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Where Can I Buy A Gluten Free Cake

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Best Overall: Simple Mills Vanilla Cake Almond Flour Mix

How To Use Teff Flour for Gluten Free Baking – the properties and best uses for teff flour

Simple Mills nailed this gluten-free almond flour cake mix. Made with only six ingredientsalmond flour, organic coconut sugar, arrowroot powder, organic coconut flour, baking soda, and sea saltthis mix proves that you dont need additives to get the job done.

To make this, all you have to do is add eggs, oil, water, and a little bit of vanilla extract, and then youre good to go. The finished product tastes delicious, bakes with a beautiful crumb, and holds up well to substitutions, like flax eggs in place of real eggs. Keep in mind that this mix only provides enough for one 8-inch round cake, so if you want to make a layered cake, youll need two boxes.

King Arthur Flour has been making gluten-free products since things like gluten-free cake mixes were only available in specialty stores online. Nowadays, its gluten-free cake mixes are easily accessible and extremely delicious. This one has a rich, decadent chocolate flavor and moist crumb that pleases a crowd, whether that crowd follows a gluten-free diet or not.

The ingredients list is pretty straightforward, and everything is non-GMO. Because this cake holds up so well to frosting, and one box bakes two 8- or 9-inch cakes, its ideal for building gluten-free layer cakes.

If youre not into confetti cake, theres also a gluten-free chocolate cake with salted caramel chips thats just as delicious and easy to make.

A Bakery & Cafe That’s All Gluten Free

We have lots of products available in store for those wanting to shop without making a pre-order. If you would like to do a curbside pickup, please call 780-758-8030 upon arrival.

Delivery is available Wednesday-Friday for those living within 30km of the bakery. Deliveries are made between 1pm-6pm. Minimum $20 purchase. Deliveries unavailable Wednesday, Oct 13.

Best Budget: Mason Dixon Bakery And Bistro

Mason Dixon Bakery and Bistro

Mason Dixon offers a solid selection of gluten-free cakes that can be shipped nationwide at an affordable price.

  • Vegan, soy-free, and egg-free options available

  • Not organic

Dr. Ashley Ramirez was diagnosed with Celiac disease in college, so she had to begin learning to prepare gluten-free meals for herself on a student’s limited budget. Luckily, her Ph.D.-level chemistry program proved helpful, and soon her recipes were fooling even ardent wheat-lovers. When a job-related delay left her in limbo in Huntsville, Alabama, Dr. Ramirez used her skills to open Mason Dixon, Alabama’s very first gluten-free bakery.

Mason Dixon Bakery offers a selection of 8-inch layer cakes available to ship. Most cakes are actually full-sized versions of Mason Dixon’s cupcakes, so see the cupcake menu for the most detailed flavor descriptions. Our favorites include the Cookie Monster, the Stacy, and the Fat Elvis. We hope that someday Mason Dixon makes full-sized versions of the Alabama Mud and the Trash Panda, but for now, you’ll have to order those in cupcake form. In addition to being gluten-free, some cakes are also dairy-free, soy-free, paleo, and/or vegan. Mason Dixon ships custom cakes as well.

Most of Mason Dixon’s 8-inch cakes cost between $35 and $45, plus a flat shipping rate of about $30. That makes Mason Dixon the most budget-friendly option on this list.

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Best Design: Posh Pop Bakeshop

Posh Pop Bakeshop

Simply put, Posh Pop brings the flair in its extravagantly designed desserts.

  • Facility is not 100% nut-free

Posh Pop is a New York-based Bakeshop that stands out for its colorful and bombastic design details. A cake from Posh Pop sends a clear message that living a gluten-free life is not a matter of deprivationquite the opposite. If you’re looking for a gluten-free cake that is also extravagant, opulent, and oozing personality, Posh Pop is definitely your spot.

Elaborate, indulgent, and high on the sweetness quotient, all of Posh Pop’s gluten-free cakes look like a party in themselves. As of May 2021, there are seven cakes and six cheesecakes available for delivery. On the cake side, check out the Ube Velvet Cake, the Funfetti Cake, and the insanely oozy Caramel Creme Cake. On the cheesecake front, feast your eyes on the outrageous Magic Cookie Bar Cheesecake and the stately Red Velvet Cheesecake.

