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Gluten Free Home Test Kit

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Glutentox Home Test Kits

Home Celiac Test Kit Video

GlutenTox manufactures professional-grade gluten tests along with a consumer version of its technology, GlutenTox Home. GlutenTox Home will detect gluten as low as 5 parts per million. That makes the test twice as sensitive as EZ Gluten and four times as sensitive as Nima.

Using GlutenTox Home is quite involvedit’s similar to, although a bit more complicated than, using EZ Gluten. First, you grind up your sample into a fine powder. Second, you add a measured amount of your sample to the extraction vial and shake it for at least two minutes. Third, you use a dropper to take part in the solution from the extraction vial and drip it into the dilution vial. Fourth, you shake the dilution vial mixture gently for at least 15 seconds. Fifth, you use a new dropper to drip five or six drops of the dilution vial mixture into the vial’s cap. Sixth, you dip the test strip into this mixture. And seventh, you wait 10 minutes to see what the test strip reveals. The entire process takes upwards of 20 minutes.

The GlutenTox test strips themselves are somewhat easier to interpret than the EZ Gluten test strips. There are two lines: a blue control line and a pink positive result line . The pink line will appear darker if there’s more gluten and lighter if there’s not very much gluten. Again, a magnifying glass can come in handy to identify very faint positive test results.

Does The Celiac Disease Screening Test Diagnose You With Celiac Disease

No, at this time you can only be diagnosed with an upper endoscopy biopsy, which is prescribed and carried out by a medical professional. A positive celiac disease screening result with imaware⢠provides accurate likelihood based on a lab analysis of 4 key biomarkers. If likelihood is high, your results report can be used to engage with a gastroenterologist to continue along on your path to a diagnosis.

Home Test Kits For Celiac Disease

The Gluten Free Society recently announced that it is selling a kit allowing people to test themselves for celiac disease in the privacy of their own homes. This test costs $385. It seems to be marketed as a way for someone to get a diagnosis without a blood test only a cheek swab is needed.

The question of whether or not you should do this test does not have a simple answer. You have to understand what the kit tests, and what it does not test. You also need to decide whether or not you trust your doctor and conventional Western medicine to actually diagnose your celiac disease.

If you are in the process of learning about celiac disease, you may or may not yet know enough to decide what to do. You should take full advantage of the articles on this site to learn about CD. Celiac disease is now being used to mean the actual disease, whereas celiac sensitivity usually refers to a condition in which people have symptoms like cramps, diarrhea, and fatigue from eating gluten but do not suffer the intestinal damage that occurs in people with actual celiac disease. In the past these terms were used more interchangeably.

To get celiac disease, you first must have genes that make what are called HLA, or Human Leukocyte Antigens, of a very specific type. Essentially everyone with celiac disease has either HLA-DQ2 or HLA-DQ8. But these are not rare genes. Some 25% of people of European ancestry are HLA-DQ2 positive. Most of them do not develop celiac disease.

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How Much Gluten Has To Be In A Food For Nima To Say Gluten Found

Nima will display the gluten found message if it detects any gluten in the sample. Its important to note that trace amounts of gluten as low as 5 ppm may trigger a positive test.

This can be tricky, since the FDA defines gluten-free as under 20 ppm. This means that a gluten found result can occur when the dish was prepared using safe ingredients that are marketed legally as gluten-free and prepared appropriately.

For people using the iOS Nima app, synching the device can enable you to see a low gluten or high gluten result . These terms are not standardized or regulated in any way. The Nima also detects trace amounts of gluten below 20 ppm. According to celiac disease experts and the FDA, less than 20 ppm gluten is safe for people with celiac disease. That means that if you use the Nima device, you could receive a gluten found reading on foods that are making a legal gluten-free claim and safe for consumption.

This makes decision-making and conversations with those who prepared the meal difficult, and the data the Nima collects as a result also may provide a distorted view of restaurant eating since more positive results will occur for foods that are considered by scientists and researchers as safe .

My Original Gluten Test Review

GlutenTox Home Test Kit

I was over the moon when I discovered that such a thing as a gluten home test kit existed. On my travels, I had frequently been made ill by products marked ‘gluten free’ and desperately needed some way to test them.

Originally, this review featured only the gluten testing kit from Tepnel, which I was underwhelmed with to say the least, but in 2007 I discovered another kit made by Haven, which is reviewed above.

