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Best Exercises For Legs And Glutes

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Benefits Of The Banded Barbell Romanian Deadlift

8 Best Exercises For Legs and Glutes
  • The band helps give counterbalance to the torso, allowing you to lean forward and place more resistance on the glutes throughout the range of motion.
  • This exercise prioritizes hip extension, helping build muscle and strength in the glutes, hamstrings, and adductors.
  • It adds resistance to the glutes in the top position where there usually isnt any at all.

The Best Glute Exercises

The three muscles that make up the buttocks are the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. As the name suggests, the maximus is the largest of the three. It is responsible for hip extension, lateral rotation, hip abduction, and even stabilization of that sometimes-painful SI joint. So yes, building a bigger butt can help with back pain, too!

This big muscle also contributes to some big movements:

Because the gluteus maximus works with hip extension, many hamstring exercises are also excellent glute exercises. A deadlift, bridge, or any type of thrust will use both the hamstrings and the gluteus maximus.

The gluteus medius is half the size of the gluteus maximus. It sits more laterally and is worked with lateral rotation, lateral extension, and lateral abduction. This is the muscle that can fix the dreaded “flat” butt, and it’s also the muscle that can improve a host of injuries. Knee instability or ankle issues are often traced back to a weak gluteus medius.

These exercises will help build and strengthen the gluteus medius:

Recommendations For A Well

As with any type of training, variety is key. Thus, dont just take one of the above exercises and beat it to death. Mix things up.

Every muscle has numerous muscle fibers that are stimulated by different movement patterns. By using a variety of glute exercise you will ensure you hit all of them.

With that, here are 4 recommendations when choosing glute exercises for your workouts. On a regular basis, ensure you:

  • Perform at least one type of hip thrust movement
  • Perform a variety of squatting
  • Perform a deadlifting movement
  • Perform a stability-based exercise to keep your gluteus medius/minimus active and healthy
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    Single Leg Hip Thrust

    Take the Hip Thrust exercise to the next level!

    The setup is the same as for the Hip Thrust, followed by lifting one foot off of the ground. Push through the heel on the floor and use your hips to lift yourself up. Dont let your hips fall towards one side, keep them level. Repeat with the other leg.

    How To Do The Sumo Deadlift

    How to develop glutes

    To get into position, set your feet just outside of hip-width, with your toes pointed out around 30 degrees. From there, push your hips back as you reach down for the bar. Allows the knees to bend naturally as you reach down for the bar. Secure your grip, engage your abdominals, and maintain a neutral head position. Engage the upper back muscles along with the abdominals to help protect the spine and support the torso then, drive through the floor.

    As you drive through the floor, drive your hips forward as you reach the top. Return safely back to the starting position by hinging at the hip and controlling the bar as it returns back to the floor.

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    Leg And Glute Toning Exercises

    Supplement your workouts with these ten exercises that will help you achieve a tighter, more defined physique. This sequence only has ONE squat-related exercise, so dont fret!

    Complete the entire circuit to really target your lower body. Perform each exercise for 15-20 repetitions, 2-3 times.

    If youre a beginner, do 5-10 repetitions of each exercise, completing only 1-2 sets. You can increase the amount of repetitions and sets after one week.

    Progressive Overload Is Key

    You’ll see results as long as you’re pushing yourself hard enough and employing progressive overload gradually increasing the weight or reps.

    You won’t see much difference in your glutes if you’re using the same set of dumbbells every week, Cowan said.

    “Remember that aesthetically, ‘definition’ will come mostly from being lean,” Cowan said. “Shape is from building more muscle mass.”

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    Cable Alternating Step Ups

    Muscles worked: Glutes, VMO, quads, calves


  • Place a box or bench in front of the cable machine. Ideally, you want it to be at a height that when you place your foot on it, your thigh is parallel to the ground.
  • Attach a single handle to each side of the cable machine on the bottom setting and grab one in each hand.
  • With extended arms holding the cables, step up onto the bench with the foot of your weaker leg first. Ensure you keep your spine neutral and your chest up.
  • Push through the middle of your foot until you are standing on top of the bench. At this point, you should have both feet on the bench.
  • Step back down with the same foot you stepped up with first, commencing your next repetition with the opposite foot.
  • Note, you can also do this exercise using one leg at a time, i.e. x amount of reps on your left leg followed by x amount of reps on your right leg.
  • Recommended repetitions: 24 to 30 alternating

    Side Plank With Leg Lift

    10 Best Leg and Glute Exercises for Serious Gains

    This is an advanced version of the side plank that will train both your core and your glutes. Its pretty challenging and youll definitely notice discrepancies between sides.

