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Gluten Free Dairy Free Frozen Meals

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Dry Vegetable Soup Mix


I have been scouring the internet looking for a recipe to make dry vegetable soup mix like Knorrs, but keep coming up blank. At $2+ a pop for one of their packets, Id much rather make my own! Anyone have a recipe?

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Whats So Great About These Freezer Meal Prep Sessions

  • Theres no cooking required ahead of time, so you can easily make 6-8 meals in an hour. Simply combine the ingredients in plastic freezer bags and freeze for up to three months.
  • You can save money by buying the ingredients in bulk.
  • All of the recipes are gluten-free and dairy-free.

Below, youll find a list of recipes included in each prep session and a link to the free printable recipes and shopping list. If you want to read more about how I made each group of meals, search my website for more info.

If youre making these meals for someone with a food allergy, please read every single ingredients nutritional label to check for gluten and dairy. Foods with gluten often contain the words wheat, barley, rye, or oats . Dairy can be listed as butter, cheese, or milk or less obvious words like lactose and whey . Meat, produce, and individual spices are naturally free of gluten and dairy, but processed foods might surprise you . I added notes below about specific items to check, but its important to be extra careful when dealing with food allergies.

Without further ado


When I had my daughter, almost four years ago, I did not prepare any meals for after she arrived. That was a HUGE mistake.

Sure we had people to bring us food, but most of our meals consisted of fast food for the first few months of her life, yikes! So with my son, I knew I wanted to be overly prepared.

How To Make Vegan Tomato Soup

This creamy vegan tomato soup comes together easily in just 30 minutes.

Start by rinsing the canned beans well under cold water . Set aside to drain.

Add the broth, tomatoes and beans and stir to combine. Cook for 10 minutes.

Add the balsamic vinegar, if using. Taste and adjust seasoning as necessary.

Optional garnish with fresh basil, drizzle of balsamic, fresh cracked black pepper and croutons or hemp seeds.

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Final Thoughts On Dairy Free Gluten Free Freezer Meals

So there you have it- all of the meals, meal kits and essentials that Ive stocked in my freezer to get ready for our little guy. Normally I do this before the start of the school year and supplement again on each of my breaks to make life a little easier when Im working.

Wondering how to manage all of this? I have 2 different suggestions:

  • Set one or two days aside for doing this. Commit to it for the day and crank it out! This is usually my way of doing things, but with the pregnancy this method quickly failed because it takes ten times longer to do anything.
  • Over a couple of weeks, double up on dinners. Make each of these meals for dinners/ breakfasts or whatever meals you are having, but double or triple the batch. Have one for dinner and then put the other one or two in the freezer. Its less work, it plans out your current meals, and it seems a little less overwhelming. This way was more successful for me being pregnant, but it definitely takes more time.
  • I hope you find this group of dairy free and gluten free freezer meals useful, and if you make any of it be sure to tag us in your pictures!

    Kitava Formerly Meal Made

    Target: Udi

    Kitava has a strong reputation for high-quality food and is considered one of the leading food delivery services. The company is unusual in that the meals are free from corn, peanuts, refined sugar and seed oils, while also avoiding gluten, soy, and dairy.

    As a result, Kitava prepares their dishes using non-inflammatory organic oil such as avocado, olive and palm oil. They incorporate raw honey, coconut palm, and maple syrup as a sugar substitute to ensure low glycemic content in their desserts. This makes it a perfect choice for people with autoimmune conditions and food allergies, along with anyone focusing on clean and natural meals.

    There are also customization options, such as the source of protein. For example, the Baja Bowl can use pastured chicken, wild-caught salmon or cumin-spiced beans for protein.

    Examples of the meals include dishes such as Zoodles and Meatballs, Meatloaf and Sweet Potato Mash, and Spaghetti Squash Bolognese being included in their menu. The one limitation is that there arent many meals available at any given time, so your flexibility is limited.

    The lunch and dinner menu meals range between $10 and $18, appetizers between $5 and $10, side dishes for $3 to $8, and desserts for about $3 to $5.95. Their delivery fee ranges between $3 and $5 to most parts of San Francisco.

