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Gluten Free Bagels Los Angeles

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Final Thoughts: The Best Gluten Free Restaurants In Los Angeles

Gluten Free Bagel Recipe

Because LA is such a big city, you can basically find anything youre looking for. Comic store that also serves beer? Thai food and natural wine? LA has you covered. There are tons of gluten free restaurants in Los Angeles, which puts it on the list of best gluten free travel destinations.

One thing is for sure youll be eating well in LA, even if you need to eat 100% gluten free.

The Best Gluten Free Restaurants In Los Angeles California

Below, youre going to discover the best 100% gluten free restaurants and bakeries, and a couple of places that arent dedicated gluten free, but have processes in place to minimize cross-contamination based on my experience.

There are almost certainly more gluten free restaurants in L.A. But they arent on the list because I havent personally reached out to them to talk to them about their processes. Ive seen a lot of gluten free friendly menus that Im not sure I trust.

That being said, always always always double check with each restaurant for yourself. Things change in kitchens all the time. You need to make sure that the restaurant can meet your needs and expectations, which might be different than mine.

Plus, I always say that you should never take an internet strangers word for it. Even mine!

With that out of the way, lets get into the best gluten free restaurants in L.A.

Elsewhere Is Los Angeles

Erin McKennas on Larchmont, this fully gluten free and vegan bakery does a huge array of gluten free treats. Try one of their doughnuts for a super American snack made gluten free! I loved the Samoa variety give it a try :).

Thank you to everyone on Instagram who gave me tips before our trip. Some recommendations given to me that I wasnt able to get to include:

Fonuts for gluten free doughnuts

Honey Hi located in Echo Park, this is a dedicated gluten free restaurant that makes for a great brunch spot in a cool area of LA.

Malibu Farm on Malibu pier. I received a number of recommendations to eat here. We drove past and it looked like a fabulous spot overlooking the water.

Nothing Bundt Cakes apparently their gluten free chocolate chip cake is the best.

BJs Pizzeria for gluten free pizza and pizookie .

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Dedicated Gluten Free Bakeries In Los Angeles

This is where Los Angeles really shines. There are over seven gluten free bakeries in Los Angeles, and we made it to almost all of them over the course of a week. Thats a lot of donuts, which are my pastry of choice.

Ive ordered this list in order of my preference, with the first few being the ones that you should prioritize, at least in my opinion.

Kirari West Bakery

Kirari West was our first stop in L.A., and it set a pretty high bar for all the other bakeries in L.A. It is not an exaggeration to say that their almond brioche, which was as warm, light, and fluffy as any gluten free pastry Ive ever had, is in the top 5 best gluten free baked goods of all time. Its a gluten free bakery that started in Japan using rice flour instead of wheat, and they became the first dedicated gluten free bakery in the Fukishima area. Then, in 2014, they opened their first location in the U.S. down in Redondo Beach.

They have a wide variety of baked goods aside from that gem, including a brioche au chocolat that is essentially a chocolate croissant. Plus a menu of breakfast and lunch sandwiches if youre craving something a little more like real food. This place is in Redondo Beach, which is a little south of the heart of L.A., but its worth the drive, I think.

Wow Bakes

Oh, and shell ship her delicious bread and bagels straight to your door if you cant make it to LA.

Note: She uses oats in some things, but not the bagels, the pizza crust, and the pop tarts.



Start Your Day With Laist

Gluten Free Bagels

While some East Coast transplants would have you believe that there aren’t any bagels in L.A. that can compare to their exalted childhood favorites, we beg to differ. From decades-old institutions to new-school offerings, Los Angeles offers plenty of excellent bagels as long as you know where to look. So, whether you’re looking for a loaded everything bagel with lox or just a straightforward plain with cream cheese to start your morning, here are our favorite bagel bakers around town.

