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Best Gluten Free Fast Food Options

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Straw Propeller Maple Oats

Gluten Free Fast Food Review | Restricted Kitchen

Per container : 198 calories, 3 g fat , 140 mg sodium, 34 g carbs , 7 g protein

Eat This: Oatmeal is not only a breakfast of champions, but it’s also a great snack to stash in your desk drawer. Go gourmet with Straw Propeller, which makes their cup of instant oatmeal with gluten-free rolled oats, organic maple sugar, and sea salt.

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Best And Worst Gluten

We get it. Life is already tough enough when you’re met with a groan and eye roll from every waiter when you politely ask about the restaurant’s gluten-free options. And don’t get us started on the fact that every grocery run is automatically lengthened due to the fact that you’re committed to meticulously scanning dozens of labels to see if you can find a “Certified Gluten Free” logo or “Made in a facility that also produces wheat.” Although “gluten-free” has made a somewhat misguided transition from being a serious health problem to a blanket statement that’s interchangeable for “healthy,” not all gluten-free foods are good for you just because they eschew those dreaded wheat proteins.

So, to help you navigate the choppy waters of the gluten-free world, we’ve collected some “Eat This”-approved gluten-free snacks . Our top picks are free of scary additives and chemicals, low in sugar, and high in protein and fibertwo macronutrients that will make it much easier to keep your mind off your rumbling stomach.

Is White Rice Free Of Gluten

Yes, all rice is gluten-free in its natural state. Brown rice, white rice, and wild rice are all examples of this. The word glutinous refers to the sticky quality of the rice rather than the gluten protein present in wheat, barley, and rye in this instance. For celiac disease sufferers, rice is one of the most preferred gluten-free grains.

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Are There Any Gluten

Chick-fil-A has one of the most extensive gluten-free menus of any fast food chain. Chick-fil-A, on the other hand, has lately made it feasible for gluten-free customers to enjoy their sandwiches on a bun. Millet, quinoa, and amaranth are among the gluten-free ancient grains used in their new gluten-free buns.

Find Fast Food Gluten And Allergy Free In Us

Gluten Free Fast Food: The Best GF Options at Every Major Chain

More fast food / quick service restaurant chains are providing gluten free menus and allergy charts. In order to understand your menu options, we recommend you access and/or print out the gluten free menu and allergy chart from your favorite fast food chain website below.

Be sure to read the explanations provided by each chain describing food preparation and potential cross contamination considerations prior to ordering any menu items.

US Fast Food Chains Providing Gluten Free Menus and Allergy Charts

Fast food chains providing a gluten free menu are identified with “GF Menu”. Each allergy chart may or may not identify gluten depending upon the specific restaurant chain:

  • Austria Gluten Free Travel Bundle
  • Czech Republic Gluten Free Travel Bundle
  • Europe Gluten Free Travel Bundle
  • France Gluten Free Travel Bundle
  • Germany Gluten Free Travel Bundle
  • Greece Gluten Free Travel Bundle
  • Ireland Gluten Free Travel Bundle
  • Italy Gluten Free Travel Bundle
  • Latvia Gluten Free Travel Bundle

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Shake Shack Hamburger With Gluten

If youve dedicated yourself to a gluten-free lifestyle you may be a little frustrated with the dreaded gluten-free bun you have to select if you want to enjoy the full hamburger experience. Thats understandable, but the reality is that some gluten-free buns are better than others. Shake Shacks gluten-free bun is one thats proven popular and successful among gluten-free customers.

The gluten-free bun can be ordered in place of a regular one on any of their hamburgers or cheeseburgers. Not only is the bun great, but the overall quality of the burger is, too. Theyre made from freshly ground, never-frozen, 100 percent Angus beef thats been pasture-raised and grain-finished with no antibiotics. If you really dont want the bun, they offer lettuce wraps as well.

