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Best Gluten Free Dessert Recipes

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Caramelized Pineapple With Coconut Sorbet

LEMON BARS | easy, healthy, gluten-free lemon bars

Cook sliced pineapple in butter and sugar until browned and tender the sauce will smooth out and thicken, making a lovely warm topping for the coconut sorbet.

Chocolate mousse is the perfect dessert for entertaining because it can be made in advance. Refrigerate up to two days ahead and bring to room temperature before serving.

Silky and slightly tangy, these individual puddings look like they took hours of work but only require 15 minutes of hands-on time.

Be Mindful Of Ingredient Temperatures

In almost all baking, your ingredients should be at room temperature . If even one ingredient that is meant to be at room temperature is cold, when you mix it in with the others, it will cause other ingredients to clump.

When ingredients clump, they wont combine properly. For example, if the recipe calls for eggs and butter at room temperature, and your butter is softened, but your eggs are cold, take a few minutes to float those eggs in warm water, so your ingredients blend as intended.

Greek Yogurt Parfaits With Fruits

The next time youre at the grocery store, grab a container of greek yogurt. Known to be a good source of protein, its also one of the key ingredients in this easy-to-make parfait. Layer it with some fruit and granola, and youve got a sweet and healthy treat thats good to eat any time of the day!

If you love caramel apples, give these peanut butter apple slices a try! Theyre crunchy, tart, sweet, and still considered healthy! Great to make after a day of apple picking!

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Weve Gathered A Cornucopia Of Gluten

Simply Recipes

Gluten-free desserts have come a LONG way, since new and wonderful gluten-free flours and ingredients have entered the market. The secret to using gluten-free flour is finding a blend that works for you. Gluten-free flour with xanthan gum is perfect for baked goods because it works best for substituting that binding agent that gluten provides in dessert recipes that use all-purpose flour.

The best part about gluten-free baking? You can also make no bake recipes! Weve included a few delicious desserts that require you to step away from the oven and make a delectable treat in a matter of minutes. Perfect for hot days, or if you just want to prep your dessert beforehand.

This round up includes so many show-stopping beauties, like tarts and flourless chocolate cake that would impress any dinner guest. We also showcase easy weeknight desserts like cupcakes with banana and chocolate . No matter what dessert you whip up in your kitchen youll be surprised that theyre gluten-free.

Gf Vegan Snickers Slices

22 Easy Gluten

Delicious no bake snickers bars are a great gluten free snack that is also healthy and filling. Almond flour, coconut oil, and maple syrup are a great healthy substitute to the regular starchy flour mix, butter, and sugar. Who thought gluten free desserts could be so good!

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Fudgy Flourless Brownie Pie

Heres one for your repertoire of tasty gluten free desserts: brownie pie! This flourless brownie pie recipe is fudgy and decadent. The crown jewel is the tahini maple sauce: a mix of tahini, maple, espresso powder, and salt. It comes together into a gooey, salty sweet drizzle that’s the absolute perfect finish.

What Are The Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chips

My favorite gluten free chocolate chips are made by Enjoy Life brand, since theyre very high quality, come in a mini chocolate chips variety, and are appropriate for almost any dietary restrictions .

For melted chocolate, I dont like using chips since they contain wax to help them keep their shape even when heated. The best all-around chocolate to use for melting or for breaking into rough chocolate pieces as a mix-in is Ghirardelli dark chocolate wafers.

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Vanilla Pudding With Sauted Pears

Brown the sliced pears in a skillet with butter and sugar, then serve over homemade vanilla pudding with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Top ripe mango with vanilla yogurt, brown sugar, and butter and broil until browned to create a warm, tropical treat.

Blend mild ricotta cheese with melted chocolate to cut down on the sweetness while adding body and creamy texture.

Dairy Free Gluten Free Desserts

The BEST Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake!!! | Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Dessert Recipe

Dairy is in most conventional desserts, so its also in most gluten free desserts. Some dairy ingredients are easier to replace than others. Heres a general overview.


