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Gluten Free Dairy Free And Egg Free Recipes

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Sweet & Sour Chicken Paleo & Low Fodmap

Allergy Friendly Pancakes: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free

I just made this last night and it was SOO good. Im from California and am here in England with a grumpy, fast food obsessed 15 year old who is not so happy about our new healthy eating plan. I made this chicken and he said it was better than Panda Express which seeing as Panda Express is his favorite place is really saying something! And I was so happy to eat this without the major stomach issues I would usually have from sweet and sour chicken. Gina

Easy Vegan Taco Salad

On the lookout for easy gluten free dairy free dinner ideas? Vegan Taco Salad to the rescue! This genius recipe comes to you by the magic of Walnut Taco Meat: a tasty way to make a plant-based version of ground beef. Turns out, walnuts, mushrooms and spices do a spot on job of simulating the savory goodness of meat crumbles. Top with salsa and enjoy.

How To Substitute In Baking

You can successfully substitute gluten-free varieties of flour or baking mixes for wheat flour in baking recipes. Some recipes adapt better than others.

Recipes which work well

  • recipes with only small amounts of flour
  • recipes with ground nuts, eg. almonds
  • recipes with high fruit content, eg. carrot or banana cake
  • recipes with coconut

These types of recipes tend to have a heavier, moister texture naturally, which compensates for the dryness of gluten-free flours and means substituting generally works well.

Recipes which are more difficult

  • recipes with high flour content
  • recipes that are traditionally light and fluffy, eg. sponge, scones
  • bread

Try baking and bread mixes

Ready-made gluten-free baking mixes are especially formulated to give good results in baking recipes. Theyre great for convenience and consistency, and you know there is no risk of cross-contamination.

Mixes can be substituted in the same quantities as wheat flour. It is also possible to make your own mix of flours for baking. Try this one:

  • 1 part maize cornflour

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Tips For Making The Best Gluten

  • Dont skip the step to soften the butter. Take the butter out of the refrigerator and allow it to soften on the counter for 15-30 minutes. If you are using dairy-free or vegan butter you should not need to soften it.
  • I always use a greased cookie scoop. I use a 1 ½ tablespoon cookie scoop.
  • I also like to use Reynolds Kitchens Cookie Baking Sheets. It has a smart grid that makes it super easy to line up your cookies on your baking sheet. I buy it at Walmart.
  • If you want your chocolate chip cookies to be gooey, the trick is to not over-bake them .
  • If you want your cookies to be more fluffy, chill the cookie dough for 30 minutes.

Chocolate Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Gluten Free Dairy Free Egg Free Recipes

The Spruce Eats / Diana Chistruga

Pumpkin subs in for eggs in this decadent chocolate cake that comes dense and moist. When making a bundt, carefully oil every nook and cranny and then dust with flour or cocoa powder to ensure it comes out cleanly. Drizzle with melted chocolate, a white glaze, or dust with some powder sugar to serve.

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Can I Make This Gluten

You can definitely make this recipe head of time. You can make the bread cubes a few days ahead of time, chop the vegetables the day before, and assemble and bake the day you want to eat it.

You can also make the entire dish a day or two before serving, if you wish. All you need to do is take it out of the refrigerator for about 15 minutes before serving to reheat again in the oven.

How To Make Gluten Free Waffles Without Dairy And Eggs

This recipe is slightly based off of our gluten free and dairy free buttermilk pancake recipe. We added a bit of vinegar to our dairy free milk to create a type of buttermilk that reacts with the baking soda to add more air to the batter.

Here are the steps to make our allergy friendly waffles :

  • Preheat your non-stick waffle iron.
  • In a large bowl, whisk together the gluten free flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.
  • Add xanthan gum if you are using a baking mix that doesnt include xanthan gum.
  • In a small bowl, whisk together the dairy free milk, oil, and vinegar.
  • Add the liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients and whisk together until mixed well.
  • Your waffle batter should be rather thick.
  • Pour batter into your hot waffle iron according to the amount that your waffle iron will hold. We pour 1 measuring cup of batter into our Belgian waffle maker.
  • Spread the batter in the waffle iron a bit if needed.
  • Cook in the waffle iron for 4 to 4-1/2 minutes. Once its done cooking, youll notice that there isnt much steam escaping the iron anymore.
  • Top with your favorite dairy free butter and toppings.

We used a Belgian waffle iron for our waffles that made large waffles, but this recipe should work in a smaller waffle iron, too. Just use a smaller amount of batter and cook according to your waffle iron directions .

