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Gluten Free Alternative To Couscous

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Ancient Harvest Organic Gluten

Raw Recipe: Cauliflower Couscous

Quinoa wouldnt be our first choice for a couscous substitute due to its similar carbohydrate content. However, quinoa may have quite a bit of carbohydrate per ¼ cup serving , but it packs a big punch of protein, fiber, and healthy fats when compared to couscous. The increased fiber, fat, and protein are what makes quinoa a better all-around choice in regards to overall nutritional benefit. As mentioned previously, all foods can technically be consumed while following a ketogenic diet. A reduced serving size of quinoa would be recommended for those following a ketogenic diet to ensure the daily carbohydrate threshold is not exceeded.


Nutritional Information :

  • Calories: 170
  • Protein: 0g
  • The Best Couscous Substitutes

    1. Cooked Rice

    White rice is the easiest substitute for cooked couscous.

    Rice will absorb different amount of liquid to couscous. The cooking time will also be different so best to cook the rice first. Then use in your recipe as per the cooked couscous.

    To cook rice just boil in plenty of water until tender about 10 minutes then drain.

    2. Cooked Quinoa

    Couscous has a very similar appearance to cooked quinoa. The cooking time and the amount of liquid the quinoa absorbs will be different so substitute in cooked quinoa at the cooked stage of the recipe.

    To cook your quinoa just boil it like pasta in a big pot of water. Drain when its tender about 12 minutes.

    3. Cooked Lentils

    While lentils have a stronger flavour than couscous, they can make a satisfying substitute. Especially the milder red lentils. As per all the substitutes here, the cooking time and liquid absorption will be slightly different.

    4. Cooked / Canned Chickpeas

    Chickpeas are much larger, however theyre a good option if you want something super quick, gluten-free and lower carb than couscous.

    5. Make Your Own Couscous

    If you happen to have coarse semolina and semolina flour in the house. And a few hours to spare you can roll your own couscous by hand.

    Paula Wolferts recipe is the best place to start.

    What Is Couscous Potential Benefits & Downsides

    By Rebekah Edwards

    The more we learn about the inflammatory properties of conventional grains, the more people are seeking out healthier alternatives. Is one of those alternatives couscous and just what is couscous?

    Many people confuse couscous with quinoa, as they are somewhat similar visually. However, while quinoa is a gluten-free ancient grain, couscous actually contains gluten and is typically not sold in whole grain form.

    While whole grain couscous might be a good item to occasionally add to your pantry, it isnt something I use regularly, like amaranth or quinoa. So what is couscous exactly, what is couscous good for and should you use it?

    Lets look at what is couscous, how it might be beneficial to your health and potential alternatives.

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    Couscous Vs Other Grains

    Nutritionally, couscous is similar to many rices, grains and pastas. The biggest differences, in many ways, are the presence of gluten and the type of couscous . In other ways, couscous is similar to most rices, pastas and grains.

    For example, white rice is higher on the GI than couscous , while brown rice is 15 points lower at 50. Sweet corn comes in at 48, while pearled barley is all the way down at 25. On the pasta side, couscous outranks many popular choices like fettuccine noodles , macaroni , white spaghetti and whole grain spaghetti .

    Regarding gluten, most pastas are similar to couscous in that they are able to form precisely because of the presence of gluten. However, rices are typically gluten-free, and grains are a toss-up. Some grains, like buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa, are gluten-free, while others, such as bulgur wheat, barley and rye, do contain gluten.

    Because they look so similar, couscous is often compared to quinoa. In my opinion, though, there is no comparison.

    While the possible benefits of couscous are limited at best, quinoa is a well-researched superfood. For example, quinoa nutrition can help aid weight loss efforts, may help to fight cancer, supports a healthy heart, contains plentiful amounts of antioxidants known as bioflavonoids, helps support digestive health, supports proper bone health and also may reduce the risk of diabetes.

