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Where To Buy Corn Gluten Meal

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Corn Gluten Meal – Lawn Fertilizer

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  • Date First Available:Aug. 6 2012
  • Manufacturer:Concern

Where To Buy Corn Gluten Meal Online

Mowingman said:Plenty available here in North Texas. It was really hyped as a great thing for a while. However, after people paid big bucks to buy the stuff for a few years, they found it is pretty much worthless at preventing weeds. Hardly anyone uses it here anymore.Everyone has stacks of bags gathering dust. If you have a semi truck, I can get you all you want to haul back and you can sell it to the gullible folks over there. Really, if you are desperate to get it, PM me and I can give you a phone number of my friend who owns a farm supply store here. I think he can even arrainge for a semi to deliver it to you.


Corn Gluten Meal Does It Work

Dr. Nick Christians original field work showed that corn gluten meal applied at 99, 198, 297, 396, 495, and 594 g/m2 reduced crab grass infestation by 50, 65, 80, 95, and 93%, respectively when applied 1 week before crab grass germination. Applying it 4 weeks before germination required higher amounts to have the same effect.

When 22 different weeds were tested they found that all were reduced, but the degree of reduction varied by both species and application rate. At low rates some weeds were unaffected. Since this work was done, other research has identified a few weeds that seem to be immune to corn gluten meal.

Most discussions refer to weeds, but non-weed seeds like grass, perennials and vegetables are also affected.

Others have also tested corn gluten meal. A study out of Oregon State University says that they could not replicate the initial field findings. I am not sure that this work was ever published? The work was part of a Masters degree and is available as a Thesis. It found that corn gluten meal did not reduce the number of weeds. In its conclusion it states that this could be due to the fact that the testing was done on clear soil, with no grass and therefore no competition, or that it might be due to an old product. The product was not tested in the lab to verify it worked. The work did not record rain fall during the tests and Oregon can be quite wet, so it is also possible that excess rain kept the product from working.

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How Effective Is Corn Gluten Meal On Weeds

Corn gluten meal prevents weed seeds from germinating properly. This means the first year the product is used on a lawn will only achieve about a 60% control rate on weeds. If corn gluten meal is applied to a lawn for consecutive years the effective weed control rate will increase each year.

Year 1: 60% control rate on weeds in a lawnYear 2: 70% control rate on weeds in a lawnYear 3: 80% control rate on weeds in a lawnYear 4+: 90%+ control rate on weeds in a lawn

Note: Synergy with corn gluten meal for lawns is most effective as a pre-emergent organic weed control. If corn gluten meal is used on a regular basis it will build the soil and prevent weed seeds from germinating properly. The more consecutive years Synergy is applied to a lawn the more effectively it will prevent weeds from growing. Customers in the Boulder and Fort Collins areas that have been using Synergy with corn gluten meal on their lawns for 3 or more consecutive years have very few weeds in their lawn.

How Effective Is It

Corn Gluten meal

There have been multiple studies on the use of corn gluten meal as an effective weed killer with mixed results. The primary issue with this method is the difficulty of applying it at just the right time to knock out the weed seeds.

Weeds grow throughout the year in Arizona. Even annual weeds may occasionally pop up before you expect them in the spring. Once they do, this method is not effective at all. It also requires frequent reapplications. Keeping up with this method can be frustrating for busy property owners.

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Le Veneziane Gluten Free Corn Pasta Fettucce 88 Oz

Product Description

Le Veneziane brings traditional Italian strand pasta with a long flat shape. With only 6-7 minutes of cooking time, these Fettucce Noodles are traditionally served with delicate and straightforward sauces such as tomato sauce and olive oil. This 8.8-ounce pack of Fettucce pasta is perfect for sharing with family as a part of a healthy & balanced diet.

This Italian corn pasta is made with gluten-free and wheat-free corn and has a significantly low-fat content. This Le Veneziane Fettucce pasta is perfect for pairing with shrimp and tomatoes or Capellini Pomodoro with Shiso. For a more flavorful and nutritious meal, toss this pasta with vegetables or stir into winter soups and enjoy!

