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Individually Wrapped Gluten Free Snacks

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Gluten Free Dairy Free Packaged Snacks

Ethel’s Baking Co. (12) Individually Wrapped Desserts on QVC

Lets get straight to the point! Youre here looking for packaged gluten free dairy dairy free snacks you can buy at the store. Im sure you dont want a long drawn out intro, so lets just jump right into it. Shall we?

In this post, youll find 35 Gluten Free Dairy Free Packaged Snacks for those on the GFCF diet of for those just looking for healthy snacks.

They are sorted by taste/texture with specific brand recommendations too. These snacks are perfect for kids, school, work, or while the family is on the go.

Gluten Free Snacks For Right Now

I know how hard it can be to find the perfect snack. It can be especially hard when you are following a certain kind of eating lifestyle,

There seem to be a lot of snacks out there for anyone who eats gluten. However, finding snacks without added can be a challenge.So as a result, when I see something that works, I know that that I like to snag them up.

Gluten Free Snack Ideas

Ive written about this before because it has been one of the hardest things to adjust to since having a child who is on a gluten free diet. Breakfasts are fairly easy to accommodate, as are lunch and supper, but the snacks and treats I run into trouble with.

I need ideas of things that we can grab quickly or bring with us when we go out. Also, my son is growing like a weed and like any growing boy, he is hungry almost all of the time!

I have been adding to my list of gluten free snack ideas over time and have made it into a . I find that having the list somewhere prominent like my fridge helps jog my memory. That way, I can refer to it whenever Im stuck to think of what to include in the kids lunches or offer for after school snacks.

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Rule Breaker Snacks Deep Chocolate Brownie Vegan Gluten Free Nut Free Allergy Friendly Kosher Individually Wrapped 19oz Cookie

  • SATISFY YOUR SWEET TOOTH with our guilt free As Seen on Shark Tank big cookies! No more skipping dessert! Soft baked and chewy vegan, chickpea based cookies that you can actually feel good about eating and giving to your family. We broke the rules so you dont have to!
  • VEGAN & CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE guilt free, gluten free, Non-GMO Project Verified, 100% plant based snacks, made with real food ingredients! 1st on the list: chickpeas giving these delicious snacks an added protein and fiber boost.
  • DEEP CHOCOLATE BROWNIE COOKIES Rich, chewy chocolate brownies packed with chocolate chips. Indulge freely in these gluten free cookies! Each serving contains about half the sugar and calories of a traditional treat.
  • ALLERGEN FREE Individually wrapped and free from the top 11 allergens. Weve got you covered – no peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, coconut, sesame, mustard, shellfish and fish, lower in sugar, kosher , no preservatives, and non-GMO.
  • KID APPROVED FOR LUNCH BOXES So tasty, they never get traded for other kids snacks. No nuts means theyre great for school or the office! Grab and go for a pre or post workout snack, heat them up, dunk in milk, or top with ice cream!

Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Quinoa Bars

Gluten Free Snack Box

You know whats really fun about having had a blog for almost 10 years? Re-discovering old favorite recipes, like these gluten free Dark Chocolate Quinoa Bars!

Portable snacks that are actually filling are always a win, right? This recipe from 2012 has gotten a photo refresh and I decided it was worth re-sharing.

I hope youll enjoy it as much as I have over the years!

Looking for more ideas? Here are some of my favorite quinoa recipes!

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Made With The Best Of Us

Since 1981, Schär has been working to better the lives of those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance â long before it became a âtrendâ. From field to fork, our team of experts select the best nutritional ingredients from farmers who grow cereal grains especially for us. Our care for your safety start with verifying the ingredientâs seeds are gluten-free and end in creative recipes that help satisfy any craving. We are constantly developing new products and have a wealth of educational resources on our website. Everyone deserves a happy, healthy life and we are here to help make that happen.

  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Certified Low FODMAP options
  • Creating gluten-free products since 1981
  • Carefully selected and sourced ingredients

Here Are Some Similar Recipes That You May Also Like

Keep up to date with my recipes

I have some great tips on which alternatives may work in a recipe such as this one.

Be sure to follow me on and to keep up to date as well.

