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Does Red Robin Have Gluten Free Buns

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Is There Gluten In Fries

Testing Red Robin’s Impossible Burger for gluten

However, restaurants often have only one fryer, and once your French fries have been deep fried in the oil they also used to fry the chicken nuggets, your fries are no longer gluten -free (Another study done by Gluten Free Watchdog in 2020 also found cross contact with gluten when gluten -free foods were cooked in shared

Red Robin Gluten Free Or Gluten

by Rachel | May 23, 2019 | Gluten-Free |

Looking for gluten-free options at Red Lobster? Here is the complete list. Spoiler alert: there are tons of options!

Red Robin is very accommodating to its customers who are looking for Gluten-Free or Gluten-Friendly cuisine. Many of their menu items naturally do not contain gluten, while others can be made gluten-free by asking for simple menu modifications. Below, please find a list of Gluten-Free/Gluten-Friendly menu items, along with the ingredient modifications you should ask for, if necessary.

Note: Make sure to talk with your server before ordering about your gluten sensitivity . They will oversee your food and let you know about their separation techniques .

Gluten-Free Appetizers at Red Robin

Creamy Artichoke and Spinach Dip

Guacamole, Salsa, and Chips

Voodoo Fries

Gluten-Free Gourmet Burgers at Red Robin

The Wedgie Burger

Bacon Cheeseburger

Bleu Ribbon Burger

Burnin Love Burger

Chili Chili Cheeseburger

Guacamole Bacon Burger

Keep It Simple Burger

Prime Chophouse Burger

Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger

Gluten-Free Taverns at Red Robin

Reds Tavern Burger

Smoky Jack Tavern

Tavern Burger Fiery Ghost

Tavern Burger Pig Out Style

Gluten-Free Finest Burgers at Red Robin

Madlove Sobe Burger

The Marco Polo

The Southern Charm Burger

Gluten-Free Other Fun on a Bun Items at Red Robin

Bruschetta Chicken Burger

California Chicken Sandwich

Simply Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Gluten-Free Entrees at Red Robin

Ensenada Chicken Platter

Did Red Robin Change Their Menu

In order to simplify operations and bounce back from coronavirus losses, fast casual chains are moving to simplified, reduced menus , and Red Robin recently announced that their removal of 55 menu items during the pandemic is going to be a permanent one (McDonalds is considering a similar move as franchises advocate to

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Gluten Free Bun At Red Robin

Gluten Free Red Robin Bacon Cheeseburger

Emma ordered a bacon cheeseburger off the gluten free menu. They asked if she wanted the gluten free bun and she said yes.

When she bit into it, she was in heaven. She literally was doing a happy dance in her seat while she was eating. This bun is REALLY good, she said. I think it was even made better by the fact that she, for the first time, had bacon on her cheeseburger. Doesnt everything taste better with bacon?

I can report to you the bun was from French Meadow Bakery in Eagan, MN. Just look at the photo. It looks like the perfect burger doesnt it? You wouldnt have a clue this is gluten free. Good job guys!

Do All Red Robins Have The Impossible Burger

Does Red Robin Have Gluten Free Buns? The Answer Might ...

Red Robin now brings burger lovers a protein option that has all the meaty deliciousness of beef in a fire-grilled patty made from plants. The Impossible Burger patty is available on any of our Gourmet Burgers and gives our Guests a new and delicious way to enjoy their favorite.

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Gluten Free Menu At Red Robin

One of our favorite places to eat is Red Robin. After I found out that I was Gluten Free I was so worried I would not be able to eat there. I was thrilled to find out that not only does Red Robin offer a Gluten Free and Allergen Menu that they take strict precautions when it comes to keeping you safe when you dine there.

They serve their Gluten Free and Allergen meals in a yellow basket instead of a red basket. Not only that but the manager delivers your food to you when you have an allergen. We often chose to dine out at Red Robin because only do they accommodate me they also offer Gluten Free buns so it so much more than just offering you a burger with no bun. The gluten free buns taste great too! I hope this helps give you a Gluten Free dining out option. You can of course choose them in a lettuce wrap too if you prefer.

Always be sure to ask if the fries are being fried in a separate fryer. This can be a huge source of cross contamination and it is important that you clarify with the specific restaurant. They also have a great interactive menu online that will help you as you are making your menu selections. You can simply use that on your phone to help you place your order. They even show modifications that will help you in making choices.

