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Legacy Gluten Free Emergency Food

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Nutrient Survival Southwestern Medley

Legacy Food Storage: 72-Hour Family Kit Review

Nutrient Survival is designed to meet the nutritional standards of the U.S. Armed Forces and delivers special ops grade nutrition. Unlike the previous kits, Nutrient Survival does not come prepackaged with an assortment of different meals. Instead, they come in large cans with 10 servings per can. They have a 25-year shelf life, are made in the USA, and are ready in minutes by adding water. Best of all, they offer chocolate chip cookies. I mean who doesnt want a chocolate chip cookie in a disaster scenario?

Survival Food But Make It Gluten Free

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

Just because you follow a special diet shouldnt mean you cant find survival food options for everyone. There are plenty of emergency food kits that are gluten free for those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Whether youre looking for a full breakfast-lunch-dinner supply or single meal, you can rest assured that your food will not only sustain you nutritionally but will adhere to your special diet.

Here, the best gluten-free survival food kits on the market.

Problems Youll Face Finding Gluten

It is tough finding gluten-free foods in regular times, never mind in a long-term SHTF situation. Gluten is in just about everything.

The good news is that many brands now have separate categories for gluten-free emergency food and meals. If you are building your emergency food stockpile from just freeze-dried meals, you can buy a bunch of gluten-free options and be done.

But, as weve talked about before, you should have various emergency foods in your stockpile.

This includes:

  • Bulk foods
  • Freeze-dried meals

The canned goods are probably obvious . So, instead, Im going to talk about gluten-free bulk foods and freeze-dried meals here.

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Mountain House Classic Bucket

If youve ever gone backpacking or camping youre probably familiar with Mountain House. These dehydrated meals are easy to make and come with a 30-year taste guarantee, so you can pack them away and feel comfortable knowing theyre there when an emergency strikes. The Classic Bucket includes 24 servings , which should be enough to get you through a weekend. They have no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, and five different meals to lend some variety to your dining experience. This kit is great to have on hand for short-term survival or if you simply dont have time to swing by REI before this weekends camping trip.

The 9 Best Survival Food Kits To Stock Up On In 2022

32 Serving Gluten Free 72 Hour Emergency Food Kit

Having a survival food kit stashed away in your apartment, basement, or maybe even your car might come in handy sooner than you think. Whether you’re worried about a big snowstorm this winter, ever-increasing forest fires, or maybe you’re prepping for the end times, having a good food kit on hand will ensure you don’t go hungry. Thankfully, dehydrated food has come a long way over the years. Think vegan pad thai with spicy sriracha lime sauce, not that astronaut ice cream you had as a kid . Since food is only one part of the equation, heres what you should pack in a car emergency kit to cover all your bases in case of an emergency.

We’ve compiled a list of food kits that run the gamut from no-cook to practically gourmet, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Some of the big considerations in choosing a food kit are how long you’d like it to last , how many calories you need per day, and the variety of different meals included. But maybe most important is taste. You’re not going to get any energy from a food kit you can’t stand to eat. If you’ve got time on your hands you may just want to check out our article on how to freeze dry foods and make a custom food kit of your own.

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How Should Survival Food Be Stored

Survival food should be kept in a regulated temperature area: the attic or basement are not the best places, as they can become too hot or cold. It should be placed on a shelf, rather than on the floor, in case of flooding. Survival food should also be kept in airtight watertight containers to help keep out insects or rodents and water.

Mountain House Emergency Essential Assortment Bucket

If you frequently travel, then the Mountain House Emergency Essential Assortment Bucket is the best for you.

This handy survival food bucket has 22 servings, enough for four days of breakfasts, lunches, and supper. Gluten-free foods include beef stew, breakfast skillet, scrambled eggs with bacon, rice, and chicken.

Its pretty simple to makeadd boiling water, and itll be ready in about 10 minutes. Mountain House meant these food pouches to serve as bowls, so theres no need to clean up afterward. Whats better? They made the pockets from recyclable materials.

The bucket is light and easy to store or carry, making it ideal for excursions. It wont take up too much room or be too heavy to move.

You also have less to worry able. You dont have to replace the gluten-free survival food bucket every few years because this Mountain House bucket comes with a 30-year warranty.

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Legacy Premium Food Storage

With the Largest Serving Size in the industry, there is no other company that matches Legacy Premiums 1.5 2 cup serving size. Packages may look the same by number of servings, but serving sizes vary between companies. Larger servings means more calories, satisfied appetites and one of the best values for your investment.

Gluten Free Options & Non-GMOVoted Best Tasting 4 amazing breakfasts and 12 fantastic entrees giving you a great variety.

Legacy Premium Food Storage has the lowest cost per pound in the industry! It boasts a 25 year shelf life and tastes great too. Try a sample pack, or buy a pallet we have it all! You can learn more about Legacy Premium Food Storage and their amazing products here.

