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Jersey Mike’s Gluten Free Bread Ingredients

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Does Jersey Mikes Have Gluten

ð?¿Gluten Free Foodie Review: Jersey Mike’s Gluten Free Philly Cheesteak

Yes, Jersey Mikes has gluten-free bread that is safe for customers on medically-necessary gluten-free diets.

In December 2017, Jersey Mikes announced it would be using pre-packaged gluten-free sub rolls by Udis at all of its 1,300 locations nationwide. The company says, Udis gluten free sub rolls arrive at the restaurant individually wrapped and fully baked. The packaging is not opened until the sub is ordered and, as a result, there is little risk of cross contamination with other subs.

The bread rolls ingredients are water, tapioca starch, brown rice flour , canola oil, egg whites, resistant corn starch, tapioca maltodextrin, cane sugar, sugar cane syrup, rice bran, yeast, sugarcane fiber, salt, gum , cultured corn syrup solids, citric acid , locust bean gum, enzymes, and white rice flour.

Prior to its nationwide launch, Jersey Mikes had begun testing the Udis gluten-free rolls in 111 Los Angeles and 19 West Palm Beach locations in December 2016.

The idea of offering gluten-free bread rolls came from a franchisee whose daughter had celiac disease. Given the severity of celiac disease and the difficulties of feeding someone a safe gluten-free meal without exposing them to even a crumb of gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and sometimes oats, is a challenge. The potential for gluten cross contamination in sandwich restaurants is a real threat to the health of someone with celiac disease.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Review

  • Udi’s-made rolls are individually sealed and opened only when a customer requests them.
  • Subs are prepared on a parchment paper, so as to put a barrier between the sandwich and the counter.
  • Employees put on clean gloves when preparing an order.
  • Dedicated knives and other utensils are used.
  • Customers can request to have toppings pulled from fresh bins in the back so as to prevent potential contamination from the assembly line.

Disclaimer: Yes, I had a wonderful experience, but that does not mean that every Jersey Mike’s Subs location guarantees a similar experience. Ask questions, watch the sub preparation carefully, and don’t let your guard down.

Review: Jersey Mike’s Subs Builds On Bread

Authentic Jersey bread is the foundation of a sub above. We bake our bread fresh in our stores every day. Traditional white and whole wheat. Its the only way to have a truly authentic Jersey Mikes sub.

I never look. But this time, I did. And this time, I saw the Jersey Mikes ad that featured the Udis gluten-free sub bread. Okay, maybe it was a sign. I needed to try it for myself. Thankfully, I have a Nima Sensor, so I feel like I can stay safe, even when its in a sketchy situation.

Jersey Mikes Subs, known for its fresh sliced and grilled sandwiches, is introducing gluten-free rolls nationwide. The new rolls will be featured in every one of the brands more than 1,300 locations. After receiving positive reviews in test markets, Jersey Mikes plans to launch the glutenfree sub rolls December 4.

How did you start your morning? Perhaps you had a sandwich for breakfast? Or maybe you popped into Jersey Mikes for lunch? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is obvious that you are a sub lover. If so, do you know that you are among the 50% of Americans who eat at least one sub per day?

At the Jersey Shore, where Jersey Mikes started in 1971, theyre subs. Whatever the name, the rapidly growing sandwich-shop chain, with 1,200 stores in 44 states, is looking to broaden its customer base by offering gluten-free sandwich rolls.

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Jersey Mikes Gluten Free Subs

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The biggest excitement in the gluten-free world revolves around a sandwich. By now, you have likely heard that now you can buy a Jersey Mikes Gluten Free sub. Being part of various Facebook gluten-free groups, I have read various experiences from those who have tried it. So, I ventured to a Jersey Mikes in Lansing, along with my father who also has Celiac Disease.

Prior to ordering, I immediately asked the staff what procedures they use to prevent cross contact. He promptly explained that they wipe down the prep area and the slicer.

He also explained that they wash their hands and put on new gloves. In addition, he explained that the Udis Gluten Free sub roll is enclosed in an individually sealed bag. The staff thawed it in the microwave. (Pretty sure this was done still in the packaging.

Additionally, the employee explained they put down fresh parchment paper as a barrier and always and only cut the sandwich with a designated knife, only used for gluten-free sandwiches. I watched him complete each step just as he described. He also explained that all the meats and cheeses were gluten-free, EXCEPT the Meatballs and the Chicken Parmesan. I was thoroughly impressed. We were the only diners at the time, as we came for a late lunch after running errands. I would hope all these precautions would be followed even if it were busier.

