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Low Calorie Gluten Free Cookies

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Is Peanut Butter Gluten Free

Easy low calorie gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Most brands of peanut butter are gluten free! With that said, its so important to check the label on any peanut butter you pick up, especially if youre living with a gluten sensitivity or allergy.

Some brands are also processed in facilities that process wheat, so there could always be risk of contamination. Carefully choose your peanut butter brand if this is an issue for you!

All Almond Flours Are Not Created Equal

When I first made these paleo chocolate chip cookies, itd been quite a while since I last posted some grain-free recipes. I had run out of my favorite Bobs Red Mill Super-Fine Almond Flour months before and was so frustrated with the brands of almond flour available here in Germany since theyre so inconsistent.

Because I didnt want to deal with the hassle of ordering flour from the US, I thought Id wait it out until Christmas when Id be back in the US and could buy all the Bobs Red Mill I want.

But then I got a hankering for chocolate chip cookies. And I really wanted to make paleo cookies.

So I went to work and while every batch tasted amazing, the appearance and thickness was different every single time. The only variable?

The almond flour. The almond flour Id been buying varies from brand to brand and even within the same brand.

Substitution Questions For These Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies:

If you try these paleo chocolate chip cookies, Id love to hear how they come out!

Thanks again to Bobs Red Mill for sponsoring this post! Be sure to check out some of their other gluten-free flours if youre into gluten-free and paleo baking. 🙂

  • Erinreplies to ChantelleApril 20, 2020 @ 1:35 pm

    Haha. Glad to hear that! I hope youll find some other recipes that you like. 🙂 Thanks a bunch for your feedback!

  • Daniellesays April 18, 2020 @ 9:01 pm

    These are amazing!! I swapped out the sugar for xylitol since Im on the candida diet and chopped up an unsweetened chocolate bar. You wouldnt guess that they are gluten and sugar free! My roommates with no dietary restrictions really liked them too. Thank you soo much! 🙂

  • Erinreplies to DanielleMay 14, 2020 @ 7:06 am

    Im so sorry for just now seeing your comment! It landed up in spam for some reason and with my son home the last 2 months, I havent been diligent with checking that. Im surprised that they worked well with just xylitol! Was there an aftertaste? What was the texture like? Did you use 3/4 cup of 150 grams? Im so curious. 😀 Thanks again for your feedback and sorry again for my ridiculously slow reply!

  • Juliesays April 12, 2020 @ 3:28 am

    Just made these after my coworker highly recommended them. She was right !! I sprinkled a little sea salt on them when they came out of the oven so good!!!! Now to figure out who to share them with so I dont eat them all! 🙂

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  • Fanny Winkelman
  • Carol Beensays
  • Nurit Philip
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    Why Youll Love This Recipe

    • Its gluten-free making it the perfect dessert to serve to anyone who has celiac or needs to avoid gluten.
    • There is no egg in this recipe making it perfectly safe to consume raw.
    • It can be made ahead of time since its stored in the fridge.
    • Its made with ingredients you can find at your local grocery store.
    • The ingredients are inexpensive making it a budget friendly dessert.
    • Perfect to serve at a party in cute glass jars.
    • You can make it in large batches and freeze for later.

    Low Calorie Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe Tips And Variations

    Grain Free Cinnamon Cookies {GF, Paleo, Low Cal}
    • Add chocolate chips
    • Add nuts
    • I use a cookie scoop to achieve a perfect portion.
    • Bake the cookies on a parchment lined baking sheet. They will stick if you bake them directly on the sheet and it also makes clean up a breeze.
    • Store cookies in a sealed container at room temperature up to five days.
    • Freeze them! They will freeze well for up to three months. Simply thaw them out before serving.

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    What Are The Ingredients Of These Gluten

    These fiber-rich snacks contain both insoluble and soluble fiber and get all their goodness from some very simple ingredients:

    Oat Bran provides both soluble and insoluble fiber. With total fiber of 14 grams per cup, it is a good, gluten-free option for the base of my fiber cookies.

    Flaxseed provide 46 grams of fiber per cup of primarily insoluble fiber. Not only do flaxseed provide a great deal of fiber, but they are also a super source of the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid .

