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Is St Germain Gluten Free

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Mixed Drinks And Liqueurs

Homestead Kitchen: Gluten-Free Ginger Cookies

Liqueurs such as amaretto, brandy, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Kahlúa, and schnapps are made from distilled alcohol to which sugar or other flavorings have been added.

This means that, in general, liqueurs are considered gluten-free. However, just as with cider, not all their ingredients are free of gluten.

The same can be said of mixed drinks, which contain a combination of distilled spirits, liqueurs, and drink mixes.

Its always best to check labels to ensure that no gluten-containing ingredients have been added. When in doubt, stick to simple gluten-free mixed drinks, such as a gin and tonic or a martini made with potato-based vodka.

The Best Gluten Free Restaurants In Paris

If youre looking for lunch, brunch, dinner, or anything in between, here are your best options in Paris.

A reminder: every single last place in this guide is 100% gluten free . No cross-contamination!

There is one exception that Id like to advocate for, which is Aji Dulce, a place in the 9th Arrondissement where you can get traditional Venezuelan-style arepas that are to die for. We love arepas and these were at the top of the list. Get the queso arepa, stuffed with sweet plantains, fresh cheese, and avocado. They have one thing that contains gluten, and it goes in the fryer, so no yuca fries for you.

Need a quick guide to the best gluten free spots in Paris? Here are our picks for where to eat if you have limited time and want the best of the best.

  • Pizza at Little Nonna the Diabolo is our favorite, drizzled with their homemade chili olive oil
  • Pastries at Noglu tarts, croissants, pain au chocolat, au my!
  • Bread at Boulangerie Chambelland their pain du sucre is what dreams are made of, and their foccacia and other breads are pretty spectacular too
  • Lunch at Cococo their bento box was probably the most fun we had eating in Paris
  • Brunch at Cafe Mareva seriously, is there anything better than waffles? Yes, there is, we learned. Gluten free waffles with avocado, bacon, and a poached egg

Little Nonna

I am always surprised at the number of 100% gluten free Italian restaurants in Paris. At the time of writing this, there are no less than three.

Biosphere Cafe



Gluten Free Restaurants In Saint

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Italian Gluten Free And Delicious

Mimi cave à manger napolitaine is a new Italian, 100% gluten free restaurant that has just opened its doors in beautiful Saint Germain des Près in Paris. Mimi is located in rue du Cherche Midi, the same street of Glufree and Apétit, both gluten free spots, I already told you about in two past articles.

I have to say that I am particularly happy to tell you about this place as I personally know the owner and the founder since two years now.

Giulia Guarino is a professional chef and also a beautiful, determined young woman with a big passion for cooking.

We both have celiac disease and we have always shared a lot about this subject but today I will tell you all about Giulias dream which has turned into reality!

Giulia loved cooking since she was little and when she became an adult, it was clear for her which professional path undertake.

In the past few years, she has been working in Michelin starred restaurants in Italy, Milan in particular, Ireland, and then Paris where she arrived a couple of years ago with a dream clear in her mind: open her own restaurant one day.

After several jobs in Parisian restaurants and coffee shops like Thank yo my deer maybe some of you have already met Giulia there she decided to concentrate herself on her project.

She decided to call it Mimì in honour of her grand-father: his first name was Domenico and as if it often happens in the South of Italy where we both come from, everyone used to call him Mimì.

Cu na buona ciorta !

Boozy Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

Abigail Kirsch

Pumpkin might be a quintessential fall flavor, but that doesnt mean you cant serve it throughout the winter, too. The addition of whipped cream and rich caramel sauce makes this hot cocktail just as comforting after shoveling snow as it is after raking leaves. Plus, its completely gluten-free. Sensitive sippers, rejoice!

Get the recipe here.

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What To Consider When Starting A Gluten Free Diet

Millions of people are now avoiding gluten. Some people avoid gluten because they have a gluten-related disorder like Celiac Disease. Others avoid gluten because it helps them feel their best. If you’re not sure how to get started, check out our Guide to a Gluten-Free Diet.Gluten is found naturally in ingredients like wheat, barley, and rye. It may also be found in other grains like oats due to cross-contamination. If you scan a food product with Fig, it will tell you if an ingredient like elderflower naturally has gluten or if it may be at risk of cross-contamination.When searching for gluten free foods, look for a certified gluten free logo. In the United States, this means the product has less than 20 parts per million gluten. Also check allergen statements for the presence of wheat.We’ve done our best to ensure this note on elderflower is accurate. When starting a gluten free diet, it’s generally best to work with a trained dietitian or clinician.

Once Upon A Taste Sensation

Our Founder, third-generation distiller Robert J. Cooper, launched StGermain, the worlds first elderflower liqueur in 2007. Inspired by Paris and its iconic quarter StGermaindesPrés, StGermain sets a precedent as a modern liqueur made for cocktails, and perfect for the aperitif. Its versatility makes it a great tool for the worlds best bartenders and a must have in your home bar.

How Is StGermain Made?

