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Katz Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

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Which Yeast Is Best For Gluten

Yeast Free/Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls!

For this cinnamon roll recipe, I use instant yeast. It is also known as quick rise yeast. I like baking with instant yeast because the dough needs less time for rising.

Also, there is no proofing required for instant yeast, so you do not need to activate it and make sure it bubbles. However, I still dissolve it in warm milk and sugar to help get it started.

Cinnamon rolls can also be made with active dry yeast. Active dry yeast must be proofed before adding it to the dough ingredients. To proof yeast, it must be dissolved in warm liquid and sugar before its added to the rest of the dough ingredients.

Active dry yeast is proofed when little bubbles start to appear in the liquid after you dissolve the yeast. Also, active dry yeast dough needs double the rise time versus a dough made with instant yeast. I have not tested my recipe with active dried yeast.

The most common kinds of yeast used for baking are active dry yeast and instant yeast. Both of these types of yeast are gluten-free. I like baking with Fleischmanns RapidRise yeast or Red Star Quick·Rise instant yeast.

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I’ll admit, I couldn’t remember what breakfast cheesecake tasted like until this came out of the oven but as soon as I tasted it, I knew I got the recipe right.

My Aunt Charlene makes this a lot but it’s been over six years since my diagnosis and even longer since enjoying her recipe so I had to ask her how she makes it.

The filling pretty much stayed the same except I replaced the cream cheese and sour cream with dairy free alternatives. Even though it’s a cheesecake, the filling is less dense and reminds me of bread pudding – partially due to the texture and also because of the cinnamon and raisins on top. Speaking of which, the cinnamon on top is what gives this cheesecake a darker appearance. It’s not over-baked, I promise.

In the original recipe, the crust is made from crescent roll dough which I don’t really have an alternative for. Since I was already thinking of breakfast cheesecake flavor variations I could try later, I thought I’d title this one “cinnamon roll breakfast cheesecake” due to the cinnamon raisin topping. That made me think, maybe I could use a batch of my cinnamon rolls for the crust. Best decision ever!

The crust is my apple cinnamon roll recipe without the apples which makes them just plain cinnamon rolls. A fun alternative for pumpkin season would be to use my pumpkin cinnamon roll recipe, swap the cinnamon on top for pumpkin pie spice, and swap the raisins for pecan halves or pieces. You could also make my recipe for candied pecans to top it with:

Try To Maintain The Proper Temperature And For The Right Amount Of Time

Extremely high temperatures and extremely low temperatures can kill the yeast. But if the air temperature in your kitchen is either that high or that low, you probably arent spending time baking cinnamon rolls!

Once the dough is about 50% larger than when it started rising, its considered fully risen. Unlike my recipes that call for gluten free bread flour, this batter-style gluten free yeast dough wont usually double in size during the rising phase. Before it reaches a true doubling, it will start to get pock-marked and overly soft.

The bulk rise, which is the only necessary rise for this dough, should take about 1 hour. I typically turn on my oven to 300°F and set the covered and shaped dough on top. But if it takes longer than an hour, let it go longer.

Overproofing happens when the dough has proofed too much, not when its been left to rise for too long.There is no too long forproofing unless the dough has over-proofed. But if you dont let the dough rise for long enough before baking, it will be dense after baking.

Another note about rising temperature

This dough is easiest to work with when its cold. If you can, place the raw dough in a tightly sealed container and refrigerate it for at least 30 minutes before working with it.

When the dough is cold, youll be much less likely to incorporate a lot of extra flour into it during shaping. And that will help with our next tip

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For The Gluten Free Flour Blend

You really must use one of my recommended gluten free flour blends for this recipe. All of my gluten free recipes are designed to be made with one of my recommended blends, but yeast bread in particular is even more sensitive to flour substitutions.

My preference in this recipe is for Better Batter gluten free flour blend. I have successfully made this recipe with both Cup4Cup and my Better Than Cup4Cup blends, though, and the rolls just dont brown quite as much but the recipe still works.