Everything bagels!! BAGEL FACTORY

Operating since 1983, this kosher-certified bakery offers Angelenos three locations to line up for their deliciously addictive bagels. Heck, they even have their own jazzy video to get you in the mood for carb-fueled bliss. Boiled then baked to a wonderfully crisp exterior with a dense yet fluffy interior, you’ll find all the classic flavors, plus twists for the adventurous like blueberry and tomato basil. While we’re here telling you how to bagel, we recommend throwing a few hearty Black Russians into your dozen. And if you’re looking for a slightly less filling optionor just a snack while you bring a bag homethey offer mini bagels as well. You can opt for one of their various regular and light cream cheeses or go big with one of their excellent bagel sandwiches. We also advise leaving room for one of their rotating homemade soups to pair with your bagel and grab a loaf of freshly baked challah bread if you stop by on Thursday or Friday.


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Gluten Free Los Angeles

I have broken my tips down by neighbourhood, as the city is so sprawling. We stayed in Santa Monica and Venice so a lot of my suggestions are for the surrounding area, but we did get around as much as possible and you will find some further afield recommendations too. I barely scratched the surface of gluten free Los Angeles, but I hope it is a helpful start for you all!

Silver Lake & West La

The Brekky Bee at this all-vegan burger joint is one to write home about! Its made with JUST Egg, Violife cheddar cheese, crispy hash browns, and your choice of an Impossible or Beyond Meat patty drizzled with their house-made roasted pepper sauce. Do we have any East Coast-ers in the house? Youll absolutely love the Bagel Egg n Cheese sandwich!

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Travel: Gluten Free Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city on steroids. I have still never been anywhere quite like it and many people love its vibrancy. We had a fun couple of days exploring the gluten free Los Angeles side of this mad city before escaping to more peaceful shores.

Having read lots of blogs about gluten free Los Angeles before we visited, I thought being coeliac here would be a doddle. Not so. Many of the eateries promoted on other gluten free websites dont actually take cross-contamination into account and I found it really frustrating. We would drive 45 minutes to get somewhere and then discover there was only one dish I could have safely .

Traffic and gluten free confusion aside, there definitely was a positive side to the city. I loved walking up to the observatory for sunset, exploring cool neighbours like Abbot Kinney and we did mange to eat plenty of good gluten free food while we were there. There are a few fully gluten free eateries, which are a guaranteed safe bet if you dont want to go through the hassle cross-contamination-questioning! To save you guys going through the effort that I had to go through, here is my take on gluten free Los Angeles, with recommendations suitable for coeliacs.

The Taste And Feel Of New York With Healthy Options



NYBC is nestled in heart of the Sherman Oaks community in California and specializes in bringing the balance between the old time classic NY Deli-Style bagel sandwiches and healthy freshly made food options that are also Gluten Free and Vegan. The owner, Daveed, has a science background and has engineered a proprietary Water filtration system the creates fresh Alkaline Water that is used in everything that is made. From soups to cream cheese and other baked goods to the privately roasted organic coffee. We bake bagels every morning, have local artists performing, and most definitely an experience that makes everyone feel like family.

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The Best Vegan Bagels In La: Ranked By East Coasters

We sat down with three New Jerseyans to review bagels from eight Los Angeles bakeries.

Lets face it, bagels are a pretty hot topic in the foodie scene. Whether youre originally from the East Coast or you just appreciate a good bagel, it can be hard to find one in Los Angeles that checks off all the boxes. To help make your search easier, we present you with this list of the best vegan bagels in LA: ranked by East Coasters. Thats right, we consulted friends from the bagel hubs of New York and New Jersey to rate these baked goods.

Disclaimer: All of the bagels from these spots are dankotherwise, we wouldnt have included them. To compare apples to apples, this ranking is based on each establishments plain bagel without any spreads or toppings. In each section, well mention other flavors and sandwiches that they offer.

Burbank & Sherman Oaks


If you havent been to Hanks Bagels, youre missing out! This spot will make all your East Coast dreams come true with their endless combinations of spreads, toppings, and the absolute best vegan bagel sandwich weve ever tried. Hanks bagel flavors are vegan unless otherwise noted. You can order yours with a layer of jam, almond butter, or Follow Your Heart vegan cream cheese with whatever veggies youre craving. But the #4 bagel sandwich is the star of the show. This handheld features avocado, tomatoes, pickled onions, radishes, salted cucumber, sprouts, dressing, and a house-made vegan aioli that will rock your socks off.