    At 40% fiber by weight, Chia Seed are ounce by ounce, one of the best sources of fiber. Because of its high soluble fiber content, chia seeds can absorb up to 1012 times their weight in water, becoming gel-like and expanding in your stomach. One cup of chia seeds contributes 80 gram of fiber. Not surprisingly, these healthy breakfast cookies contain this valuable fiber source.

    Not only are Prunes rich in insoluble fiber , but they contain the natural laxative sorbitol as well. As Sorbitol passes through a persons body undigested, it draws water into the gut to bulk up the stool and stimulate a bowel movement.

    With all the seeds, I guess I shouldnt have been surprised, that Figs are a real fiber powerhouse! Containing both insoluble and soluble fiber, figs pack an impressive 42 grams of fiber per cup. This fiber-rich snack recipe contains 14 ounces of figs, providing a substantial amount of fiber.

    How To Make Edible Chocolate Chip Cookies Dough:

  • Add the almond flour, maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla and salt to a medium bowl.
  • Mix together until combined, fold in the chocolate chips and enjoy.
  • Now that you know how to make no bake cookie dough, lets move onto the shareable recipe card. There you can find all of the measurements, directions, and nutrition for raw cookie dough recipe.

    Up next, youll find a shareable recipe card for this easy edible cookie dough recipe.

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    The Biggest Mistake People Make When Baking

    If you feel like your cookies never turn out like the pictures do or taste too dry, usually it’s because you aren’t measuring flour correctly.

    Do you do any of these things?

    • Use your measuring cup to scoop into the flour?
    • Pat the flour down, pack the measuring cup, or scoop into packed flour?
    • Not use a flat spatula or knife to level off the top?

    If you do any of the above, your baked goods likely are ending up with more flour than called for by the recipe.

    The most accurate way to measure flour is per grams. But honestly, I didn’t even list gram measurements here because I know the majority of my United States-based readers don’t have or use a kitchen scale.

    So to try to measure as accurate as possible, try the following:

  • Make sure your flour isn’t packed.
  • Carefully spoon flour into your measuring cup .
  • Use a flat edge, like the flat side of a knife or a spatula to gently scrape across the top of the measuring cup to remove excess flour .
  • Also for best accuracy in measuring dry ingredients like flour, be sure to use measuring cups, not glass liquid measuring cups.

    How To Make Edible Cookie Dough

    Healthy Low Calorie Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe | How To Make Gluten Free Low Fat Cookies

    This section will teach you how to make cookie dough with thats edible, without eggs.

    This no bake cookie dough is even an edible cookie dough without brown sugar! We use low glycemic index maple syrup to make a healthy, quick edible chocolate chip cookie dough recipe.

    Below, youll learn how to make the best cookie dough recipes for all dietary needs.

    This easy edible cookie dough recipe is vegan, gluten-free, and low calorie! Learn how to make cookies with dough thats edible in this easy two step guide.

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    Tips For Making The Best Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies:

    Now lets get into the nitty gritty. These almond butter chocolate chip cookies are a 1 bowl recipe, so dont get nervous. I just have two small things you can do to ensure perfect cookies every single time.

  • Make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature: I know I say this literally all the time and you guys are thinking we get it, Sofi, room temperature butter and roll your eyes. But its actually so important in this recipe because it uses melted coconut oil. Add a cold egg or straight from the fridge maple syrup to your mixture and youll be left with solid chunks of coconut oil in your healthy chocolate chip cookies. I know this because I did it myself, and Ill be the first to tell youits pretty sad.
  • Dont over bake your cookies: Once the edges of your cookies are golden brown and the center has puffed up, its time to take them out. The center should still be a little bit raw. In my opinion, there are few things worse than an over baked cookie. Just dont do it.
  • Secrets To Baking The Best Healthy Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

    It doesnt get much more delightfully old school than an old fashioned oatmeal cookie.

    Thus, it feels especially appropriate that I used one of the oldest healthy baking tricks in the book when developing the recipe: applesauce.

    • Replacing half the usual amount of butter with applesauce still keeps the oatmeal cookies plenty moist, without the need for extra fat.

    Next, I wanted to see if I could sweeten the healthy oatmeal cookies without sugar. Honey did the trick!

