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Gluten Free Dairy Free Yogurt

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How To Make Softer Gluten

Product Review: Wholesoy Vanilla Yogurt! (dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, organic)

The hardest part about gluten-free baking is keeping the cinnamon rolls from turning out hard or crumbly.

This is where I applied a little of my baking expertise and used Greek yogurt in the dough.

Greek yogurt, like buttermilk, has an acidic nature that keeps baked goods, waffles, and pancakes light and fluffy.

My predictions proved CORRECT! Not only were these rolls soft but they also came out tall and fluffy. Id give this recipe an 11 out of 10.

Oh, and if youre looking for the best gluten-free pancake recipe on the internet, its right here.

Lactose In Greek Yogurt

During the production of Greek yogurt, regular yogurt is strained multiple times to remove the whey. This gives Greek yogurt its unique and creamy taste, plus it also removes much of the lactose. In comparison to a cup of milk which contains 12 grams of lactose, Greek yogurt only contains 4 grams of lactose per 6-ounce container. This officially qualifies Greek yogurt as a lower lactose food.

Besides that, yogurt is a product of the acidic fermentation of milk. Its production begins with the breakdown of lactose into glucose and galactose. This is great if youre lactose intolerant. It basically means that the process of breaking down lactose starts long before you even consume it!

Yogurt Pops Are In The House

Wow, that was easy and fun right? But how do these frozen yogurt banana pops taste?

The answer is, simply put, theyre incredible. The frozen sweet banana is coated in the creamy yogurt alternative and the sprinkles give it a little color and crunch. This is perfection on a popsicle stick if I dont say so myself.

You cant go wrong when you make this tasty summer-time treat, which is 100 percent dairy-free, gluten-free, and grain-free.

PS: See those frozen yogurt blueberries in the picture? I used the extra So Delicious Coconutmilk Yogurt alternative to make frozen yogurt blueberries!

To make them, add fresh blueberries into a bowl of yogurt alternative, then fish out the individual blueberries before placing each coated blueberry in a single layer on your baking sheet.

Place the baking sheet in your freezer until the outer shell hardens, at least 30 minutes or overnight. Store the blueberries in a freezer-safe storage container or bag.

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The Reason That This Anti

In order to help COMBAT that chronic inflammation, we need to first make some MAJOR lifestyle changes . Oops, Im failing at that.

We also need to MAXIMIZE certain nutrients in our diet, such as omega 3 rich foods , anti-oxidants, minerals, Vitamin D, probiotics, water, and so on and so on. Temporarily removing a dairy, and maybe even certain types of grains can help absorb your body absorb more nutrients and therefore reduce stress on the body. Does that make sense?

I know, youre probably now wondering but why a dairy-free Anti-inflammatory meal plan? Doesnt cultured dairy do wonder for the gut? YES, it SURE does! Grass-fed dairy thats rich in probiotics, like kefir, and yogurt, and even REAL butter, can be healthy and nourishing. Plus they are SOOOO tasty!

But heres the thing, if you are under that chronic inflammation and stress, then you might also be experiencing digest issues and food intolerances. Any food can be inflammatory if your body comes to see it as an invader under chronic inflammation. Which may include dairy, casein, and lactose included! Hopefully, its a temporary intolerance, but you never know. Which is why I suggest trying out a low FODMAP meal plan first.

No no, dont be worried, we can get this all worked out. Yes, we are going nourish the body and reduce stress.

Test, rest, reset! YES!!

Forager Project Organic Cashewmilk Yogurt

Cashew (Nut) Yogurt [Dairy free, Gluten free, Grains free ...

Truthfully, their Coconut Cashewgurt was the best. Sadly it was discontinued before it even had a chance in the market. Fortunately, Foragers classic Cashewmilk Yogurt line is also pretty darn good, and it still has a touch of coconut cream for richness. Their Unsweetened version is actually quite popular as a sour cream substitute.

  • Base: Cashewmilk
  • Unique Attributes: Versatile Taste and Adapts Well to Recipes
  • Appeals Most To: Multi-Purpose Shoppers
  • Key Dietary Notes: Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free*
  • Unsweetened Option? Yes
  • Remaining Wishes: I just miss the added touch of luxury in the coconut cashewgurt. It had an addictive full-bodied finish.

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Low & No Or Sugar Free Greek Yogurt

Sugar free Greek yogurt

Sugar Free Greek yogurt is a great alternative to Regular sugar free yogurt. It is thick, creamy and comes with loads of other health benefits. Sugar free Greek yogurt offers just about the same amount of calories as regular yogurt.

