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Gluten Free Cake New Orleans

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If You Have No Idea What I’m Talking About Then Here Is A Very Brief Rundown On The History Of King Cake:

The ULTIMATE Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe (No Refined Sugar! Gluten Free!)
  • The king cake is a tradition brought to New Orleans from France in 1870.
  • It’s an oval shaped cake that tastes like a cross between a cinnamon roll and a french pastry.
  • It is decorated in the colors green, gold and purple. Green is meant to symbolize faith, gold is power and purple which represents justice.
  • It is supposed to represent the crown of the three wise men who visited Jesus.
  • A plastic baby is hidden in the cake to represent the baby Jesus. Whoever finds the baby in their cake, is named “king for the day” and is supposed to host the party the next year.

I live in Indiana now, and pretty much never find King Cakes in the store. Which has always left me to make my own.

Traditional king cake can be a royal pain in the you know what . Thankfully this recipe is SO easy, and my kids all said that they actually preferred it to a traditional king cake.

I drew inspiration from myCinnamon Swirl Bread recipe, which has quickly become one of my highest rated recipes! I only made a few small adjustments, making it slightly sweeter and adding some frosting of course, to create a delicious King Cake!

The 15 Best Places With Gluten

Abby DeMillo: For all of my friends who love NO but are allergic to gluten – this gem is gluten free and the food is fabulous!. Try the roasted beet salad or crab cakes – yum!

Shannon Z: Gluten Free & Vegan options! Local crab cakes

Brian Butler: They have gluten free pancakes & a excellent crab cake and poached egg breakfast

Krystal K: All the seafood is gluten free! They have gluten free beer and you can get raw oysters at the bar while you wait in line.

Aron Hegyi: Fried seafood – all of it gluten free!

David Ham: Great fried seafood, and it’s Gluten Free!

Jenni Smith: The gluten free bakery items are AMAZING!

Dave Broome: Great place for tasty healthy food – which I was not having enough of of during my visit to New Orleans

Craig Wilson: Wireless password is maplestreet

superJennifer: They have gluten free options on the menu! Hurray!!

Aron Hegyi: “Crazy fresh seafood, and they have a gluten free menu!” – Yuliya Also, frozen bourbon milk punch.

Erica Bercegeay: Great gluten free shrimp creole! Would come back again.

Jenni Smith: GLUTEN FREE PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel C: Amazing gluten free pizza made from scratch

Terri Powers: Caesar salad w homemade dressing, build your own pizza, and margaritas!

Jennifer Baird: Excellent gluten free menu. Also easy to eat paleo.

Johanna Bergan: Vegan and gluten free options. Make sure to try the mushroom pate.

Theresa Geiger: Shrimp Colombo was fabulous. Also enjoyed the bacon sundae and cheddar & I apple French toast.

Food And Restaurant News In Your Inbox

The research and testing have proven worthwhile, she said.

People go crazy for our biscuits and stuffed cookie cakes, said Boffone, whose products are also sold at the New Orleans Food Co-op. Boffones goods are dairy-free and most are vegan.

Amanda Landry, 28, of Metairie, who limits her gluten intake as part of a general health plan, said she cant taste the difference between The PeaceBakers gluten-free items and regular baked goods and neither can party guests who try the cakes.

They rave about them, Landry said.

Businesses with gluten-free goods attract health-conscious customers as well as those with other allergies, vegetarians, vegans and those who simply like fresh-baked goods, said KC Dinhofer, who opened KCs Babycakes three years ago and this summer moved the shop from Mandeville to Covington.

I started baking gluten free because I had so many requests, Dinhofer said. I baked so many vegan recipes that folks started coming in to request other special dietary needs.

The appetite for gluten-free continues to grow, Dinhofer said, noting that she filled 15 orders for gluten-free cupcakes this Thanksgiving compared with about six last year. And, she said, she has been asked to create gluten-free cupcake towers for several weddings.

A lot of gluten-free baking is dense, so people are surprised when they taste these gluten-free cupcakes and theyre light. The wedding cake cupcake is especially delicate.

It was such a relief, she said.

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Gf Menu Options Include: Crab Cakes Bread/buns Pancakes Po

  • 508 Toulouse St, New Orleans, LA 70130Restaurant50% of 2 votes say it’s celiac friendlyCrab Cakes is mentioned in the comments
  • 739 Conti St, New Orleans, LA 70130Restaurant57% of 7 votes say it’s celiac friendlyCrab Cakes is mentioned in the comments
  • 527 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70130Restaurant100% of 2 votes say it’s celiac friendlyCrab Cakes is mentioned in the comments
  • 205 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70112Restaurant87% of 8 votes say it’s celiac friendlyCrab Cakes is mentioned in the comments
  • What Is King Cake

    Gluten Free &  Keto

    King cake is a Mardi Gras traditional cake that isnt really a cake at all. Its more of a bread or pastry, a lot like a giant cinnamon roll. It represents when the Three Wise Men, or kings, brought gifts to baby Jesus on Epiphany.

