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30 Minute Gluten Free Meals

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Gluten Free Vegan Samosas In Rice Paper


Samosas in Rice Paper by Xoxo Bella: A rice paper samosa is every bit as delicious as a pastry-wrapped one. The potatoes, peas and onion inside are flavoured with garam masala and curry powder. The result is a tasty snack offering classic Indian flavours

Sofritas Veggie Bowl By Braised And Deglazed: One of our favourites is still this gluten free sofritas veggie bowl. Its easy to make, healthy and full of flavour.

Lamb Chops With Tzatziki Sauce

Lamb has long been a second-class citizen in American households, a meat you turn to maybe once a year when you’ve grown tired of chicken and beef. Too bad, since lamb is not only jam-packed with flavor and easy to cook, but surprisingly lean when you work with the right cuts

Get our recipe for Lamb Chops with Tzatziki Sauce.

Grilled Hoisin Beef Kebabs

Humble grill masters expertly char skewered food of all shapes and sizes: plump meatballs, tiny cherry tomatoes, even pure chicken skin that crisps up like potato chips. Though we never had this exact kebab there, the flavors are true to the spirit of Yakitori Alley we hope the grill masters there would approve.

Get our recipe for Grilled Hoisin Beef Kebabs.

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Can I Use A Store

Of course you can. But for this recipe to be Whole30, youll want to find a Whole30 approved salsa and approved taco seasoning like this one, which do not contain sugar or other ingredients that arent allowed on the Whole30 diet. If youre not on the Whole30 diet, feel free to use your favourite salsa and taco seasoning brands! If you want to change things up, try my 5-Ingredient Peach Salsa Recipe!

Tips For Making Healthy Family Dinners In Under 30 Minutes

40 Nourishing 30

Whipping up nutritious meals doesnt come without a bit of pre-planning.

If you want t truly make healthy dinners WORK for you, embrace a few of the following habits:

  • If youre cooking two chicken breasts cook four
  • Always have a grain or starch ready in the fridge
  • Use veggies twice

You dont need to spend hours in the kitchen each Sunday getting ready for the week. But learning and implementing the meal prep basics will help keep dinnertime running smoothly.

Below youll find all of the 30-minute meals.

All of the healthy recipes on this website are gluten-free and dairy-free though feel free to search specifics in the search sidebar. Please let me know if there is a style or idea you would like to see included and Ill add it to my list!

I do add to my collection of dinner ideas frequently, so if you wish to receive new ideas straight to your inbox,

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Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad

Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad by The Littlest Crumb: This strawberry goat cheese salad is the perfect spring and summer salad! Made with fresh strawberries, goat cheese, spinach, walnuts & pine nuts. Then drizzled with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette with a hint of cinnamon.

Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet by Maes Menu: Turkey sweet potato skillet is an easy main dish dinner that the whole family will love! With cumin, chili powder, and cheese, this Mexican-inspired skillet is flavorful, comforting, and hearty.

Cilantro-Lime Chicken And Rice By Good Food Baddie: Make flavor-packed Cilantro Lime Chicken with Cilantro Lime Rice and Beans in less than 30-minutes! This effortless meal can easily feed the whole family or be used as meal prep.

Ingredients To Make This Shrimp And Sausage Vegetable Skillet:

This recipe is great because you can use any veggies you have on hand, which means its an awesome dish to help you to clean out your fridge. If you ever feel uninspired and dont know what to do for dinner, this recipe will solve your problem. All you need is just simple and easy ingredients:

  • Raw shrimp I like to use deveined and shell removed to save time on the prep.
  • Smoked Sausage or turkey sausage We like smoked sausages as it has a delicious smokey flavor to it. Look for nitrate-free gluten-free sausages made with high quality meat. You can also use andouille sausage.
  • Spices black pepper, crushed red pepper, onion powder, oregano and paprika. You can also use cajun seasoning if that is what you have on hand. You can also add in a touch of cayenne pepper to add more flavor.
  • Olive oil or another neutral oil of your choice
  • Red bell pepper red bell pepper is the sweetest so its the one I prefer. You can also use orange or yellow bell pepper as well.
  • Vegetable broth I recommend you use low sodium organic vegetable broth. You dont want the dish to be overly salty.

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Immunity Boosting Coconut Carrot Lentil Soup

Coconut Carrot Lentil Soup by Good Food Baddie: This is a delicious, nutrient-dense soup packed with ginger, turmeric, carrots, and more to help boost your immune system and help your body fight off illness. Even if you are not sick, this is a perfectly filling and nourishing soup to enjoy!

Corn Chowder by Plant-Based On A Budget: This super creamy recipe will be the comfort soup of your dreams. It’s so filling and hearty but will leave you wanting seconds because it is just that good

Cobb Salad With Cilantro Lime Marinated Shrimp

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Tacos {Vegan & Gluten-Free, 30-minute Meal}

Cobb Salad with Shrimp by Razzle Dazzle Life: This Cobb Salad with Cilantro Lime Marinated Shrimp is made with a variety of vegetables, and topped with succulent shrimp marinated with cilantro and lime. It is the perfect side dish, or hearty enough to be a stand-alone meal!

