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Kid Friendly Gluten Free Snacks

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10 Gluten free foods for kids | Allergy friendly food for kids

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Advice On Raising A Gluten

Children with celiac disease can grow up normally and be happy and healthy. It takes pre-planning, either by verifying safe food will be available when they go to someones house, a school activity, a party or some other event or by preparing food that they can take. There are many examples of children whove never let the diet stand in their way from preschool through college.

The best thing a parent can do for a child with celiac disease is convey the message that the gluten-free diet does not have to limit them in any way. Being positive is extremely important. Kids with celiac disease often have a great attitude and deal very well with the fact that there are times when they cant have some foods the other kids are having. Usually, that attitude is fostered by their parents who make sure preparations have been made so their child does not feel deprived. Food is often less of a big deal to kids with celiac disease than their parents.

When she was diagnosed with celiac disease at two years old, I worried that my daughter would not be able to grow up happy and healthy. But shes now 27, and she went through everything from preschool to college in a perfectly normal way. We decided early on that the diet should not stop her from doing anything she wanted, and thats how she has lived her life. She participated in activities ranging from Girl Scouts to dance team, went to college far from home and studied abroad in London. Now shes all grown up and getting married.

Dont Places Like Disney Offer Allergy

Disney does a good job for kids with allergies and sensitivities. But when it comes to other attractions Im often left staring at the menu trying to decide between a bunless hotdog or wondering if we could get away with the buttered up popcorn. They will always have candy but forget about finding a dark chocolate bar!

If a place offers an allergy substitute, it doesnt mean theyre all going to rate high on the flavor scale . For example, gluten-free bread varies drastically in taste . Often I bring our own bread when we go out for meals. That way I dont have an unhappy toddler!

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Annies Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks

Any bunny-shaped treat is already bound to be a big hit for kids, but these organic fruit snacks are equal parts adorable and delicious. Vitamin C and real fruit juice star in This variety pack comes with four flavorsstrawberry, berry, tropical and citrus. Introduce your kids to even more fruit flavors with rainbow fruit toaston gluten-free bread, of course!

Do All Gluten And Dairy

Kid Friendly Gluten Free Snack Bites

No! As a mom, Ive been at this for a while. Weve tasted the good, the bad and the dry to see which ones are snack approved by my son. He has spit out some snacks, while others he will attempt to eat the whole package in one day.

Knowing that all allergy-friendly snacks are not created equal, traveling without our own on hand can become a problem.

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Has Your Child Experienced A Food Reaction

Experiencing your child reacting to food is scary. Finding the cause can be tough, especially when it comes to trying to discover which item they ingested caused the reaction.

Symptoms from my son consuming a product his body doesnt agree with have included:

  • eczema on his face
  • stomach pains
  • flu-like symptoms

It wasnt until we switched what he was eating that all of his symptoms cleared up, and fast! This experience led me to source yummy snacks that accommodated his new sensitivities.

Today, his body can tolerate a larger variety of foods without causing a severe reaction. But, we remain mindful of his bodys response and keep his snacks free from food allergies. I pay attention to which foods wreak havoc on his system. One of them is milk chocolate chips. We switched to dark chocolate chips, which he loves.

Kid Friendly Gluten Free Recipes

Feeling like a normal person after a food allergy diagnosis can sometimes be a challenge. And if you are a parent of a child with Celiac disease or non-Celiac gluten sensitivity you are most likely completely overwhelmed with what is safe for your child to eat. Take a deep breath we are here to help. Planning a freezer cooking day can help you have a variety of safe meal choices on hand at all times. With a Membership, you can even create your own custom menu to meet your specific needs.

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Choose Certified Gluten Free Ingredients If Needed

If your child needs to follow a strict gluten free diet for celiac disease, make sure the ingredients you choose are truly gluten free.

Although there are many whole grains that are naturally gluten free, cross contamination with gluten containing grains in always a possibility. This goes for pulses , as well as nuts and seeds.

While products labeled gluten free should contain less than 20 ppm of gluten, unfortunately some labeled products have been found to contain gluten. If you are unsure of a product, Gluten Free Watchdog is an excellent website to see what products really are gluten free.