Low sugar Greek yogurt

Low sugar Greek yogurt has less sugar and more protein than regular yogurt. The lowest amount of sugar that one can find in Greek yogurt is 9 grams- dannon Oikos Greek yogurt, while the highest is 20 grams especially the low fat varieties.

Best sugar free Greek yogurt

All yogurts contain some sugar in the form of lactose , so youll never find a brand thats entirely sugar-free. As a general rule, look for yogurts with less than 15g of sugar per container, and a sugar-to-protein level of about 1:1.

Best low sugar Greek yogurt

Chobani Plain

251kJ / 10.2g protein / 4.2g carbs / 3.8g sugars / 0g fat / 114mg calcium

With just a couple of ingredients, almost 0 sugars and 10+g of protein per 100g, you cannot go wrong with the USs No 1 yoghurt. The only issue is that its strong flavour often sees individuals adding sugar so to keep the positive nutritional attributes, use vanilla or cinnamon to sweeten instead.

Black Swan Vanilla Bean Greek Style Natural

Per 100g

410kJ / 7.7g protein / 13g carbs/ 6.5g sugars / 1.5g fat / 233mg calcium

Good Karma Plain Dairy

Good Karma opts for crafting its yogurt’s base with cultured flax milk, which lends the container a respectable 800 milligrams of brain-boosting omega-3s per serving! What’s more, this six-ounce cup packs in the least amount of calories and most protein per ounce than all of our other offerings. Spoon Good Karma into homemade baked goods or use it as a base for a savory tzatziki.

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Why Follow A Dairy

Well, let me explain.

You see, we all have consumed grains, dairy, legumes, and meat in our lifetime, yes? Yes! I eat them all. Gluten-free grains of course.

But heres the thing. As I sit here typing up this post, I can tell my brain and body need a little calming down. Its been on the crazy cycle for oh weeks now! YIKES! Yes, stress can really take a toll on ones health and deplete you of important key MINERALS.

You know what else it can do? It can cause that oxidative stress to rise and if we are under chronic stress , the physical and mental kind, then our immune system is going to have a hard time responding. It will try to react and recover but doesnt have the necessary nutrients in order to do so. Hey, its pretty tired of trying to fight, ya know? Hence the continuous inflammation of the body and brain. Sad, but true.

On the other hand, a little stress and a little inflammation can be good for the body. If you are healthy, managing stress, and moving the body daily, then your body will easily recover from that acute stress and build it up stronger.

Unfortunately, for many of us, we get stuck in the chronic stress cycle. Am I right? Raising hand! Which is why I thought it was about time we make another anti-inflammatory meal plan. Our first anti-inflammatory meal plan focused on grain-free and gluten-free recipes. This plan focuses on gluten-free and dairy-free.

Forager Unsweetened Plain Cashewgurt

**New** Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative! (Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free)

Whether you’re building a granola-layered parfait or dolloping it alongside sliced seasonal fruit, Forager’s organic cashew milk yogurt will lend a satisfying velvetiness to your breakfast or snack. With just 100 calories and 7 grams of plant-based fats, this pick also has the added benefit of probiotics.

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How To Make These Cinnamon Rolls Dairy Free

Like I promised, this recipe can be made dairy free by swapping the Greek yogurt with 1 ¼ cups canned coconut milk of your choice plus 3 teaspoons lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Give the mixture a stir and allow to stand for 10 minutes before adding to the dough.

Swap the regular butter with a vegan alternative or coconut oil and you have dairy-free cinnamon rolls!

When any food allergies or intolerances are present, finding recipes the whole family enjoys is TOUGH. Getting a meal plan down pact makes all the difference and many families have had major success with our dairy and grain-free meal plans. Get the full scope on any one of our family meal plans here.

The Best Dairy Free Yogurt

Seriously, this is the BEST dairy free yogurt! I have been dairy free for over 10 years, and oh do I miss delicious creamy yogurt. Ive tried many of the dairy free versions. Either they dont taste great, are packed with sugar, and many times are very pricey.

Over the last two months, I started working on a new yogurt recipe with my instant pot. This dairy free yogurt is honestly delicious, so creamy, and way better than any store bought version.

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Almond Dream Plain Non

For a treat that lacks lactose and packs in dessert-like consistency, try Almond Dream’s nutty pick. Although this offering lacks protein, we love that the brand added calcium as well as fiber, which helps feed the live probiotics. Dollop the plain over a twice-baked potato or opt for the mixed berry, coconut, or vanilla flavors when you’re craving something sweet.

Greek Yogurt For The Lactose And Gluten Intolerant

Yoplait Original Yogurt, Strawberry, Gluten Free, 6 oz ...