All of our Legacy Premium meals are vegetarian, non-GMO, and have no added MSG. Legacy uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure you get the best nutrition available when you need it most. Gluten free packages are available too!

Legacy meals are a staple of our staffs camping gear and we can vouch for its great taste!

Lowest cost Per 2,000 Calories

*all Legacy Food is non-taxable and orders over $175 ship for free!

The 7 Best Emergency Food Kits Of 2022 Tested By Experts

PREPPER PANTRY | Legacy Food Emergency Food Supply Storage Kit Review and taste test

Keep you and your family well-fed if the unthinkable should happen.

Emergency preparedness isnt a sexy topic. But, it is a necessary one. Thats especially true if you live anywhere where earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, locust swarmsjust about any emergency reallyare a real threat. Take one look at a map of the U.S., and you quickly see that that includes the majority of the country.

There are, of course, typical items that most of us have on hand for such emergencies. Most households keep flashlights, extra batteries, matches, candles, and other essentials. But, what about food? Canned chili, tuna fish, and trail mix are good in a pinch, but way better options are available these days, especially in the event of an extended emergency. Weve rounded up the best emergency food kits to keep you and your family well-fed if the unthinkable should happen.

  • Best Overall Emergency Food Kit124-Serving Ultimate Preparedness PackReadyWise

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Wise Company By Ready Wise Emergency Food Supply Gluten

Our best in variety is Wise Companys Emergency Food Supply Gluten-Free Grab and Go Bucket, by Ready Wise and its on our third spot.

This substantial amount of emergency food is ideal for any gluten-free households emergency reserve. The product from Wise Company was created in the United States and featured a whopping 84 servings, including breakfasts, lunches, and supper.

Wise Company packed this emergency food supply inside a safe, robust bucket with a 25-year shelf life, so theres no need to renew it every year. Each meal is neatly packaged and ready to eat, making single-serve foods simple to pack for camping or hiking vacations.

The best part is that it does not require any cooking. You have to add water and wait up to 15 minutes for it to be ready.

Valley Food Storage Gluten Free

Valley Food Storage was chosen as best overall in our review of the top emergency food companies. Both their bulk foods and freeze-dried meals are affordable. They also do well in terms of nutrition. Their products are GMO-free and have less sodium than most other brands.

As for gluten-free meal kits they dont have any, but they do have individual options which can be combined to make a decent gluten-free meal.

  • Get this if: You want affordable, healthy meals.

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What Type Of Emergency Food Should I Buy

Emergency food kits are available in various sizes, flavors, and dietary needs. A comprehensive family-sized kit with a good mix of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners might be all you need. But, consider any special restrictions like gluten allergies, vegetarian or vegan preferences, or whether buying an organic kit is important to you.

Best Value: Patriot Pantry Gluten Free Kit

Legacy Premium 60 Serving Meal Assortment Emergency/Disaster Food ...

Courtesy of Amazon

This large emergency food supply by Patriot Pantry includes an impressive 115 gluten-free meal servings and has a shelf life for up to 25 years. Instead of a large bucket, the meals come in a tote for even easier, space-saving storage. Each Mylar pouch is resealable and even has a 1-year shelf life after opening. The meals are quick and simple to prepare and are portable for any travel or emergency purposes.

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Lowest Cost Per Pound

Compare Legacy Food Storage to any other food storage company on a cost per pound basis and you will find that with Legacy you get the best value for your money! In fact, once you compare you will find that its not even close!

Not all food storage is created equal. Many food storage companies can advertise low prices because they drop the calories in their meals. A great apples to apples comparison is to calculate cost per pound. This will give you a better indicator of the TRUE cost.

Entree Included

The 120 Serving Gluten Free Entree Package from Legacy Premium includes 10 different entrees .

  • Enchilada, Beans and Rice
  • Cheese and Broccoli bake
  • Creamy A La King
  • Cheese and Broccoli Soup Mix
  • Creamy Potato Soup Mix
  • Cheesy Potato Soup Mix
  • Creamy Vegetable and Rice Soup Mix
  • Spicy Corn Chowder Soup Mix
  • Classic Chili Mix
  • White Bean Chili Mix

How We Chose The Best Gluten

With a gluten-free diet, there is no room for taking chances or any traces of the potentially harmful substance. All items on this list are 100% gluten-free and characterized by high quality, excellent taste, and long shelf life. They are designed to satisfy your dietary needs and fill your body with valuable nutrients when you need them most.

In order to make our selection process completely objective, we based it on the criteria deemed crucial for this variety of emergency products. The list of criteria is as follows:

  • Full compliance with the rules of the gluten-free diet
  • Quality of the products

Now, let us take a closer look at our top-ranked gluten-free emergency food choices.

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Get A Month’s Worth Of Gluten

As more and more people are diagnosed with gluten-induced illnesses, Legacy Premium leads the food storage industry in providing gourmet freeze-dried meals that are not only nutritious and tasty, but also gluten-free. In this gourmet freeze-dried food supply, you get 60 servings of lunch and dinner meals that will please even the pickiest of eaters. That’s because Legacy Premium knows its stuff when it comes to creating delicious food. This supply includes 6 different meal options, including everything from creamy soups to hearty chilis.

