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Healthy Gluten Free Bread Brands

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Young Kobras Best Gluten

Super Healthy Gluten-Free Bread | Vegan, Gluten-Free & Yeast-Free Bread Recipe | ASMR

Free from gluten, as well as dairy, sugar, soy, eggs, and tree nuts, Young Kobras sourdough bread is handmade in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its USDA-certified and is available in mission fig, olive herb, and seeded buckwheat, as well as their classic original. You can also purchase their baking mix to make your own gluten-free pizza, cinnamon rolls, or flatbread. Their bread is sold in multi-packs at $29-$44 and their baking mixes are $6.

What Is The Very Best Gluten Free Bread

As you probably know, people who are intolerant to gluten have fewer options when it comes to buying bread.

Most people take for granted the dozens of different kinds of bread available at their local grocery store, but if you’re following a strict gluten free diet, there aren’t as many choices.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t find some pretty amazing loaves out there. I’ve put together a list of the best three brands of gluten free bread and where to buy them.

Bread Srsly Classic Gluten

Though Bread Srsly isn’t as widely available in stores as most of the other breads on this list, it was still worth mentioning. Its high praise from the press and reviewers, as well as our growing willingness to shop for specialty food products online, contributed to its place on this list. Plus, it’s one of the best gluten-free sourdough breads we could find for the price. The brand relies on alternative flours like white rice, millet, and sorghum, along with a sorghum-based sourdough starter to create a tangy, fluffy loaf.

Customers that reviewed Bread Srsly raved about the bread’s texture, taste, and size, which makes it a valuable purchase for those who can’t have gluten or are looking to try something new. Refinery 29 said Bread Srsly had one of the 10 best loaves in San Francisco in 2013.

Bread Srsly has a product locator feature to see if its products are available near you, and there’s also a product request form to fill out and give to your favorite local grocer if you are interested in buying the brand’s breads in person. You can also shop for breads via the brand’s online store. The Classic Gluten-Free Sourdough retails for $39 for a three-pack of 16-ounce loaves.

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Whats The Healthiest Gluten Free Bread

In most cases, gluten free bread isnt any healthier than traditional bread. So when deciding which might be healthier, think about any other health concerns you may have.

If you have multiple food allergies, for example, BFree is a good option. If youre looking for more protein, considered a seeded variety like Little Northern Bakehouse.

Is Walmart Bread Gluten Free

charteredbrands launches new gluten

Walmarts private label Great Value sandwich bread isnt gluten free, but the store does have a gluten free variation of it. Thats great news for the budget-conscious, but whats not so great is that its hard to find and is just so-so in terms of taste and structure.

You can, however, purchase other gf bread brands at many Walmarts, including some of those that appear on my list of the best gluten free bread brands.

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Why Did My Gluten Free Bread Collapse While Cooling

If your oven runs hot, as many do, it will bake the outside too quickly and give the loaf the appearance of being baked through even though the inside doesnt have the structure to support the outside as the bread cools. Always test your bread for doneness as described above before removing it from the oven entirely.

Best Gluten Free Bread

It is important to figure out what makes the best gluten free bread for you. Sometimes it is just the cost, sometimes it the overall ingredients if you are allergic or cannot eat other ingredients or it could just be the texture and taste of the bread.

Once you decide what YOUR important factors are, you can find the best fit for you and your family. If you have kids, you know that they can be really picky about eating ANYTHING. That means that whatever they like, you will buy.

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Schar Gluten Free Artisan Baker White Bread

Schar Gluten Free Artisan Baker White Bread is great for making toast, sandwiches, snacks, and more.

It is gluten free, wheat free, lactose free and egg free. So it can be enjoyed by those with multiple food allergies.

This Schar bread is also non-GMO and comes in a 14.1 oz loaf size.

This bread contains the following ingredients:


Customers who have purchased this on Amazon have stated that this bread is perfect and tastes just like regular artisan bread.

They said that Schar has a nice firm texture without being too dense or cake-like and that holds up well for sandwiches and toast.

This bread may not be the best for those eating a grain free diet as it does contain some grains


Some customers who have purchased this bread on Amazon do not find it very tasty.

They have said that the bread is dry, tasteless, and thick. They have also complained that the bread has a very short shelf life.


Schar Gluten Free Artisan Baker White Bread costs about 64 cents per ounce and there are multiple purchase options for this bread currently on Amazon.

You can also find this bread for a great price at most local grocery stores.

What We Looked For

Flourless EggWhite Keto Bread | Dairy and Gluten Free Bread

Gluten-free: All entries were strictly free from gluten.

Texture: We looked for gluten-free bread that was as close in texture to regular bread as possible. Good chew, crunch when toasted and a light texture were important. Crumbly, raw or dry biscuity breads were marked down.

Taste: We looked for gluten-free bread which tasted as close to regular bread as possible. Specifically malty, seeded, wholemeal or neutral flavours. Overly sweet, artificial tasting breads were marked down.