Pizza Bowls by The Food Blog: These easy pizza bowls have everything you love about pizza minus the crust. And you can customize each bowl according to what everyone likes on their pizza.

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Portobello Mushroom Pizzas With Sausage Bell Pepper And Basil

Craving pizza, but trying to keep it low-carb? Use portobello mushrooms! Fill up those mushroom caps with all of your favorite pizza ingredients to make a flavorful portobello mushroom pizzas, and skip all the carbs. These portobello mushroom pizzas are also great for meal prepping if you’re looking for something easy to whip up for the week ahead.

Navratan Korma Instant Pot / Stove Top

Navratan Korma is a delicious mixed vegetable curry dish loaded with veggies, nuts and fruits. This recipe for Instant Pot Navratan Korma provides Step By Step recipe along with video instructions to create an awesome curry that is loaded with layers of flavors in a creamy curry your family will love. It is slightly sweet in taste and is an excellent way to get your kids to eat veggies.

Check it here.

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Quick And Easy Gluten

With busy weekday schedules, its good to keep quick and easy gluten-free recipes up your sleeve. From baked salmon and chicken, to flavorful and hearty salads, these meals can be made in 30 minutes or less! Oh, and most of them can be stored in the fridge for up to 4-5 days.

  • Ultimate Chicken Salad: With some poached chicken this creamy and crisp salad comes together in just 25 minutes! Wrap it with lettuce, layer in a sandwich, or eat on its own the possibilities are endless!
  • Best Baked Salmon: Theres so much you can do with salmon, but this is one recipe you should definitely know how to make.
  • Mediterranean Chickpea Salad: Looking for fresh, vibrant flavors? This salad is it! Simply combine chickpeas with tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, red onion, feta, and parsley.

Teriyaki Pork Chops With Sauted Apples

Gluten Free Meal Plan with 30 Minute Meals (or Less!)

This pork is soaked in a sweet, garlicky teriyaki marinade, and the apples are sautéed with ginger and Chinese spices, making for a perfect, sophisticated, yin-yang partnership . These teriyaki pork chops are easy enough to throw together on any given busy Tuesday night, but they’re seemingly fancy enough to serve to dinner guests on a special Saturday.

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Turkey And White Bean Chili

Unless a chili is thickened with a flour-base, most chili is naturally gluten-free. This recipe is one of themmade with dark-meat turkey, beans, green chiles, and loaded with vegetables. Top this turkey and white bean chili with toppings like red onion, jalapeño, and avocado for a bowl bursting with flavor.

Get our recipe for Turkey and White Bean Chili.

Recipes That You Can Use Cooked Chicken Breasts For

There are many times that recipes called for cooked chicken. Usually, leftover shredded chicken works but for when theres none in the fridge, throwing some chicken breasts into the air fryer works perfectly. Try these easy salad recipes that pair really well with my air fryer chicken breasts.

Here are a few seasoning ideas to change things up.

  • Herbes de Provence

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Dairy Free Creamy Chicken Curry

Dairy-Free Creamy Chicken Curry by The Fit Cookie: Make this easy Creamy Chicken Curry for a weeknight dinner ready in 30 minutes! Our curry recipe is a family favorite and its made in one pan, plus its dairy-free, gluten free, and has a paleo and keto option.

Gluten-Free Beef Stroganoff by Kaleenas Kitchen: Made with clean ingredients, this beef stroganoff recipe has a traditional stroganoff flavor but is gluten free and dairy free.

What Goes In A Ground Beef Taco Salad

Braised Butternut Squash & Ground Turkey Skillet Recipe | Gluten-Free | 30-Minute Meal | Easy!

You can basically add whatever food youd normally have with tacos or other Mexican dishes. I recommend you add almost everything you love from Mexican dishes. But because I want to create a ground beef taco salad that is dairy-free, paleo and Whole30 friendly, I decided to not add cheese, sour cream and black beans in this salad.

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Tips For Eating A Gluten

Before we dive in, let me remind you that ALL recipes on Downshiftology are gluten-free. So really, that means you have hundreds of recipes to choose from. But Ive rounded up 40 or so of my favorites in this post for you today.

Starting a gluten-free diet may seem tricky, but it doesnt have to be. The key is to focus on all the things you can eat, and nourish your body with simple, wholesome, and nutritious ingredients. Thats the best way to make your gut happy!

Turkey Fennel Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Turkey Fennel Stuffed Cabbage Rolls by Garden In The Kitchen: Hearty and comforting low-carb cabbage rolls that is stuffed with ground turkey sweet fennel and mushrooms topped with marinara sauce. This light and healthy seasonal spin on a beef stuffed cabbage rolls makes for a filling and delicious dinner!

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Minute Meals Made Easy

Do you have seasons of life when youre busier than others? You know, those times when you just cant seem to catch a break. Im pretty sure we all do, and Ill be the first to admit that during these periods, my nutrition is not always on point. Of course, we all know we should be eating well-rounded meals and plenty of veggies throughout the day. However, when life gets busy, its so much easier to just grab a protein bar or opt for take-out instead. Am I right?