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What Is The Difference Between Coeliac Disease Gluten Intolerance And Wheat Allergy

Coeliac Disease, Gluten Intolerance and Wheat Allergy are often confused because they all have similar symptoms so CoeliacScreen can be very useful in distinguishing these conditions.

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition that is triggered by eating foods containing gluten. People with Coeliac Disease are genetically predisposed to the condition, and once they have reached a gluten threshold in their diet, an autoimmune reaction is triggered and their immune system is stimulated to attack the lining of the small intestine. This gives rise to the symptoms highlighted above.

Gluten Intolerance occurs when gluten causes the body to have a stress response. Unlike Coeliac Disease, the response does not involve the immune system. This often results in gastrointestinal symptoms that are very similar to Coeliac Disease, but Gluten Intolerance does not lead to intestinal tissue damage. Gluten intolerance often arises when there are insufficient enzymes to digest the amount of gluten consumed, and the symptoms can be avoided by supplementing digestive enzymes, or reducing the gluten in your diet below your intolerance level.

Management Of Positive Test Results

If a patient uses the home self-testing kit for celiac disease and has a positive test result, the following steps are recommended:

  • A serologic laboratory test, immunoglobulin A tissue transglutaminase antibody or IgA endomysial antibody, is required. Total serum IgA should also be measured.

  • If the serologic test result is positive, the patient should be referred for an endoscopic small intestinal biopsy to confirm the diagnosis as soon as possible.

  • It is strongly recommended that the patient continue to consume a normal diet and not start a gluten-free or gluten-reduced diet before the biopsy is performed. A trial of a gluten-free diet before biopsy has the potential to promote intestinal mucosal healing, leading to difficulty in pathologic interpretation of the biopsy and additional delay in confirming the diagnosis.

  • Once celiac disease is confirmed using a biopsy, the patient should see a registered dietitian with expertise on gluten-free diets. The patient should be encouraged to join a support group like the Canadian Celiac Association .

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    Using A Gluten Test Kit At Home

    You may wonder if tests at your doctors office are the way to go. If youre already heading into the office for a physical, this could be the best time to request a test to rule out gluten sensitivity. However, if you request tests in the office, its best to understand your insurance coverage and the costs associated with those tests.

    Also, oftentimes your primary care provider will not believe that the symptoms you are experiencing can be related to gluten sensitivity, therefore not authorizing the testing.

    When you have a high suspicion that gluten is your source of pain, you could also opt to use a gluten test kit at home. These tests are simple, virtually painless and can be done on your timeno appointments needed.

    Order your test online and the gluten test kit will arrive at your door and, most importantly, you can rule out all of the potential sources of pain, inflammation, and discomfort.

    When Should I Get A Celiac Disease Test

    Gluten Test at home with Testing Strips

    No guidelines exist for when you should take an at-home celiac disease test.

    You may consider an at-home celiac disease test if you want information about how likely it is that you have celiac disease. However, anyone considering at-home testing should be aware of its limitations, including that it cannot diagnose celiac disease.

    At-home celiac disease tests should not be taken in lieu of seeing a doctor about this condition. Anyone with symptoms of celiac disease or risk factors for developing it should talk with their doctor about what kind of testing is most appropriate.

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    Yorktest Premium Food Sensitivity Test

    This checks for a reaction to almost 200 foods, including gluten. It does this by measuring IgG levels.

    To complete the test, a person collects a blood sample with a finger prick test and sends the sample to the YorkTest laboratory. The results are returned within 5 days of the lab receiving the sample. It is worth keeping in mind that food sensitivity tests based on IgG levels have never been scientifically correlated to actual symptoms.

    And The Best News Of All

    The highly helpful man at Imutest told me that they are nearly ready to launch their new ‘much easier to use’ gluten test kit, and when they do, they’re sending me some to trial so I can tell you lovely people about it.

    What an exceedingly satisfactory outcome, don’t you think?

    Usually, Imutest sell gluten tests primarily to industry, but I’ve chatted with the guys there and organised how you can buy them direct:

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    Do I Really Have To Go Back To Eating Gluten If I’ve Already Been Gluten

    Unfortunately, yes. Your blood test will not be accurate if you are not eating enough gluten. You’ll need to go back to a gluten-containing diet for at least 6 weeks for any blood test to be valid. If you have an allergy to wheat or consuming any amount of gluten makes you very ill, please consult with a physician first.