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Other 100% Gluten Free Restaurants And Bakeries In Paris

There are a few dedicated gluten free spots in Paris that we havent quite made it to just yet, for a variety of reasons. They are:

  • Mimì Cave à Manger: A cozy little Italian restaurant in St. Germain. Traditional Italian food, all gluten free. The menu changes constantly, so check Instagram or Facebook to see whats being offered.
  • Rice Trotters: Really solid fast-casual lunch spot. Also 100% gluten free. You choose your base rice or salad and then your main dish, which consists of different stews featuring flavors from around the world.
  • Apeti: 100% gluten free, vegan, and organic at this fast-casual restaurant with two locations in Paris one in St. Germain, one in the 7th near the Eiffel Tower.
  • Foucade: Another gluten free bakery in Paris, though this one wasnt open when we were around. Everything is gluten and dairy free. Biscuits and pastries are the main draw, though their menu is more expansive on weekends.
  • Wild & the Moon: A 100% gluten free and vegan restaurant with a couple of locations north of the river. Its mostly juices and smoothies, which were not really into, though they do have a couple of bowls and a more extensive menu as of recently, including a vegan bahn mi and burger that looks pretty good .

Wondering Which Liqueurs Are Gluten

34. Emma’s Lychee Martini, Feat. Betsy Landin and FAIR Drinks Quinoa Vodka, St. Germain Elderflower!


02/04/2021 – We get a lot of questions about whether certain products are gluten-free and safe for people with celiac disease. One question we’ve seen a lot is about liqueurs. Specifically, which liqueurs are gluten-free and safe for people with celiac disease?

Liqueurs can be enjoyed on their own, or to give cocktails a twist of flavor. Liqueurs are made with distilled alcohol and either distilled with, or infused with, anise, berries, chocolate, coffee, cream, flowers, fruit, herbs, honey or nuts. Sponsor :According to the FDA, all distilled alcohol is gluten-free, unless gluten is added after distillation. That means that liqueurs are gluten-free, unless gluten is added to them.

Numerous cocktails rely on one or more liqueurs or cordials for flavor. Here’s a list of liqueurs that are gluten-free, or made with gluten-free ingredients, and considered safe for people with celiac disease.

As always, read ingredients, avoid troublesome allergens, and choose carefully. If you are unsure of any particular ingredient, please check’s list of safe gluten-free ingredients, and our list of forbidden unsafe, non-gluten-free ingredients.

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Spiced Apple Cider Moscow Mule

Most people consider the Moscow Mule a summer drink because its light, citrusy, and refreshing. However, you can just as easily turn it into a holiday cocktail by swapping lime juice for apple cider. As long as you use gluten-free alcohol, its safe for those with sensitivities, too.

Get the recipe here.

Gluten Free Paris: A Complete Guide For Celiacs

Wondering where to eat gluten free in Paris? Youre in luck! We just spent a week eating our way through Paris all 100% gluten free, since I, Matt, have Celiac Disease and there are plenty of great options waiting for you. Much like Los Angeles and New York City in the United States, Paris is a massive city filled with people from all over the world where you can get just about anything you could possibly desire.

One of the things that you can DEFINITELY find in Paris is amazing gluten free food, from dedicated gluten free Italian restaurants to crepes, waffles, and of course, pastries.

Given how unfriendly traditional French cuisine can be for Celiacs with flour in sauces, shared fryers contaminating fries, and more, I am always flabbergasted by the number of gluten free restaurants and bakeries in Paris. Youre probably here because youre not quite sure where to eat gluten free in Paris, or even whether there are any options for you in Paris.

Let me answer that question for you right off the bat: yes, there are plenty of gluten free options in Paris. There are so many dedicated gluten free restaurants in Paris, in fact, that Ive decided to only include places in this guide that are 100% gluten free to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

In this guide to the best gluten free restaurants and bakeries in Paris, were giving you our take on the best places to find safe and delicious gluten free food based on personal experience.

Planning a trip to Paris?

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How To Make A St Germain Spritz

The St Germain spritz is so easy to make: theres no real technique involved at all! Just stir ingredients and top with bubbles. Here are the basic steps :

  • Stir: Stir the St Germain in a glass with ice to make it cold.
  • Top with bubbles: Add the Prosecco and soda water.
  • Garnish: Squeeze in juice from a lemon wedge and serve.

Welcome Tosaint Germain Bakery

Gâté gluten

Since founding in 1986, Saint Germain Bakery has in many occasions commissioned top pastry chefs from France, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia to pass their baking techniques to the staff in our Canadian flagship bakery. A unique art of baking is therefore created and mastered through assimilating top baking disciplines in the world.

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Is An Elderflower Gluten

Elderflower is gluten-free. The elderflower is a fragrant flower that is a part of the honeysuckle family. It has berries on the bottom of it. However, these berries are not used in the production of the St. Germain liquor.

St. Germain harvests the blossoms of this flower by hand to make its artisanal liquor. These blossoms are then made into the fragrant and flavorful elderflower-inspired liquor St. Germain, the first-ever French artisan liquors.

