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Gluten Free Meal Subscription Service

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Meal Kit Delivery Availability In Canada

Epicured Review: The Best Gluten Free & Low FODMAP Meal Delivery Service?

Unfortunately, and due to the fact Canada is a vast country, there are only a few meal kit delivery services who serve each and every region. In fact, its only the global leader in Meal Kits HelloFresh who boasts a REAL national coverage, with the other two large Canadian companies in this space, Chefs Plate and GoodFood, covering most of Canada. Other medium-sized meal delivery services are available only on a regional basis Cook It in Quebec and Ontario, FreshPrep in Alberta and British Columbia, and so forth.

Luckily for you our reader, we have done all the necessary legwork to make sure you are not forced to do trial and error in regards to finding the best meal kit delivery service to your location. All our top-lists showing the best meal kit companies are geo-targeted, meaning, the companies appearing on such lists could service your location. Our system is quite good at identifying your location based on your IP address and based on our testing it works approximately 99% of the time. If you want to read about the local meal kit scenes in Canada right now and see the complete selection per area have a look at our regional guides below:

Toronto Meal Kits Review 2022

Hello Fresh, Goodfood, Chefs Plate, and Fresh City Farms, in addition to several regional companies!

Best Meal Kit: Green Chef

Green Chef

Why We Chose It: Green Chef’s Keto + Paleo Meal plan is certified gluten-free, with kits containing sustainably sourced ingredients and chef-crafted recipes delivered to your door.

What We LikeKeto + Paleo Meal plan is certified gluten-freeOrganically sourced ingredients and sustainable practicesQuick and easy to prepare

What We Dont LikeNo vegetarian or vegan options if youre gluten-freeBasic flavor profilesNo breakfast or snack options

If you prefer a meal delivery service that allows you to cook your gluten-free meals yourself, Green Chef meal kits are the way to go. Its Keto + Paleo plan is certified gluten-free and the company was the first meal delivery service to be USDA-certified organic. With veggie-forward meals, lean meats, and whole grains, Green Chef takes the guesswork out of eating healthily.

If youre avoiding gluten, ignore the Balanced Living and Plant-Powered meal plans, and stick to the Keto + Paleo Plan. Each week, youll have nine new meals to choose from with dishes that require minimal prep, and most come together in just 30 minutes. Think chicken and butternut squash hash, sausage and zucchini peperonata, and Mediterranean barramundi.

Pricing starts at $11.49 per meal and you can skip a week or cancel your subscription anytime. Green Chef delivers almost everywhere in the United States, except Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of Louisiana.

Thanks For Reading And Hopefully You Find The Perfect Gluten Free Monthly Subscription Box

Plus, dont forget to check out our gluten free makeup subscription box article where youre also find some killer beauty boxes for under $10 a month!


This post contains affiliate links which means that we will make a small commission if you purchase a product after clicking on any of them, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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Pros And Cons Of The Green Chef Meal Kit Company

There are always pros and cons with any meal delivery service. You have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

  • Certified gluten-free program by the Gluten Intolerance Group
  • USDA certified organic ingredients.
  • Easy to subscribe online.
  • You can cancel or skip weeks at any time.
  • Certified gluten-free meals are grouped in the Keto+Paleo plan, so you dont have to hunt to find which recipes are gluten-free and which are not.
  • Recipe cards are easy to understand and follow.
  • All packaging is eco-friendly.
  • More expensive than other meal kit services.
  • Extra shipping charges per week.

What Is Vegan Meal Delivery

Finding Gluten

Vegan meal delivery is a convenient meal delivery service that targets people who are observing a strictly vegan diet.

There are two main types of vegan meal deliveries in Canada: ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook. Ready-to-eat meals are chef-prepared and delivered cookedall you need to do is reheat the meals when needed. In contrast, ready-to-cook meals are delivered in the form of measured fresh ingredients, including meat, vegetables, and seasonings. They also come with recipe cardswhich means you will be the one cooking.


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Gluten Free Jerky Box

What it costs: $54.95 a month.

What you get: With a Gluten Free Jerky Box subscription, youll receive a curated selection of the 6 best gluten-free, protein-packed, artisan jerky on the market today.

Each box includes a variety of flavors and new jerky brands that changes every month.

Coupon / Buy Now: Use the code JERKY25 to get 25% off your first shipment HERE.

What You Need To Know Before Choosing A Gluten

If youve decided to go on a gluten-free diet for reasons other than Celiac disease or gluten intolerance, your requirements will be a lot looser than someone who is eating gluten-free meals because their health depends on it. Many meal delivery services claim to be certified gluten-free when in fact they are not. Offering a meal that doesnt have wheat in it doesnt qualify you as a gluten-free meal service. So dont be fooled.

After all, if you have a serious allergy or sensitivity to gluten, you dont want meals that have any trace of gluten, including sauces, dressings, and other extras that many meal services may not have considered unless theyre taking this health matter seriously. Your best choice doesnt have to have gluten-free certification, but they should have a solid policy when it comes to keeping gluten out of their meals.