In place of milk in baking, you can almost always use an unsweetened nondairy milk, particularly one with some fat. My favorite nondairy milk for baking is unsweetened almond milk. Canned coconut milk is only appropriate as a substitution for heavy whipped cream, not milk, as its very, very thick.


In place of butter, if youre avoiding dairy, you can usually use vegan butter in my recipes. My favorite brands are Melt and Miyokos Kitchen.

If vegan butter isnt available, you can often use virgin coconut oil . Spectrum brand nonhydrogenated vegetable shortening is also often a good butter replacement, but it has very little moisture, unlike butter, so cookies spread less.

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Mini Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Candy Peanut Butter Cups From Half

Why We Love It: Disclaimer: Reeses will forever be my ride or die, go-to candy. But because Im always looking for a way to change up a tried-and-true classic, I consider this recipe a must-make. his recipe is easily made vegan by subbing vegan chocolate for dairy-free dark chocolate and maple syrup for honey.

Hero Ingredient: Pumpkin seeds nice nutty crunch give a little welcome variety to the smooth peanut butter/creamy chocolate combo.

This post was originally published on November 19, 2020, and has since been updated.

What Are Some Gluten Free Treats That Kids Love

Kids love anything they can eat with their fingers. The classic gluten free cookies that we talked about above are the most fun treat, and the first thing to go at a party .

Aside from gf cookies, you cant go wrong with gluten free vanilla cupcakes. Add some funfetti to make it extra special, with no added effort.

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Our Absolute Best Gluten

No gluten, no problemthese gluten-free substitutes and naturally gluten-free sweets are here for everyone

BySAVEUR Editors | Published May 18, 2017 8:00 PM

Whether you suffer from a gluten allergy or have given up the stuff for health reasons, rest assured that you can still enjoy delicious, show-stopping dessert recipes. And the sweets-loving world agrees: our best naturally gluten-free desserts run the gamut from a Filipino fruit salad to Iranian rice cookies and the hallmark of French desserts: the macaron. In some cases, cutting gluten makes your dessert taste even bettertake, for example, our flourless peanut butter cookies, which skip flour to accentuate their pure peanut butter flavor and chewy texture. They can also be easier and more time-efficient, as is the case with many of our no-bake recipes. Happy gluten-free baking!

Bliss Bites Healthy No

Best Gluten Free Dessert Recipes

Bliss bites are by far our most popular of gluten free desserts! Theyre basically a homemade peanut butter cup combined with a no bake cookie, and people all over the world make and love them! Made with maple syrup, coconut oil, and oats, theyre naturally sweet, vegan, and gluten-free. Keep them in the freezer or refrigerator and nibble all week long.

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Whats The Best Way To Store Gluten Free Desserts

Crispy gluten free desserts should always be stored in a sealed glass container at room temperature. Thats the only way theyll maintain their texture .

I rarely, if ever, store cake in the refrigerator, or really any baked goods, since it tends to dry out baked goods. If I make a cake even one day before I plan to frost and serve it, I wrap it tightly in freezer-safe wrap and freeze it. Defrost at room temperature, still covered.

This post was originally published in 2013, modified in 2017, and made even better in 2022. Most everything has been changed because the blog has grown a lot since then!

Ingredient Keto Strawberry Mousse

This creamy mousse is made with only 4 ingredients and has about 3.5 net carbs per serving the net carbs depending on the type of cream cheese you are using. The best part is, this keto dessert takes only 10 minutes to prepare.

Indulge in this heavenly gluten-free chocolate dessert. This creamy chocolate chia pudding is rich in fiber, protein and antioxidants.

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Sweet Potato Brownie With Peanut Butter Swirl

For a gluten-free slice with a sweet surprise, try this two-tone treat. A flourless chocolate brownie made with almond meal, it has grated sweet potato for an extra-moist texture, plus its marbled with natural peanut butter. Its a great choice when youre looking for gluten-free dairy free desserts.

