast for your next camping trip.

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Tuna & Chicken Packets

These might not be the most weight-efficient items, but they do a great job of providing protein. Buy them plain and doctor them up with condiments, or buy some of the many flavor options. Our favorites were Buffalo Chicken, Chicken Salad, Deli Style Tuna Salad, andLemon Pepper Tuna.*While the products we listed above are gluten-free, Starkist does have other varieties that are not.*

These premium grade, line-caught tuna packets are packed in oil for extra calories. If salmon is more your speed, Patagonia Provisions has some awesome options.

SPAM: It might have 99 ingredients, but gluten aint one! We were ere surprised to learn that SPAM comes in backpacking-friendly foil packets. After a nonstop diet of tuna, we were offered some SPAM on the JMT by a fellow hiker and found it to be quite enjoyable.

Nut Butter Wishes It Were Granola Butteryour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link


Next up, associate editor Ali Francis makes the case for Granola Butter. A few years ago I started experiencing a strange sweating sensation after eating nut butter. I am not a scientist, but I’d guess the ailment had something to do with the way I consumed it: Heaping spoonfuls straight to the gob.


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Beware Of Contaminated Bulk Bins

Be careful when selecting bulk bin items for your menus.

  • There might be cross-contamination when one bin becomes empty and the next thing gets dumped into it.

This is a common source of gluten contamination in oats.

Bob’s Red Mill provides certified GF oats and flours, with lab testing to prove no gluten is present.

Valley Food Storage Gluten Free

Valley Food Storage was chosen as best overall in our review of the top emergency food companies. Both their bulk foods and freeze-dried meals are affordable. They also do well in terms of nutrition. Their products are GMO-free and have less sodium than most other brands.

As for gluten-free meal kits they dont have any, but they do have individual options which can be combined to make a decent gluten-free meal.

  • Get this if: You want affordable, healthy meals.

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How Much Food Should You Pack For Backpacking

For most backpackers, who plan on hiking all day with a heavier pack, Backpacker.com suggests aiming for 25-30 calories per pound of body weight, per day. For shorter hiking days or if covering less strenuous terrain, you can scale it down to 21-25 calories per pound of body weight, per day.

Instead of eating just three meals per day like you might at home, aim to eat throughout the day and consume 30-60 grams of carbohydrates per hour to keep your energy high and prevent hitting the wall.

Again, these are just rough estimations. Everyones body burns calories at different rates. So if you are preparing for a longer backpacking trip, you will absolutely want to do a few weekend shakedown trips to get a sense of what your appetite will be like.

Go Nuts The Right Way

Wise Emergency Food Gluten Free Freeze Dried Vegetables ...

Another way to get hiking protein in lightweight, tasty form: raw nuts.

Why not salted and roasted and flavored?

Unless you’re hiking through extreme heat conditions, you don’t need that much salt throughout the day.

  • It’s hard on your kidneys, which are struggling to maintain the correct water balance.
  • You don’t want to be more thirsty than you already will be as you hike.
  • Also, your taste buds will get conditioned to huge amounts of stimulating salts, sugars and flavorings, leaving everything else you eat flat and tasteless.

Here is my favorite raw trail mix, pre-mixed, but nothing says you can’t customize your own particular pairings of nuts and dried fruit to bring harmonious relations with carbs and proteins to your digestive system!

More tips on the best backpacking nuts right here!

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Problems Youll Face Finding Gluten

It is tough finding gluten-free foods in regular times, never mind in a long-term SHTF situation. Gluten is in just about everything.

The good news is that many brands now have separate categories for gluten-free emergency food and meals. If you are building your emergency food stockpile from just freeze-dried meals, you can buy a bunch of gluten-free options and be done.

But, as weve talked about before, you should have various emergency foods in your stockpile.

This includes:

  • Bulk foods
  • Freeze-dried meals

The canned goods are probably obvious . So, instead, Im going to talk about gluten-free bulk foods and freeze-dried meals here.

Freezer Friendly Gluten Free Snacks And Dessert Recipes

These zesty energy bars are made with just a few simple ingredients ground nuts, lemon zest, unsweetened coconut, and unrefined natural sugar. Perfect for the carb conscious snacker. Vegan friendly.

From Freezer to Plate tip Thaw in fridge or eat as is.

The best chocolate chip cookies do exist! Yes, a vegan and paleo friendly chocolate chip cookies recipe that will blow your mind! Crispy outside, light in texture, and all things delicious!

From Freezer to Plate tip Thaw in fridge or counter top.

The first bite of the slightly spongy and pleasantly fragrant rice cake has such a delightful mouthfeel. The sweet red bean paste will melt in your mouth so quickly that you wont be able to resist devouring the whole cake!

From Freezer to Plate tip Thaw in fridge and gently reheat in oven/microwave to warm before serving.

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Gluten Free Baked Goods

If you’re a day hiker, you’re not concerned with how well a cookie holds together.

But gluten free backpacking food that you prepare yourself?

That’s when you want ingredients that won’t go stale or rancid, and work well together to hold their shape.

Let’s fall back on our reliance on oats, and add in some almond flour, to create some nutrient dense cookies that also taste great.

The sugars will give you fast fuel, and the oats and almonds will keep you feeling full.

Heads up: Bringing bread on a backpacking trip isn’t a realistic option, even when it’s loaded with gluten to bind it together. Unless you like dipping a spork into your nut butter and picking up crumbs…

Read on for the best cracker tips, and make a mental switch for your backpacking gluten free lunch options.

Gluten Free Emergency Food For Everyday Life

Freeze Dried Almond & Soy Milk & Gluten Free Pasta

We package our high quality vegetarian survival food for daily use, but it can be used for long-term storage in your gluten free emergency food kit with the proper repackaging. The suggested shelf-life of our premium dehydrated food is 12-24 months, however, you can extend the life of the product indefinitely by isolating it from moisture and oxygen. One way to do this is by using vacuum sealed bags and storage pails with oxygen absorbers. Most people buy the âBulk Boxâ or âJumbo Jugâ size of the gluten free emergency food they want to stash in their kit, and then repackage it in this manner so that it lasts for years down the road.

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What About Gf With Other Dietary Restrictions

If you are GF and have an allergy to soy or milk, your best bet is to look for paleo meals. The paleo diet excludes virtually all common allergens .

The only brands I know of that make paleo emergency meals are Elements Meals and Wild Zora. If you know of any other options, please let us know in the comments!

These options are pricier, but the quality is far superior. Not only are you getting real meat , but you are getting real ingredients, lots of protein, and no artificial fillers.

Wild Zora Paleo Meals

  • Palisade pineapple mango

First Option: Make Your Own Gluten Free Hiking Food

The “make your own GF food” route has gotten so much easier over the years.

  • “Gluten Free” in the title of a cookbook is no longer an anomaly!

You can also find lots of great information on the Internet, including blogs and recipe sites.

If you decide to make your own carbohydrate-rich gluten free hiking food, you will need to purchase non-wheat flours and other baking ingredients such as xanthan.

  • These ingredients will cost more, which can be daunting at first.
  • They might be hard to locate, although on line purchasing opens up a wide range to you.

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X Organic Porridge With Cranberry Apple And Cinamon

Try our version of classic cinnamon and apple taste in our porridge enriched with cranberries. This warm breakfast will immediately transport you to favorite fall memories. Nutritious coconut milk, gluten free oats, chia seeds, cranberries and pieces of apples with cinnamon. All 100% organic, without any instant ingredients. Our porridge is made just like our grandmothers use to make it. Thanks to freeze-drying you can taste it anywhere.

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