Another thing you want to look out for are meal options. A quick scan will reveal that many would-be gluten-free menus contain only one or two actual gluten-free meals. So make sure to check how many options youll get to prevent meal boredom. All the gluten-free meal delivery services on this list have several gluten-free options for you to choose from.

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Getting Dairy And Gluten Free Frozen Meals Delivered

The companies weve listed above offer fresh meal delivery which is an excellent option if you plan on ordering recurring meal-plans. But having fresh food shipped to your door can often be expensive. If youre not necessarily looking for a fresh meal delivery service, you might still be interested in companies delivering frozen meals. These meals are gluten and dairy free and freezer ready. If youre looking to keep a few meals on hand for emergencies, you might check out these companies!

Gluten Free Meals By Magickitchencom

We Tried A Vegan Delivery Service That Costs $18K Per Year

For people who have a gluten intolerance or those living with celiac disease, gluten free eating is a necessity. That doesnt mean that keeping a gluten-free diet is easy. Wheat is in so many of the foods that we eat. Cutting it out of the kitchen entirely takes some serious planning.

Gluten-free and celiac meal delivery from offers a convenient solution. Whether youre new to the diet or youre looking for healthy options to stock your freezer, we make gluten free eating easy.

Just order your favorite gluten free frozen meals online. Receive your order in 2-3 business days. And voila! Enjoy a healthy, wheat-free breakfast, lunch or dinner whenever you want. Our celiac-friendly meal kits are:

  • Guaranteed Fresh All of our meals are flash frozen to lock in flavor and freshness. Well gladly replace any meal thats freezer burned.
  • Health and Wholesome Choose from dozens of gluten free menu options. We a great variety of healthy, nutrient-dense meals, and all of our meals are dietitian approved.
  • Celiac Friendly Our recipes feature celiac-safe ingredients, spices and starches.
  • Easy Ordering Place an order in minutes and choose from hundreds of meal options. Set up a meal plan, place a one-time order, or order a meal package!

Whether you live with celiac disease, or you want to test a new diet, gluten free delivery provides a convenient solution. Order gluten-free prepared meals today at

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Home Chef Recipes Without Wheat

Image of Spinach-Artichoke Chicken with Roasted Broccoli and Radishes via Home Chef.

Cost: Meals start at $9.95 per serving, and delivery is free for orders over $45.

Ships to: 98% of the U.S. You can check to see if Home Chef delivers to your zip code while signing up. Shipping is free for orders over $45. Shipping is $10 for orders less than $45.

What You Get: Fresh ingredients and chef-designed recipesâeverything you need to make restaurant-quality meals at home. Home Chef offers dozens of recipes that avoid wheat, such as Parisian Bistro Bone-In Chicken with dauphinoise potatoes and Vichy carrots, Chili-Lime Salmon with roasted chayote squash and mojo de ajo, and Tex-Mex Turkey Taco Salad with corn and tomatoes. When choosing your meals, you’ll have the option to filter menu items to accommodate your dietary restrictions.

Read our Home Chef reviews here. The reviews are not specifically of the Recipes Without Wheat, but might give you a sense of if this subscription model is right for you.

Image of Shrimp Alfredo via Factor.

Cost: Starting at $15/meal for 4 meals/week. Save with longer subscriptions.

Ships to: The US. Shipping costs vary per location.

ACTIVE DEAL:Limited Time Only! Get $90 off first 3 boxes .CODE:MSA90

Image of Grilled Steak Salad with Peaches via Sun Basket.

Cost: $11.99 per meal = $71.94/week for 2 people, or $143.88 for 4 people, + shipping.

How Do I Pick A Gluten

Select a service that works best for your individual lifestyle. Consider your budget, dietary requirements, and need for eating gluten-free. Also think about whether you prefer to cook your meals, or if ready-to-heat meals are better for your schedule. Lastly, consider other food characteristics that matter to you, such as organic, locally-sourced, or sustainably packaged.

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How Our Toronto Food Delivery Service Works

Choose your meals and meal plan schedule from our menu options.

Get updates on your order with real-time delivery tracking.

Receive fresh, not frozen meals delivered right to your doorstep.

Quickly & easily heat your nutritious meal – and enjoy!

I gave Protein Chefs a try and I loved the variety of clean healthy food they provided me. I never even felt the need to heat up the food because it was so good. Full of flavor.

I work a very long day, having this service gave me the time to come home and relax. I looked forward to my meals, and was a happier person. I strongly recommend giving Protein Chefs a try because they truly care for their clients and stand behind their product.

Ive been a customer of Protein Chefs for a year now and have nothing but great things to say. With consistent training and a balanced diet courtesy of PC, I reached my fitness goal of losing 40 lbs while still gaining muscle, in 6 months.

The food tastes great and is always changing, bringing variety to my diet, while still keeping me healthy.

Thanks again PC for helping me reach my nutrition and fitness goals!

I always had a hard time balancing out my diet. I was either under-eating and not losing fat or overeating and gaining. I couldnt reach my goals no matter what I tried.

Protein chefs offers the best quality of meats and veggies, with less hormones and preservatives that equals an overall happy body.