Check Doneness In The Manner Directed In The Recipe

PALEO BROWNIES | fudgy dairy-free & gluten-free brownies

Baking times in gluten free desserts recipes are always approximate. Pay more attention to how the recipe describes doneness than to the baking time the recipe specifies.

There are so many factors that influence how quickly something bakes, from ingredient substitutions to whether your oven has hot spots and/or holds a consistent, reliable temperature.

Always read the recipe instructions carefully, all the way to the end, and take special note of the particular test for doneness that the recipe says is most reliable. Here are some basic guidelines, though by gf dessert type.

When are gf cookies done?

Some gf desserts recipes, like gf cookies especially, are done when they look set in the center and have browned, especially on the edges.

When are gf cakes, gf brownies and bars, and other gf quickbreads done?

Something that bakes in a square or rectangular pan, and is then portioned by cutting, is usually done when a cake tester comes out with a few moist crumbs attached, but no loose or wet batter.

Some cakes are so moist that that test just isnt reliable, so doneness is best judged by waiting for the cake to pull away from the sides of the pan and the gf dessert springs back when pressed gently in the center with your fingertip.

When is gf pastry done?

Sweet, individual pastries, like crullers, sweet drop biscuits, and cream puffs, are usually done when they are lightly golden brown all over and firm to the touch.

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Slow Cooker Orange Almond Rice Pudding

Let the slow cooker do your work for you, with this easy rice pudding recipe large enough to feed a crowd. Inspired by Indian kheer, you can serve this dessert both cold or warm. The oranges and almonds add a delicate flavor topping, but you can easily substitute with chocolate chips, pumpkin pie spice, coconut or any other toppings you desire.

Favorite Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Ready for a really, supremely irresistible gluten free dessert? Because have we got one for you: the best ever Gluten Free Chocolate Cake! It’s got a few magic ingredients: almond butter adds fat and texture instead of butter, and the zucchini brings in moisture and lightness. If you like, call it a chocolate zucchini cake! Dark chocolate chips add just the right chocolatey richness.

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Banana Mousse With Strawberry Chocolate Sauce

In this gluten-free dessert, the sinfully creamy Banana Mousse With Strawberry Chocolate Sauce is made with only nine ingredients. The silky mousse is topped with fresh strawberries lightly coated in freshly made chocolate sauce. All this deliciousness in a simple mousse made in minutes. All you need to add is chilling and then eating

Best Gluten Free Dessert Recipes

45 Easy Gluten

With this extraordinary list of sweet treats, easy gluten free desserts are made possible! Say goodbye to wasting time, expensive ingredients, and failed gluten-free baking experiments. These recipes have been been thoroughly tested , highly reviewed, and will make gluten-free baking a breeze!

If you are looking for cheap gluten free meal ideas, be sure to check out this free resource!

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What Desserts Are Naturally Gluten

Looking for naturally gluten free desserts? Try flourless recipes, such as almond flour recipes, pavola, rice pudding, flourless cake, or some of the best flourless cookie recipes.

Not only will you save money on expensive gluten free flour, but these recipes are more fool-proof because they arent adapted for gluten-free baking.

For holidays, there are plenty of naturally gluten-free homemade candies to make, such as chocolate bark, toffee, fudge, or peanut brittle.

Choosing The Right Gluten Free Flour Blend

There are two main differences between gluten free baking recipes and conventional baking recipes: the type of flour you use, and the way the other recipe ingredients are balanced. The remaining ingredients are usually just what youd expect , but in different proportions.

I take care of balancing the recipe properly, but you have to select your all purpose gluten free flour blend carefully. I have a few favorite store-bought blends, plus DIY recipes for building your own blends that are just as good.

Click through to our comprehensive guide to all purpose gluten free flour blends, read it carefully, and youll be set up for success! That post is so important that its linked in every recipe that calls for a gluten free flour blend, and its right there at the top of the homepage!

