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Vegan Gluten Free Protein Bars

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Clif Builders Protein Bar *

Healthy, vegan protein bar recipe | Vegan, Gluten Free, NO added sugar

270 calories | 20g protein | 29g carbs

I didnt order the other 2 top bars in any particular order. Clif Builders bars are easy to find in store, has palm oil, and is soy protein based.

Most Clif bars are vegan, including these protein bars. Just be careful that you dont buy Clifs whey protein bars

Heres a breakdown of its scores:

  • Protein content Of the 270 calories, just under 30% come from protein, which is about average for the bars I reviewed.
  • Taste score This protein bar was easy to rate, it tastes like a candy bar.
  • Cost Not only are the bars on the cheap end individually, but they also contain a lot of protein, so they are actually the cheapest overall bar per 10g of protein.

Of the top 3, its the best tasting bar, but has the lowest protein content. This is due to the high sugar content (contains beet syrup, organic brown rice syrup, and organic cane syrup, which makes it okay as a post-workout bar, but I dont know if Id want to eat it otherwise.

Myvegan Choc Orange Pea

Grams of protein per serving: 12gCalories per serving: 233 kcalsType of protein: peanuts, pea protein isolateType of sweetener: rice syrup, xylitol, agave syrup

Best tasting vegan protein bar

If you’re partial to a chocolate orange, you’ll get on very well with this bar. Orange oil provides the citrus flavouring, with great effect it’s natural and zingy without being overpowering. In terms of texture, the bar is quite solid and dense, like tiffin, and studded throughout with chopped peanuts and generous chunks of chocolate. Overall, very enjoyable and satisfying.

A box of 12 costs £19.99, working out at £1.66 each.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Protein Bars

This is another simple recipe with no cooking required. I was able to make these in 10 minutes. Lets dive into the ingredient list.


  • ¾ cup of peanut butter
  • ½ cup of brown rice syrup
  • ¼ cup of almond milk
  • 1 tablespoon of vegan protein powder
  • 1 cup of rolled oats
  • 1 cup of jumbo oats
  • ¼ cup of vegan dark chocolate chips

You could substitute peanut butter for another nut butter like almond butter. I liked how it uses brown rice syrup instead of maple syrup. It has less of a sugary taste.

I also appreciated that this recipe calls for different sized oats to add texture to the bars. I ended up using a chocolate protein powder, and I liked the taste of it. Although I believe that vanilla is also a great option if you dont want to use chocolate.

Overall, its a great recipe that contains a lot of protein and is easy to make.


  • In a saucepan, warm peanut butter, brown rice syrup, and almond milk over medium heat. Stir to avoid burning. Continue until the mixture becomes liquid and smooth.
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine rolled oats, jumbo oats, protein powder, and dark chocolate chips.
  • Stir in the peanut butter mixture until it creates a dough and the chocolate chips melt
  • Move the mixture to a square baking pan covered in parchment paper. Spread mixture evenly
  • Top with extra chocolate chips.
  • Refrigerate for 1 hour or freeze for 30 minutes
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    How To Make No Bake Protein Bars

    So this recipe was inspired by my collaboration with the adorable Sara Lynn from Domestic Geek. We decided to do a collaboration together and come up with some amazingly delicious and nutritious post-workout snacks. She made some AH-MAZ-ING energy bites .

    The key to making snacks is that they have to be easy, and these are ALL those things. I like to make a huge batch at the start of the week, pop them in the freezer, and have post-workout snacks for the month!

    The base of these no bake protein bars is nut butter, maple syrup, protein powder, oat flour, dates and flax seed. So lots of healthy fats, protein and fibre going on already! Then we have fun.

    My first protein bar flavour is my Peanut Butter Banana. Here weve got peanuts, banana chips, raisins and chocolate protein powder. Whats not to love?

    Next is my Tropical option with vanilla protein powder, cashew butter, mango and coconut. Its legit like taking a relaxing holiday.. except youre exhausted from burpees.

    Finally, is my Chocolate Almond Cherry. This one comes with dried cherries, chocolate protein powder and almonds. PLUS a bonus chocolate drizzle on top. These seem to be a consistent winner across the board.

    You can easily customize these bars using depending on whatever you have on hand. If youre not vegan, dont worry about using vegan protein powder. If youre not gluten free, you can just use regular oat flour. Your workout, your post-workout snack, your rules!!