Snyder’s of Hanover Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks.low-fat gluten-free pretzel sticks are a delicious alternative to wheat-based pretzelsCertified gluten free by GFCO, dairy free, casein free and egg free. Still full of taste!Offers all the satisfying flavor and crunch you expect from Snyder’s of Hanover, America’s pretzel bakeryA great-tasting snack even those not following a gluten free diet will love!24 single-serve 100 calorie on-the-go bags in each box

Gluten Free Chocolate Crème Filled Cupcakes.About the productFULL OF TASTE: Have the real Chocolate Crème Filled Cupcakes experience without even knowing it’s Gluten Free.SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Mrs. Katz is committed to making delicious tasting baked goods using the kinds of simple, everyday ingredients you’d keep in your own home pantry.GUILT FREE INDULGENCE: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Peanuts Free, Tree Nut Free, Soy Free.CERTIFICATIONS: Certified by – Gluten Intolerance Group , Kosher by the OU.GUARANTEE: If for any reason this product doesn’t fully live up to your expectations, we, Katz Gluten Free – the Manufacturer and Seller – will repurchase it from you, no questions asked. Free Same-Day Pickup – Amazon Pickup Locations

Gluten Free Snacks for Right Now

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Contains: Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Lactose Free, Preservative-Free
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19.56 x 13.21 x 7.11 cm 210 Grams
Ingredients Corn starch, corn flour, vegetable fats and oils , maltodextrine, rice syrup, modified tapioca starch, soy flour, salt, yeast, guar gum, modified cellulose, cream of tartar, leavening agent , baking soda, acid, citric acid, natural flavour . Contains: Soy. May Contain: Tree Nuts.
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TOP 10 FAVORITE GLUTEN FREE & DAIRY FREE SNACKS! | BEST healthy junk food | Aldi, CVS, & Stop & Shop

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  • Moist, fluffy, snack-size muffins with decadent chocolate chips
  • Gluten-, dairy-, corn-, nut-, and soy-free
  • Great to have on hand to accommodate patrons with allergies and dietary sensitivities
  • Individually wrapped to avoid cross-contamination with allergens 4 muffins per pack
  • Keep frozen

Customer questions about this product

How will my product arrive?
These food items are kept frozen until they are ordered. Once ordered, they will be shipped at ambient temperature. According to the manufacturer, after receiving the product, it is best if they are refrozen immediately and thawed when ready to use.

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How To Make Dark Chocolate Quinoa Bars

As usual, this recipe is easy to throw together. Simply mix the dry ingredients together, then the wet, then combine. Toss into a baking dish and bake for just shy of 30 minutes, et voila!

A delicious and portable filling snack that will be a hit with the whole family !

Just look at that melty chocolate!

Whenever I make bars, I cut them up right away and store them in the fridge wrapped individually in tin foil. This helps them keep longer.

Plus, its perfect for easy grabbing and going later when Iâm inevitably running late. ð

Want more healthy on-the-go bar recipes?

Check out my other favorites:

  • 1/2 C dark chocolate chips

What Exactly Does Free From Mean

When you read the term free from on a product, this means that it is free from major food allergens, like the allergens you see listed in the image above.

All free from products are not free from the same allergens, though, so always be sure to read the label to be sure the ingredient you need to avoid is listed.

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Fruit Leather + Dried Fruit

  • Fruit leather is simple and easy. Usually, its just 100% fruit! We get these in bulk since they travel and store so well. But most brands of natural fruit leather are a great choice!
  • Thats It fruit bars are a thicker version of fruit leather made with different blends of fruit. They can be a great option!
  • Little boxes of raisins are super easy to take on the go!

Prepackaged School Birthday Treats

Gluten Free Snack Pack Launch by Snyder

These snacks are more fun and might be a good prepackaged snack to bring for a birthday treat or party. I tried to still be conscious of sugar and ingredients in choosing these snacks since I know school birthday parties happen fairly often.

  • Blakes Seed Based Rice Krispy Treats You can even get these in birthday cake flavor with sprinkles making them look extra festive for a school birthday party. Additionally, they are allergy-friendly: Peanut-free, nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, sesame-free.
  • Simple Mills Nutty Banana Bread Bars At 6 g of added sugar, these bars are a little sweeter than I would want to offer my toddler or child daily, but would be perfect to send to school for a birthday party if you need a prepackaged treat.
  • Natures Bakery Baked Ins 7 g added sugar, but the first ingredient is whole grains.
  • Good Pops Popsicles These 100% fruit juice popsicles are perfect for taking into school for a birthday party. You can buy them online and then shake and freeze them at home!
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    Veggie Straws + Puffed Snacks

    • Veggie Straws are definitely no health food, but its REALLY fun for my kids to get to eat a normal snack that some of their friends are eating now and then. Plus, theyre pretty easy to find and keep on hand.
    • Hippeas Snacks. These are like Pirates Booty , but their flavors are also vegan which means theyre safe for dairy-free folks! The vegan white cheddar is our favorite, but weve liked most of the ones weve tried!