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Chocolate Cardamom & Hazelnut Torte

This rich, gluten-free torte has an irresistible chocolate & spice mix. An easy weekend treat or dinner party dessert you can make in advance

  • A star rating of 3.9 out of 5.13 ratings

    A delicious dessert, made with gluten-free flour

  • A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.14 ratings

    Turn a can of lychees into a no-fat fragrant dessert. A perfect ending to many meals

  • A star rating of 4.3 out of 5.23 ratings

    An unbelievably moist and yummy dessert

  • Fresh Plums With Polenta Cake

    FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE | easy, gluten-free, paleo and keto friendly

    Top a fluffy, golden polenta cake with lightly sweetened plums and whipped cream for a perfectly lovely dessert.

    Whip cut-up strawberries into softened vanilla ice cream and freeze in a pan for a homemade treat thats better than anything you can buy in the store.

    Whisk the dry ingredients with milk and cream on the stove until the pudding becomes thick, smooth, and delicious.

    This rustic dessertspiced with ginger, cinnamon, and nutmegis baked in the oven for a firmer consistency.

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    Yoghurt And Strawberry Tart With Mint Sugar

    Heres a fresh-tasting alternative to gluten-free cheesecake. Instead of biscuits or pastry, the blind-baked crust is made with almonds, dates and chia seeds, while the vanilla-flavoured filling is a simple mix of Greek yoghurt and reduced-fat ricotta. Decorate with fresh strawberries and DIY mint sugar for a stylish gluten-free dessert.

    Avocado Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Squares

    Here is an easy way to add healthy fruit like avocado to your diet and also satisfy your sweet tooth. Just imagine a delicious chocolate chip ice cream bar that is nutrient rich with healthy monounsaturated fats, potassium and fiber. These ice cream squares get the thumbs up every time!

    All you need is six ingredients and six minutes to make this heavenly keto zesty dessert. The best part, you dont have to bake them and the cheesecakes taste heavenly.

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    Keep The Kitchen Scale Handy

    Every gluten free desserts recipe on this blog works best when you measure as many ingredients as possible by weight, not volume. Volume measurements are inherently unreliable, since the cup sizes arent standardized and human error is unavoidable.

    If youre worried about making a big investment, rest assured that you can get a really durable, reliable digital kitchen scale for about $20. Escali is a great brand .

    Why You’re Going To Love This Recipe

    18 Easy Gluten

    There’s so much to love about this gluten free almond cake :

    • Super moist buttery and golden with crunchy toasted flaked almonds on top!
    • Gluten-free – using almond meal in place of flour makes this cake gluten-free as well as adding that ultra indulgent rich almond flavour.
    • Great to share – as this flourless cake is so dense and moist, you only need a small slice, so it’s perfect for that special occasion when you’re in charge of bringing dessert!
    • One bowl – you will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to get this cake in the oven. Melt the butter, add everything else to the same bowl, mix then bake! Less than 10 minutes prep time.
    • Cake or dessert – whether you’re after a special cake for afternoon tea, or a lusciously moist and slightly indulgent dessert cake – this cake pulls off both spectacularly! Try it and you’ll see for yourself….

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    Raspberry Chocolate Mocha Mousse

    Simplest Raspberry Chocolate Mocha Mousse. Just imagine fresh raspberries combined with a light chocolate mocha mousse and topped with whipped cream. The best part, all you need is fifteen minutes. Whenever I need a last minute dessert and dont have the time to bake this chocolate mocha mousse is my go-to recipe. It has always been a huge hit!

    What Is Xanthan Gum And Do I Need It

    Xanthan gum is a common food additive. Its a carbohydrate made up of a number of sugar molecules bound together, and is used to bind foods together.

    Yes, you need xanthan gum for most gluten free baked goods, as it helps them hold together as youd expect, and helps keep gluten free baked goods from going stale more quickly than they should.

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