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Gluten Free Dairy Free Cake

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How Do You Make Dairy Free Red Velvet Cake

Chocolate Cake (Gluten free, Dairy free, Egg free, Nut free)

I make my red velvet cake, dairy free so that my daughter can enjoy it.

You can use my easy cream cheese frosting if you can enjoy dairy, or you can make my cream cheese frosting swapping a vegan cream cheese for the dairy cream cheese.

You can also frost it with my vegan frosting.

In my gluten free red velvet donut recipe I added a little cream cheese flavored oil to the glaze, and the same flavoring would work great with my vegan frosting.

Types Of Sponge Cakes

  • This cake is technically a gluten-free chiffon cake since it uses oil instead of butter and baking powder for lift.
  • Genoise is another type of sponge cake that uses melted butter instead of oil, and only whipped egg whites to lift the batter, no baking powder.
  • Angel food cake uses only egg whites and no yolks for an even lighter texture that makes it too delicate to layer. This is usually baked in a tube pan rather than made into a layer cake.

I’ve made loads of sponge cakes since my stint at pastry school back in 2006 and chiffon cake always wins by a landslide. The baking powder helps to make it foolproof, and the oil gives it a tender texture even when chilled. It has a sturdier crumb that makes it perfect for layer cakes. You can also cut it up and layer it into a trifle or tiramisù. It makes a perfect base for tres leches cake, albeit less traditional, since its open crumb soaks up liquid without becoming soggy.

Tips For Baking Gluten

  • Line the bottoms of the cake pans with parchment paper. Trace the bottoms of the cake pans with a pencil and cut out with scissors to have it fit perfectly!
  • Use gluten-free cooking spray to grease the cake pans. I like coconut oil cooking spray.
  • Allow the cakes to cool in the pans for 10 minutes and then finish cooling on a cooling rack.
  • Allow the cakes to completely cool before your frost it.

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What Is Xanthan Gum And Why Do I Need To Use It

Wheat flour contains gluten and gluten is the binder, it holds the mixture together creating that soft fluffy texture we all love. When you are not baking with gluten that binder needs to be replaced. Typically xanthan gum is used as the binder. It works very well and has become the staple for gluten free baking.

Other binders that work well are guar gum and psyllium husk. Psyllium husk is a grain free alternative and it works, but not as well as xanthan gum.

In this recipe you can use your favorite nuts, but I have found that pecans or walnuts are my favorite for this. Feel free to use either, or blend both, but make sure to chop them up fine.

Expert Tips And Recipe Faq:

Easy Gluten and Dairy Free Vanilla Cake

How do I make my coffee cake extra moist?

You can make your coffee cake extra moist by adding ¼ cup sour cream to your wet ingredients.

Why did my coffee cake turn out crumbly?

If your cake turned out crumbly, it means there wasn’t enough liquid. Sometimes this happens if you use a starchy gluten free flour blend. Your cake batter should be thick, but not too thick as show in the photos above.

Can you make this cake dairy free?

You can easily make this gluten free cinnamon coffee cake dairy-free by using vegan butter. My recipe already uses non-dairy milk.

Can you use this recipe to make coffee cake muffins?

This recipe makes delicious muffins. Just divide the cake batter into muffin tins. Fill each ¾ full and sprinkle the streusel topping over each one. Baking time will be about 20 minutes.

Are there any gluten free coffee cake mixes?

I think the most popular gluten free coffee cake mix is by Krusteaz. You do need to make sure the box you buy is labeled gluten free because this company also makes a wheat version. I know William Sonoma also makes a gluten free coffee cake mix, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Can you add nuts to this recipe?

One of my favorites is to make a gluten free coffee and walnut cake. You can add finely chopped walnuts or pecans to the streusel you sprinkle into the cake mix.

What size cake pan did you use?

I used a 9″ round cake pan, but you can use other sizes including a loaf pan.