Le Veneziane is a non-GMO and gluten-free pasta manufacturer from the producer Molina di Ferro. Le Veneziane produces its pastas from the corn capital of Italy, Veneto. Le Veneziane creates high-quality pasta for those with gluten intolerance. This Italian pasta brand delivers delicious toothsome flavors of pasta.

  • Facts 8.8 oz. Product of Italy.
  • Ingredients Corn flour, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids of vegetable origin.


  • Facts 8.8 oz. Product of Italy.
  • Ingredients Corn flour, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids of vegetable origin.


How Does Corn Gluten Meal Work

Corn gluten is a byproduct of corn milling that has historically been used as a supplement in animal feed. This product was discovered to kill weeds before they establish. Corn gluten does not prevent weed seed from germinating but inhibits the young weed plants from developing roots.

The newly germinated weed plants are thus left without a mechanism to absorb water and they quickly die of dehydration. The application or this organic weed killer has to be timed just when the weeds have germinated.

Corn gluten meal becomes ineffective when applied any time before weed seed germinate or after the weed plants have established and grown strong root system. At this time, the product will only serve as a fertilizer to your grass and weeds as well.

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Corn Gluten Weed Preventer Plus Lawn Food


  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Better for the environment than other pre-emergent crabgrass preventers
  • Controls crabgrass, dandelions, and over 25 other weeds prior to germination
  • Provides gentle feeding and deep greening
  • Can be used in flower gardens and in planting beds
  • Product Label
  • Reviews

Jonathan Green Corn Gluten Weed Preventer plus Lawn Food feeds the lawn while preventing crabgrass, dandelions, and over 25 other broadleaf and grassy weeds. For optimal results apply early in the spring- between March and early May- before weeds germinate. For improved weed control and greening apply up to 4 times a year, in early and late spring and again in early and late fall.

The key factor in achieving great weed control results with this product is the proper timing of the first application. This weed control must be spread on established turfgrasses before the weeds germinate because it is only effective before weeds break the surface of the soil. Do not use this product when seeding because it will affect the new grass seedlings as they germinate. Based upon the organic nature of Corn Gluten Weed Preventer it may take a few seasons to control severe weed populations.

When to Apply:

  • The best time to apply is in early spring before target weeds, like crabgrass, dandelions or other broadleaf weeds germinate.
  • For improved weed control and greening apply up to 4 times a year: in early and late spring, and early and late fall.


  • For Gardens:
  • Post-Application:

    Q: Is Corn Meal Gluten Safe For Pets

    Organic Weed Control: Corn Gluten Meal

    A: Since its made from corn, this meal should be 100% safe around small children and pets. Its actually edible by humans, although its not very tasty, and its used in some forms of animal kibble.

    Having said that, you should avoid letting your dogs, cats, or children chow down on it. While it wont hurt them, its also not the best nutritional choice for them. Keep your fertilizers secured and out of their reach.

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    Corn Gluten Meal Q & A

    Liquid corn gluten meal spray – a listener/farmer recommendation that’s a great idea.The way we use corn gluten on our fields – we make a tea out of it and spray on the fields once a month from Autumn to May. Works very well. We use 2 to 6 cups of corn gluten to 100 gallons of water and spray it on with a pull behind sprayer. We just put the corn gluten meal in panty hose and suspend it in the sprayer when we fill it up, then swish the panty hose, remove and stir. Use at about 35 gallons per acre. Simple, economical and effective.

    How Is Corn Gluten Meal Made

    The process of processing corn for oils or cornstarch results in this useful byproduct. To make corn gluten meal, theres two different methods, but they both start in the same place.

    Harvested corn will be taken to a mill. At the mill, the corn will be cleaned and then steeped to soften the kernels.

    Once the kernels have become soft, a coarse grinding stage happens. The resulting ground corn travels down one of two paths. One results in corn oil as well as corn gluten meal feed for animals. The other results in cornstarch and a less-potent corn gluten meal.

    For feed grade gluten meal, the grinding stage then moves on to a germ separation stage. The germ is then pressed to extract oil.

    The resulting pressed meal is blended with ground corn bran and some of the steeping liquid. This creates wet corn gluten feed. It may be kept loose or pressed into pellets. The resulting feed is then dried for long-term storage.