    A 2009 study showed that among various glute exercises, side lying abduction exercises similar to the leg lift in this exercise are the most beneficial at activating your gluteus medius.

    How to do it:

    Lie on your left side and position yourself so that your bottom forearm is directly under your armpit and your legs are straight with feet stacked. Brace your core and lift your hips in the air, forming a straight line from ankles to shoulders. Next, raise your top leg, without bending your knee, a few inches into the air. Hold for 3-5 seconds, lower the leg, and repeat. Complete required reps then switch sides.

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    Top 10 Calisthenics Bodyweight Leg & Glute Exercises

    Whether youre a gym rat or not, many people often skip leg exercise in light of maintaining a strong and powerful upper body. Ab workouts give you chiselled abs, chest workouts build a wider and more powerful chest, but what do leg workouts do?

    While the upper body certainly stands out more, its important not to overlook the legs! After all, have you seen what happens to those guys?! They get this monstrous upper body from training chest all day, but then walk around on chicken legs not what you want!

    And for the ladies, the legs and booty are integral to achieving your ideal body shape.

    In this article, we will look at the Top 10 Leg Exercises that personal trainers recommend. With a little willpower and a can-do attitude, these leg exercises will transform your legs into lean muscle machines. Lets take a look!

    1. One-Leg Glute Bridge

    The one-leg version of this exercise is perfect for activating your glute muscles at the start of a workout.

    How To Do A 1 Leg Glute Bridge

    1. Simply lie down with your arms out, knees bent and feet firmly flat on the floor. Try to keep feet at least 30cm apart

    2. Extend one leg out and bring it forward slightly towards your chest

    3. Concentrate and squeeze your glutes, lifting your hips off the floor evenly

    4. You should form a straight line with your leg and the rest of your torso

    2. Step Ups

    How To Do Step Ups

  • Put one foot up on an elevated platform
  • 3. Squat Jumps

    How To Do Squat Jumps

    2. Put your hands in front of the chest.

    Benefits Of Having Strong Legs And Glutes

    Sure, you might want to sculpt a kick-ass booty to rock your new pants suit. But strengthening your gluteus minimus, medius and maximus, aka a tushie, is more than just a vanity thing.

    Butt is our largest muscle and kind of an important one. Glutes support you core and are essential for better athletic performance. Strong bottom means better posture and reduced chances of injury. Its also your insurance against back pains and muscle degradation, especially if you are a victim of a desk job.

    Leg and buttocks exercises are like the Grail for those who are serious about enhancing their muscles and joints, boosting mobility and reducing the risk of the injury. So, without a doubt they should be the main priority of any training routine.

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    How To Do The Cable Glute Kickback

    Place a strap attached to the cable around the ankle. Keep your back in a neutral position with your abs engaged. The body will be positioned off-center with the working leg in line with the cable attachment. Tilt your body forward and kick your leg out behind you while maintaining a very slight bend in the knee. Move your leg by squeezing the glute, not arching the lower back.

    Intense Exercises For Strong Shapely Legs And Glutes

    Will 4 Exercises Build And Strengthen Glutes And Hamstrings? Yes! We ...

    While many people have the top goal of a set of six pack abs, your primary goal might be toning the legs and glutes. Give these 5 exercises a try.

    While many people have the top goal of achieving a set of six pack abs, your primary goal might be toning the legs and glutes, giving your lower body a curvier, yet still muscular appearance.

    When the legs show good tone and definition, it really enhances the overall image of the body, making it well worth your time and effort. In order to maximize both the strength potential and appearance of your leg and glute muscles, there are some key exercises you will want to focus on.