    How To Cook Orzo

    Is Couscous Gluten

    Well, this type of pasta can be cooked in various ways. Because of its shape and size, there are many cooking techniques. Ill share with you some tips and ideas below on how to cook orzo and have a healthy, delicious meal.

    • The standard way is to cook it like pasta: put water to boil, add salt, and add the uncooked orzo. Leave it for 8 or 10 minutes until its cooked al dente.
    • Then, drain the liquid and add butter or olive oil.
    • Another option is to prepare it the same way as rice. All you need is to put the orzo in a saucepan with cold water and bring it to the boil. After it starts boiling, lower the heat and cover the pot until the liquid is absorbed.
    • Cooking pilaf with orzo is another option, and combines the technique of boiling rice with making risotto. Put the orzo in a pan with a bit of oil and some chopped onion. Cook it for about 20 minutes until the liquid is absorbed.

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    Putting Gluten Free Couscous To The Test

    June 6, 2014 By Gemma Sampson RD APD

    Couscous is a great alternative to rice and pasta, but did you realize that it is actually made from wheat and contains gluten? Lots of people dont. I know I didnt! Thankfully for anyone on a gluten free diet, gluten free couscous is available which Ive put it to the test to see how it measures up.

    I discovered that couscous was made of wheat the first time I ever tried going on a gluten free diet. It was shortly before graduating as a dietitian and I wanted to be able to understand just what it felt like for someone newly diagnosed with coeliac disease to completely remove gluten from their life. To say it was an eye-opener would be an understatement. Walking through the supermarkets was a shock because so many things were written off. On one occasion there was some couscous being sampled inside the supermarket and being blindly unaware about what couscous was made of, ate some. It was only when I read through the packaging afterwards that I realised my blunder. I had just been glutened.


    Cooking gluten free couscous

    Surprisingly the gluten free couscous cooked just as well as normal couscous. Just add equal parts gluten free couscous and boiling water and allow it the water to be absorbed before fluffing up with a fork. The texture and consistency was right on par too.

    The taste test

    Have you tried gluten free couscous? What were your thoughts?


    What Is Couscous Made Of

    Couscous is usually made of semolina flour of durum wheat or rarely barley and water.

    I saw a very detailed and interesting video on How is Couscous Manufactured. In short, they mix the semolina flour with water to make a grainy raw dough. Then they transfer it to a special rotating machine to shape the dough into tiny balls. After that the balls are steam cooked, then dried, then cooled down so they can be packaged. Thats it. Here is another video on How to Make Couscous by Hand. It looks like a super labor-intensive and long process though.

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    Gluten Free Replacements And Substitutes

    Posted on Published: 07/25/2017

    If you are someone who follows a gluten free diet, either to lose weight or for your health, you will know that you sometimes need gluten free replacements and substitutes to cook your favorite recipes.

    One of the latest trends in the diet industry is a gluten free diet. And for many of those people a gluten free diet is not necessary at all.

    The Diet was designed primarily for those who suffer from Celiac Disease.

    Even though there is little scientific research that shows that gluten free eating is needed for many people, it does appear to be here to stay. Ive been eating wheat my whole life with no problems and have recently discovered that gluten is the cause of skin conditions that have been bothering me for several years.

    Cutting wheat out of my diet has made a big change, so a gluten intolerance can occur even if it has not bothered you in the past.

    If you love to snack, be sure to also check out my post on heart healthy snacks. It gives 30 delicious snack ideas that are great for your heart health.

    I have put together a list of 16 gluten free replacements and substitutes so that you can enjoy some of your favorite recipes, the gluten free, guilt free way. Recipes: You can also jump down to some recipes here

    You might also be interested in my blog post featuring over 100 food and cooking substitutes.

    Filling The Couscous Shaped Hole In My Gluten Free Life

    Quinoa Couscous recipe | Best Gluten Free Couscous | Vegan Couscous | How to make Couscous

    November 14, 2013 by Sarah Howells

    This post may contain affiliate links for which I earn a small comission at no extra cost to you. For more info, check out my Disclosure Policy. Thank you for your support!