Toast-ability: Apart from the white rolls, all gluten-free breads were tried toasted and untoasted to see how they behaved. We looked for even crunch, golden colour and a slight chew. Breads which became dry, hard or crumbly were marked down.

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Classic Avocado Toast On Unbun Bread

Of course, I had to test the best gluten-free bread for avocado toast because I wouldnt be a true bread lover if I didnt. And let me tell you, this didnt disappoint! Unbun bread is reminiscent of whole-grain toast. It is light and airy out of the bag, and with a quick toast, it yields the perfect crunchy texture. Load it up with avocado and your favorite toppings, and feast away!

Tasty Ways To Enjoy Gluten

  • Serve it up with an omelet or egg scramble and a side of avocado
  • Make an avocado toast topped with a hard-boiled egg
  • Bake it into a healthy french toast
  • Use it as the base for a healthy bruschetta
  • Turn it into DIY breadcrumbs and use it as a salad topper
  • Toast it up and serve it with a bowl of soup or chili
  • Slather it with a serving of nut butter and sliced banana for a tasty post-workout snack
  • Top it with greek yogurt, avocado, and tuna for an open-faced sandwich
  • Fill it with hummus and roasted veggies for a loaded veggie lunch
  • Use it as a bun alternative for grilled salmon, beef, or portabella mushrooms

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Mixing The Ingredients For Gf Brown Bread

This recipe, like all of our batter-style gf bread recipes, calls for mixing in a stand mixer with the paddle attachment. If you dont have a stand mixer, I dont recommend a handheld mixer, which just doesnt offer the right style of attachment. Instead, try a food processor fitted with the steel blade.

Can Those With Celiac Disease Eat Store Bought Gluten Free Bread


Yes, if you suffer from celiac disease, you can eat store bought gluten free breads.

However, I would caution you to be extra diligent about reading labels

Remember, just because something isnt made with gluten-containing ingredients doesnt mean that it cant be contaminated somewhere during the manufacturing process.

Gluten can hide in the soil of farms and on the machinery at plants, plus countless places in between. For this reason, you should always look for certified gluten free breads.

Need more help figuring out whats safe? Check out my tips for determining when a product is really gluten free.

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Gluten Free White Bread

I reviewed the plainest variety of each bread I could find. In most cases, thats the white bread variety. Sometimes, the whole grain variety was the one I could get my hands on fastest.

Ive included as much detail as possible about each brand, including price , availability, ingredients and other allergens.

Please dont rely upon this information for matters of health, though. Its just for reference, and ingredients change. Always check your labels!

Every bread in this post holds its shape, can be separated when frozen or fresh, tastes relatively good and is worth a try. Some are more expensive than others, but in my personal experience , none of them crumble or fall apart in that sad, sad way we all know and hate.

The Loaf Is Too Dense

Sometimes a dense loaf of bread is great, but other times you want more of an airy loose texture. If your loaves are too dense then you might want to add a little more leavener to the mix.

Baking soda, baking powder, and gluten-free yeast are all good options. Yeast especially can add a little more flavor to your bread, too.

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The Best Whole Foods Gluten Free Bread

Which gluten free bread is really the best quality? Have you bought some and thought it tasted like cardboard? Paid too much for a loaf of gluten free bread that didnt get eaten? Or how about a tiny loaf where you needed to eat 4 pieces to feel as satisfied as having one?

Explore this list of the best gluten free breads from Whole Foods Market. These are solid gluten-free brands with bread that we ratedkids and adults alike! No more guessing here are the best Whole Foods gluten free breads to try.

Gluten Free Brown Bread Ingredients And Substitutions

Gluten Free Bread Review & Taste Test | BEST Gluten Free Bread 2019!

Except where Ive specifically indicated that Ive tried the substitution, these pearls are just my best-educated guesses about how to satisfy other dietary needs beyond just being gluten free. My recipes are only reliably gluten free, by design, and not free of everything. So take this information in the spirit in which its offeredand do your own experimentation!

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Abbott’s Village Bakery Gluten

Abbott’s is so good. Image: Coles

Ok, so I have to come clean here. I buy Abbotts as my chosen gluten-free bread but the wholemeal varietal wasnt as ground-breaking as their white loaf .

However, if were judging based on wholemeal its coming in closely behind the Helgas. Even my non-GF flatmate proclaimed This. Is. Bread., so you can see that its still a pretty decent loaf.

  • Look: Gorgeous look, nice size, good structure and proper bread shape but slightly smaller
  • Untoasted: Light and airy with a good texture and neutral flavour
  • Toasted: Its slightly doughier on the inside than the Helgas and Genius but not necessarily in a bad way

Can You Freeze Gluten Free Bread

Yes, you can store gluten free bread in the freezer, whether youve made it yourself or bought it at the store.

The trick to freezing gluten free bread so that it remains edible after defrosting is to tightly wrap it so that it doesnt freezer burn. Also make sure that your bread is cool when you pop it into the freezer, otherwise condensation that later freezes will have you fighting to separate slices.

