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Glute Ham Developer For Sale

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Hit Your Glutes And Hamstrings Where It Hurts With One Of These Ghd Machines

Glute Ham Developer (GHD) – What It Is & How To Use It

Alongside the Reverse Hyper, the GHD might be one of the most neglected machines in the gym. And its unfortunate because the GHD has the potential to transform your training especially when it comes to the posterior chain for the better. Its a surprisingly versatile machine, despite what its name might suggest. It can target your glutes and hamstrings, sure, but it can also be used for a multitude of core exercises, arm exercises, and more.

Weve found that people generally encounter three major obstacles to getting a GHD. First, they can be hard to find. Second, they might not be cheap. And finally, if you do find one you like, it might take up too much space in your home gym. With all of these considerations in mind, we scoured the top brands available to everyday consumers to select the best GHD machines on the market for various needs. Lets dive in.

Rae Crowther Ghd Glute Ham Bench With Roller Wheels And Wall Slam Ball

Are you looking for yet another amazing addition to your home gym or commercial gym setting? Something that can stand the test of time, something you can show off, that is compact, versatile, and easily moved? Do you want a piece of equipment that matches the equipment used by professional football …

Orlando Barbell Home Glute Ham Raise

Want a bench that will take a minimum of space such as for a home or garage gym? Orlando Barbells Brian Schwab has created the perfect unit the Home Glute Ham Raise. This is a floor based product that is both affordable and compact but gives most of the benefits of a full scale model. It adjusts from 39.5 to 46.5 in length and is 21.5 in width. It can also accommodate a counter-balance weight but it is a sturdy unit regardless.

This unit has most of the desirable features we like to see in a GHD. It has the single piece half moon thigh pad and is adjustable for both the distance between the thigh pads and foot plate, but also adjustable for the height of the ankle roller. It can be used for limited range back raises as well, because the unit will elevate the user off the floor quite a bit. Compare this to floor based benches that dont have the half moon thigh pads theres NO range of motion for the back raise with those. The large foot plate features diamond plate steel.

And best of all its compact and no workout partner required necessities for the typical home gym.

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Commercial Glute Ham Raise Developer By Force Usa

Force USA has managed to create a near-perfect GHD machine with the Commercial Glute Ham Raise Developer. It manages to accommodate a wide spectrum of heights and was specifically manufactured to withstand thousands of hours of use.

For those who want a great glute-ham raise developer, wed recommend this product. Aside from being one of the safest equipment to use when training your spinal erectors, the structure is heavy enough to lend maximum stability and support. Heavyweights will especially love the heavy gauge steel tubing, heavy-duty construction and ultra-wide tubing as it allows them to work out without worrying about falling off or losing their balance. The commercial tag isnt just for show- its tough, made super durable, and can accommodate daily punishment from 3 to 5 people.

The GHD machine by Force USA effectively trains your hamstrings, lower back, core and glutes, with emphasis on abdominal contractions. The reinforced frame is always a nice plus, but we absolutely love how easy making adjustments were due to the ergonomic knobs. A simple pull-and-move mechanism is all thats needed, then youre off doing reps without breaking the pace or routine.

Ghd Review Summary Recommendations

Glute / Ham developer bench brand new in box for Sale in ...

Its tough to make a long-distance recommendation for a Glute Ham Developer when there are so many quality models available, but I can say this: if youre a exceptionally heavy or tall person, you may want to lean towards a model with a larger footprint and more welds than bolts so that youll feel more secure when intensity is up something like the Abrams 2.0 with its 40+ wide base .

If you want an especially stable unit but your budget doesnt allow for a $699 GHD before shipping, consider the Vulcan GHD or even the Rogue GH-1. You can spend less obviously, but you start to sacrifice durability and stability when you do, so you need to consider how willing you are to buy another GHD in a few years.

At the end of the day, just think about which features you care about, which features dont matter to you, and then work out your maximum budget. Aside from Titan and OFW, all of these GHDs are from reputable brands that generally speaking price their equipment accordingly and reasonably well for their specs. Youll get years and years of use from all of these GHDs, and in some cases a lifetime of use.