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How Do I Make This Gluten Free And Dairy Free Coffee Cake

  • Start by preheating your oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Then cream the eggs, milk, vanilla, and sugar. You can use a stand mixer, or a hand mixer for this.
  • Add the applesauce, coconut oil, cinnamon and nutmeg and continue to mix for 2 minutes.
  • Add the Gluten Free All Purpose Flour, Baking Powder, and Xanthan Gum. Mix until it is all blended well.
  • You will then need to pour this into a greased cake pan. I always grease with coconut oil and it gets amazing results. The pan you use does make a difference. For a long time I used a round cake pan, but readers were not always getting the same results as me. I would recommend using a 9X13 baking dish for this recipe for universal results.
  • After pouring the batter into your pan you will then make the crumb topping. To do this add all of the ingredients to a bowl and smash with a fork to create a crumb. Spread across the top and then bake for about 45 minutes, or until a butter knife comes out of the center clean.
  • Allow to cool for about 30 minutes before cutting open.
  • It is so incredibly moist and spongy when you pierce your fork into it and watch the crisp crumble fall to the sides of the plate you will not be able to help yourself to keep coming back for each bite and then scraping the crumble off of the plate, onto the fork and into your mouth.

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    How To Make This Paleo Pumpkin Cake

    This cake really is a breeze to throw together!

    First, preheat your oven and use cooking spray to coat the inside of your bundt pan. I cant stress how important it is to make sure your pan is very non-stick!

    Second, mix together the wet ingredients in one bowl and the dry in a separate one.

    Combine the wet and dry ingredients and pour the batter into the bundt pan.

    Bake, cool, and release the cake from the pan so it can cool completely.

    Releasing the cake can be tricky, so make sure you do it slowly and carefully to avoid the cake breaking.

    While the cake cools, prepare the icing. Make sure the cake is cooled, then drizzle it all over with the icing.

    Done! Super simple and a big payoff because its sooooo delicious!

    Top Tips For Making Carrot Cake

    AMAZING PALEO CHOCOLATE CAKE | gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free
  • Dont skip the wells: Its important to follow the instructions for this recipe! Make sure to make your 3 wells for the wet ingredients so that all the liquid can mix in at once. This will result in a better batter and a better carrot cake!
  • Cool it COMPLETELY in the pan: So that the cakes will hold together well, be sure to let them sit in the pans until they are room temperature!
  • F

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    Gluten Free Dairy Free Dirt Cake

    Help anyone with Celiac Disease, a gluten intolerance or dairy allergy feel like a kid again with gluten-free, dairy-free Dirt Cake! Rich and creamy, it’s the perfect summertime treat.

    This post may contain affiliate links.

    Whelp, its official my two year old has finally learned how to ruin family photos on purpose.

    Also, happy Friday and hello after a quiet week here on IGE! Last weekend, Ben, Lincoln and I trekked out to Colorado to unplug and enjoy some fresh mountain air in Vail and Denver. This trip is exactly what we needed, and while were ready to head home and sleep in our own beds tonight, it was SUCH a treat to trade computer views for mountain views this week.

    Ill have a full recap for you next week, but in the meantime

    DIRT CAKE!!! If theres one thing making it easier to come back to reality today, its that I get to share the recipe for gluten-free, dairy-free dirt cake with you, which our family, especially Lincoln, is going nuts for right now. Its even better than the original!


    Gluten Free Flour Tips

    It is easier than it looks! A few things to keep in mind is that not all gluten free flours are created equal. I only bake with my Gluten Free All Purpose Flour blend or Better Batter flour. Better Batter is my prefered flour to use and if you want to try it use the code: LIVINGFREELYGF to get 30% off of your purchase.

    Over the years the common denominator of readers not getting preferred results is often the flour. Each flour blend uses different types of flour and some are more dense than others. This will absolutely change the texture of your baked goods.