Udi’s Gf Three Cheese Pizza

Per ½ pizza : 360 calories, 15 g fat , 570 mg sodium, 45 g carbs , 12 g protein

Eat This: Pick up this gluten-free standard, made with brown rice flour and a blend of mozzarella, fontina, and romano cheeses, from the freezer section. If you’re not concerned with blood-pressure and see a brand known as Smart Flour, we’d also recommend their pick, but it’s a little higher in sodium.

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Bonus: 5 Secrets To Staying 100% Gluten Free At Restaurants

If you have a serious gluten allergy, staying 100% gluten free at restaurants can be a challenge. Even the slightest bit of cross contamination can make you sick. In a world full of gluten, is it really possible to stay 100% gluten free at restaurants? With the right tips, its definitely possible!

Thats why Im offering a FREE bonus PDF with the 5 Secrets to Staying 100% Gluten Free at Restaurants. It will teach you 5 little-known techniques for ensuring your meal in 100% gluten free every single time. Grab your free PDF download of the 5 Secrets to Staying 100% Gluten Free at Restaurants by signing up for my email newsletter below. As a bonus, youll also receive instant access to my free wellness library filled with tons of helpful gluten free resources!

Enjoy Life Brownie Mix

VEGAN at SUBWAY! Best Vegan Fast Food Options!

Per 3 tbsp mix : 130 calories, 2.5 g fat , 120 mg sodium, 25 g carbs , 6 g protein

Eat This: This is our top pick, and it’s not just because these brownies come with the extra benefit of mini chocolate chips. Enjoy Life uses sprouted brown rice protein, which means these treats should be easy on those who have sensitivities to digesting grains.

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Top Your Burger Bowl With The Best Big Mac Special Sauce

The Big Mac Special Sauce is what makes this burger bowl recipe amazing! Just stir together the mayo, ketchup, relish, yellow mustard, vinegar, paprika & onion powder, and youll have a dressing that takes you right back to the McDonalds drive thru.

Have you made these burger bowls? Be sure to tag me on instagram so I can see how they turned out!

Lets Eat!

Spicy Southwest Salad With Chick

The spicy Southwest salad with chick-n-strips comes with tomatoes, cheese, corn, black beans, chiles, bell peppers, all on a bed of mixed greens and topped with tortilla strips, pepitas, fried chicken strips and a creamy salsa dressing. It has 890 calories, 61g fat, 12g saturated fat, 44g carbohydrate, 43g protein, and 1,710mg sodium.

To reduce calories and fat on a salad, go for grilled chicken and skip any high-fat or high-calorie extras. If you dont want to completely skip salad dressing, avoid creamy options, which tend to be high in calories and fat.

If youre trying to watch your sugar intake, remember that condiments like salad dressing can be a source of added or hidden sugar in your diet. Chick-fil-As fat-free honey mustard dressing has 19g of sugar per serving and the zesty apple cider vinaigrette has 14g, as well as 230 calories.

A single serving of Light Italian Dressing adds just 25 calories and 1g fat to your salad, while a serving of Chick-fil-As Creamy Salsa Dressing adds 290 calories and 31g fat.

Toppings like black beans and corn, crunchy tortilla strips, and pepitas can easily add 100 calories each to a salad . Extras like bacon bits, which may add some protein, also tend to be high in sodium. Other than grilled chicken, a chopped, hardboiled egg is another good source of protein.

If youre building a salad at Chick-fil-A, load up on produce options, which includes crisp veggies, fiber-filled fruit like apples, and even antioxidant-rich blueberries.

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Can You Trust Them Are They Actually Gf

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. If youre on a gluten-free diet, youll need to avoid any products that contain this protein. Wheat products like breads and pastas may be the first to come to mind, but gluten can sometimes pop up in other packaged foods too.

When eating out, it can be difficult to eat gluten-free since sandwiches come on buns and salads often include breaded chicken and croutons. Even if you order your meal without these gluten-containing foods, cross contamination can happen in the kitchen.

As you would at any other restaurant, be mindful of the possibility of cross contamination at fast-food joints. The biggest culprit is frying oil.

Oil is naturally gluten-free, but restaurants may use the same batch of oil to fry a bunch of different foods. Once that oil has been used to fry gluten-containing foods , its def contaminated and so are the french fries or any other foods that take a dip in the oil afterward.