Q: Which Glute Ham Developer do you own?A: Abrams 2.0 GHD purchased used from 14 CrossFit Games.

Q: Would you buy the Abrams again if you needed another GHD?A: Yes, though Id probably get a different model for the review. Vulcan maybe?

Q: If all GHDs on this page were $500, which would you buy?A: The Rogue Swing-Arm obviously.

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Yukon Glute Ham Developer

One of the less pricey models, it doesnt cost the earth and you get what you paid for. If you are on a budget, then this is the ideal GHD for you. While not offering earth-shattering performance, it is solid and offers a lot of benefits for the price you pay. It built a bit light, far lighter than the ones from York or Rogue, so it does feel a bit iffy when you subject it to the rigors of daily exercise. Also, at this price, you will find that you may have to replace the pads after some time.

Yukon Glute Ham Raise Machine

The Yukon Glute Ham Raise Machine can be called the simplest but the effective machine on the list. It has a straightforward black and white design that can be attractive for people in love with simplicity.

The Yukon GHD is an affordable piece of equipment that is sturdy and stable. Do not worry about being cheap, quality is the most important thing.

It is made from heavy-gauge steel and tubing frame that ensures stability, so you wont have to worry about this. Also, for more stability, the Yukon GHD has non-slip legs that ensure max stability.

It also has adjustable height and length so different people can use it comfortably. The pads could be small for some people but can fit some people just right, it really depends on the users size.

Also, heavy users might feel uncomfortable using this machine as it might seem unstable and uncomfortable, but it depends.


  • Seems to be uncomfortable for heavy users
  • Might be not as stable for heavy users

Who its good for

The Yukon Glute Ham Raise Machine is good for people that are on a minimal budget but want to invest their money in a glute ham raise because of its importance. It is good for you to have training partners or family members training with you on this machine.

Who its bad for

This GHD is not good for heavy or high-weight people, as it seems to be not very stable for them and the hip pad might feel uncomfortable. Consider looking for better options.

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Getrxd Portable Foam Ghd

Besides the Glute Ham Glider described above, the GetRXd Portable Foam GHD is going to be your most compact, transportable, and affordable GHD device.

GetRXd is a family-owned business that has been creating innovative and high quality fitness products for over 30 years. This unit can be used for a limited range of motion Ham Raise the top part of the full GHR move. It does require a partner someone will need to apply force to your ankles otherwise you can position the pad such that your feet are flat against a wall. That will work as well.

This unit is made of high density foam, has convenient carry handles, and has a removable cover.

It will be the most affordable option for a home or garage gym, but it also has the most drawbacks because you cannot perform the full set of exercises that you could on a GHD bench and you might need a workout partner to use it.

Who Shouldnt Buy The Titan Fitness Ghd

Why I Sold My Glute Ham Raise
  • Buyers with limited space to store equipment.
  • Athletes who wont regularly use the GHD in their training.
  • Consumers who havent yet purchased more basic equipment like barbells or dumbbells.

Titan is pretty well known for producing affordable equipment, and this GHD is no exception. It does the basics very well and wont burn a hole in your wallet.

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Rogue Fitness Abram 20 Ghd

The next step up in the Rogue GHD line is the Rogue Abram 2.0 GHD.

Like the GH-1, this unit has a space-efficient triangular base. But its an even beefier unit, weighing in at 222 lbs. Its also a bolt-together design which means you can ship it cheaper.

Height 48

But, most importantly, its got full adjustability both the distance from thigh pad to foot plate and the height of the foot/ankle rollers are fully adjustable. Adjusting the distance from thigh pad to foot plate is quick and easy thanks to the innovative slot adjustment design.

Because its so robust, easy to adjust, and full-featured this would be our choice for a CrossFit box or commercial gym.

Rogue Abram Ghd 20 Features

Refined Rogue Design

The GHD 2.0 introduces a bolt-together, triangular base design and front handle assembly. The ankle roller pads are horizontally adjustable and the vertical position is in the ideal angle for peak muscle recruitment, benefiting any athlete who is training core power and strength.