Can I Incorporate Whole Wheat Flour In This Bread Recipe

Jersey Mikes Gluten

This recipe works well with half whole wheat flour mixed with half all-purpose flour for whole wheat sub buns.

  • Prep Time:1 hr 35 min
  • Cook Time:25 min
  • Yield:Makes 4 9-inch sub buns 1x

Recipe adapted from Copycat Recipe Guide.

This recipe was originally published in March 2013 and republished in July 2017 with new pictures, new text, and an updated based on retesting and reader feedback. Enjoy!

NOTE: One of the awesome Bless this Mess readers, Kim, had great success using her bread machine to make this recipe. Since so many have asked about that I thought I would share her notes. Kim said that she let the bread machine run the full dough cycle . After the cycle she shaped the loaves and let them rise for an hour before baking. Heres how Kims homemade sub bun turned out:

Thank you for sharing Kim! I hope that helps someone else out too.

Enjoy this perfect Homemade Subway Bread recipe, just like the restaurant. This recipes makes a perfect copycat loaf of Subway bread for sandwiches at home.

Take the hassle out of meal planning with: Dinner Made Easy, a FREE 1 week meal plan with full shopping list, easy dinners, nutrition information, serving suggestions for each meal, and more!

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Tips And Tricks For Making Homemade Subway Bread:

  • I have had a few people email me and say that just before baking they brushed the outside of the dough with olive oil or butter and then sprinkled on some Italian seasoning and some Parmesan cheese for a great homemade Subway Italian Herb and Cheese bread. I cant wait to try this myself.
  • This bread froze just about as well as other breads. It was still soft but seemed a bit dryer after freezing. Fresh is best but they do freeze and thaw well.
  • Like pickled banana peppers as much as I do? Check out my recipe on how to make easy refrigerated pickled banana peppers .

Final Thoughts On Jersey Mikes Gluten Free Subs

To summarize, we really enjoyed our Jersey Mikes gluten free sub sandwich. We have a variety of options to eat, as all except two of the meat options are gluten-free. They took many good precautions in making our sandwich. I would prefer that separate toppings be set aside for those needing gluten-free. This is because any crumb of gluten is problematic for one with Celiac Disease. As Jersey Mikes continues their certification process, I imagine that the process will become even better. While the bread is $3 more for the large sandwich, I believe this is totally reasonable as they continue to talk precautions to keep us safe.

If you go to a location and have concerns about your service, please feel free to contact Jersey Mikes corporate office. If you go to any restaurant that has been certified by GFFS, and have concerns, feel free to contact them as well. For those without a Jersey Mikes in their area, Erbert and Gerbert also serves gluten-free subs with similar precautions.

Have you eaten a Jersey Mikes gluten free sub? How was your experience? Please share your comments below!

**I was not paid or compensated in any way for this meal. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please always ask questions at any restaurant establishment, regardless of my review.**

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How Jersey Mikes Handles Gluten

Jersey Mikes has put into place the following protocols to handle gluten-free allergy orders:

  • Fully baked and wrapped Udis gluten-free sub rolls are delivered to the restaurants. The packaging is opened only once a customer orders a gluten-free sub.
  • Jersey Mikes team members change their gloves so they use only clean hands when handling the gluten-free ingredients.
  • All gluten-free subs are prepared on a piece of parchment paper.
  • Employees use clean knives and utensils when preparing and slicing the gluten-free rolls.
  • For hot sandwiches, team members wipe down the griddle.
  • Jersey Mikes employees can pull fresh ingredients from untouched, clean containers at the request of the customer.
  • In the Jersey Mikes in Greenwood Village, CO , the gluten-free sub is prepared on a different surface than the prep area used for making other sandwiches.

Jersey Mikes To Launch Gluten

Is Jersey Mike’s Gluten-Free?

Its hard to maintain a loving relationship with hoagies when you have a gluten allergy. Come December 4, bread-lovers can put that claim to bed. According to Nations Restaurant News, Udis will partner with Jersey Mikes Subs to roll out gluten-free buns at each of the sandwich chains 1,320 locations. Gluten-free subs will cost an extra $1.50 for regular-sized sandwiches and an additional $3 for giant subs.