Even with GF labels, the risk could still be high since the food prep is fast. If you have an allergy, dont be afraid to ask specifically how your food is cooked and mention that it must be gluten-free.

Telling the staff might help limit cross contamination that can happen if folks touch gluten-containing foods while prepping your meal.

Wondering what you can actually eat? After weighing all the gluten-free options, weve broken down whats available and whats potentially risky at Americas fave fast-food chains.

Kfc: House Or Caesar Salad


Sorry, people with Celiac, but you’re basically beggars at the Colonel’s house. The gluten filter on the KFC site yields this sad mess of soft drink options, along with two salads that do not include dressing or croutons. To add insult to injury, they’reside salads. We suppose you could pass on the Caesar and load up on corn, coleslaw, and green beans, but that’ll just remind you of the other sides you’re missing.

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Bisquick Gluten Free Pancake Mix

Per 1/3 cup mix: 140 calories, 0.5 g fat , 340 mg sodium, 31 g carbs , 2 g protein

Eat This: We love a store-bought product with an ingredient list that’s limited to foods you can find in your pantry. Bisquick’s Gluten Free Pancake mix fits the bill and is much lower in carbs and sodium than our “Not That!” pick.

Mcdonalds Premium Bacon Ranch Salad

If you want to have breakfast at the popular fast food chain, McDonalds, but have gluten sensitivity then the options for you arent really many. One meal that is ideal for you, though, is the bacon ranch salad. It is one of the few breakfast meals at the fast food chain that dont contain wheat one of the biggest sources of gluten.

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Gluten Free Fast Food Options At Taco Bell

Taco Bell is definitely my guilty pleasure. Its beyond cheap and so good. Yea the meat is on par with dog food, but it tastes SO good! Here are the gluten free options I order at Taco Bell.

Gluten Free Breakfast Items at Taco Bell

Hash Browns are the only food item at breakfast that have gluten free ingredients.

They may be fried with gluten-containing items. Ask a manager if this would be an issue for you.

Dollar Cravings Menu Options

Their beef and shells do not contain wheat but do contain oats. If Oats typically bother you then you may have to avoid. If you are unsure always consult your doctor with any dietary questions.

Spicy Tostadas are the only gluten free dollar option.

Gluten Free Tacos at Taco Bell

Their beef and shells do not contain wheat but do contain oats. If Oats typically bother you then you may have to avoid. If you are unsure always consult your doctor with any dietary questions.

  • Crunchy Taco
  • Naco Cheese Doritos Locos Taco
  • Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco Supreme

Which Meat/Protein Options are Gluten Free

Their beef and shells do not contain wheat but do contain oats. If Oats typically bother you then you may have to avoid. If you are unsure always consult your doctor with any dietary questions.

To find out which meat options are gluten free I looked up their ingredients page and searched each protein.

  • Black Beans
  • Refried Beans
  • Seasoned Beef
  • Shredded Chicken

Gluten Free Hot Sauce Packets

  • Border Sauce Diablo
  • Border Sauce Mild

Gf Menu Options Include: Cider

Gluten Free Staples | Low Carb AND High Carb Options | Gluten Free Fast Food
  • 3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109$$ Fast Food
  • 7550 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89123$ Fast Food Restaurant
  • 5757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89111$ Fast Food Restaurant
  • 7150 W Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89128$ Fast Food Restaurant
  • 2390 East Serene, Las Vegas, NV 89123$ Fast Food Restaurant
  • 5260 S Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89148$ Restaurant
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    What Fast Food Can Celiacs Eat

    Celiac disease is a digestive disorder that causes the immune system to react abnormally when gluten, a protein found in wheat and other grains, comes into contact with the small intestine. The only way for people with celiac disease to avoid ingesting gluten is to eat a diet completely free of foods containing it.

    Burger King has a gluten-free menu that includes the burger king gluten free. This is one of many fast food chains that celiacs can eat at.