Most cakes and cheesecakes sell for about $90, plus shipping. Posh Pop ships frozen cakes overnight and come with safe travels guaranteed with the Posh Pop packing method. Delivery cost through UPS varies by region. Posh Pop offers free next-day shipping on all orders over $150.

Gluten Free Birthday Cakes & Other Cakes

Gluten Free Birthday Cake Recipe

Madeira cake layered with raspberry jam and vanilla frosting, decorated with soft icing. Serves 10. In the free from or celebration cake section. Free from gluten and dairy .

5. Free From Celebration Cake, Morrisons

6. Deliciously Free From Seriously Chocolate Cake, Sainburys, £8.00

Chocolate flavoured cake with chocolate flavoured frosting and chocolate decorations. Serves 10. In the free from or celebration cake section. Free from gluten, wheat, dairy and nuts.

7. Hand Finish Gluten Free Chocolate Cake, Coop, £3.50

I love this chocolate cake. It is one of the best I have tried and reminds me of proper chocolate fudge cake. Its a fairly small size but would be the perfect mini cake to serve to coeliacs at a party. In the free from section.

8. Tesco Finest Free From Carrot Cake, £3.00

This is a really yummy little gluten free cake, with delicious cream cheese frosting on the top and very soft carrot cake sponge. in the free from section. Free from gluten and wheat.

Gluten free carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting. In the free from section. Free from gluten and wheat.

10. Tesco Finest Free From Victoria Sponge Cake, £3.00

A classic sponge that might be a bit boring as a birthday cake but some people do love a good slice of Victoria sponge! In the free from section. Free from wheat and gluten.

11. Made Without Wheat Carrot Cake, M& S

Ooo another really good gluten free carrot cake. Find in the Made Without Wheat ambient section. Free from gluten.

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The Hummingbird Bakery Made Without Vanilla Sponge: From 4525 The Hummingbird Bakery

Unfortunately, these luxury cakes are currently only available across London, but theyre certainly worth the trip. Our offering was beautifully presented in the famous Hummingbird Bakery packaging and packed with decadent buttercream and sprinkles. Its certainly one of the priciest of the bunch, but it didnt scrimp whatsoever on the quality of ingredients and the size. Hummingbird Bakery does take precautions to avoid cross-contamination and has consulted Coeliac UK on how to do so. However, it does acknowledge there is a risk, since it bakes gluten-containing cakes in the same bakery.

$15 Shipping On All Orders

How We Deliver Cakes to Your Door

  • We bake our Gluten Free Birthday Cakes with care and deliver them to your door using our tried-and-true packing methods to ensure a safe delivery.
  • Cakes are wrapped safe and snug in specially designed, insulated packaging .
  • Our shipping partners deliver Monday – Saturday to any domestic address with the exception of U.S. Territories, APO/FPO, P.O. Boxes. Delivery windows are not available.
  • Cake script is available on pick-up orders only. For shipped cakes, you may include a gift note at checkout for an extra-special Gluten Free Birthday Cake delivery!
  • Ordering for an event? We advise having your Gluten Free Birthday Cake delivered one day early see here for storage details.
  • Placing a pick-up order for an extra large 10 Gluten Free Birthday Cake? Reach out to.


sugar, Gluten free/dairy free flour blend , Confectioners sugar , Butter, Egg, Grapeseed oil, Buttermilk, Vegetable shortening , Cream cheese , Rainbow sprinkles , Light brown sugar, Imitation vanilla extract , Glucose, Milk powder, Corn syrup , Baking powder , Yellow cake flavor , Salt, Baking soda, Citric acid.

made in a facility that processes wheat, Peanuts and tree nuts

contains: milk, Eggs, Soy

note: all of our products, Including our gluten free products, Are made in a facility that processes the following major allergens: wheat, Egg, Milk, Peanuts, Treenuts, And soy.

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Making A Gluten Free Birthday Cake At Home

Baking a gluten free birthday cake at home is much easier than many people think. Gluten free flour and other ingredients are widely available, including in all major supermarkets. Simply have a look in the free from section .