Its Easy To Make Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls With Yeast From Scratch

Gluten Free Cinnamon Strip

Are you reluctant to bake with yeast? Maybe youre afraid you wont get it to rise or that it just wont taste good to you. I get it. If you just cant take the plunge, I have a recipe for yeast free gluten free cinnamon rolls that youll love. Start there.

If youre ready to make the leap to yeasted dough, though, there are some secrets to success that Ill share with you. I think that will help. I also have a full page of Yeasted Bread FAQs, but most of those questions are about the type of recipes in Gluten Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread.

They use my recipe for gluten free bread flour which combines an all purpose gluten free flour blend with whey protein isolate and Expandex modified tapioca starch. This recipe for gluten free cinnamon rolls is in the old school style, the one that relies upon a batter-style dough.

This cinnamon roll dough is an enriched dough, with an egg and butter. An enriched dough is much easier to handle than a so-called lean dough, which is mostly just flour, water, and yeast.

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Tips For Making The Best Gluten

  • Always use a brand of gluten-free flour that is recommended for yeast baking. Seriously, I cant express this enough! Not all brands of gluten-free flour blends can be used in yeast baking. I highly recommend Better Batter and Pillsbury gluten-free.
  • Always use fresh, instant yeast and baking powder. Check the expiration dates.
  • Do not overheat the milk or the butter, or it could kill the yeast, and the cinnamon rolls will not rise. They should be warm to the touch like bathwater.
  • Use room-temperature eggs in the dough. Using cold eggs could affect the yeast or mix with the melted butter and cause it to coagulate. To quickly bring your eggs to room temperature, place them in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes.
  • Flour your rolling pin. This will keep the dough from sticking to the rolling pin.
  • Do not roll the dough too thin. Gluten-free yeast dough is not as pliable as traditional cinnamon roll dough.
  • During rolling, you can seal any cracks in the dough with warm water. Dip your fingers in warm water and smooth over the dough.
  • Use dental floss to cut the dough instead of a knife. Cutting the dough with a knife can flatten the dough.
  • If you are baking at a high altitude, you will need to adjust the recipe. King Arthur has a good resource for adjusting recipes for high-altitude baking.

Kuttu Dosa For Fasting

The right gluten free recipe blog for all of your gluten-free requires!

When you are thinking about moving gluten-free of charge as a way to live more healthfully, healthy for you. It is an outstanding decision. In case you have been clinically diagnosed as gluten-intolerant, or even worse, with celiac sickness, you may truly feel disappointed and overloaded. Where on the planet would you even start? You will have a directly to be anxious, because your well being is at risk. Going gluten-free is a must to suit your needs. It is your choice to produce the knowledge as satisfying as possible.

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Katz Gluten Free Cinnamon Rugelach Mini Glazed Cinnamon Buns

These fresh cinnamon buns are gluten-free and made with a delicious cream cheese frosting which is a great addition.

Theyre perfect for people who have dietary restrictions or allergies.

These cinnamon buns are soft, fluffy, and sweet. The glaze adds a delicious layer of flavor.

I love that these cinnamon buns are gluten-free. They taste just as good as regular cinnamon buns.

Try freezing them, so you can enjoy them any time you want!

A Family Tradition Of Warm Cinnamon Rolls

Katz Gluten Free Review #29

Rolls a lot like these warm, fluffy gluten free cinnamon rolls were a family staple of mine growing up. They were homemade, but we didnt make them ourselves.

I had an aunt from Sweden who made the best cinnamon rolls. They used to call them Bias buns, and everyone thought that was hysterical. I had no clue why, but I laughed like I was in on it . I just wanted the rolls.

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Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls Faqs

Can These Rolls be Made Dairy Free or Vegan?

They can be made dairy free, but I doubt an egg substitute would work. Use a dairy free alternative in the bread flour blend as well as for the butter and milk.

Does the Dough Need to be Refrigerated?