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Ginger & Spring Onion Chicken

I have just made this for our evening meal with brown rice and quinoa it was so delicious. This has always been my favourite dish from the Chinese takeaway and I have always wanted to make it. This recipe was sooooo easy, although I added green peppers with the spring onions instead of the white onions Teri

My teenage daughter helped me make this and said upon tasting it, this tastes like a real Chinese dish! we were all blown away by the deliciousness. We also threw in some broccoli. Eliza

What are your favourite gluten and dairy free meals?

Feel free to leave a comment sharing your favourite gf/df dish! Bonus points to you if it can be found online with a link!

Salmon And Asparagus Sheet Pan Meal

Gluten Free Egg Free Dairy Free Recipes: Zucchini Noodles!

Here’s a solution to an easy gluten free dairy free dinner that pleases everyone: this baked salmon and asparagus recipe! Its simple, its elegant, but it tastes like something youd order at a restaurant. Roasting it up on a sheet pan with lemon slices and fresh herbs adds effortless flavor that feels fresh yet refined.

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Prepare The Bread Cubes

Cut the gluten-free bread into cubes. Place the bread cubes in a single even layer on a rimmed baking sheet.

Transfer the baking sheet with bread cubes to the oven to bake for 5 to 7 minutes, turning once during the cooking time, about halfway through. Youll know theyre done when the bread has become dry and slightly toasted. Set aside and allow to cool.

Bougie Bakes Carves A Niche In The Cookie Categoryyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

Bougie Bakes, a direct-to-consumer bakery based in Los Angeles, produces and markets an assortment of sugar-free, dairy-free, glutenfree cookies, brownies and muffins. Married co-founders Ryan and Meghan Quinn named the business as a nod to the premium ingredients used “if our recipe calls for a dash of salt,

Baking Business

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So How Do You Make A Frittata Egg

  • Use garbanzo bean flour for the egg
  • Use rice milk instead of milk
  • Use nutritional yeast for that cheesy flavor
  • Fill the rest with your favorite vegetables, since those are naturally allergy-friendly!
  • I was sure to use lots of garlic and onion to really flavor these babies!

So easy, right? I made these while my son was at school and was just dying for him to get home and try them. My husband even had one with his dinner! So much for them lasting until the next morning. I wouldnt even mind these cold, but just keep them stored in an air tight container and reheat as needed!

And the best parttheres no nuts, for those who have nuts allergies. So many cheese substitutes are made of cashews and other nuts. So, I was thrilled that this did not need any kind of peanuts or tree nuts. Hooray for an allergy-friendly hot breakfast option! And, its naturally gluten-free too. WINNING!

Since we are not strictly vegan , and my son was not thrilled about having lots of spinach in his I think next time Ill try adding little pieces of cubed ham. This concept opens up a whole new world of possibilities for breakfast options! Hip, hip hooray for a hot breakfast idea that is allergy-friendly and free of the top-8-allergens!

How To Make Stuffing Egg


To make your stuffing egg-free, you can find a substitution to mimic the binder that the egg provides in a recipe with a flax egg or an egg substitute.

However, I find that the egg in many recipes doesnt provide much necessity, except for the golden color when the stuffing is baked and the binding. I make my stuffing without any eggs at all, and it turns out to be just as delicious as recipes that use eggs.

Youll also want to check the gluten-free bread that you use for the bread cubes in your stuffing.

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Can You Freeze Cake

Of course, nobody bakes a cake the day of the party, so Im sure you are wondering, can this allergy-friendly cake be frozen? The short answer is yes! You can bake the layers and freeze them, take the cake out of the freezer the day of the party, make the dairy-free frosting, and assemble it.

Want to save more time? Make the entire cake and freeze it, whole, and take it out the night of the party. If you have room in your freezer, then why not? Thawing out this cake does not affect its delicious texture and flavor, and youll save yourself a lot of time.

I know that making an allergy-friendly cake from scratch can seem overwhelming -where do you even find the ingredients? Well, for starters, you are probably using most of them already so know that they are often easy to swap for another brand. This recipe is not brand specific.

For most people with severe food allergies, using a mix out of the box isnt an option, so this version allows you to select your favorite gluten-free flour.

Youll also find that the use of chocolate non-dairy milk gives this cake a moist, rich texture that will bring everyone back for seconds. You can find this dairy-free option in the refrigerated section of your grocery.

For more clean desserts that have no gluten or nuts and focus on clean sugars check out my latest cookbook, Clean Treats for Everyone.