    Every Major Fast-Food Chains Best Gluten-Free Option

    • In-N-Out: Protein-style Double Double.
    • Grilled chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A.
    • Georges Chili Supreme, Culvers.
    • Burrito bowl from Chipotle.
    • Red beans and rice for the Popeyes.
    • Salad with spicy Italian dressing from Subway.
    • Reeses Blizzard from Dairy Queen.
    • Cantina power bowl from Taco Bell.

    Similarly, you may wonder what gluten-free fast food you can consume.

    The following are the top gluten-free fast food options:

    • Arbys.
    • Boston Market is a food market in Boston, Massachusetts.
    • Chick-fil-A is a fast-food chain that originated in the United States
    • Chipotle Mexican Grill is a restaurant in Chipotle, Mexico.
    • Five gentlemen
    • In-N-Out Burger is a fast-food restaurant chain in the United States
    • Shake Shack is a restaurant that serves burgers and shake

    What foods may you not consume if you have celiac disease in this way?

    When it comes to managing Celiac Disease, there are a few foods to stay away from.

    Is there gluten-free cuisine at Burger King?

    Bottom Line: Have Your Guac And Eat It Too

    Because you have almost no restrictions on what you can eat, Chipotle may be one of the best chains for gluten-free eating.

    But cross contamination is possible as a result of the ingredient ladles touching flour tortillas when burritos are being made. If you have celiac disease, you might want to skip this chain or be extremely cautious.

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    How To Prepare This Easy Burger Bowl Recipe

    • Start by arranging your prepared fries on a baking sheet and cook them according to packaged directions. If using freshly roasted potatoes to make homemade fries, follow your favorite recipe.
    • Brown ground beef in a skillet over medium heat. Cook and crumble the meat, then drain any grease. Add salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder to the meat.
    • Prep your toppings! Use whatever burger toppings you love, but we use shredded lettuce, chopped onions, tomatoes and dill pickle chips.

    Serve everything buffet style so picky eaters can choose what they like in their bowls!

    How To Order Vegan Gluten


    So, there are times where despite our best efforts, our only options just might be fast food, especially on vacation or a trip. On a road trip or in a podunk town with little to zero options for a healthy meal, I’ve found ways to navigate the fast food menu. I do not — I repeat, do not — advocate the consumption of fast food except for in a pinch and other compromising situations. So I suggest you print this blog in case of emergency!

    Here are some of the biggies:

    Subway – This one of the most veg and health friendly places if you are in a bind. You can always go with a veggie sub on Italian bread , hold the cheese and mayo, while piling on the veggies, avocado and mustard. You can also get this wrap style or forgo the carbs and chomp on a salad ) They do have veggie patties however, if your vegan, it’s a no-go as they contain egg. For allergy-sensitive folks, stick to the salads.

    Quizno’s – These guys aren’t far behind Subway. I do love a warm sandwich, but Subway has better veggie options. Here I order a veggie sub, no cheese or mayo, add guac and vinaigrette. Toasty yumminess. Also, grab a salad if you’re not doing bread! Again, for allergy-sensitive folks, stick to the salads.

    Pizza Hut – Vegans, we are screwed here unless we order multigrain dough with no sauce and tons of veggies. All other sauces and doughs contain dairy.

    Coffee Bean – Soy lattes and hot tea with soy milk here. No yummy flavored drinks, as they use powders that all contain dairy.

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    Jack In The Box Southwest Chicken Salad

    While salads tend to be a good gluten-free go-to, they can quickly become monotonous and boring. Thats why the Southwest chicken salad from Jack in the Box is a refreshing change that will delight your tastebuds in a way that makes you forget its even a salad.

    It begins with a bed of fresh, crispy iceberg lettuce combined with some romaine. Then you can choose between grilled or crispy all-white chicken meat. Then comes with shredded cheddar cheese, grape tomatoes, roasted corn, black beans, spicy corn sticks, and a creamy southwest dressing. Assuming you go with the grilled chicken option, you can enjoy this amazing assortment of flavors without worrying about any gluten.

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