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Gluten Free Bakery Columbus Ohio

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Bake Me Happy Adds Gluten

Pattycake’s Bakery, Columbus, Ohio

Gluten-free pretzel rods! Gluten-free pasta! Gluten-free seltzers and wines! Bake Me Happy has turned the seating area from their Merion Village coffee shop and bakery into the gluten-free bodega of their dreams.

Adding a grocery component wasnt necessarily on the radar for Bake Me Happy, but then 2020 happened. Co-Owner Letha Pugh says the bakery completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program late last year. During the program, they ideated with other businesses about ways to boost their operations, including looking for new sources of revenue.

As a coffee shop, Bake Me Happy could have 10 people post up all day and order one dessert and one coffee. When the dine-in shutdown put a stop even to that, Letha thought, How could we utilize that space to help us increase our revenue?

Instead of a big-box grocer that might have some gluten-free items spread across the store, the goal with the new bodega is a one-stop shop of hard-to-find items, as well as some owner favorites.

Co-Owner Wendy Miller Pugh and some of the other gluten-free staff curated the selection that spans sweets to snacks to frozen items to drinks and more.

The shop also offers a large selection of beverages, many of them from other local businesses. Shoppers will find sparkling CBD beverages W*nder and Queen City Hemp, Sprtiz Tea, Seventh Sons Kitty Paw and Thunderkiss Cold Brew.

We all are missing things that we used to love, Wendy says.

For more information, visit

Bake Me Happy A Charming Delicious Bakery In Merion Village Had To Close Its Doors On Sunday Due To Racist Threats

It was business as usual at the bakery on Sunday morning, but that all changed after a series of phone calls.

Bake Me Happys co-owner Letha Pugh told Columbus Business First that the same person called multiple times, making violent, racially motivated threats against the bakery.

Pugh, who is black, owns the bakery with her wife Wendy. They opened Bake Me Happy back in 2014 and although their menu is gluten-free, it attracts customers without dietary restrictions as well.

Since theyve opened, they had never received and racial threats. They decided to close their Merion Village location for the day to give staff a chance to regroup and feel safe. They also reached out to Columbus Police and the City of Columbus as well.

This is the first time we have ever had anyone call the bakery and make threats like this,Pugh told The Columbus Dispatch.We decided to err on the side of caution and shut our doors just to make sure everyone here is safe.

Although they had to close, the bakery still paid the staff for their missed shifts. As customers heard of the news, people were looking for ways to support the bakery. In addition to purchasing gift cards, ordering from their North Market Dublin location, and making donations directly to employees, neighbors and customers also showered the bakery with love.

The 15 Best Places With Gluten

Craig N.: Gluten free pizza & gluten free beer!

MaLinda Hill: Gluten free pizza yum!!!

Gina G.: The gluten free menu is quite extensive and delicious! My daughter loves the gf pizza!

Christin Hutchinson: Good gluten free menu

Christine Carpenter: Big gluten free menu

Jenn Clancy: Great Gluten-free options! Even has gluten free bread

Carina Dacierno: Try their gluten free pizza – delicious! Pear cider goes well with it )

Berto: Really good gluten free pizza!

M MW: The menu I extensive, but I fail to see why they cannot offer more gluten free items. Really, must French fries contain gluten? Can’t they offer gluten free buns for burgers?

Ashley Martin: You must try the no-tuna! Love the homemade gluten free tortilla and cashew cream. Also enjoy the falafel, cheesecake, and a glass of crimson cup coffee 🙂

Cindy Santiago: Vegan gluten free menu,service is outstanding $$ food is like heaven!! And they are very fast

Kate: split the mousse w someone .. it’s super rich & decadent!

candace moser stafford: Has a dedicated gluten free menu full of AMAZING tasting dishes.

Tiffany Odutoye: Try the gluten free wings or calamari. They both rock!

Brandon G: Gluten free fried fish

Delyse Twitty: Pumpkin chocolate chip brownies are amazing! Everything here is gluten free heaven!

Jody Wasbro: Great pour over coffee and yummy pastries. You won’t miss the gluten.

Kris Misevski: Oh man! So good. Best drinks ever!!