People often assume that if a food is gluten free, it doesnt taste that good. But Jersey Mikes new roll proved successful during a two-year testing period at more than 200 locations across six states.

The idea of offering gluten free rolls came from a franchisee whose daughter had celiac disease, Jersey Mikes chief operating officer Michael Manzo said in a statement. Before going national, we decided to try a pilot in several markets and we are happy to report success: customers loved the taste and they were excited to be able to eat a Jersey Mikes sub sandwich again or for the very first time.

Previously, the chain tested a different brand of gluten-free dough, which had to be cooked in-house. Cross-contamination levels proved to be minimal, meeting the legal requirement of less than 20 parts per million of gluten, but the loaves were inconsistent due to a finicky dough.

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There Were Plenty Of Times I Saw It Done But Never Learned The Full Process

What is jersey mike’s gluten free bread made of. Good news for our gluten free customers: It was honestly better than i possibly could have expected. I still havent seen it.

Gluten free bread available upon request. We are now testing udis gluten free sub bread and hail merry desserts in select locations. We believe wholesome ingredients make for delicious and nutritious creations, and once you try our breads, we think youll agree.

Subsequently does jersey mikes have gf? You can find a detailed allergen menu for gluten and other allergens for all of their products right here. I used to work there, but was the lunch rush specialist and never baked the bread since that is done early morning.

This is truly a treat, especially for a chain restaurant. I’ve missed it so much. Jersey mikes is your one stop shop in lansing for sub sandwiches on gluten free bread!

1,350 locations across 45 states. The sandwiches are good for this class of restaraunt, and the bread is good. Yes, it is baked fresh every morning.

Gluten free breads, rolls, and buns are how it all began here at udis ®. Jersey mikes menu is a thing of beauty, especially for those who might have thought their days of enjoying a delicious sub made by professionals were simply behind them. Can also request to make your sub in a tub aka into a salad.

Fresh sliced cold subs blt sub with bacon, lettuce, Food allergy & sensitivity menu available online.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Gluten Free Follow Me in 2020

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Jersey Mikes To Roll Out Gluten

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The decision was made after collaborating with Udis, a gluten-free sub rolls producer based in Denver, Colorado. Jersey Mikes COO Michael Manzo said Udis is the number one brand in the US gluten-free bread category.

with celiac disease or who are gluten-intolerant, we now have a serving for them, he said.

with celiac disease or who are gluten-intolerant, we now have a serving for them.”

Prior to the partnership with Udis, Jersey Mikes had received partnership offers from other gluten-free companies, according to Manzo.

We had a good number of requests , but they were not enough for us to pull something off, he said.

Manzo said Jersey Mikes did not have problems working with a gluten-free brand in regards to cross-contamination, but the types of batter it is now using are more sensitive to time and temperature than its regular buns.

Training for handling gluten-free buns

The company recently ran a test run of Udis gluten-free buns in 200 stores in seven states, which proved “successful, said Manzo.

However, before the national launch, the company has to spend time training team members on how to handle the products properly.

Udis gluten-free sub rolls arrive at a restaurant individually wrapped and fully baked. The packaging is not opened until the sub is ordered and, as a result, there is little risk of cross contamination with other subs, said Manzo.

The company is also about to launch a gluten-free cookie.

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Jersey Mikes Goes Gluten Free

Jersey Mikes Subs restaurants now offer Gluten Free bread for their sandwiches.

Yes, it is true, you can once again enjoy a Jersey Mikes sandwich! Udis has partnered with Jersey Mikes to offer safe Gluten Free bread for the sandwiches. You can get all the sandwiches on Gluten Free bread, Id stay away from the meatball sub though. I have been 3 times in the past few weeks and have loved it every time.

So far Ive had the #8 Club Sub and 2 of the #17 Famous Philly.

The trick with the cold sandwiches is you are dealing with Udis bread, so it can be dense and fall apart. I ended up not eating all the bread with my cold sandwich just because it was too much. The hot sandwiches are way better in my opinion. Gluten Free bread is most always better heated up or toasted.

They had good protocols at all 3 restaurants I went to. They changed gloves, had separate utensils, used paper, wiped down the counter and used separate condiments. I felt very safe and enjoyed the sandwiches!

If you get a hot sub, ask them to wipe down the grill so they can toast your bread. Need to make sure it doesnt have any gluten crumbs on it.

There is an up-charge for the Gluten Free bread. It is only $1.50 per sandwich, which I didnt think is bad.

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