You may also choose to stick with certified gluten free products, like the Simple Mills Cheddar Crackers in the Sweet & Smoky Snack Mix recipes Im sharing below.

Youll love this round-up of sweet and savory gluten free snacks for kids that are nourishing AND delicious!


Kids will love this Spicy Maple Cheddar Snack Mixrecipe featuring whole gluten free grains, nuts, seeds, beef jerky, and dried fruit. Make a big batch ahead of time, and store this nourishing treat in mason jars for a super quick grab-and-go gluten free snack. Yum!

Veggie Straws + Puffed Snacks

Kid friendly vegan gluten free banana chocolate chip muffins!
  • Veggie Straws are definitely no health food, but its REALLY fun for my kids to get to eat a normal snack that some of their friends are eating now and then. Plus, theyre pretty easy to find and keep on hand.
  • Hippeas Snacks. These are like Pirates Booty , but their flavors are also vegan which means theyre safe for dairy-free folks! The vegan white cheddar is our favorite, but weve liked most of the ones weve tried!


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A Note About Gluten Free Oats

Its important to note that not all oats are gluten free. Oats may be labelled as 100% oats or organic oats but this does not necessarily mean they are gluten free. Fortunately its a legal requirement for grain products that contain gluten to be listed in the ingredients list.

So in order to ensure you are gluten free, make sure you buy certified gluten free oats!

More Recipes And Meal Inspiration

With the kids back in school, its never been more important to plan your meals for the week. This is where I can help.

I created a weekly meal plan service with the gluten-free communitys needs in mind. Each week, Ill send you a meal plan, full recipes and a shopping list that will lay out what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks each day. Sign up for Meal Plans by Good For You Gluten Free and get a free bonus meal plan emailed to you!

Also, find these other snack and meal ideas to help you feel your children well!

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Beef Or Turkey Sticks

Beef or turkey sticks are probably one of my favorite snacks for eating on-the-go. Whether its stashing snacks in the car, for hiking or camping, or just having something that doesnt need to be refrigerated, I love having these around for both myself and my son.

Find a gluten-free option you love, like these Chomps Sticks, and keep some handy.

I love the Chomp Sticks brand, because they come in both a larger size and smaller kid-friendly sizes called Chomplings, which pack up well for hiking or the beach especially for kids.

You can find them in a variety of flavors like Original Beef, Jalapeno Beef, Italian Style Beef, Sea Salt Beef, Cranberry Habanero Beef , Original Turkey, Jalapeno Turkey, and Salt & Pepper Venison.

Try a sample pack of Chomps sticks here.

There really are so many options out there, its sometimes hard to do the homework to find them. I hope this list has been useful for you in coming up with ideas for what to feed your child on a gluten and dairy-free diet.

Pin Kid Friendly Gluten Free Snack Ideas

Gluten Free Kid Friendly Breakfast Platter

Snack attacks!

They are a real thing and I know that they exist in ALL of our lives because I get a ton of questions on what are some good, kid friendly gluten free snack ideas to eat when they hit.

I am lucky in the sense that I work from home, so I am always around to either make a snack or just make a meal. BUT, Mr. FFF? The man LIVES on snacks.

If I didnt keep a ton of them around, he would probably starve because he doesnt enjoy cooking ANYTHING.

However, I used to have an office job and I found that the best way to make sure to make the best choices is to have your snacks prepped ahead. You know what they say right? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! This is usually when youre HANGRY and running to the vending machine since planner-you was not on her A-Game

So, MOST of these 30 easy gluten free snacks can be prepped ahead so you can just grab and go as you head out the door, armed and ready for the next time your snack attack HITS!

Better yet, these are 30 adult AND healthy gluten free snacks for kids. Youll love them. Your kids will love them. Everyone is a WINNER today!

Now, lets get onto the healthy gluten free snacks!

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Frozen Yogurt Dipped Fruit

In the summer, nothing is better than a cool treat. Grab your kids favorite fruit berries are awesome here and dip them in your favorite dairy-free yogurt.

Place them on a parchment-lined sheet pan and freeze for a few hours. Any dairy-free yogurt will do, but I particularly love the coconut yogurt.