Chuck Cox: Best burger place for anyone gluten free

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Satisfy Your Inner Child

Bake Me Happy offers nostalgic treats. Miss Twinkies? Their spongies are almost identical. Lamenting the inability to order traditional Girl Scout Cookie flavors? They stock gluten free versions of those during the year? Longing for Little Debbies? They make little gluten free snack cakes that will transport you to happy memories.

Gluten Free Bakery In Columbus Ohio

Bake Me Happy GF

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There is bacon available research (Melbourne gluten that remain after its digestive system clearer and health problems it is still quite significantly.

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Store Bought Gluten Free Graham Crackers

These gluten free Smores bars are the epitome of summer memories. They have the ooey, gooey fun of the roasted mallow without the need for an open fire or roasting sticks. Plus, this makes a batch large enough to feed a crowd at your next gluten-free picnic. Or at least a highly ambitious family of 5.

One could start this recipe with any of these certified pre-made gluten-free graham crackers. Brands include:

  • Schar Honeygrams are my personal favorite gluten free graham cracker. They are dairy, egg and nut free, but do contain soy.
  • Kinnikinnick Smoreables are very popular. They are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free and soy free. Kinnikinnick also sells premade graham cracker crumbs.
  • Enjoy Life Foods Their vanilla honey graham crunch cookie is free of the 9 most common allergens.
  • Pamelas Gluten Free Graham Crackers These graham crackers come in three flavors- Honey, Cinnamon and Chocolate Chip. All three flavors contain oat bran and dairy, and are also certified gluten free.

North Market Bridge Park Adds Barbecue Baguettes Sambusas And Gluten

Today, the North Market Development Authority revealed four new vendors in its Bridge Park lineup: Bake Me Happy, BREaD Bakery + Café, Hoyos Sambusas & Juices and The Pit BBQ Grille. The four merchants join a previously announced list of 11 vendors, including Coastal Local Seafood, Black Radish Creamery, Kintsugi Sushi Bar and Falafel Kitchen, among others. The Bridge Park market is expected to house 20 merchants in all. It expects to begin its soft opening in the coming weeks, with vendors continuing to open on a rolling basis. Heres what to expect from the four newly announced vendors.

Bake Me Happy

The market will become the second brick-and-mortar location for Bake Me Happy owners Wendy Miller Pugh and Letha Pugh. The Columbus Monthly Tastemakers first opened their gluten-free bakeshop in 2014 in Merion Village, adding a coffee shop three years ago. The bakery is best known for its nostalgic, gluten-free versions of treats such as Zebra Cakes, Sno Balls, Pop-Tarts, Little Debbies and more.

“Letha and I are excited to join the North Market family in Dublin, so we can expand our reach to our fans up North,” said Miller Pugh in the announcement. “We believe that Bridge Park will be a perfect second location for us with a fast grab and go set up, so you can get your gluten free goodness fix seven days a week!”

Hoyo’s Sambusas & Juices

The Pit BBQ Grille

BREaD Bakery + Café

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Flourless Almond And Porto Cake

This cake is a treat. Whats more, being flourless, it is perfect for both gluten free eaters and the coming Passover week.

As a fan of marzipan this cake feels like a fluffy, smooth, tasty piece of marzipan that has turned into a cake to become a bigger, lighter and longer lasting version of itself. It can be served as a dessert, with some whipped cream on top. If you are lucky to have some leftover, it makes for a decadent breakfast with a side of berries and some hot coffee or tea.

The recipe comes from the Mexican convent of San Jerónimo, where Mexicos most famous nun Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz was settled. It dates to the late 1600s. Spanish nuns who came to help establish the different convents, had an indomitable sweet tooth, which paired with Mexicos exotic ingredients, made for some of the countrys dearest and sweetest desserts. Centuries later, these desserts are staples in Mexicos kitchens.

There are many kinds of nut cakes or tortes in Mexican cooking, with pinenuts, pecans, and hazelnuts amongst some. They can be sweetened with sugar or in some cases with sweetened condensed milk. I find that when trying and testing desserts inherited from convents or nuns, I need to pump down the sugar a bit. So if you want the original flavor, add an extra 1/3 cup sugar to the recipe below

For this cake, almonds are used, and a couple other ingredients. It is a snap to make in the food processor or blender.