How Much Do Gluten

Freshly Meal Service Review

Your overall cost will depend, of course, on how much food you order. Often, the smaller your weekly order, the more youll pay per serving and vice versa. Put differently, in many cases, the more you integrate a company into your life, the more cost-effective the relationship will become. See the table above to compare companies on a cost-per-serving basis, with the awareness that paying the lowest price often means ordering the largest possible quantity.

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Why Choose A Gluten

Thankfully, there are a growing number of meal delivery services available. Many offer certified gluten-free options made in a gluten-free facility. The recipes are created by professional chefs, so theyre surprisingly delicious, too.

If you need gluten-free vegan meals or gluten-free vegetarian meals, there are a variety of plant-based gluten-free meal delivery options, too. And, if you have food allergies, many offer dairy-free menus and soy-free menu options, too.

And food delivery services have come a long way in recent years. The prepared meals include fresh, healthy, and often organic ingredients. And, if you go with a delicious gluten-free meal kit, the gluten-free recipes are super easy to follow.

In fact, with the best gluten-free meal delivery services, all the hard work is done for you. And the delicious gluten-free meals are so tasty, you probably wont even remember youre eating gluten-free!

But the benefits dont end there! As a society, were becoming more and more aware of how important it is to eat a clean, whole, food diet. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles are also constantly on the go, with little time to prepare healthy, fresh food at home.

With the best gluten-free meal delivery service, youll always know whats in your food. The ingredients list and FDA nutrition facts are laid out right in front of you. Certified gluten-free meal delivery services take all the guesswork out of choosing a healthy, gluten-free meal plan!

Best Frozen: Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest

Simply Recipes is aware of a Daily Harvest recall related to customers being sickened after consuming its French Lentil + Leek Crumbles menu item. We are watching the situation closely and will consider this when we re-evaluate Daily Harvest.

Why We Chose It: Daily Harvests entirely gluten-free menu arrives frozen for locked-in flavor, nutrition, and easy prep.

What We Like

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How Long Do Gluten

The longevity of shipped meals depends on several factors, including how long shipping takes, how foods are packaged, whether the meals are fresh or frozen, and if you order meal kits or prepared meals .

For example, Green Chef recommends using ingredients within 5 days of delivery to optimize quality. Meanwhile, Freshly notes that refrigerated meals should stay fresh for about 57 days.

Be sure to check to see if items are labeled with a best-by date or consider reaching out to the specific company you order from for more specific guidelines.

How Do I Know If I Have A Gluten Allergy

Sprinly Review: The Best Vegan Meal Delivery Service

Currently, there isnt currently a reliable method available to test for non-celiac gluten sensitivity, also sometimes referred to as a gluten allergy or intolerance .

However, if you think you may have a sensitivity to gluten, talk with a doctor or dietitian about the symptoms you experience after eating gluten to determine whether a gluten-free diet may be beneficial.

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Why Have A Dairy

Many consumers go dairy-free because they have an allergy to lactose in cow’s milk. However, eating dairy-free has a host of benefits for your body and your life. For example, substituting dairy milk can help:

  • Improve your digestion
  • Improve your immune system
  • Reduce chronic pain and infections

If you encounter stomach problems such as gas and bloating when you consume dairy, you can reduce these issues by seeking alternatives. This diet can also reduce your risk of getting asthma and lung diseases. Your reason for going dairy-free can vary base on your needs and concerns.

As someone new to the dairy-free thing, you may wonder how you can live in world without butter, sour cream, cheese, or yogurt. The good news is, you can find different ways to eat everything you already eat. Today, there are so many dairy replacements on the market that it’s easy to switch up brands for your favorite items.

For example, oat milk, soy milk, and almond milk are dairy alternatives that can replace dairy milk in the cuisine you love. You may notice the difference at first, but many dairy-free dieters love the change in taste.

There can be confusion about how dairy-free differs from a vegan diet. A non-dairy meal is not necessarily vegan, because vegan consumers avoid animal products altogether, including eggs. A person who does not consume dairy may still eat crab cakes and poultry in addition to their veggie favorites.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Meal Delivery Service

From chef-crafted dinners to easy meals that’ll please the kids, meal delivery services send everything you need to make delicious meals at homeand take grocery shopping and sometimes even vegetable chopping off your to-do list. Think exciting and interesting meals, clear-cut and easy-to-follow instructions, and all the ingredients you need in the perfect amounts, so theres no guesswork and very little food waste .

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What To Look For In A Gluten

Finding the best gluten-free meal delivery service for you can be challenging. The companies on our list meet the following criteria to help you narrow down your options:

  • Gluten-free certification: The companies on our list offer certified gluten-free meals or produce their meals in a certified gluten-free facility.
  • Menu variety: The best gluten-free meal delivery services offer a rotating menu or menus with a variety of options and customization available.
  • Preparation: Some of the gluten-free delivery services on our list deliver meals that are ready to heat and eat. Others deliver gluten-free meal kits that you prepare yourself in around 15-30 minutes.
  • Quality ingredients: Choose a service that delivers gluten-free meals made from whole, fresh foods that are organic, GMO-free, and sustainably sourced.
  • Availability: The services on our list ship gluten-free meals right to your door on a schedule that works for you.
  • Value: We only reccomend companies that provide good value for your money.

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