How Else Can I Dress Up This Gluten

Besides the nut or seed butter spread and a banana topping, you really can fill it with whatever fruit or veggie your child likes

  • Yogurt is a good base that can also help fruits stickyou can do a soy or coconut yogurt if you cant do regular milk.
  • Jams are also delicious, as a base of their own, or along with the nut or seed butter your diet can handle.
  • Hummus is a great savory base that would be delicious with roasted vegetables. I have a sesame free, from scratch recipe in my top 8 free cookbook
  • Frozen fruit would work that way you can enjoy things that arent in season. Just be sure for little eaters theyre thawed and soft
  • You could also use a safe mayo, and use deli meat. Itd also be delicious with a meat and cheese, if you can do cheese.

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Chocolate Chip Quinoa Granola Bars

Chocolate Chip Quinoa Granola Bars by I Food Real

Granola bars are a lunchbox staple, but many store-bought granola bars contain artificial ingredients and often have more sugar than chocolate bars! This recipe, however, is packed with fibre, protein and nutritious fats, which results in a tasty yet nutritious snack.

Mango Honey Fruit Leather


Mango Honey Fruit Leather by Dash of Vegan Butter

A much healthier version of fruit rollups that only needs 3 ingredients: mangoes, honey and lemon juice. Puree the fruit and let it dry in the dehydrator or in your oven at the lowest temperature overnight. These are great for lunch boxes or road trips.

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Tips For Creating Healthy Gluten Free Snacks

  • When eating healthy make sure to use flours such as gluten-free flour mix, almond flour, coconut flour, tapioca flour and potato starch. Sugars should be natural sugars such as maple syrup, honey, dates, applesauce, coconut sugar, Xylitol and Stevia which do not spike sugar levels or offset hormones like white sugar does.
  • Chop and prepare all fresh vegetables in advance. That way you ll have healthy vegetables to grab quickly when hunger strikes!
  • Save washing fruits such as strawberries and blueberries until right before you eat them. They will get mushy if they are washed and then stored in the refrigerator.
  • Make any dips ahead of time and have them ready for dipping vegetables in or gluten free crackers. They will store for about 5 days and can also be used as dressing for salads or a dip for meats and tacos for another meal.
  • Most recipes can be substituted with gluten free flour mix in place of wheat flour and try using maple syrup or coconut sugar instead of white sugar. Coconut milk or almond milk is great to use in place of dairy milk and cream in recipes.

    And last, here is a new favorite household snack the boys have been loving lately! You can totally skip the chocolate coating in these crispy rice date and cashew bars or roll them into balls. Soak the cashews for a creamier consistency but if time is limited you can skip that process.

    Enjoy these healthy gluten free snack ideas, lovely friends!

    Gluten Free Snickerdoodle Cookies

    Our gluten free and dairy free Snickerdoodle cookies are soft in the middle and made with pantry ingredients you likely already have on hand! These soft cookies are not only gluten free and dairy free, theyre also top 8 free and vegan.

    Our Pineapple Oatmeal Bars are perfect for breakfast, snacks for the beach, or lunchbox snacks for school. They are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and can be made lower in sugar as well.

    Kick off your breakfast with these delicious Gluten Free Zucchini Muffins! These great muffins are also vegan, nut free, whole grain, and naturally sweetened with pure maple syrup and stevia

    Craving something sweet but still healthier than cookies or candy? Make some of these No-Bake Chocolate Chip Oat Bars that are perfect for summer , and theyre gluten free, vegan, and peanut free

    Capture fall flavors in this delicious snack! This simple recipe for Pear Chips with Pumpkin Dip is free of gluten, dairy, eggs, and soy!

    Looking for an easy breakfast idea for busy mornings or as an after-school snack? Try this allergy-friendly Strawberry Yogurt Parfait! Its gluten free, dairy free, and peanut free.

    This moist zucchini quick bread has a light chocolate flavor that pairs well with the cinnamon and cloves. I remade one of our family recipes to make this Chocolate Zucchini Bread gluten-free, vegan, and allergy-friendly!

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