In addition to being delicious, your food supply will also be easy to store when you buy with Legacy Premium. All of the freeze-dried meals in this supply come packed in one lightweight, compact bucket that can fit almost anywhere in your home. Then, when the time comes to use your emergency supply, you can simply take a meal pouch out of the bucket, add boiling water, and have dinner ready in less than 20 minutes.

Legacy Premium knows how to simplify the emergency preparedness process. Because of Legacy’s expert packaging, all of the freeze-dried food in this bucket has a very long term shelf life, meaning you are free from the stress of rotating and replacing your food storage constantly.


Best Tablet: Survival Tabs 8

Legacy Food Storage Taste Test And Review

Courtesy of Amazon

Rather than full meals, these Survival Tabs are a pill-like survival meal solution that takes up the smallest amount of space but still provides all the nutrition you need in an emergency situation to last a person for up to eight days. The tabs come in super portable pouches so theyre easy to pack in emergency kits or grab-and-go. Choose from flavors like butterscotch, vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry.

Each pouch contains 24 tablets, for a total of 96 tablets. Each serving contains 12 tablets and each tablet is 20 calories, for a total of 240 calories. According to the manufacturer, the estimated shelf life is 25 years, but the suggested replenishment is 2-3 years for best quality.

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Lowest Cost Per 2000 Calories

Compare Legacy Food Storage to any other food storage company and were confident that youll find with Legacy you get the best value for your money. Many food storage companies advertise low prices because they drop the calories in their meals. Calculating cost per calorie gives a better indicator of the true cost. Rest easy knowing you are ready for anything with Legacy Premium preparedness food in your storage closet.

Legacy Food Storage Expands Gluten

Kits Provide Individuals Suffering from Celiac Disease More Options for Emergency Meals

SALT LAKE CITY—-Legacy Food Storage, a manufacturer of good tasting, high-quality gourmet meals for food storage and emergency use, today expanded its gluten-free emergency food and supply offerings with a new 16 serving sample kit and a 32 serving, 72-hour emergency kit. These new kits provide more options for individuals suffering from celiac disease or otherwise following a gluten-free diet.

According to a study published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology in March, more than 1.5 million Americans have a severe immune reaction to the gluten protein in breads and other foods, mainly inflammation in the small intestines. Another 1.5 million without celiac disease follow a gluten-free diet as well for various reasons, including losing weight or for simply eating healthier.

While Legacy has long provided gluten-free, freeze-dried entrees and sides for emergency situations, those with celiac disease or choosing to eat gluten-free for whatever reason havent been able to purchase smaller sample size packets or emergency kits without gluten, said Phil Cox, CEO, Legacy Food Storage. The new sample kit lets them try these tasty and simple-to-prepare gluten-free meals before deciding to purchase them in larger quantities, and the new gluten-free 72-hour kits makes the entire kit appropriate for their health needs.

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Best Overall: Legacy Premium Food Storage 120 Serving Gluten

Courtesy of Amazon

This hefty 27-pound supply of survival meals by Legacy offers about 346 calories per serving and is gluten-free, GMO-free, and made in the United States. Meals are packed into Mylar pouches that offer a 25-year shelf life, all conveniently packed into one bucket for easy storage. All you have to do to prepare your meal is add water, so its not only great for emergency situations, but its useful to have on hand for any camping trip or other outdoor adventure. This survival food supply includes meals like enchiladas, pasta, and chili.

Wise Food Storage Gluten Free Kits

120 Serving Gluten Free Entree Bucket

Wise Food Storage has a GF entrée kit with 84 servings. The downside is that the kit doesnt contain too much variety. There are only 4 different entrees and yogurt. So, I dont recommend it!

However, I would recommend their buckets of powdered eggs, veggies, meat and rice, milk, and fruit.

  • Get this kit if: You are already buying food buckets from Wise.

Read our in-depth review of Wise Company

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How Much Emergency Food Do You Need

Experts agree that three days’ worth of supplies, including food, is enough for most people to weather an unexpected emergency. After that, the worst of any disaster will likely have passed. Still, its not a bad idea to prepare for at least two weeks without electricity, water, and access to roads. A family of four needs 12 meals each day to keep going, so its wise to keep at least 168 total meals in your cabinets at all times.

Readywise Emergency Food Supply

ReadyWise food kits also come in a resealable bucket and are ready just by adding hot water. They have a 25-year shelf life and are made in the USA. What’s great about ReadyWise is the variety of meals included in their kit. Their Emergency Foot Kit contains 13 different types of meals including cheesy lasagna, southwest beans and rice, and hearty tortilla soup. They also offer fruit and vegetable buckets to make sure youre getting plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fiber in your diet.

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