    What Will My Results Tell Me

    GlutenTox Home Test Kits for Food and Drinks

    Your imaware⢠celiac screening test results will tell you how likely you are to have celiac disease. A blood test is only the first step to diagnosis, but it will provide a clear indicator of likelihood. Results that indicate a high likelihood of having celiac disease can be used to engage with a gastroenterologist for an endoscopy and biopsy to confirm active celiac disease.

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    Highly Specific Next Generation Antibody

    Besides the polyclonal gluten antibody used in its traditional test kits, Romer Labs offers methods that employ a next generation antibody, the G12. This monoclonal antibody was raised against an Alpha-2-gliadin fragment that is 33 amino acids long and a principal contributor to gluten immunotoxicity. The 33-mer is highly resistant to digestive degradation and is therefore well suited as an analytical marker.

    The G12 antibody targets a toxic peptide of gluten that triggers the autoimmune reaction in celiac patients, making it more relevant for food safety.


    Benefits And Downsides Of At

    If youre thinking about at-home celiac disease testing, it may be helpful to consider the potential benefits and downsides of testing at home.

    The main benefits of at-home celiac disease testing include:

    • Convenience: At-home tests are non-invasive and can be conducted quickly in your own home. Taking the test does not require scheduling an appointment or traveling to a laboratory or medical office.
    • Provides initial information: Although these tests cannot diagnose celiac disease, they can give you information to help initiate a conversation with your health care provider about your risk of celiac disease.
    • Straightforward pricing: Most at-home tests have transparent pricing that includes the test kit with all required materials as well as shipping. Although the cost is not usually covered by health insurance, pricing is typically clear from the start.

    Some of the potential downsides of at-home celiac disease testing include:

    Lack of medical consultation: At-home testing generally does not involve any detailed visit with a doctor or other health care provider about your current health or your personal and family health history. This type of medical consultation can be essential to proper diagnosis and treatment, especially if you have symptoms.

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    Are There Any Instruction Videos That Would Help Me To Use The Test Components Properly

    Yes, if you are unsure as to how use the lancets or micropipettes provided in the kit we recommend that you watch the manufacturer’s instruction videos. To view these short videos on how to use the lancets please go to Sterilance Press 2 Safety Lancet, and for the micropipettes, please got to Microsafe.

    Gluten And Your Brain

    hometest gluten intolerance / celiac disease / Coeliakie check test, how to

    Gluten has particular reactivity to our nervous system and is no longer considered to be a gut issue. Our brain and nervous system governs our perception, mood and quality of life. When our nervous system deteriorates, our life deteriorates.

    Research has correlated gluten sensitivity to seizures, neuropathies, ADHD, Alzheimers, MS, migraines and even EEG anomalies .

    One study concluded, Gluten sensitivity can be primarily, and at times exclusively, a neurological disease.

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    How Does Coeliacscreen Work

    CoeliacScreen gives a positive result if you have antibodies to Tissue Transglutaminase that are associated with coeliac disease. If you have an IgA deficiency, which is more common in coeliac patients than normal, the test is positive if you have only IgG antibodies to tTG. The presence of at least one type of these antibodies indicates that there is a high probability that you have coeliac disease. If the test is negative and neither type of antibody has been detected then coeliac disease can be virtually ruled out.

    Glutentox Home Gluten Detection Kit

    GlutenTox Home is the user-friendly test kit that lets you test for gluten contamination in your home in minutes. Effective on foods, beverages, and even cosmetics and personal care products, this gluten test kit requires no special equipment and provides clear results.

    How GlutenTox Home Works

    Testing for gluten can be done by anyone. Our convenient gluten test kits allow any home or business to test for gluten easily and accurately in minutes.

    • GlutenTox Home is the only kit containing the G12 antibody that works to detect a portion of the gluten protein identified in studies as the primary cause of the inflammatory response to gluten in celiac patients. .
    • The G12 antibody located inside the test strip recognizes gluten in wheat, barley, rye and oats
    • It is also uniquely well-suited to detecting gluten in hydrolyzed, fermented, or otherwise processed foods
    • Other testing kits can miss this toxic portion of the protein in processed foods
    • With G12, the GlutenTox kit is more sensitive in its detection of the most important portion of the gliadin molecule, thus making it a superior way for celiac patients to take the guesswork out of gluten detection in the home

    Size: 2 Tests, 5 Tests

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