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Places With Gluten Free Options

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Bonus: 5 Secrets To Staying 100% Gluten Free At Restaurants

Places to eat in Aberdeen, Scotland | Vegan Friendly/Gluten Free Options

If you have a serious gluten allergy, staying 100% gluten free at restaurants can be a challenge. Even the slightest bit of cross contamination can make you sick. In a world full of gluten, is it really possible to stay 100% gluten free at restaurants? With the right tips, its definitely possible!

Thats why Im offering a FREE bonus PDF with the 5 Secrets to Staying 100% Gluten Free at Restaurants. It will teach you 5 little-known techniques for ensuring your meal in 100% gluten free every single time. Grab your free PDF download of the 5 Secrets to Staying 100% Gluten Free at Restaurants by signing up for my email newsletter below. As a bonus, youll also receive instant access to my free wellness library filled with tons of helpful gluten free resources!

Panera Bread Gluten Free Stance

You wont see a dedicated Panera Bread gluten free menu. That is because they use different terminology. Panera Bread uses the words gluten sensitive menu, gluten conscious and without gluten. Im not sure what I think about it to be honest.

I kind of feel like its a way for them to not take responsibility and avoid the effort customers with celiac disease need to enjoy a delicious meal.

Keep that in mind. Panera Bread has items that do not have gluten but if you are concerned about cross contamination then maybe think twice. At the end of the day, do what is best for you. Panera Bread does have good food, I just wish they would make an effort for the entire gluten free community.

Best Gluten Free Pizza Chain Menus You Absolutely Must Try

Last updated on by Adam Bryan. This post may contain affiliate links.

Finding the right gluten free pizza chain is possibly one of the hardest things to do for anyone thats on a medical or non-medical gluten free diet.

From the cross contamination found at most pizzerias to the fact that a restaurant may not even have a gluten free pizza dough, trying to find the right pizza chain is difficult task that could leave gluten free diners discouraged.

But believe it or not, there is hope. Major pizza chains and even some small pizza joints are starting to pop up everywhere, and along with that, they are also starting to unveil gluten free pizza doughs, separate ovens, and even take-and-bake options.

So now theres no need to make your own but instead let someone take care of it for you!

And to help you navigate the gluten free pizza chain jungle, heres a comprehensive guide that will help you find the best gluten free pizza and chain possible.

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Gluten Free Philadelphia: Gluten Restaurants + Bakeries In Philly

Lets get right into the best places to eat gluten free in Philadelphia. I have Celiac Disease, so cross-contact matters to me, and I do everything in my power to avoid even a crumb of gluten.

With things constantly changing, we do our best to keep these guides up to date. However, its nearly impossible to check on every single restaurant at any given time, which is why we need YOUR help!

Have feedback like a place that no longer has a dedicated gluten free fryer, or a new gluten free bakery that popped up? Wed love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and well make sure to make updates.

An important note: This is not a list of literally every single place that could potentially serve you a gluten free meal in Philadelphia. There are probably places I missed, and thats okay! Instead, these are the places that Im confident have processes and protocols in place to serve you a safe gluten free meal every time. There are a couple of popular spots at least according to Find Me Gluten Free that I reached out to, and was not confident in their answers to my questions for one reason or another. As a result, you wont find them on the list below!

Chili’s Bar And Grill

THE 30 BEST Gluten Free Restaurants in Seattle

Chili’s Grill & Bar Restaurant, which has locations throughout the U.S. and in 34 other countries, has a fairly extensive gluten-free menu, with some caveats. This is another restaurant that fits more into the “casual dining” category than the fast food category.

  • Baby back ribs with some sauces
  • Ancho salmon

Chili’s notes that its gluten-free menu is based on information from food suppliers, and says it can’t guarantee the absence of allergens in the food, in part because of the possibility of gluten cross-contamination in the kitchen.

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Gluten Free Philadelphia: A Complete Guide For Celiacs

I, Matt, found myself in Philadelphia as part of my first trip to the east coast outside of NYC, and was unsure of just what kind of gluten free scene awaited me in Philly. Would it be stellar, like the incredible gluten free scene in New York City? Or underwhelming, like I found eating gluten free in Boston to be?