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    How To Front Squat

    • To start, set up a barbell on the uprights of a squat rack. Youll want this right around mid-chest.
    • Grab the barbell with an overhand grip just beyond shoulder width.
    • As you lift the barbell off of the rack, lift your elbows in front of your torso to form a 90-degree angle at your shoulders, with your upper arms perpendicular to your torso. This is called the front rack position, and the barbell should sit nicely in the groove of your deltoid muscles.
    • Loosen your grip and allow the bar to roll from your palms to your fingers. If this is difficult, you want might want to read how to improve your wrist mobility. It may seem awkward at first, but youll get used to it.
    • Step back from the rack as you would for a conventional back squat, with your feet shoulder-width apart, and toes pointed forward. Make sure your elbows are high.
    • Your hips will descend back and down, until your upper thighs are parallel to the floor.
    • Keep your torso as upright as possible, with your lumbar curve maintained.
    • Keep your heels down and the weight balanced, with your knees in line with your toes.
    • Push back up to the starting position
    • Push your weight into your heels, and keep your back straight

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    How To Get A Bubble Butt

    If youre an experienced athlete, you are hopefully already doing back squats and deadlifts regularly.

    Squats and deadlifts are effective strength training for all the muscles of the body, including glutes.

    But if you want a bubble butt, its probably going to take more than just those two fundamental exercises.

    Below is a complete glute workout comprised of 13 other exercises that can be completed in under an hour. Some of these movements hit the glutes directly, while others engage the gluteals indirectly:

    • There is a warm-up exercise, followed by four glute workout circuits.
    • Each circuit is done three times through.
    • There are several exercises within each circuit.
    • Do each exercise within the circuit consecutively without rest, then take a 2-minute rest before repeating the circuit again.
    • Use a timer! By limiting your rest between circuits to only two minutes, you keep your heart rate elevated and your sweat going.
    • After you complete your third time through a particular circuit, you move on to the next circuit in the series.

    Save this article to read later, on Pinterest:

    Do this unique workout once each week and you will begin to see and feel positive differences in the shape, lift, strength, and texture of your buttocks.

    A bubble butt can be yours!

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    How To Do A 15 Goblet Squat

  • Start standing feet shoulder-width distance apart or slightly wider than shoulder-width. Hold a single dumbbell at chest level.
  • Lower down into a squat position, lowering your hips down parallel to your knees. Driving your knees out toward your pinky toes.
  • Drive through your heels to stand 3/4 of the way back up, then lower back down to the bottom of your squat.
  • Then drive through your heels to stand all the way back up reaching full hip extension at the top. Returning to the starting position.
  • Best Butt Exercises For Strong Glutes


    Getting the most out of your butt workout is ideal for those seeking stronger glutes. Women can use a range of exercises to build and tone their butt, from squats to deadlifts. For maximum results, the right routine, effective movements, and diet is essential.

    For the 15 best butt exercises for stronger glutes, see below:


  • What does clenching your bum do?
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    Best Exercises For Bums

    • Stand in a wide stance with your feet slightly pointed outwards .
    • Grip a barbell, keeping your hands shoulder-width apart.
    • Lower down into a squat by shifting your hips backward and keeping your chest and body straight. Bring your knees out directly over your ankles.
    • Repeat for five sets of 12 reps.

    Single Leg Lift And Row

    How to do it:RELATED: 11 Celeb-Approved Workouts for a Toned, Sculpted Butt

    This move works more than just the legs it targets the back, arms, and core in addition to the butt and hamstrings.

    How to do it: Begin standing with your left foot in front of the right foot. Hold a 5- to 8-pound dumbbell in the right hand and keep both arms at your sides. Leaning forward, raise the right foot off the ground and bring it straight up to hip level. At the same time, bring the weight toward the ground and then raise it up to hip-level.

    Do 12-15 reps on the right side before switching arms and legs to repeat on the left side.

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    Q: Is It Ok To Work Your Glutes Every Day

    The legs, back, and butt require rest days to allow the muscles time to recover.

    If you work your glutes every day, you run the risk of overstraining the muscles in your lower back, which can lead to injury.

    While training the glutes every day may seem like a good idea, rest days are essential for recovery and muscle repair.

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