Are you lactose or gluten intolerant and not sure what options there are for you in the Greek yogurt supermarket section? No worries! In this article I will explain everything you need to know. Step by step, well dive into:

  • Lactose intolerance
  • The positive effects of probiotics on lactose digestion and lactose intolerance
  • Popular lactose free Greek yogurt brands
  • Gluten intolerance
  • Brands using additives that contain gluten
  • Popular gluten free Greek yogurt brands
  • Bonus material: a complete comparison chart of popular Greek yogurt brands with their nutritional values for people with other allergies

Greek yogurt is one of the most popular dairy products at the moment, and just like all natural dairy products it contains lactose. But did you know that lactose intolerance doesnt have to be a deal breaker when it comes to Greek yogurt? You can enjoy it just as much as someone who can handle lactose just fine.

If youre highly intolerant, there are some great that brands out there that produce 100% lactose free Greek yogurt. If youre just slightly intolerant to lactose, simple plain Greek yogurt might just do the trick for you. How come? During its production process much of the lactose is removed. Besides that the live active cultures, also called probiotics, inside Greek yogurt help digest lactose!

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Why Make Your Own Coconut Yogurt

First of all, I LOVE coconut yogurt. Out of all the plant-based yogurts I tried, coconut yogurt is the one I like the best. But, for me, finding coconut yogurt is a major task. I have to go out of my way for it, visit specific stores that may or may not stock it.

Yogurt is also healthy, with probiotics cultures, but store-bought often contains additives or sugar, or it just doesnt taste how I would like it. So I mostly wasnt even eating yogurt .

When you make your own, you can be sure of the ingredients you use, and only use a sweetener if you want to.

Plus, homemade coconut yogurt is simply DELICIOUS!

To make your own coconut yogurt youll need strong probiotics and coconut milk. I checked the brand I use and it contains guar gum as a thickener, so you may need to adjust for it.

Cocoyo Living Coconut Yogurt

This very virtuous brand disappeared several years ago, but it was purchased by GTs and brought back to life! Its the cleanest dairy-free yogurt on the market. In fact, the pure flavor contains just raw young coconut, raw young coconut water, and dairy-free probiotic cultures. It boasts a whopping 25 billion probiotics per 1/2 cup serving with no added sugar.

  • Base: Raw Coconut
  • Unique Attributes: Effervescence from High Live & Active Probiotics
  • Appeals Most To: Food Purists
  • Key Dietary Notes: Vegan, paleo, gluten-free, soy-free, tree nut-free*
  • Unsweetened Option? Yes
  • Remaining Wishes: I know this can be challenging with high quality products, but a price reduction would be helpful. Its on the indulgent side of the grocery budget.

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Homemade Blueberry Tofu Yogurt

  • 2 cups of frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 cup of raw unsalted cashews
  • 12 ounces of silken tofu
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 12 vegan probiotic capsules


Blend all ingredients, except the probiotic capsule, until smooth. Then sprinkle in the contents of the capsule and gently stir. Let it thicken in the fridge and keep for up to 5 days.


Its easy to make your own vegan yogurt with just a few ingredients. Youll want to let your mixture cool and thicken in the fridge before eating it.

Vegan yogurts can vary significantly in ingredients and quality, making it vital to know what to look for when shopping.

To choose the best vegan yogurt for your needs, keep these tips in mind:

  • Avoid added sugar by choosing unsweetened yogurts. You can add your own sweetener, such as fruit or maple syrup, if you desire.
  • Keep an eye out for vegan labels to ensure that your yogurt doesnt harbor any animal products.
  • Choose a variety with a minimal number of ingredients. You dont need much more than a plant milk base, live and active cultures, and natural flavorings or thickening agents.
  • Consider nutrient content. For example, if you want an extra boost of protein or vitamin B12, check the label for these added nutrients.


When shopping for vegan yogurt, its important to read product labels and select varieties without added sugar. You may also want to choose those that have minimal ingredients and have been certified as vegan.

Why This Recipe Works

“So Delicious” non-dairy gluten-free Strawberry Yogurt (cultured coconut milk): Product Review

It turns out that making gluten-free naan bread is really not as difficult as youd imagine. This gluten-free naan recipe is also totally yeast-free and dairy-free

I know youre going to be making this amazing garlic naan recipe on repeat simply because of how easy it is to make, and most importantly, because of how absolutely delicious it tastes!

Soft, tender and slightly chewy the way real naan should be, you wont miss traditional naan at all! Plus, a batch of this naan recipe is ready in just 30 minutes, so whats not to love??

Weve already made it TWICE in a month and Im guessing well be making more of this soon!

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