Since the elderflower flower does not contain any type of gluten, it is safe for someone with celiac disease or gluten allergies to consume. This is accounting for elderberries alone and not any additional ingredients that might be added.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are people saying about gluten-free near Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, Paris, France?

This is a review for gluten-free near Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, Paris, France:

“I made the trek out here because it’s a gluten free bakery…in Paris! I wasn’t wowed at the start but my takeaway order finished strong. *Vegan cookie – edible and large portion but unimpressive. Wouldn’t order again. *Chocolate hazelnut cake – Delicious. Large slice. Comforting and rich yet dairy free! Nuts were perfectly roasted for an added crunch. *Tarte citron – Impressive. Well done. Devoured by a non GF group too. Wish it was dairy free but worth each bite. *Baguette – it was a little soft/spongy, but with a few min in the toaster: very satisfyingAlso, the WHOLE bakery is gluten free. And in Paris. A great find! Tip: Being your own bag to pack your takeaway goodies. Otherwise, holding items awkwardly might mess up your shopping day, as it did mine.”

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More About St Germain

Perhaps you already love itbut just what is St Germain? St Germain is a liqueur thats made with elderflowers, the small white flowers of an elderberry plant. The flavor is light, sweetly floral, and fragrant. Its hard to describe until you taste it! It adds a unique smooth finish to the flavor of cocktails. How do you say St Germain? The name is French, so say Sahn-jer-MAHN with your best French accent.

But it doesnt have hundreds of years of French history. No, St Germain was invented in 2007! The vintage-looking bottle makes it seem like it has hundreds of years of history. Yep, a guy named Rob invented it in the 2007.

Gluten Free Paris: The Best Gluten Free Restaurants And Bakeries In Paris France

The Best Croissant in Paris

Normally when I write these guides, I split it into two sections: dedicated gluten free restaurants, and restaurants that are not dedicated gluten free, but do a good job putting measures in place to minimize cross-contamination.

However, I have some great news for you. Every single place in this guide is 100% gluten free. That means no risk for cross-contamination with gluten. Which is basically paradise for those of us with Celiac Disease or other reasons for avoiding gluten at all costs.

At the time of writing, there are at least 13 dedicated gluten free restaurants and 5 dedicated gluten free bakeries in Paris for you to choose from . And we made it to all of them. Below, youll find our picks for the best gluten free restaurants in Paris, bakeries where you can make all of your Parisian pastry dreams come true, and other little details like grocery stores with gluten free options.

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Gluten Free Bakeries In Paris

Paris is a city of pastries, known for buttery, flaky croissants and pain au chocolat, and beautiful tarts. Lucky for those of us eating gluten free, there are several amazing gluten free bakeries around Paris to get your pastry fix.


Go to Chambelland for the bread, stay for the array of pastries. Its a little bit out of the way compared to the other bakeries in Paris, but well worth the journey. Its further east, near the Oberkampf neighborhood and just south of Canal St. Martin.

Youll find a variety of breads and sweet treats like tarlettes, cheesecake, etc. All 100% gluten free and delicious. And, depending on when you show up, youre likely to find a line. We were there early on a weekday and were able to waltz right in, but that might not be the case at midday on a weekend. Its worth the wait, we promise.

We basically got up to the counter and froze like a deer in the headlights. There were so many options! And 9:00 am isnt exactly the right time of day for an eclair or tart. So we grabbed a couple of things to enjoy right then, and then went back for seconds to get to take back to our apartment.

In order of preference, here are the things we tried.

Dont miss the breads grab some for later, pick up some cheese to go with it, and take it with you to picnic along the Seine or under the Eiffel Tower on a warm summer night. Their foccacia is good too we got one topped with tomato, eggplant, and feta cheese and ate it along Canal St. Martin.


Whats The Spritz Ratio

The classic spritz ratio is present in all spritzes, from Aperol to this amaro spritz. The basic idea is 3 parts sparkling wine, 2 parts liqueur, 1 part soda water. Once youve memorized this ratio, you can use it to make endless variations of spritzes. Use any type of liqueur, from Italian bitters toof course, St Germain! Here are a few more spritz recipes to try:

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Ingredients In St Germain

People with gluten allergies can consume St. Germain liquor because the ingredients in the alcohol do not contain wheat. It is a safe and reliable choice.

The full ingredients for this liquor are not listed on their website. To view the full ingredients list and the manufacturing process, you will need to contact the manufacturing plant.

  • Elderflower blossoms

Is St Germain Gluten

St Germain &  Cranberry Cocktail

St. Germain is gluten-free. The St. Germain elderflower-based liquor is a gluten-free product. It is made from elderflowers, which come from the elderflower plant. This plant does not cause celiac reactions.

As this liquor becomes increasingly popular, people with gluten allergies can rest assured that they are safe ordering St. Germain mixed drinks. The delicious floral taste is entirely free of gluten, which makes it a safe choice for a night out or an evening in.

It is also a great liquor to keep on the shelf so you have a gluten-free option for anyone who visits with allergies!

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