    Top Gluten & Dairy Free Snacks

    After being asked about my favorite gluten and allergy free snacks at conferences, I thought I would share my top picks with you! Hope you enjoy them too! First, since I’m 100% gluten and casein free, I like having different types of fresh fruits and vegetables with me.

    When writing the Let’s Eat Out! series, I created a detailed checklist with a few pages of snack suggestions requiring no preparation, hot water preparation and a cooler.

    While on the road, I always have some packaged snacks with a mix of protein and carbs as well. Here’s my top gluten and dairy free snack recommendations for traveling, work and back to school manufactured in the US:

  • GoGo Squeez Apple Cinnamon apple sauce available at most grocery stores and on-line

  • Sandwich with toasted Udis bread and Applegate roasted turkey found at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market and grocery stores.

  • Another idea for you, if you like to eat sushi – I would recommend that you purchase the small packets of gluten free / wheat free soy sauce from San J available on-line and in specific grocery stores.

    There are also some great on the go products in the market made from certified gluten free oats. Unfortunately, I have difficulty digesting certified GF oats but if you are fine, I would also recommend the following which are available on-line and in a lot of stores:

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    Individually Wrapped Snacks For School

    This post may contain affiliate links. If you click & make a purchase, I receive a commission! Read my full disclosure policy.

    Last year in 2020 my sons preschool developed a policy that kids could only bring in individually wrapped snacks for school. At his preschool, they take turns bringing in snacks to share so it was part of their mitigation plan for Covid and germs. I know many other parents are in the same place with needing healthy prepacked snack ideas that are also individually wrapped.

    This list will offer you a variety of ideas on individual snacks for your kids to take to preschool .

    Healthy Individually Packaged Snacks For Kids

    Favorite Packaged Gluten Free Foods/Brands and One Blech!

    These individually wrapped snacks are great for school, preschool, or daycare because theyre easy to pack and store. I did try to keep the list somewhat healthy and saved the sweeter treats for the next category of birthday treats.

  • GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce Nut, dairy, and gluten-free
  • Thats It Bars Free of the top 12 allergens and made of only fruit.
  • String Cheese If your school has access to a refrigerator for snacks, cheese sticks can be perfect because they provide protein and fat whereas many store-bought snacks do not.
  • Babybel Cheese I love this 3 ingredient cheese option.
  • Bitsys Brainfood Crackers These nut-free crackers are a great option. They come in a variety of flavors and are one of my favorite crackers for toddlers.
  • Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt Pouches and Tubes Easy to find and only 4 g of sugar, these are my favorite pre-sweetened yogurt for kids.
  • Mama Chia Pouches With 4 g added sugar I do recommend saving these for kids 2 and older.
  • Dino Bars These are a softer texture than other popular bars like Larabars, which is perfect for younger toddlers. I send these with my daughter when I need a store-bought snack for preschool and she loves them.
  • Raisins Easy to find and loved by most kids, raisin boxes are a great last-minute individually wrapped snack for kids.
  • RX Kids Similar to Larabars but featuring egg whites for extra protein, these are another great individually packaged snack for kids to take to school.
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    What Does Gluten

    For many families, gluten intolerances are a bigger factor in their everyday lives much more than just sensitivities. In complete intolerances, bodies cannot handle breaking down the gluten enzyme found in wheat, rye, and barley, causing a lot of digestion issues. While there are many foods that are inherently gluten-free, cross-contamination can occur, which subsequently can affect someones reaction. For instance, Kate Scarlata, MPH, RDN, LDN says, Although oats do not contain gluten on their own, they often get cross-contaminated with gluten in the growing fields or during food manufacturing. For those following a strict gluten-free diet, always inquire with the manufacturer about the source of their oats, even if the product is labeled gluten-free.

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