Clean Treats Cookbook

Healthy and wholesome dessert recipes youll want to eat made with clean ingredients you already have on hand.

Vegan Peanut Butter Fudge

This simple and nutty peanut butter fudge requires just five ingredients, including a vegan margarine instead of butter to keep it totally dairy free. It comes out decadent enough to give as gifts, so make a big batch if you feel like sharing. Drizzling it with a little melted dairy-free chocolate looks extra special.

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Love This Recipe Save It For Later

Cuisine: Category:

If youve been looking for a gluten-free pancake recipe, I hope you love this one! I love that it works for both folks who can enjoy eggs and dairy, as well as those of us who need to make substitutions for these ingredients.

These vegan gluten-free pancakes have been a huge hit for me and my gluten, dairy, egg-eating family members!

If you loved this post, I hope that youll share it with your friends on and pin it for future reference on .

Does Stuffing Have Eggs

Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Egg-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies | Allergy-Friendly Recipes with Vivienne

Many stuffing recipes have eggs in them, and they act as a binding ingredient to keep the bread cubes and the rest of the dish together. There may also be eggs as an ingredient in the bread that you use.

Now that were on the same page as it relates to food intolerances, lets talk about what swaps we can make to make stuffing gluten, dairy, and egg-free.

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How To Make Any Recipe Gluten Free Dairy Free Or Egg Free

Niki Bezzant has a practical guide to substituting in recipes so the whole family can enjoy your favourites.

Being diagnosed with an allergy or intolerance can be quite disorienting and confusing to start with it can feel like meals as you know them are over!

But it doesnt have to be this way living free from the foods that cause you problems can be really positive and delicious as well, and it is possible to keep making some of your favourite recipes with a few small changes once you know the tricks.

Dairy Free Gluten Free Soy Free And Sugar Free Recipes

This collection of recipes features dairy free, gluten free, soy free and refined sugar-free recipes. PLEASE NOTE: Some of the recipes below require minor adjustments. Check the notes for substitution suggestions.

  • Daniel Bishop

    My four year old is allergic to soya/dairy/wheat and has a intolerance to black current. Is there any recipes you can send my way as the wheat allergy has only just been diagnosed and I am struggling with what I can make for her to eat without making her ill. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

  • Kate

    Hi, Daniel. That definitely sounds challenging. You can find gluten-free recipes on my blog by going to the menu bar, choosing Diet and choosing which tags to search. I have organized them under Gluten-Free, GF & Dairy-Free, GF & Vegan, Soy-Free, etc. I think youll be able to find some recipes there to help! All the best.

  • Kate

    This is such a kind comment, Erika! Im glad to have a small part in bringing joy back to your kitchen. All the best on your transition.

  • Jamie Roberts

    May 26, 2019

    After a devastating diagnosis of MS it became critical that I change my diet. My first thought was no dairy, soy, gluten OR sugar what CAN I eat? Ive found some yummy sounding thinks here!! Thank you!

  • Kate

    May 29, 2019

    Im sorry to hear about your diagnosis! I hope you can find some things that can help, Jamie.

  • Ronald F Gates

    Do you know of a flour receipt that can be used for baking that is dairy free, gluten free and soy free?

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    The Reason That This Anti

    In order to help COMBAT that chronic inflammation, we need to first make some MAJOR lifestyle changes . Oops, Im failing at that.

    We also need to MAXIMIZE certain nutrients in our diet, such as omega 3 rich foods , anti-oxidants, minerals, Vitamin D, probiotics, water, and so on and so on. Temporarily removing a dairy, and maybe even certain types of grains can help absorb your body absorb more nutrients and therefore reduce stress on the body. Does that make sense?

    I know, youre probably now wondering but why a dairy-free Anti-inflammatory meal plan? Doesnt cultured dairy do wonder for the gut? YES, it SURE does! Grass-fed dairy thats rich in probiotics, like kefir, and yogurt, and even REAL butter, can be healthy and nourishing. Plus they are SOOOO tasty!

    But heres the thing, if you are under that chronic inflammation and stress, then you might also be experiencing digest issues and food intolerances. Any food can be inflammatory if your body comes to see it as an invader under chronic inflammation. Which may include dairy, casein, and lactose included! Hopefully, its a temporary intolerance, but you never know. Which is why I suggest trying out a low FODMAP meal plan first.

    No no, dont be worried, we can get this all worked out. Yes, we are going nourish the body and reduce stress.

    Test, rest, reset! YES!!

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