In order to work with most of my gluten free doughs, a lengthy time in the fridge is very helpful in shaping and rolling. Properly chilled dough will be very easy to knead and shape.

Can a Glaze be Used Instead of Cream Cheese Frosting?

Absolutely! I have a recipe for not only the cream cheese frosting, but also a powdered sugar glaze in the recipe card.

Are Psyllium Husks Necessary?

These cinnamon rolls can be made without psyllium husks and will still be delicious and whomever eats them wont know the difference. The only person that may know the difference is the one making them. Psyllium husks make the dough a little more extensible and easier to handle and, therefore, roll out.

Nowgo and eat an ultimate gluten free cinnamon roll, the best you will ever have!!!!

Measure All Your Ingredients By Weight

Another one of the reasons that baking with yeast can seem so intimidating is the precision that is necessary for successful baking. But since moisture is so important in yeast bread baking, precision in measurement becomes even more important than usual.

Water is the one liquid for which the volume measurement is equivalent to the weighted measurement. So 1 fluid ounce of water is equal to 1 ounce of water. I measure water on a digital kitchen scale, by weight.

Volume measurements are inherently unreliable. They arent standardized, so 1 cup from one manufacturer can be significantly larger or smaller than another. Plus, user error is inevitable. For all of us! Its not a judgment, just a statement of fact.

So measure by weight if at all possible. Trust the recipe, and trust yourself. I promise you can do this, and the yeasted flavor and tenderness of these amazing, tender and fluffy gluten free cinnamon rolls makes it all worthwhile.

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Katz Gluten Free Individually

Gluten Free Cinnamon Strip
  • Soft, fluffy cinnamon roll with a gooey, decadent glaze
  • Gluten-, dairy-, nut-, and soy-free
  • Great to have on hand to accommodate patrons with allergies and dietary sensitivities
  • Individually wrapped to avoid cross-contamination with allergens
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Tips For Making Gluten

Dont be intimidated by the process of making gluten-free yeast dough! I promise that if you follow my recipe steps and my tips you will be successful.

The most important thing in making these gluten-free cinnamon rolls is the gluten-free flour blend that you choose. Not all brands of gluten-free flour are recommended for gluten-free yeast baking. I cannot express this enough!

For this gluten-free cinnamon roll recipe, I recommend using either Better Batter or Pillsbury gluten-free flour. My favorite for this recipe is the original Better Batter gluten-free flour.

I tested my recipe with Better Batter original blend, Better Batter Artisan , and Pillsbury gluten-free flour. All three of these all-purpose gluten-free flours make fluffy and soft gluten-free cinnamon rolls. The dough was easy to roll and rose beautifully.

Make sure to check if your brand of gluten-free flour is recommended for yeast baking. You can find that information on the brands website or sometimes on the brands packaging . Most people are surprised to find out that these two brands of gluten-free flour are not recommended for yeast baking by their manufacturers.

I promise if you use one of the three brands of gluten-free all-purpose flours that I recommend, you will get big, soft, and fluffy cinnamon rolls!

The next most important ingredient in making a gluten-free yeast dough is the yeast. For this recipe, I use instant yeast.

Practice Patience While Your Yeasted Dough Rises

If you only take away one piece of advice about baking with yeast, it should be the importance of patience. Of course, you dont want your rolls to overproof , as theyll break apart even before they bake in the oven. But yeast takes time to grow.

Baking with yeast is also very environment-dependent. If the environment is cooler, the yeast will continue to grow, albeit much slower.

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Parbaking Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

Bias buns were packed with cinnamon and cardamom. She used to make them in these round disposable tins.

Shed parbake them about halfway at about 300°F until puffed and very very pale golden. Then, wed stick them in the deep freezer when they were nice and cool. Theyd be so perfect for a whole gluten free breakfast spread

Then, wed defrost them at room temperature and then finish baking until they were piping hot. Bias buns most definitely had plenty of gluten in them.

This recipe is adapted from a very early recipe on this site for gluten free pretzel rolls, and they remind me of those buns from long ago

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