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    Trader Joes Organic Frozen Tropical Fruit Blend

    A frozen combo of pineapple, bananas, strawberries and mango, this is another frozen mixture I often have in my cart. High in vitamins A & C, this spells summertime and is a perfect addition to smoothies. With no cholesterol, super low sodium and minimal processing, its another easy go-to for a fruit-based dessert. Just a word to the wise: dont let it thaw. The bananas are not pretty once defrosted!

    Salmon And Asparagus Sheet Pan Meal

    Here’s a solution to an easy gluten free dairy free dinner that pleases everyone: this baked salmon and asparagus recipe! Its simple, its elegant, but it tastes like something youd order at a restaurant. Roasting it up on a sheet pan with lemon slices and fresh herbs adds effortless flavor that feels fresh yet refined.

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    Make It Now Cooking Directions

    These directions are for cooking this recipe to serve immediately and NOT to freeze for later.

  • Place all ingredients in slow cooker, except the water and pasta.
  • Cover and cook on low for 7-8 hours or on high for 4-5 hours.
  • When 30 minutes remain, add water and gluten free pasta. Stir and cook the remainder of time.
  • Hearty Winter Vegetable Soup Recipe

    6 Super Simple Postpartum Meals! Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Freezer Meals!

    Its so cold outside, which means its time to break out the winter soup recipes! The Papa and The Kids absolutely love this soup, and theyre excited to have you all try it as well. I personally am excited about it because this vegetable soup recipe has become one of our favorite winter comfort foods to serve. Its also a great way to have more veggies on the plate.

    Free From: Wheat/Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Tree Nut , Peanut, Fish, Shellfish, Top 8 Allergens, Sesame, Apple, Avocado, Banana, Berries, Buckwheat, Cane/Refined Sugar, Cinnamon, Citrus, Corn, Garlic, Lupin, Mushroom, Mustard, Oat, Pea & Pea Protein, Poultry, Red Meat, Rice, Seeds, Squash & Gourd, Stone Fruits, Strawberry, Sweet Potato & Yam, Tapioca/Cassava/Yuca/Manioc, Yeast

    Friendly To: Diabetic, EOE, Vegan

    Compatible With: Cruciferous Free

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    Dairy Free And Gluten Free Meal Kit Programs

    Maybe you love cooking and its the recipe-searching and shopping that takes up too much of your time. You might want to try a meal kit program. Meal kit programs are excellent for novice chefs looking to learn ways to cook and eat healthier, as well as experienced cooks who just need a bit of weeknight support. These companies offer their customers a rotating list of meal options and ship fresh ingredients to your door. The companies weve listed below have a wide variety of meals to choose from, many of which are gluten and dairy free. If you like to cook and are looking to save time and add a few new meals to your repertoire, you might try the following companies.

    Freezer Taco Rice Casserole

    This easy, healthy recipe is gluten free, dairy free AND perfect for the freezer. My entire family loves this Taco Rice Casserole . It tastes delicious, and its a great freezer meal to make ahead and whip out for a quick dinner for our family or to feed a crowd. While this recipe gives dairy free and gluten free modifications, it does not HAVE to be dairy free or gluten free. Make it for dinner tonight or to keep your freezer stocked.

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    Gluten Free + Dairy Free Trader Joes Frozen Products To Try

    As I said above, this is just a quick list of some of my favorite gluten free and dairy free foods found in the frozen section of Trader Joes. Im sure theres a lot I didnt mention here.

    LEAVE A COMMENT: To give people even more ideas please leave 2 of YOUR favorite gluten free and dairy free frozen foods you like to buy at Trader Joes in the comments below.

    Friendly disclaimer: Ingredients can change . Please always make sure to check the ingredients prior to purchasing if you have allergies or celiac. Also, be aware cross-contamination can occur even if an item has gluten or dairy free ingredients. Be sure to read the label thoroughly and then decide whats best for you based on your body and your doctors recommendations.

    CROSS CONTAMINATION WARNING: Not all of these are labeled Gluten free and some of them do have may contain warnings for dairy. We all have different needs though so please just take the time to read labels while in the store and then make the decision thats right for your body. If you live far from a Trader Joes and need to know what the label says I suggest calling prior to visiting.