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Is The Bread Vegan/corn Free/nut Free Etc

All of our breads are free of the top 8 allergens . Our mill and kitchen go to great lengths to ensure there is no cross contamination of allergens. The bread will always be vegan and we will never use refined cane sugar. Instead, we use coconut milk, fresh coconut sugar and olive oil to enrich our brioche and cinnamon rolls.

Best Vegan Breakfast Sandwiches In Los Angeles

Erin McKennas Bakery

The vegan breakfast sandwiches at these LA restaurants go hard! They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it might as well be the best, right? RIGHT! From classic fast food-style copycats to more innovative variations like chicken & waffle or apple-filled handhelds, there are so many amazing vegan breakfast sandwiches around town. Here are our favorites!

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Gluten Free Los Angeles California: A Complete Guide For Celiacs

Despite having lived in San Francisco for almost a decade and having family near L.A., neither of us had really ever spent much time in Los Angeles. So when we were looking for a warm and sunny place to hunker down for a week or two, L.A. quickly rose to the top of our list. Without ever having spent much time there, I had preconceived notions about L.A. that turned out to be mostly right. Theres a ton of traffic. Parking can be a nightmare. It takes forever to get anywhere. I also knew that there is a good gluten free scene, but I wasnt sure how Celiac-friendly it would be. As you know, the gluten free trend is a double-edged sword when it comes to dining out on one hand, there are more options than ever. On the other hand, some places are not knowledgeable about the steps they need to take to prevent cross-contamination and serve Celiacs safely. After more than a week in L.A. I can confidently say that eating gluten free in Los Angeles is EASY. There are more than six dedicated gluten free bakeries in L.A., along with two dedicated gluten free gelato shops, and a handful of 100% gluten free restaurants with everything from sushi to pizza.

While youre here, you wont want to miss our other Los Angeles Travel Guides:

Find Out What’s Happening In Culver Citywith Free Real

Pop’s pop-up is at the Platform at 8850 Washington Blvd., Culver City. The company now has plans to expand even more in 2021, taking over the former Alfred Tea Room in Brentwood at 11928 San Vicente Blvd.

In August, the group plans to open a new location near the Culver Steps, owner Zach Liporace told Patch. Expect even more menu items more options and other pastries and expanded outdoor seating. The group will also keep offering its homemade butter and cream cheese, with vegan cheese and gluten-free bagels coming soon, too.

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Bagel And Slice And Le Petit Chef Downtown Heres Whats Popping Up

The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles has teamed up with TableMation Studios for Le Petit Chef: An Immersive Dining Experience. Going beyond the usual virtual reality experience, this culinary adventure transpires right before guests eyes, no glasses or equipment needed. Beginning Friday, December 3, it will take place in the panoramic dining room on the 24th floor of the hotel and marks the west coast premiere of TableMations newest animation dining presentation, How to Become the Worlds Greatest Chef.

With visual technology conceived by the artistic collective Skullmapping, the multi-sensory, five-course culinary odyssey is led by Le Petit Chef, an animated 3D character that appears on every table. Throughout the two-hour show, Le Petit Chef takes diners on a journey through time, presenting a story on the history, inspiration and ingredients for each course. Guests will experience Le Petit Chefs real-life creations served in unison with the animation choreographed by Ritz-Carlton staff. State-of-the-art 4K projectors are placed above each of the tables, creating a dinner that turns into a theatrical experience appropriate for all ages. Reservations now available via OpenTable.

Le Petit Chef: An Immersive Dining Experience

For those who want to participate from home, Maite Gomez-Rejón of ArtBites will host an online workshop on how to prepare sufganiyot. To cook along, participants should be prepared with the ingredients and equipment listed below.

Ingredients list:

Baked To Order Shipped Fresh

Los Angeles Erin McKennas Bakery GLUTEN-FREE Food Review!

All of our breads are handmade, and we only bake-to-order to reduce waste and maintain the freshest breads. Please allow 3-5 days for baking and packing. We ship 2 day priority but be advised: all shipping companies are still experiencing delays universally so the bread may be in transit for longer than 2 days. Just remember to freeze your bread when you get it if its been longer that 3 days in the mail! In order to keep the bread as clean as possible, we only use one natural mold inhibitor to extend freshness during shipping delays.

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