Pulse again, until well combined. Less than a minute too

Food For Good Thought

Sweet Mamas Gluten Free Bakery at Easton Farmers Market Columbus, July

While I have yet to try this specific bakery, I love the concept and definitely will be stopping in to try them out soon. I thought Id list them in case youre in the area. This bakery sells gluten-free baked goods made by bakers with autism. Food for Good Thought gives employment to those with autism to help them learn life skills. They also offer a variety of other transition and educational services.

Rest assured, when youre buying a baked good from Food for Good Thought you are not only nourishing your body but youre supporting a noble cause!

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You’ve Searched In Airbnb

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Cincinnati has something for all types of travelers. Sports enthusiasts will love watching a game at Great American Ball Park, or visit Hall of Fame. If you are fond of museums, a trip to Cincinnati Art Museum should feature on your bucket list. The museum boasts over 60,000 works of art spanning over 6,000 years. Situated near the chic neighborhood of Mount Adams, Eden Park boasts expansive green spaces with walking trails. The park also has lakes, many picturesque overlooks, and a garden, which makes it a perfect destination for the entire family. Foodies have plenty of choices here. Youll find trendy bars, vegan joints, and fancy eateries. If youre trying to get away from wheat but want to satiate your sweet tooth, then check out this list of the best gluten-free bakeries in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Homemade Graham Crackers Gf Jules

However, I took my baking game to the next level. I made my graham crackers for these gluten free Smores bars from scratch. I did so by using GF Jules Graham Cracker Gingerbread Mix. Jules produces her mix in a facility that is free from the 8 most common allergens, which makes them safe for most! It was the first time Ive ever made graham crackers from scratch, and it worked pretty well!

Her recipe calls for coconut oil, so that it remains dairy-free. I think if I were to make them again , Ill use butter instead. I tried to turn the graham crackers into crumbs in my food processor, but found it worked better to do this with a simple rolling pin and some smashing. Plus it gets out any additional stress you might be experiencing in life!

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Local Veterans Support Columbus Restaurant Week

COLUMBUS, Ohio Two local U.S. Army veterans have turned their passion for service into a passion for cooking and baking as co-owners of the local gluten-free bakery Ebans Bakehouse.

This husband-and-wife team are taking part in Winter Restaurant Week by dining at a local eatery every night to support their industry that has been economically devastated by the pandemic,

After serving in the U.S. Army during the late 1970s and early 1980s, Eric Braddock traded his Army fatigues for a chef coat and hat.

I was a 55 Group Restaurant guy. I was the opening chef at R.J. Snappers in the Short North, said Braddock.

His wife, Adrienne Novak also served on active duty with the U.S. Army and deployed overseas during the Gulf War.

I got out of the Army. I got a job at the Lakes Country Club in Westerville, said Novak.

That is the kitchen where these two chefs met.

We were just great friends, said Novak.

A quarter of a century later, they reconnected and started Ebans Bakehouse out of their apartment in Columbus.

I made these really good loaves of gluten-free bread. We started in our one-bedroom apartment making four loaves at a time in a kitchen-aid mixer. Id bake all night and deliver them on my Harley the next day, said Braddock.

A true grassroots effort to get their gluten-free baked goods into the kitchens and onto the dining table of local restaurants throughout Central Ohio.

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Gluten Free Bakeries in Columbus, Ohio

Thankfully Ive been able to visit the best gluten-free bakeries on my many adventures across the USA. Our website frequently provides you with hints for seeing the maximum quality video and image content please kindly hunt and locate more informative video articles and images that match your interests. We offer our users. Ad Compare Prices on Popular Products in Bakeware. Bakery Gluten Free Menu Takeout. Explore other popular food spots near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. Sogni Dolcis Gluten-Free Products. Above on Google Maps you will find all the places for request Gluten Free Bakeries Near Me. You can see reviews of companies by clicking on them. Ad Compare Prices on Popular Products in Bakeware. Gluten free bakeries in Painesville Ohio.

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