When you dine at Red Robin be sure to sign up for their Loyalty Card and their Kids Birthday eClub too! You can check out the Red Robin Gluten Free Menu Online.

Are Red Robin Fries Dairy Free

Dairy-Free Menu Guide for Red Robin As noted below, their steak fries are dairy-free, and even cooked in a dedicated fryer. But Red Robin still thinks the cross contamination risk is too high for them to make the cut on their allergen menu.

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Is Red Robin Seasoning Gluten Free

Red Robin seasoninggluten freeGluten Free

. Keeping this in consideration, does Red Robin have gluten free burgers?

Gluten Free Menu, Burgers, Bread/Buns, Allergen List + 5 more. Red Robin has gluten free buns for their burgers. Many locations also have dedicated fryers for gluten free fries. Please verify with your server.

Furthermore, where does Red Robin get their gluten free buns? Red Robin Does offer gluten free buns that are from Udi’s. They also have a lettuce-wrapped burger and gluten free fries.

Also asked, are Red Robin frozen fries gluten free?

Red Robin is one of the nationwide chains with glutenfree options and dedicated fryers for items like their steak fries. Others may offer safe friesit varies depending on location, demand, and the glutenfree awareness level of managersbut you’ll definitely need to ask.

Do Red Robin gluten free buns have dairy?

Red Robin Gluten Free Buns Now AvailableI was gearing up for my “natural burger” without Red Robin seasoning. It is gluten, dairy, soy, and nut free. It does contain eggs.

Gluten Free Trained Employees

Steamed Red Bean Buns Vegan Gluten Free Cheekyricho Tutorial

This is the first time I have seen a restaurant express that they train their employees on allergys. This is very nice to see.

They get tested multiple times a year? They check areas multiple times a day!? I LOVE this paragraph!

This shows a level of commitment that I feel every restaurant should be committed to. Maybe others do it, but I appreciate the transparency!

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Get To Know Red Robins Gluten

Red Robin is a favorite restaurant for our family, and its a restaurant I feel safe eating gluten free. In this post, Ill discuss Red Robins gluten-free menu as well as advise you on how to order and what to eat. The original post was sponsored by Nima Sensor, although Nima is no longer in business. Please read my disclosures.

My family loves Red Robin and with good reason. There are plenty of family-friendly foods on the menu all at a great price.

However, what really matters is that Mom can eat at Red Robin too. Its no fun when you visit a restaurant only to find out you cant eat there or there are only two gluten-free items to choose from. I have celiac disease and feel comfortable eating at Red Robin, and there are plenty of gluten-free options to choose from.

On top of being able to eat safely at Red Robin, I also like eating there. Red Robin has the BEST French fries a gluten-free girl could ask for. Sometimes I just want to order the French fries and call it a day. You know you do too!!

In this article, Ill share with you the following information to help you navigate Red Robin when you eat gluten free:

  • What items are on Red Robins gluten-free menu
  • Tips to eating gluten free at Red Robin
  • Red Robins allergy-friendly practices
  • How Red Robin fared when put to the Nima Sensor test

Popular Gluten Free Items At Red Robin

Chili Chili Cheeseburger

For $10.49, you can have an amazingly meaty chili cheeseburger loaded with spicy, saucy chili , all smothered in delicious melty cheese. Dont forget to select one of the many flavored ketchups to complement your fries, and BAM, you have the perfect meal!

Guacamole Bacon Burger

If you love the creamy texture of silky avocado, this is your go-to order. Of course you wont miss the bun with all this creamy, healthy goodness in lieu of it.

And dont forget, its paired with savory bacon, so you have the perfect flavor bite every time.

Smoke & Pepper Burger

The Smoke & Pepper Burger is a whopping $13.49, but this gargantuan burger is worth every penny, er dollar.

Its topped with Black Pepper Bacon, a thick slice of Sharp Cheddar cheese and house-made Smoke & Pepper ketchup. Does this sound divine or what?

Whos missing the bun? Im not.

Bun Shmawaun.

Simply Grilled Chicken Salad, extra cheese for added flavor you wont miss the croutons

Sometimes you just want something simple, and for $8.99, you can have that in this Grilled Chicken Salad. Theres not much to say about this just choose your favorite dressing and enjoy.

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Red Robin Online Allergy Menu

When you go to their website, you can easily select your allergy and it will help you navigate their menu.

I am very impressed by their user experience. It is super handy and easy to navigate! There are 14 burger options when you select gluten free and wheat free options. Thats legit!