    Generally, being gluten free doesn’t bother me that much. I’m not too fussed about ‘missing out’ on bread and cakes, in fact, I was never really that keen on them anyway and for the small amount of times I eat them, the gluten free alternatives will do. But there are a few things I do really miss – noodles, fresh cream doughnuts, and couscous.

    Because couscous is made from semolina, a gluten-filled grain, there isn’t really a direct alternative to it. There are things that are like couscous and gluten free, but nothing that is ever the same. That is, until Asda sent me through some samples of their new gluten free couscous – made from maize. Things were about to get very exciting.

    Until this point, I had always used quinoa as an alternative. It was never quite the same, but having a high protein content, it was probably much better for you anyway! I’ve made a few dishes with it, including quinoa with feta, chicken and veg curried quinoa with salmon and quinoa with chicken, avo and spinach. Cooked with plenty of flavours – spices and stocks – quinoa was always a worthy alternative.

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    Gluten Free Brown Rice Couscous

    Spice Zens Brown Rice Gluten Free Couscous is a 100% certified organic couscous made from semolina of brown rice grain. Brown rice couscous has a nutty flavour and can be cooked as a savoury or sweet dish for any time. Order Brown Rice Gluten Free Couscous online now!

    Simple, humble, light and fluffy Couscous dish with origin from North Africa, is made from tiny steamed balls of semolina. A kitchen staple in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean region, Couscous is a national and celebratory dish in Morocco served under a meat or vegetable stew.

    Couscous is the husked and crushed semolina . It is usually made with durum wheat. The traditional technique for couscous dish involved steaming the crushed couscous grain multiple times in a tall pot called a couscousière, fluffing it by hand till it was light and fluffy. However, commercially available couscous is usually steamed with flour and water and then dried and are instant and fast cooking couscous.

    Spice Zens Brown Rice Couscous is artisanal, stone ground, certified organic couscous and is made from semolina of brown rice grain. Like authentic traditional couscous, it is made from crushed brown rice grains and is not pre-steamed. It is a perfect alternative for wheat-based couscous for people with gluten intolerance or coeliac disease. It is a unique smart product that combines the authenticity of traditional couscous and the convenience of instant couscous.

    Chickpea Couscous For Your Extraordinary Dinner

    More and more people these days are experiencing the need to turn to gluten-free foods. Whether it is because of a pre-existing medical condition, food intolerances or for dieting reasons there is a growing trend towards organic, gluten-free foods. Individuals with have celiac disease require a gluten-free diet for health reasons. Ingestion of gluten in these individuals causes an adverse reaction which damages intestinal cells and can lead to serious health problems.

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    Cauliflower Makes A Grain

    • Lynda BalslevUnited Feature Syndicate

    Lemony Cauliflower Couscous is a grain-free alternative, and therefore gluten-free.

    Couscous is an excellent side dish or vegetarian option that is perfect for outdoor dining. It can be served warm or cold, has a satisfying kick of spice, and is healthy to boot. Just a plate of couscous, you think? Well, not quite. Unlike Middle Eastern couscous, which is made with tiny grains of semolina wheat, this couscous is a grain-free alternative, and therefore gluten-free.

    The star of the show is cauliflower. Its versatility, sturdy texture and nutty, buttery flavor seamlessly transform otherwise wheaty and starchy preparations. Cauliflower is a healthy, tasty stand-in for wheat in flour mixes for pizza crust, crackers, breads and pasta. When finely chopped, its a great substitute for rice, and when pureed, cauliflower is a light and fluffy alternative to mashed potatoes. Though the end results have a notable nutty and vegetal quality, cauliflower, with all of its iterations, is light, gluten-free and delicious.

    In this couscous recipe, cauliflower florets are blitzed into tiny pieces, then sauteed in a pan until crisp-tender. Next, proceed as you would with a traditional couscous dish, tumbling it with bunches of chopped green herbs, vegetables and spices.

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