If you are not gluten free yourself but are baking for a gluten free friend or relative please bear cross contamination in mind. You should:

  • clean any baking kit really well to ensure there are no traces of gluten left over from previous bakes and wash your hands well
  • try not to use gluten flour in the kitchen at the same time as it really gets in the air, but perhaps move the gluten free cake to another room or ensure well-covered before you start
  • keep the gluten free cake entirely separate from any other gluten-containing party food, as if items touch they will be contaminated with gluten, so serve any gluten free food on a dedicated plate
  • use a dedicated knife to cut and serve the cake, not one that has been used for other cakes
  • birthday candles remember to use fresh candles rather than reusing old ones, as those may have been used in gluteny cakes.
  • Here are some recipe ideas to get you started:

    Your Best Resources For Gluten

    Gluten Free Lemon Cake

    For more information on gluten-free and gluten-containing foods, please consult the following resources:

    • Canadian Celiac Association Food Choices:
    • Canadian Celiac Association What Not to Eat:
    • Pocket Dictionary Acceptability of Foods & Food Ingredients for the Gluten-Free Diet, 2012 edition, Canadian Celiac Association: This pocket-sized dictionary helps people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity understand food ingredients and identify foods containing gluten.
    • Gluten-Free Diet A Comprehensive Resource Guide, by Shelley Case, RD: The latest version of this comprehensive guide includes over 3,100 gluten-free and specialty foods listed by company and product names. It can also be found at

    Our References

    The above information was summarized from Celiac Disease The Gluten Connection, Health Canada. For the full article please visit: . Also referenced was Celiac Disease Still Vastly Under-Diagnosed, Shelley Case, Case Nutrition Consulting, Inc. For the full article please visit: .

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    Bespoke Bakery & Online Orders

    If you are planning on ordering a bespoke gluten free birthday cake you will find lots of brilliant local bakeries able to provide these services. Simply do a search in Google.

    When ordering, be sure to ask whether the cake is suitable for coeliacs and whether they can ensure that there is either no risk of cross contamination or minimal risk. They should be using clean equipment and preparing the cake in a dedicated gluten free area ideally.

    There are a couple of nationwide options too:

    Can I Make This Gluten

    I haven’t tried using an egg substitute in this gluten free chocolate cake but a few others have tried it with flax-egg.

    If you make it egg free please stop back by and let me know which egg replacer you used.

    If you don’t want to experiment, you could always start with my Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes.

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    Delight Your Dear Ones With An Offering Of A Gluten Free Cake

    We at Ferns N Petals, rejoice at the very prospect of celebrations that transpire in your life, and it pleases us to tend to your celebratory needs with the aid of offerings that are delectable in nature. Now, when it comes to delicacies, no one would like their special occasion of the like of Birthday or Anniversary to be thrived by edible entities that lack the taste of mouth-watering flavors. Many believe, that cakes, cookies et al, that are infused with Gluten, a form of protein, are delectable to their core. But, our company realizes that excess of even the best may prove harmful to our patrons and followers, and we don’t want that do we? Hence, we bring forth, an assortment of delicacies that are free of gluten, and yet possess the most delectable taste, for which you in your entirety shall crave. The online portal of our company presents before you, delectable delights of the likes of gluten-free cookies and gluten-free birthday cakes that shall entice your taste buds, along with keeping the welfare of health in mind.

    Borough 22 Gluten Free Doughnuts: From 20 Borough 22

    Where Can I Buy a Gluten Free Cake

    We realise weve gone slightly off the birthday cake track for our last entry, but given that gluten-free doughnuts are extremely difficult to get your hands on, any coeliac would be ecstatic to receive these for their birthday. Available individually in Selfridges as well as by the box with a greeting card online , Borough 22 offers sugary-sweet, gluten-free, vegan doughnuts in all kinds of flavours. Its products are separately certified by an independent laboratory to ensure they’re suitable for coeliacs.

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    Why Did My Gluten

    There are several reason why cakes sink, one is from over beating the batter and adding too much air. Also, cakes often will sink when there is too much moisture.

    This is more common in humid climates where added moisture can collect naturally in ingredients such as flour.

    When this occurs, cupcakes may rise rapidly and then fall during baking.

    In higher elevations, the leavening agent works twice as hard and may cause the batter to rise rapidly and sink before itâs had a chance to set up.

    All these tips are relevant to most cake and cupcake recipes, not just this Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake.

    This gluten-free chocolate cake recipe is a family favorite.

    I wanted to share it with you so you can find your happily-cake-ever-after.

    This gluten-free cake recipe is simple enough that anyone can make it .

    I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! If you like cake then you’ll also love my Gluten-Free Lemon Cake and my Gluten-Free Vanilla Cupcakes.

    If you make this gluten-free cake please stop back by here and let me know what you thought!

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