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The Best Gluten Free Flours For This Gf Bread

I always prefer a base of Better Batter classic blend gluten free flour as a base for my gluten free yeast bread. In this recipe, were adding whole grains with teff and oat flour. You can try replacing the oat flour with a variety of other whole grain, gluten free flours. Here are a few suggestions:

Buckwheat flour in place of oat flour? Sweet white sorghum?

I think that buckwheat flour would work well in place of oat flour, as would sweet white sorghum flour. Make sure your sorghum flour is fresh, though, as it spoils more quickly than other flours.

Quinoa flour? Brown rice flour?

I wouldnt suggest using quinoa flour in place of oat flour here, as quinoa flour tends to be bitter. Brown rice flour doesnt have the same chew as oat flour, so I dont recommend it, either.

Using whole grain teff vs teff flour

This recipe calls for whole grain teff, not teff flour. I have wondered whether it would work with teff flour, though. And whether whole grain teff could be replaced with, say, chia seeds. I bet it could!

Now Lets Look At Tasty Store

Gluten Free Vegan Bread Brands : The Best Gluten Free Bread 8 Packaged ...

Now on to the store-bought gluten free bread options. Lets dive right into some of the tasty gluten free bread options you can find both in local grocery stores or online. All of these bread options are very tasty so Im hoping you can find your new favorite gluten free bread brand!

This list is in no particular order. But keep reading to the end to find out which bread I would deem the best brand of gluten free bread for 2022.

Please note this article does contain links to help you see exactly which bread I am referring to. Not all links are affiliate, but I am part of the Amazon affiliate program. If you use an Amazon link of mine I earn a very small commission at no extra cost to you. Your use of my affiliate links is always very appreciated as it helps me continue to be able to provide free content while earning an income through affiliates and ads.

Quick Disclaimer: While this list is about gluten free bread, please remember to always take your health into your own hands. Check ingredients and read for cross-contact warnings if that applies to you. If youre ever unsure if a certain product is safe for your consumption, please ask your doctor.

This store-brand gluten free bread is pretty good. Its a BIT on the styrofoam texture side. But it is soft and has a good flavor. Plus it actually has a pretty good price compared to other gluten free bread .

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Look Out For Additives And Opt For A Shorter Ingredients List

Does the ingredient list resemble a science experiment with all the di-, oxy-, and hydrogenated foods or is it filled with foods your grandmother would recognise? Gluten-free bread is a processed food, theres no way around that. However, you CAN find breads based on simple ingredients, and in my opinion, the shorter the ingredients list the better! Your digestion will be a lot smoother when your body doesnt have to break down weird things that your grandparents could probably only find in a science lab.

Julian Bakery Almond Bread

This Paleo almond-based bread is one of the best gluten-free breads on the market, based on ingredients and taste! Its made with wholesome ingredients like almond flour, coconut flour, egg whites, and psyllium husk and is free from any artificial ingredients or preservatives. Plus, it comes in at just 60 calories per slice, with 7 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per one slice serving! This is a great option for anyone looking to maximize their nutrients without overindulging on calories, carbs, and fat. Store this bread in the fridge to preserve freshness, and enjoy it whenever youre looking to satisfy your bread cravings!

It comes in other yummy flavors, too such as: Coconut, Keto, and Seed Medley Bread!

Per 1 slice serving: 60 calories, 3g fat , 6g carbs, 115mg sodium, 1g sugar, 5g fiber, 7g protein

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By Whole Foods Market Gluten

If you’re looking for an organic gluten-free bread on a budget, this is the pick for you. Whole Foods Market’s in-house brand not only offers one of the most affordable price points on this list, but it has a host of positive reviews on . 365 uses ancient grains like brown rice, amaranth, teff, and red quinoa to create its popular gluten-free loaves.

365 by Whole Foods Market’s Gluten-Free Multigrain Sandwich Bread has an average 4.5-star rating on Amazon. One reviewer said that it actually tastes like real bread and their chef husband even loves it, while others also raved about its light texture and nice size. Like most of the breads on this list, reviewers suggest toasting it first to get the best texture and flavor. However, it does not need to be frozen or refrigerated.

This gluten-free bread option is only available for purchase at Whole Foods Market or through . It retails for $4.99 for a 20-ounce loaf.

Best Gluten Free Bread: 7 Brands Ranked From Worst To Best

Gluten Free Nut & Seed Bread | Healthy & Kid-Approved

Finding the best gluten free bread can be hard. Thats why we have done it for you. Learn more about Gluten Free Bread, the best and worst!

Have you ever wondered why gluten free bread tastes so different compared to your normal loaf of bread? This article not only will help you learn more about Gluten Free Bread, but share the best one with you!

Gluten Free is becoming more and more common in todays world. What does it mean if something is gluten free. How does it affect bread and can you still find good bread that is gluten free?

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