    • In addition to being a more wholesome alternative, honeys homey, comforting flavor is a classic and lovely combination with the oatmeal.

    Now, we need to talk about one of the more divisive oatmeal cookie topics: raisins.

    I know that a healthy oatmeal raisin cookie recipe would have been the *most* traditional route, but I simply could not do it.

    Far better is a healthy oatmeal raisin cookie WITH CHOCOLATE.

    I love my oatmeal cookies fully loaded, which is why to go along with the raisins, youll find melty dark chocolate chips and chunky toasted nuts too.

    I adore the overall effect the range of mix-ins gives these healthy oatmeal cookies.

    We have the crunch and warmth of the nuts and the sweet chew of the raisins, and I dont think I need to tell you that if you stack an oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips next to an oatmeal cookie without, one of them is going to be the clear crowd favorite.

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    Pin Low Sugar Healthy Sugar Cookies

    Settle the debate: Healthy ginger snaps OR sugar cookies? What would you choose?

    Mr. FFF is alllll ginger snaps but me? I like the classics.

    Which is why I am ALLL about sugar cookies. Preferably with icing, but these thick chewy sugar cookies honestly dont even NEED THAT.

    File that under things I thought I would never say.

    Perfect Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Vegan Cinnamon Spice Cookies (Gluten

    These perfect paleo chocolate chip cookies are thick, chewy and have the perfect texture. Many of the reviewers have called these the best cookies ever and said that nobody had a clue that they were paleo !

    This recipe also has vegan and keto options. Thanks to Bobs Red Mill for making todays post possible!

    I first posted this recipe four years ago and am reposting it today with new photos and more tips. Since I posted it, its been my most popular recipe and the photos just didnt do it justice.

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    Low Carb Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

    These Low Carb Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies totally nail the taste and texture of your favorite classic treat my family had no idea they were healthier! These gluten-free, dairy free, refined sugar-free chocolate chip cookies give you all the comfort without the guilt.

    This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Atkins. The opinions and text are all mine.

    So, these cookies. Well start with a description from my older daughter and pickiest of all of my kiddos. She does not seek out desserts that are healthy or gluten-free or low carb or any of the other things that these cookies are. She just cares that theyre delicious.

    Once you get past the crispy exterior, its so chewy and moist and wonderful. And OMG the chocolate chunkstheyre like fudge put in cookie form. I want these always and forever. Theyre little pillows of happiness.

    This was the common reaction to these cookies. Unfortunately, I cant take credit for this recipe. Its a recipe from the Atkins: Eat Right, Not Less: Your Guidebook for Living a Low-Carb and Low-Sugar Lifestyle lifestyle book by Colette Heimowitz. New from Atkins, this revolutionary low carbohydrate lifestyle bookfully illustrated and packed with 100 delicious whole-food recipeswill teach you to eat right, not less, to reach your weight management goals and achieve optimal health. So much goodness in this lifestyle book! I cant wait to try everything!

    Shopping List For No Bake Cookie Dough:

    Special Tip: In the printable recipe card below, you can choose how many servings of this cookie batter you want to make. With the click of a button, the recipe card will do all of the math on the measurements for you.

    Now that you know which ingredients to pick up to make edible cookie dough chocolate chip recipes, lets move onto how to make edible cookie dough at home.

    Edible cookies dough is easy to make In the next section, youll find a how to guide to learn how to make edible cookies at home.

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    The Best Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

    After making these healthy chocolate chip cookies, they were all I could think about, and I knew Id have to share the recipe immediately with all of you. Because, chocolate chip cookies!!!

    Cookies cookies cookies!!!

    Ok, Ill calm down now. But not really, because cookies!!!

    Seriously, I think Ive eaten too many healthy chocolate chip cookies and am now on a sugar high.

    Its worth it, though.

    Chocolate chip cookies are always worth it.

    Or rather, good chocolate chip cookies are always worth it, and Im a strict judge of what qualifies when it comes to chocolate chip cookies.

    The perfect chocolate chip cookie should be soft, chewy, and crispy, all at the same time, with just the right amount of chocolate chips. And it should never be dense, puffy, or gummy. These healthy chocolate chip cookies definitely meet the standards. They are so ridiculously delicious and not just for a healthy cookie either!

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