    Not All Bars Are Created Equal

    Gluten Free Vegan Protein Bars 3 Ways

    Some vegan bars are designed for a quick healthy snack between meals, while others are loaded with more than enough protein necessary for the average persons snack. Those high-protein bars are perfect for pre or post-workout snacks, breakfast on-the-go or to keep you fueled throughout a hike. To make things easier, most high-protein bars will be labelled as such. If there is no mention of protein on the label, the bar is most likely an energy bar.

    Since many protein bars on the market nowadays are accidentally vegan, there are plenty of plant-based options to choose from. Non-vegan protein bars typically use dairy-derived whey protein or even insects as a protein source .

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    Tips For Making Homemade Protein Bars

  • Wet your hands with water or oil when handling the batter. Because of the sticky nature of using dates to sweeten the recipe, it will be very sticky so this tip will help you manage the dough.
  • Use your hands for mixing the chocolate chips into the batter. Once you pulse everything in the food processor, it helps to use your hands for folding in the chocolate chips because its much easier. It also allows you to mix in anything the food processor missed.
  • Set the batter in an 8×8 baking pan with straight edges. This size and the straight edges will help you form the best looking protein bars that look like the packaged ones.
  • Soften dates with warm water if necessary. If you have very fresh dates that feel soft, you wont need to do this. However, if the dates are older or feel more tough, softening them will help them more easily blend and bind to the other ingredients.
  • Vegan Hemp Protein Bars

    I was excited to find this recipe because hemp is a powerful source of protein and other nutrients.

    Its high in omega-3, magnesium, zinc, iron, and manganese. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is also a complete source of protein.

    Luckily this recipe keeps it simple with ingredients, but it still manages to be no-bake, all-natural, gluten-free, and oil-free.

    The cinnamon gave it a nice kick, and the gluten-free protein bars were creamy and soft.

    The dates were also pretty good and added some sweetness.

    So heres the ingredient list:

    • Raw almonds
  • Put the almonds through a food processor until broken dowm
  • Add the dates to the food processor and continue to mix
  • Add all other ingredients and process until it becomes a dough
  • Put the dough in a baking dish lined with parchment paper
  • Place in the freezer for 60 minutes
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    The Best No Bake Gluten Free Homemade Protein Bars

    Preparation time 10 minutes

    Cooking time 0 minutes

    Makes 10 bars

    These Gluten Free Homemade Protein Bars have the soft texture of a brownie but are much healthier. Instead of using table sugar, they are sweetened using the natural sugars of Medjool dates and the sweet flavor of protein powder. Theyre perfect for a high-protein, delicious dessert or snack.

    Ingredients for the Date Version

    • Unsweetened chocolate chopped and melted
    • Bittersweet chocolate chopped and melted

    Learn more about this Homemade Protein Bar recipe on

    Aloha Organic Protein Bar Chocolate Fudge Brownie

    Homemade Protein Bars | Vegan, Gluten Free, No Refined Sugars


    Say “Aloha” to one of our favorite bars taking the health world by storm, succeeding by creating convenient snacks without convenience store quality ingredients. One scan of the ingredient panel is all it takes to see that they’re legit. Whole food ingredients like cashews, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed protein, and brown rice protein make up the bulk of this bar.

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    No Cow Protein Chunky Bar

    Per Bar :

    • 25g carbs
    • 21g protein

    With a name like No Cow, you feel confident knowing that these bars dont contain any animal by-products such as dairy. In fact, not only do they not contain any animal by-products at all, but they also dont contain any soy, gluten, GMOs or added sugar.

    If you take a close look at the ingredients, youll actually see that each one of these 60g bars only contains 1g of sugar and 210 calories. Compared to other protein bars on the market, thats an incredibly low amount of sugar.

    Suitable for fitness enthusiast and anyone with a dairy or gluten intolerance, these Chunky Peanut Butter bars are available in packs of 12 or 24.

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    Gomacro Protein Pleasure Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

    280 cal, 11g total fat, 36g total carb, 2g fiber, 11g protein

    This Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip protein bar is the original MacroBar! Combining 11 grams of plant-based protein with organic and oh-so-creamy peanut butter, roasted peanuts, and fair-trade real dark chocolate chips theres a reason this is one of my all-time favorite gluten-free bars!