Swing-Arm Adjustments

Quality Construction = Max Stability

The Abram GHD 2.0 is proudly manufactured in the USA, using 2×3″ 11-gauge steel tubing, a 3/16″ laser-cut steel footplate, and heavy-duty, moisture-wicking pads. The single piece chassis construction along the length of the unit eliminates joints that may move when under intense use. These elements, combined with our triangular-base design and the inclusion of protective rubber feet, produce a consistent level of performance and stability you won’t find in most imported GHD machines.

Dynamic New Additions to Your Gym

As the leading manufacturer of American-made strength and conditioning equipment, Rogue has developed a range of top quality, stand-alone strength training machines that go far beyond the standards of most sporting good store imports. This includes not only our original GHDs, but dynamic tools like the Rogue Z Hyper, Rhino Belt Squat, and Rogue Echo Bike.

Unique Portability

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Rogue Donkey Reverse Hypers And Ghd All In One

Want to be able to do a proper reverse hyper?

You may be interested in the Rogue Donkey.

This is a unique piece of equipment as it combines a reverse hyper machine with a GHD.

The Donkey lets you get setup for a reverse hyper with a heavy amount of weight.

You can do poor mans hypers on a regular GHD but its not easy to do serious weight in that fashion.

Ok, thats pretty expensive. Lets look at some budget GHD options.

Sierra Glute Ham Developer

Glute Ham Developer GHD

Introducing the Sierra Strength Line – Industrial Strength, Refined Finish. Our latest line of strength racks, rigs, lifting platforms, and free weight and Olympic benches are customizable with attachments and colors to suit your training room needs.

The Sierra Glute Ham Developer is a versatile training station for the muscles of the low back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves, built with professional grade 6 gauge, rounded steel and finished with durable upholstery. Comfortable split pad, adjustable length, and padded dual rollers allow easy, ergonomic positioning and set up for all users. Easy entry/exit provided by low profile frame and step up platform. Custom color options for frame and upholstery available.

Full line of racks, accessories, plates, and bars sold separately!

See it in a room! Our Strength Training Room, Athletic Strength Room, and Performance Center 3D rendering examples will give you a feeling of how the Sierra Line can look in your facility!

Add to cart option is black frame/black upholstery

  • 5 mm. steel
  • Train the muscles of the low back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves on one versatile station
  • Horizontal footprint: 12.21 sq. ft.
  • Product Dims – 51.96L x 33.85W x 42.13H
  • Customization available – call or email for information
  • Made in the UK

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Titan Fitness Glute And Ham Developer

The Titan Fitness Glute Ham Developer is a positively-reviewed product and is considered from the best out there on the market because of its quality and price.

The Titan Fitness Glute Ham Machine is made from high-quality steel construction to ensure durability, longevity, and stability. It has a wide base to support more stability and has a steel plate to rest your feet on firmly.

It is adjustable vertically and horizontally so different people could train with it, it has 10 adjustable settings.

The Titan Fitness weight capacity is 350 pounds, which allows everyone to train with this piece of equipment safely. It has large pads to feel comfortable while training.

What is good about this machine is that it has wheels in its legs to allow for easy transfer inside your home or gym.


  • Might not fit tall people
  • Complex design

Who its good for

The Titan Fitness Glute Ham Machine is good for someone on a limited budget and wants to invest a little money on a GHD to reap its benefits while being affordable.

It is good for anyone that wants to adjust the height and the length of the machine, which benefits commercial gyms, and multi-family home gyms.

Who its bad for

This Glute Ham Machine is not good for people that are tall, taller than 6ft. Also, for people that love simplicity, this machine is not for you.

Cff Pro Series Floor Glute Ham Developer Ghd


  • Great for users with knee problems
  • Low to the ground and takes up little space
  • Weight capacity of 500 pounds


  • Tall users may not benefit from the knee protection

If you have knee problems, the best glute ham developer for you may be the CFF Pro Series GHD.

This developer is designed with a unique tiered padding that redistributes the weight of the exercise from your knees to your calves and ankles. It also prevents cheating and takes up little very little space. Heavier individuals also may feel more comfortable with this floor height model.

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