    When you scoop your flour make sure to use the spoon method. If you are unfamiliar with this then you can watch a video HERE. To use this method you need to spoon the flour into your measuring cup and level it off. This helps to make sure you are not packing your flour.

    Always remember that if you decided to use a premade gluten free flour blend then OMIT the xanthan gum.

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    Ingredients Questions And Tips

    Its taken me several years to perfect my paleo baking and I think Ive finally got it nailed. But Im sure many of you will have questions regarding the ingredients, so lets dive into those.

    Hopefully that answers some of your questions, but if you have more, please feel free to ask them below in the comments.

    How To Make Gluten

    Vegan Gluten Free Dairy Free Carrot Cake
    • Preheat the oven to 350°F.
    • Cut parchment paper for the bottom of your two 9inch cake pans and spray with gluten-free cooking spray.
    • To make your own buttermilk add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice to milk or dairy-free milk and allow to sit for a few minutes.
    • In a medium-sized bowl add gluten-free flour with xanthan gum, salt, baking soda, gluten-free baking powder, cocoa powder, and cinnamon. Stir to combine the ingredients.
    • In a large bowl cream butter and sugar with a mixer.
    • Add the eggs and pure vanilla extract to the butter mixture and mix until fully combined.
    • Add the flour mixture to the butter mixture and mix until fully combined. Scrape down the sides if needed.
    • Add the cocoa powder mixture to the batter and mix until fully combined.
    • Add the homemade buttermilk to the cake batter and mix until fully combined.
    • Add the boiling water to the cake batter and mix until fully combined and smooth.
    • Pour half of the batter into the first 9-inch cake pan and then pour the rest of the batter into the second 9-inch cake pan.

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    Vanilla Gluten Free Dairy Free Cake

    This delicious vanilla gluten free dairy free cake recipe is perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just a special anytime dessert. It comes together quickly and easily, and is made with common ingredients.

    *Disclosure: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links. As an affiliate, I earn a commission on qualifying purchases.

    Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies By Allergylicious

    Ginger cookies are a holiday staple, and these delicious treats strike perfect balance of spice and sweet. These can easily be made grain-free with a gluten-free flour and are the perfect gift for a neighbor or loved one celebrating from afar.

    Naturally-sweetened and downright delicious, this might be one of the healthiest holiday desserts around.

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    Orange Olive Oil Cake

    Add some citrussy zing to your baking with this orange olive oil cake, topped with a rosemary and cardamom drizzle. It’s gluten-free and super delicious

  • 1 hr 55 mins
  • A star rating of 5 out of 5.2 ratings

    The secret of Jodie Montgomery-Cranny’s delicious gluten-free dessert is grated butternut squash

  • 1 hr 55 mins
  • How To Make Vegan Red Velvet Cake

    Gluten-free and Dairy-free Chocolate Cake | Waitrose and Partners

    To make a vegan gluten free red velvet cake, simply swap the egg in the recipe with a little egg replacer.

    My go-to is Bob’s Red Mill’s Egg Replacer, but I also have had great results with a flax egg.

    I know many people swear by Ener-G egg replacer. Use your favorite vegan egg replacer!

    Because this recipe uses whole eggs I’ve had no problems substituting a egg replacer.

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    How To Make Dairy Free Cream Cheese Icing

    I used to make cream cheese icing with cashews similarly to how Ive made cream cheese frosting and cheesecakes.

    Ive been really enjoying cooking with Kite Hill almond milk cream cheese though and wanted to test out an icing using that.

    It worked out SO well!

    The icing is a simple mixture of the cream cheese with a bit of coconut oil, powdered sweetener, and vanilla. You can also add in a little almond milk to thin it out.

    For the powdered sweetener, you can use monk fruit for something paleo friendly and sugar free, or organic powdered sugar if you prefer that.

    I hope youre ready for your new favorite pumpkin cake!

    Grab your favorite bundt pan and get the oven preheated because its time to bake lets go!

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