    King cake is typically served at the beginning of January through Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday. Fat Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.

    King cakes are meant to be very indulgent cakes full of sugar and richness. Theyre usually adorned with the colors of Mardi Gras , which represent faith, power, and justice.

    Everyone has their own idea as to what a traditional King cake is. There are several variations that I found on the internet. One with a simple cinnamon sugar filling, another with a strawberry cream cheese filling. I think they can be as indulgent as you want them to be!

    In this recipe, I chose to try a cream cheese filling and a little bit of cinnamon sugar, but you can choose whatever strikes your fancy .

    A tiny plastic baby is usually embedded in the cake, which represents the baby Jesus. I chose to leave out the tiny baby, but everything else about this gluten free King cake is spot on and Im sure youll love it!

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    How To Do Form A King Cake

    Since this cake is using a yeast dough, you need to let the dough rise for an hour before rolling it out. After to roll it out to ¼ inch thickness, spread the filling on the rolled out dough, then carefully take one edge of the dough and begin rolling it up like a cinnamon roll, using a Silpat, plastic wrap, or parchment paper you rolled the dough out on to help . Ending with the seam-side down, take the being long roll and form a ring, pinching together the two ends and best you can. Of course, you can do fancier rolling or just baking it in a bundt, that’s all up to you, but be aware that cooking time will vary.

    Gluten Free Mardi Gras Party King Cake

    A delicious New Orleans tradition, that originated from the French “Gateaux De Roix”. The cake originally celebrated the three Magi that went to visit the baby Jesus and the tradition made its way from France to the Southern US states and eventually became the widely known Louisiana, New Orleans King cake. Our gluten free version is a sweet moist cake like confection with the fillings worked into the dough. It is appropriate for gluten intolerant people as well as celiacs, for we bake it under a strict gluten free protocol. Our owner, Maro Dimmer, is a celiac herself and would like to you to enjoy a Mardi Gras tradition just like you were in New Orleans!

    Deliciousness is not the only reason to celebrate this gluten free cake.

    Since Katrina struck the South we have tithed the sales of our king cakes to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, wherever the need is greatest, so 10% from the sale of this cake will benefit victims of natural disasters in the US. Over the years we have donated over $35,000 for this cause.

    Go ahead treat your Gluten free loved ones and help a disaster victim too! The Red Cross responds to a disaster every 10 seconds!

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    What Does King Cake Taste Like

    That will depend on your filling, but the dough is like a rich and dense yeasty bread, sweet and buttery. The filling is reminiscent of a cinnamon roll. The buttery brown sugar and cinnamon, oozing throughout the layers of the cake. A king cake basically is a cinnamon roll, just one single massive cinnamon roll…with colorful sugar crystals! Yeast dough, cinnamon filling, the icing on the outside = cinnamon roll!

    Grocery Store King Cakes

    Valentines day cookie cake | New recipe Wednesday | Gluten-free

    Because theres nothing wrong with picking up a king cake when youre making groceries.

    Breaux Mart This locally owned and operated grocery store offers different types of king cake, from unfilled to praline-covered. Pick up a gallon of Blue Bell Mardi Gras King Cake ice cream while youre there. Locations Uptown and in Metairie

    Whole Foods Market Even if it isnt healthy, youll at least feel healthy indulging in this GMO-free king cake. Locations in Mid-City, Uptown, and Metairie

    Rouses Market This is aways an affordable way to please a crowd. Pick up a packaged cake at your nearest Rouses, but remember to hide the baby inside before you dig in .

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    Gluten Free King Cake

    Getting ready for Fat Tuesday? Be sure to make this gluten free king cake for your festivities. Its like a giant colorful cinnamon roll ready to be shared with your friends and family!

    Ive never experienced Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but I have had a king cake and they are delicious! I used to work with someone who was from New Orleans . She kept talking about how she missed king cakes and finally brought one in for one of our luncheons. It was so good!

    Girls Gone Vegan Gluten

    A post shared by Girls Gone Vegan on Jan 2, 2017 at 10:13am PST

    If baking isnt your style, you can order a vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free king cake from NoLa-based bakery, Girls Gone Vegan. The bakery offers 10 varieties of king cake made without animal products, including traditional, salted caramel, pineapple upsidedown, blueberry lavender, savory, and no added sugar. Each cake is made from a blend of brown rice flour, oats, white rice flour, and tapioca flour and is colored naturally with turmeric, beets, and spirulina.

    For more information, see here.

    Image credit: Krimseys Cajun Kitchen | Become a CLUBKINDLY member today!