    Food Made To Nourish Everybody & Every Body

    Domestic Apologist: Five Favs: Gluten free frozen comfort meals.

    We believe everyone should be able to enjoy food simply, regardless of allergen-free or dietary lifestyles. Thats why we set out to redefine what it means to be gluten and dairy free by recreating everyday household favorites to be paleo friendly and free from gluten, grains, dairy, and soy. We use only high-quality, recognizable ingredients so you never have to compromise between taste or nutrition.

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    Availability Of Fresh Pre

    The services weve listed below all offer gluten and dairy-free meal delivery. These companies make their meals from scratch, using only quality ingredients, and will ship to addresses anywhere in the US. These meals are refrigerated so that food stays fresh. All you have to do is open up, reheat, and eat it. For customers with busy schedules who are looking for a way to save a bit of time in their day and maintain their health, there are a variety of companies online who will ship fresh meals straight to your door.

    Knorr Professional Ultimate Vegetable Bouillon Base 6 X 454 G

    • Vegetable broth base ideal for use in commercial kitchens, restaurants, and hospitality
    • Delivers consistent taste and performance that culinary professionals can rely on
    • Made with onions, carrots, and celery
    • No artificial flavours or preservatives or added MSG colours from natural sources gluten-free and plant-based
    • Plant-Based

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    What Can You Use Soup Mix For Besides Soup

    If you love to cook, chances are soup mixes are a staple in your pantry. Aside from soup, they make wonderful seasoning for different types of dips. It is most often used in spinach dips, which can be served with crackers, breads, or a whole bunch of colorful vegetables. It can also be used as the base for a sauce to serve over top of your favorite pasta dishes. Of course be sure to read the ingredients list on the back of products to make sure they are all gluten free before consuming.

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    More Easy Soup Recipes

    • Easy Sausage and Potato Soup You will love this easy potato soup recipe with Italian sausage, potatoes, garlic, and kale.
    • Simple Ham and Cabbage Soup This soup with cabbage and ham is hearty, healthy, easy to make, and tastes fantastic.
    • Three Ingredient Tomato Soup You wouldnt think that three ingredients butter, onion, and tomato can come together to make such a velvety and delicious tomato soup, but let me tell you. They can.
    • Creamy Homemade Potato Soup You will love this easy soup with potatoes, veggies, garlic, and a luscious creamy broth.
    • Lentil Soup with Lemon and Turmeric Meet my go-to lentil soup recipe! I make this soup with lentils, carrots, turmeric, and fresh lemon whenever Im in need of some healthy comfort food.
    • Lemony Chicken Vegetable Soup This lemon chicken and vegetable soup checks all the boxes. Its hearty, healthy, satisfying, and tastes incredible.
    • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup Butternut squash is roasted on top of garlic cloves and fresh thyme then blended with stock into a silky smooth butternut squash soup.

    Recipe updated, originally posted December 2011. Since posting this in 2011, we have tweaked the recipe to be more clear. Adam and Joanne

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    What To Serve With Gluten Free Tomato Soup

    With croutons: There are several gluten free brands where you can get store bought croutons. You can also make your own by chopping up gluten free bread and roasting it in the oven. Homemade croutons are best when you make them from stale bread, but you can still use the oven if you dont have old bread.

    Gluten Free Grilled Cheese: Just use gluten free bread and your favorite cheese. Just a reminder, that any white cheese is better than orange in terms of being overly processed.

    Salad: A simple salad goes great with tomato soup and is a good idea if you wanted to make a light lunch out of it.

    Trader Joes Fully Cooked Falafel

    Both vegan and gluten free, these are another convenient staple to have on hand. Throw them into a wrap, serve them atop of a salad, or even simply dip them as a snack. Love that these have 6 grams of fiber per serving!

    A few tips: to keep them from tasting dry, cover them with a damp paper towel when heating. And to serve with an easy tahini sauce, mix tahini, lemon juice, garlic powder, water and salt to your liking. Kids may enjoy dipping them in ketchup:).

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