The answer is somewhere in the middle. Its definitely more varied and interesting than Boston, but nowhere near the level of New York City. Which isnt surprising, because Philadelphia is a relatively small city, comparatively.

In Philadelphia, youll be able to indulge in gluten free corn dogs and funnel cakes, freshly fried gluten free donuts, and gluten free tacos and churros. Plus, a 100% gluten free AND vegan restaurant.

In this guide, Ill take you through the best places to eat gluten free in Philadelphia including gluten free restaurants and bakeries. Every single place featured in this guide is 100% gluten free .

Ultimately, this guide is intended to help you discover some new gluten free restaurants in Philadelphia to add to your list so that you can eat safely and deliciously while youre in town.

PS: Planning a trip to Philly? Weve got some other super detailed travel guides you might find useful. Read our guide to where to stay in Philadelphia to find the right place to stay for your trip, and dont miss our take on exactly how to plan an amazing Philadelphia itinerary.

Bottom Line: Service At The Speed Of Sound With A Side Of Contamination

Its a toss-up whether the fries and Tater Tots are gluten-free, and theres a high risk of cross contamination.

Sonic is a tricky one for GF food options, so be sure to tell the employees about your allergy when ordering. If youre ordering with someone else, be sure their food doesnt touch yours. You dont want those gluten-y fries all up on your bunless burger.

But if youre craving ice cream or a slush, you should be A-OK at Sonic.

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Best Restaurants With Gluten

Just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to throw your diet out the window. If you’re trying to cut gluten out of your diet, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of accommodating restaurants in Palm Springs and the surrounding Coachella Valley. Whether you’re looking for a hearty gluten-free breakfast, organic lunches to go or five-star dining experiences without the wheat, you’ll find plenty of menus that fit the bill in Palm Springs. One of the best gluten-free menus in Palm Springs is at LULU California Bistro on South Palm Canyon. From lettuce wraps and salads to pasta, seafood and desserts, you’ll get your gluten-free fill here. LULU’s sister restaurant, Acqua Pazza in Rancho Mirage, also has an impressive array of gluten-free selections, including gluten-free beer to go with your meal. Sister restaurants Cheeky’s and Birba are also gluten-free staples in Palm Springs. Cheeky’s weekly rotating menu always features gluten-free options like waffles, while Birba offers a gluten-free crust for their artisan pizzas. Speaking of gluten-free pizzas, you’ll find gluten-free crusts at Bill’s Pizza and Giuseppe’s Pizza and Pasta in Palm Springs. Plus, you’ll find gluten-free menus ranging from seafood to pan-Asian cuisine in Palm Springs. Check out the full list of restaurants in Palm Springs with gluten-free menus below.

Where To Find The Most Amazing Gluten

East Idaho Eats: Trendy restaurant offers vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free options
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Gluten-free restaurants dont have to be filled with rice noodles, lettuce wraps and chain restaurants that dont really understand your needs.

There is a whole world of gluten-free entrees that push the limits on what you thought you knew about gluten-free buns, and our restaurants list is ready to prove it.

Please remember, we are not doctors and this is not medical advice. Ive simply done the research, interviewed the restaurant employees and founds some of the best gluten-free restaurants near me in the United States.

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Our Guide Includes Lists Of 100% Gluten

Caption: 06/01/2022 – Las Vegas is enormous. It’s also home to a thriving food and eating culture that checks just about every box imaginable. It’s also home to numerous great restaurants with gluten-free menus, or restaurants that list gluten-free options for their guests.

As such, a comprehensive guide to gluten-free restaurants in Las Vegas will be an endlessly updating and refreshing journey. This initial list should provide enough good tips, though, to get you a little further down that gluten-free road. Sponsor :Our guide includes lists of 100% gluten-free establishments, other eateries that feature a gluten-free menu, and other establishments that are happy to accommodate their gluten-free guests.