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    Organic Food Bar Vegan Protein Bar

    Per Bar :

    • 33g carbs
    • 22g protein

    Packed with 22g of protein per 75g bar, these raw protein bars by Organic Food Bar really are a vegans dream snack. With no nasty artificial flavors or preservatives, these bars are great for anyone looking to bump up their daily protein intake or just needs some extra energy during the day.

    Unlike other protein bars, these bars contain only 100% raw ingredients, which means no preservatives, additives, GMOs or trans fats.

    Currently, the bar comes in 2 exciting flavors which are the standard Chocolate as you might expect, but also Pumpkin and Pea if you prefer a healthier and more natural taste.

    Protein: 20gsugar: 24gcontains Gluten And Dairy

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars (Vegan and Gluten Free)

    Treat yourself before or after your workout to a tasty snack that will always put a smile on your face like the Birthday Cake bar from Myprotein. When you first look at the bright pink and yellow snack bar, you will be surprised to learn that there is actually only a minimal amount of sugar and a hell of a lot of protein so you can enjoy it guilt-free. The delicious bar is coated in frosting with sprinkles, while also aiding your body in its post-workout recovery. Delicious and perfect for those with a sincere sweet tooth. The brand is also offering Chocolate and Cookie Dough, White Chocolate & Raspberry, Rocky Road, Oats & Whey Protein Bar, Vegan Carb Crusher and Pea-Nut Square.

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    Detour Bar Chocolate Chip Caramel

    340 cal, 9g total fat, 34g total carb, 2g fiber, 30g protein

    With 30g of protein per bar, the Detour protein bar is a fantastic option for post-workout recovery! This gluten-free Protein Bar is also lower in sugar, and non-GMO perfect for runners to bring along on long runs. They really do taste like chocolate chip caramel and are the perfect just in case snack.

    Perfect Bar Peanut Butter Protein Bar

    340 cal, 19g total fat, 27g total carb, 3g fiber, 17g protein

    Ive been a long-time fan of Perfect Bars of all flavors. Its high-fiber, gluten-free, and actually keeps me full for a good while. Its made with ground nut butters and sweetened only with organic honey. Nutritious, delicious & absolutely tasty!

    NOTE: Perfect Bars do have to be refrigerated, as they contain dairy.

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    Here Are Our Top Picks Read Our Helpful Reviews And Find Out Which Products Are Worth Buying

    Some people like to eat protein bars that are gluten free because they are a better option than the typical high-carbohydrate/high sugar snacks. Many of these alternatives have less calories and carbs but still provide your body with enough essential nutrients such as fiber, iron or calcium. Pure Protein Bars important for athletes who want energy before working out whereas others may use them in place of bread at breakfast time when trying not crave sweet stuff all day long!

    What are the best Chocolate Peanut gluten free protein bars? The answer is simple – it depends on what you’re looking for. If your goal in life, as a celiac sufferer , then try these five delicious options:Bars made with pea proteins tend toward being more delicate than other choices like soy or eggs however they still maintain their great taste while providing 20+ grams per serving!

    Probar Base Cookie Dough

    Protein Bars (Vegan, Gluten Free, Low Sugar, No Bake)

    Filled with 16 grams of plant protein and a sufficient load of three grams of satiating fiber, this might be the ultimate meal-replacement bar. But it gets better: ProBar uses a number of disease-fighting ingredients to create their bar, including flaxseeds, omega-3-rich chia seeds, and flavonoid-rich cocoa. Flavonoids reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, and also keep your metabolism going strong, a study in the Journal of Nutritional Science found.

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    How I Tested Each Bar

    After buying the bars, I needed a way to test them, ideally with as little bias as possible.

    First, I identified the 3 most important parts of a good protein bar and scored them out of 10 :

    • Protein content Based on the percent of calories from protein.
    • Taste Self-explanatory. Will depend on the flavor you try .
    • Cost per 10g of protein All vegan protein bars are fairly expensive, but some more than others. I wanted to find bars that were provided value for their price.

    I created a simple formula to calculate both protein content scores and cost scores to remove bias.

    The scores are relative to the best in each category, so a 10 means that its the best youll find for a vegan diet.

    Taste is subjective of course, but I tried to be as consistent as possible. If you look at the individual reviews lower down on the page, I describe why I decided on each taste score, and include a picture of each bar so you can get an idea of what it would taste like.

    Finally, think of the scores as grades. A 7/10 is like a B, its about average for each category.

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