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    Whether You Crave Something Classic Creative Savory Or Sippable Weve Got The Best Of All Things King Cake This Mardi Gras

    Ed. note: this post was published in Feb 2020, and as a result may contain some outdated information. Please see our most current post on king cakes, on our main site, for the most up to date info on this delicious tradition. Thanks!

    Eating a king cake before or after Carnival is sacrilege here in New Orleans, which is why you can bet we indulge from Twelfth Night through Mardi Gras Day. Were getting yall ready for the season with our roundup of all things king cake. Without further ado, heres our list, whether you crave something classic, creative, savory, or sippable. Happy Carnival, yall!

    Gluten Free King Cake Recipe

    New Orleans Gluten

    Thanks to this awesome gluten free king cake recipe, I earned a Worlds Best Mom pin from my son. If you are looking for a gluten free version without giving up that traditional king cake feel you are at the right place!

    Since switching Alex to a gluten free diet, Ive seen a tremendous improvement in his intestinal health. Making the switch hasnt happened without its challenges after all, hes a kid and wants to eat the foods his friends and everyone else eats. Being that its carnival season in and around New Orleans, finding a gluten free king cake was going to be a challenge.

    A few years ago, I shared my homemade traditional king cake recipe. Weve been making it for a while but now that I need a gluten free version that recipe will have to wait.

    The most difficult part was figuring out whether I should use a mix or mix my own gluten free flours, how to shape the cake into its traditional shape, and well wether or not the whole thing would actually taste and feel like the real thing.

    After half a dozen failed attempts, I nearly gave up. I remember my daughter saying its not half as bad as the one from last week as she cheered me on to not give up on making a king cake for her brother. You see, shes got a vested interest here too. Should I succeed in my king cake recipe development shed reap the benefits of having a cake at home every week until Mardi Gras.

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    Y’all Are Doing The Lord’s Work And Other King Cake Hub Testimonials

    Ahhh! the one Ive been waiting for! Rachel S.

    If you were wondering what The Mortuary was during carnival season Yummy king cakes!!!! Anne H.

    We picked up our Epiphany cake. It was very good. Will be back for a Hi-Do, those are so yummy! Miles C.

    Picked our Hi-Do king cake up today. It is DIVINE!! Thanks and glad to have you in Mid City! Heather E.

    Wow! I cant wait to come down and celebrate. Love the pics. Tammy H.

    Id love to visit and take home lots of king cakes! Christina P.

    Awesomeness!!! Julie C.

    Im excited! Gail H.

    I will be back!!! Rachel S.

    Great idea- one stop place. L. Wilson

    So unbelievably excited about this!! NOLA Cutting Boards

    The gluten-free community thanks you! Rebecca F.

    Best little sales lady Ive ever met! Shes adorable and so very knowledgeable of her King Cakes! Maria B.

    These are delicious! Suzanne K.

    Got dat! Thanks!! Dionne D.

    Their king cakes are soo good! Go get one! Molly M.

    Following this page right now! Sheena D.

    Yall are doing the lords work. Leslie H.

    Perfect for breakfast Anya U.

    I needed this in my life! Beyond Bourbon Street

    Had one of these from the Hub last week and was very impressed. Current favorite actually. Kevin T.

    I bought 2 of these cakes over the weekend and they are both demolished!! Excellent king cake!! Mindy P.

    Thanks for your help today yall are awesome! Meredith N.

    Cant wait to get to NOLA and go king cake shopping!!! Chris H.

    A King Cake By Another Name

    Sweet samplings ideal for the non-traditionalists.

    King Cake Beignets These buttermilk drop beignets are topped with ginger-whipped frosting, Dixie crystals, and carnival sprinkles from SoBou. 310 Chartres St.

    King Cake Scones Josephine Estelle baker Breanne Kostyk brings back her popular King Cake Scones for the second year in a row this year. These festival treats are made with cream cheese, cinnamon and vanilla. and decorated with traditional Mardi Gras colored sprinkles. Theyre available at the restaurant and nearby Stumptown. 600 Carondelet St.

    King Cake Profiterole This dessert from Palace Café is practically fit for a king . The King Cake Profiterole is a cream puff with praline croquantine custard filling and a citrus sauce, arriving just in time for Mardi Gras. 605 Canal St.

    Tarte Tropezienne Tableaus Tarte Tropezienne gets a King Cake twist with with brioche, whipped citrus-infused custard, cinnamon almond flour crumble, and a rum glaze. 616 St. Peter St.

    King Cake Gelato and Mardi Gras Cannoli This duo from Brocatos puts a Mardi Gras twist on Italian favorites. 214 N Carrollton Ave.

    King Cake Scone Josephine Estelle baker Breanne Kostyk brings back her popular King Cake Scones for the second year in a row. For the festival, Breanne creates King Cake Scones made with cream cheese, cinnamon, and vanilla. Decorated with traditional Mardi Gras colored sprinkles, the scones are available at both the restaurant and the nearby Stumptown . 600 Carondelet St.

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