Because Las Vegas is so big, with so much going on, we’re barely going to scratch the surface with this guide. If we’ve missed a great spot you know about, please share it below, and we’ll be sure to add it to the list!

The restaurants in this section offer a gluten-free menu, or label certain items as gluten-free. Others are happy to accommodate gluten-free guests as requested.

Since menus and ingredients can change, it’s always a good idea to double check to make sure the restaurant can get you what you need.

NOTE: Restaurants can change owners, employees, recipes, etc., without notice, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead or ask to make sure they can accommodate your gluten-free needs.

Eating Out Gluten Free At Restaurant Chains

You see, if youre allergic to gluten or have Celiacs Disease, there are a few issues that you sometimes run into.

First, most major restaurant chains dont offer an official gluten free menu. Youll literally have to spend hours at a time looking at a restaurants nutrition and ingredients list manually crossing out unsuitable options for your diet. This is an annoying and painstaking task that should be done by no one, and I mean NO ONE.

And if restaurant does have a gluten free menu, they usually burry it in the archives of their websites where youll literally take hours of your life digging through it into you finally find the menu.

Second, if a restaurant does offer a gluten free menu the kitchen staff, servers, and management are either

  • uneducated you know that time when your server teases you with a warm basket of fresh baked bread even after you clearly tell them that you are on a gluten free diet
  • unaware of the gluten free menu sometimes staff dont even know that a gluten free menu at their restaurant even exists.
  • Third, certain restaurants are cross contamination havens I mean seriously, some restaurants you go to are so dangerous for gluten free dieters that their dining experience can be deadly.

    Its a nightmare.

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    Bottom Line: You Can Prob Eat More Chicken Here

    If you want an actual meal, you can get one here. Just give them a heads-up when you order so theyre aware of any cross-contamination risk. Chick-fil-A does acknowledge that cross contamination is a risk, so youll still want to be careful.

    But the separate frying oil is a game-changer if you need your fry fill. And having a gluten-free bun shows theyre trying.

    + Gluten Free Restaurant Menus You Must Check Out In 2022

    The Best Restaurants With Gluten

    Last updated on by Adam Bryan. This post may contain affiliate links.

    One of the most, if not the most stressful parts about eating out gluten free is trying to find a restaurant that actually does offer gluten free options.

    Then, once you do finally find a suitable restaurant, you have to then figure out if the restaurant is actually safe to eat. If youre allergic to gluten or wheat or are Celiac, youll know what Im talking about.

    Now instead of navigation the web trying to find suitable gluten free restaurants from every single restaurant that you absolutely love and cant live without, I went ahead and created the ultimate guide to gluten free restaurant menus to make life just a little bit easier.

    Because the last thing you want to do is spend hours trying to find the gluten free menu for Red Lobster.

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    Gluten Free Bakeries In Paris

    Paris is a city of pastries, known for buttery, flaky croissants and pain au chocolat, and beautiful tarts. Lucky for those of us eating gluten free, there are several amazing gluten free bakeries around Paris to get your pastry fix.


    Go to Chambelland for the bread, stay for the array of pastries. Its a little bit out of the way compared to the other bakeries in Paris, but well worth the journey. Its further east, near the Oberkampf neighborhood and just south of Canal St. Martin.

    Youll find a variety of breads and sweet treats like tarlettes, cheesecake, etc. All 100% gluten free and delicious. And, depending on when you show up, youre likely to find a line. We were there early on a weekday and were able to waltz right in, but that might not be the case at midday on a weekend. Its worth the wait, we promise.

    We basically got up to the counter and froze like a deer in the headlights. There were so many options! And 9:00 am isnt exactly the right time of day for an eclair or tart. So we grabbed a couple of things to enjoy right then, and then went back for seconds to get to take back to our apartment.

    In order of preference, here are the things we tried.

    Dont miss the breads grab some for later, pick up some cheese to go with it, and take it with you to picnic along the Seine or under the Eiffel Tower on a warm summer night. Their foccacia is good too we got one topped with tomato, eggplant, and feta cheese and ate it along Canal St. Martin.