Check it out for yourself here!

Enjoy Red Robins Gluten Free Offerings

Red Robin Gluten Free Menu

The thing I love about Red Robin is that it offers a huge selection of sauces. To me, this is what makes the meal tasty, and so many restaurants have gluten elements in their sauces.

Its a good day when you find a suitable restaurant for all. #AllInclusive

Red Robin tries to take the pain out of ordering a gluten free meal, which is exceptional at a burger place. Kudos to Red Robin for expanding its horizons!

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Red Robin Gluten Free Burger Bun

Red Robin makes a solid burger! They serve Udis gluten free burger buns with their burgers which is always a solid choice. Their burger patties are beefy, pun intended and they serve them with a generous portions of fries.

All in all, Red Robin is an affordable place to take the family to grab a bite to eat where the food is good and it wont break the bank! There is a reason its in my top 5 places to eat gluten free!

You Are Now Ready To Eat

We know the company is dedicated to making your experience as pleasurable and tasty as possible, now its time for you to make it happen!

Communicate with your waiter and let them know what you need. Knowing that their written company policy supports you, should give you a little more confidence and comfort.

Let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comments below! I would love hear how your experiences at Red Robin have gone. Where they good or bad?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Red Robin Adds The Impossible Burger

The Impossible Burger at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

On Monday, April 1, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews added The Impossible Burger to its menu nationwide making them the largest restaurant chain to serve it. This plant-based burger, which delivers all the taste, aroma and beefiness of meat, can be substituted for any of their Red Robin burgers and served on a gluten-free bun.

If you havent been to this casual dining restaurant chain, you are totally missing out because they offer gluten-free buns for burgers and chicken sandwiches and most locations have a dedicated fryer for regular or sweet potato fries. Their extensive allergen menu covers all menu items and even allows you to search by the top eight allergens.

Our guests have come to expect culinary innovation and variety at Red Robin, so it was important for us to offer a new meatless protein option that appeals to traditional burger lovers, flexitarians or anyone craving a unique flavor combination, said Jonathan Muhtar, executive vice president and chief concept officer at Red Robin. The Impossible Burger marks a huge milestone for Red Robin, as were the largest casual dining restaurant chain to serve this meat-free option to guests.

I am not a vegan, but I do enjoy a plant-based burger now and again, so I am happy to see the restaurant growing to meet customer demands.

Have you been to a Red Robins? What did you order?

How Red Robin Handles Gluten


In case youre not convinced that Red Robin handles gluten-free right, here are a few proof points to help you feel more comfortable.

According to the Red Robin website, once you place your allergen order, the following process is put into place:

  • Your server will alert the kitchen staff of the allergen order.
  • The kitchen staff will use the designated purple allergen kit and tools to create your meal. The final meal will be identified with a purple pick so the server is aware that this is the allergen meal and it was prepared using the Red Robin allergen procedures.
  • The entire kit and all the tools are washed, rinsed and sanitized prior to the next use.
  • Red Robin says, Our team members are trained using our Allergen Program Standard procedures when they are hired and their knowledge is validated with a quiz. Our kitchen staff and our servers are also asked questions by our third-party auditing company to verify and test their allergen knowledge four times per year. Twice a day, managers visually inspect that the allergy tools are clean and in good condition.

    As demonstrated, Red Robin is serious about serving the gluten-free and allergy communities.

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    Is Red Robin Peanut Free

    Red Robinpeanutspeanut

    Red Robin Buns Soon-to-Be Safe for Dairy Allergies Again. The buns do not contain dairy/milk, however we are in the process of changing our cooking procedures/equipment for our buns and with this change our buns will no longer be toasted with an oil they will be dry toasted.

    Beside above, what is gluten free at Red Robin? Chicken burgers, turkey burgers and veggie burgers also can be made glutenfree with a bun swap. Entrees: There are only two entrees that can be made glutenfree at Red Red Robin: the Ensenada Chicken Platter, and the Sear-ious Salmon with no sides.

    Hereof, are Red Robin French fries vegan?

    Red Robin introduced its first vegan burger in January 2018, but there are other plant-based options on the menu. Both the steak and sweet potato fries are vegan, as are the Yukon kettle and tortilla chips.

    Is Red Robin campfire sauce gluten free?

    The campfire sauce does contain gluten . Beginning Aug 26th we will have an interactive allergen menu on where you can put in the allergens you wish to avoid and it will list out what options are recommended with those allergen concerns.

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