However, I know that by neglecting to fuel my body with the vitamins and nutrients it deserves, I am doing not only myself but my family and team a disservice. You see, when we dont consume the proper foods, we cant expect our bodies to perform at their best. So, during these times when life gets extra crazy, I do my best to honor my bodys needs with easy 30 minute meals that are full of nutrients!

Over the years, Ive found that while I might not always be able to set aside an hour or two for meal prep, I can pretty much always find 30 minutes in my week to squeeze in some meal prep. Priorities, ya know? Through trial and error, Ive nailed down the best of the best gluten-free recipes compiled of a handful of real food ingredients.

When possible, I prepare them all for grab-n-go meals all week long. However, even if you just choose one, I guarantee it will make a difference! Plus, itll be pretty darn tasty! No matter what youre looking for, keep reading to find gluten free recipes to fit your needs!

Delicious Gluten Free Dinner Recipes

Easy Healthy Gluten Free 30 Minute Meals

Looking for gluten-free dinner recipes? Youve come to the right place! This is the ultimate guide and provides over 75 incredible gluten-free recipes that do not compromise on texture or flavor! Whether you are avoiding gluten for health reasons, or simply looking to reduce gluten from your diet, youll enjoy this extensive list of recipes that are family-friendly, budget-friendly, and easy to make!

Here at GFB, our site has meals to fit almost any diet. Please know that every single GFB recipe is gluten-free and most are dairy-free as well. After checking out this list, feel free to browse around the site and check out all of our gluten-free desserts, side dishes, drinks, and main dishes.

Trying to determine what to make for dinner can be challenging, especially after a busy day of work, school, running errands, or even normal day-to-day activities. When you follow a gluten-free diet it can become even more difficult to come up with dinner ideas. Here is a list of over 75 recipes that are absolutely delicious, easy to put together, and many that take less than 30 minutes to make! These recipes are great for people with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, or simply those looking to reduce gluten from their diet!

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Easy Instant Pot Spanish Rice Recipe

Easy Instant Pot Spanish Rice is a delicious vegetarian rice recipe. This versatile dish makes a tasty side dish on taco night. Its also a perfect addition to other Mexican entrees like burritos or burrito bowls. Better yet? You probably already have the ingredients you need for it on hand and ready to go.

Check it here.

Chicken Burger With Sun

We’ve gone ahead and helped you out by reinventing the chicken burger, using a lean grind of meat and a hugely flavorfulbut surprisingly low-caloriespiked mayo to deliver on the promise of a truly healthy burger you can happily indulge in. To keep it gluten-free, simply opt for gluten-free buns. Or eat the burgers on a salad!

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Flavorful Gluten Free Dairy Free Recipes In 30

Enjoy this collection of the best gluten free dairy free recipes that can be made easily in 30-minutes or less! These gluten free dairy free meals are perfect for your busy weeknights. All of these recipes are gluten and dairy free.

Gluten Free Dairy Free Meals might sound difficult, but if youve been eating this way for any amount of time you know that theres still a world of delicious possibilities. This list proves that gluten free dairy free recipes are certainly not without amazing flavor.

You also dont have to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen just to make a tasty gluten free dairy free meal. These recipes all come together in just about 30 minutes or less. Thats why these easy recipes are the perfect end to any busy weeknight. And trust me, as much as I love being in the kitchen, as a busy mama of 2 little ones sometimes a 30-minute meal is all I want.

Basics Of Building Gluten Free Meals

Vegan Indian Dinner Under 30 Minutes – $10 (Gluten Free)

When it comes to adopting a diet free from gluten, following a gluten free meal plan can make the process a breeze. However, while getting started, there are a few basic steps to follow.

  • Keep Meals Simple. Dont think you have to create super fancy and elaborate recipes, especially if youre just getting started with gluten free eating. Instead, stick to basics, including a protein, carb, and fat source at each of your meals.
  • Make Swaps. If youre used to eating gluten-rich foods such as bread and pasta, you dont have to give them up completely! Instead, swap them out for gluten-free versions.
  • Avoid Processed Foods. Even if the ingredients of the processed foods youre consuming are gluten free, the chance of cross-contamination in factories is high, meaning that even gluten free foods could cause adverse reactions.
  • Read Labels & Know Sneaky Gluten-Containing Ingredients. Its not always clear whether or not an ingredient contains gluten. So, be sure to scan nutrition labels carefully, and double-check any ingredients youre not sure about. This list of gluten-free foods should help!
  • Pro-Tip: Look for packages that are labeled as being certified gluten free! This means that the manufacturer has gone to extra lengths to ensure that no gluten of any kind has come into contact with the ingredients in that food.

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    Grilled Salmon With Chermoula Chickpeas

    Eating gluten-free is a lot easier if you replace gluttonous items with naturally gluten-free productslike chickpeas. Chickpeas are a great source of carbohydrates and protein. Plus, they’re rich in dietary fiber. This grilled salmon with chickpeas is an easy weeknight meal you can whip up in less than 30 minutes and burst with flavor.

    Get our recipe for Grilled Salmon with Chermoula Chickpeas.

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