    The other process also begins at the grinding stage. Unlike the meal for pressing oil, meal for extracting cornstarch requires further grinding. Its then screened to remove bran, which is sent to the feed prep area.

    The finely-ground meal is made into a slurry with water. Its repeatedly washed and cycled through centrifuges to extract the starches. Once the cornstarch has been extracted, the water is removed and the meal dried into corn gluten meal.

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    Where To Get Corn Gluten Meal

    Vancouver, BC
    80 posts

    caribou wrote: âYou can buy corn gluten meal in a fine, yellow, powdery form from most feed stores or you can buy the more expensive, pelleted product at garden centres . There is no difference in terms of the efficacy of the CGM, however, there are usually added supplements like fertilizer in the pelleted form.Some people like pellets as they are easier to apply using your spreader and are effective up to 6 weeks as they break down slowly over time. The finer granules are harder to spread and break down faster due to their powdery form and, as a result, arenât as effective as long. I use the powdery granules because I like the lower cost and I have more lawn to apply.I’ve written about CGM on my gardening blog here.

    Corn Gluten Meal Does It Work For Weeds

    where to buy corn gluten meal feed 60%

    Corn gluten meal is the new herbicide for lawns. The movement away from synthetic chemical herbicides has left a gap for managing lawns and researchers are scrambling to find an organic solution. One product that is showing promise is corn gluten meal. Its proponents claim that it prevents weed seed from germinating, and if seeds dont germinate you have a weed free lawn. Sounds like a perfect solution.

    There are scientific reports, both for and against the product. Anecdotal evidence from gardeners is also mixed. Does the product work? How should it be used? Are people using it correctly?

    lawn and corn gluten meal

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    How Do People Use Cornmeal As A Weed Killer

    Corn gluten meal is found in both pellets and powdered forms. The application process involves spreading it in a specific amount that is based upon how many square feet of ground needs to be covered.

    After the meal is distributed evenly on the ground, you then need to water the lawn lightly to activate the oils. If the application does work, it is only effective for around 5 to 6 weeks. Then, the meal must be reapplied.

    Is Corn Gluten Meal A Good Pre

    Our state, as many other states, seems to be very lax in allowing the sale of products that are loosely labeled and highly touted by testimonials and claims. You need to beware of miracle products that seem to be promising more than seems reasonable. Sometimes its done under the umbrella of “natural,” and sometimes its not. But, the common thread through these products is “buyer beware.”

    I do not accept ads from products that dont have good and valid research data from Land Grant universities. Im especially reluctant to recommend products that have vague instructions and few or no antidotes listed should anything run amuck during their use. Often, these products have the instructions printed on a sheet of paper lying beside the bottle or bag, and what people dont know is that the official state registration for that product is what is on the bottle or bag. The company is liable for any and all statements and claims made there. But, they can say whatever they want in their ads and on those fly-away sheets of paper. Theyre not part of the legal label.

    I dont try to keep up with every last step of this process. Its just too much for my mind, but I have heard that things are tightening down, to which I say “Its about time.”

    In the meanwhile, here is what I have posted on my Facebook page every time someone asks if its time yet for corn gluten meal pre-emergent. Note that this is from a very respected agricultural college:

    The Bottom Line

    Phone: 972 562-5050

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    Mggs Ryan Anderson Fills You In On The Natural Pre

    About a year ago, I planned a trip to New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Thailand for the middle of June. As a cash-strapped recent Masters graduate I had every intention of purchasing the best-priced plane tickets. Research shows that flight prices start moderately high when first released and steadily decrease to their best value about 21-112 days before the flight. Book too soon and the ticket could cost up to $50 higher than the best price, purchase too late and its cost could skyrocket to $200 higher.

    This window of opportunity scenario applies to corn gluten and our lawns: apply too soon and you allow the weeds dormant seeds to dodge corn glutens preventative effects, too late and the weed builds resilience to corn glutens pre-emergent herbicidal effects.

    Corn gluten, the by-product of corn processing, contains proteins that inhibit root growth during seed germination for a number of small-seeded annual and perennial weeds that frequent our lawns, including crabgrass and pigweed. Not only does this product offer a natural herbicidal alternative to toxic weed and feed lawn products, but it, also, contains a significant amount of nitrogen that our full-grown turf grass loves.

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