    Make Your Own Copy Cat Panera Baja Bowl Recipe With Chicken

    I really enjoyed the warm grain bowls from Panera, but I was ready to make my own. I hope you are too! Check out this hot recipe!

    Its really not that tough and you simply need to take a good look at the ingredients and make it your way at home! I think their key secret is the mix of brown rice and quinoa. A 50/50 mix works best in my opinion!

    I went cheese free, but you can add some feta cheese or shredded cheese to spice it up!

    Here is our attempt at a Panera Bread Baja Bowl Recipe. It turned out amazing!

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    Pie Five Pizza Company

    Pie Five uses all natural, organic, preservative-free tomato sauce they make in-house, all natural chicken breast, and 100% pork sausage with no antibiotics or hormones. Their gluten free crust is provided by Smart Flour, which produces all of its gluten free products from Ancient Grains including teff, amaranth and sorghum flours, giving the pizza crust an enhanced nutritional profile with more vitamins, minerals and fiber than pizzas made from other gluten free flour combinations. Read More

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    Philly Restaurants Great For Gluten

    PIZZA in MUMBAI – Gluten Free, Vegan food options for restaurants in Mumbai

    Fantastic Philly restaurants where you can eat pizza, arepas, and vermicelli platters without having to worry about the wheat situation.

    Prohibition Taproom / Photograph courtesy of Bondfire Media

    Dining with gluten allergies and sensitivities can be complicated, and even downright depressing. But, if you know where to look, Philly has plenty of spots where people who are celiac or gluten-avoidant can let loose without worrying about the wheat situation. Find the best ones below.

    Gabriellas Vietnam, East PassyunkGabriellas is the type of place where your entire crew could have a gluten-free meal without even realizing it. Gluten-free dishes are clearly marked on the menu, with options including Vietnamese street snacks you wont find at many other spots in the city, including a vermicelli platter with blood sausage and kumquat, shrimp-and-pork rice cakes that come out in small individual bowls, wok-fried lemongrass tofu, and more.

    Prohibition Taproom, Every Wednesday starting at 4 p.m., Prohibition Taproom dedicates their fryers to gluten-free items, including their signature GF fried chicken, which is a relief for those who cant tolerate any cross-contamination. In addition to the chicken, they do gluten-free veggie tempura, chicken-fried eggplant, and fries. A bonus: Prohibition Taproom runs a daily happy hour from 4 p.m. 7 p.m. so you can be gluten-free and drunk at the same time.

    Good Luck Pizza Co. / Photograph courtesy of Bondfire Media

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    The 15 Best Places With Gluten

    Karen Scarlett: Best gf option for pizza in yyc. No contamination issues as pizza goes into individual pan before being fired

    AJ Medina: So many good choices and it’s gluten free. Quaint little place.

    Darby Sieben: Hands down – best gluten free pizza’s in Calgary and one of the best anyway, period. Build your own to your liking.

    Lauren Castle: Tons of great options for the Gluten free folk. Delicious food and all locally sourced. A lot of ingredients can be sourced from the Calgary Farmers Markets

    Alisha Marie: The breakfast hash was amazing!! With gluten free cornbread that had a jalapeño kick to it. A little taste of heaven.

    Daryl Pritchard: Great gluten free options. Very knowledgeable staff, dedicated fryer.

    Matthew Hayles: Gluten free desserts available on the evening menu .

    Kenton Smith: Coffee is usually good but, the gluten free doughnuts are amazing.

    Stephan Mont: Great single-origin coffee. Great service and a beautiful place.

    Jill Dewes: Gluten free base is really good & they will even do ‘no cheese’ if you ask nicely 🙂

    Steeners: Awesome gluten free pizza!!

    Shane Lynch: Great pizza! Probably my fav in Calgary. Close to Una.

    Kenton Smith: Excellent gluten free beer selection here.

    Dennis Kieswetter: One of the best beer selections in Calgary and they only sell singles. Thay also have a good rotating tap selection. Now they offer some wine as well

    meaghan cameron: They have a fabulous sour collection!

    Teresa Born: Great gluten free expo!

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