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Is Gluten Free Pizza Keto Friendly

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Can I Eat Pizza On Keto

Gluten Free, Keto Friendly, Low Carb Almond Flour Pizza Crust # 3

Because tradition pizza crust is high in carbs, many think pizza is a no-no on a low-carb diet. While some may choose to eat pizza without the crust, this recipe gives you a more fulfilling option.

You will need to be careful about the toppings you put on your pizza. Some toppings can significantly increase the number of carbs. Because of this, I devoted a later section to low-carb topping suggestions.

Okay So How Many Carbs In This Keto Pizza

I calculated the approximate nutritional information for this recipe using Cronometer , and the net carb count appears to be just under 3 grams per slice of pizza .

Im not exactly sure how many carbs are in a typical slice of pizza or even a slice of my beloved Paleo pizza, but Im sure its a whole lot more than that. That recipe has almond flour, but also plenty of higher carbohydrate tapioca flour.

Can You Eat Gluten

You can eat gluten-free pizza dough on keto, but not just any gluten-free pizza. More specifically, the gluten-free pizza recipe must be extremely low in carbohydrates to be considered keto-friendly.

Just because an item is labeled as gluten-free doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s ok to consume on a keto diet. Sometimes gluten-free pizzas have just as many carbohydrates, if not more, than a traditional pizza.

While following a ketogenic diet, most individuals try to stay between 20 and 50 grams of carbohydrates to achieve and remain in ketosis. Still, some gluten free pizzas have more than 20 grams of carbohydrates in a single slice.

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Tip #2 Always Investigate The Ingredients

Since weve established that gluten-free doesnt necessarily mean healthier, it is important to always check out the ingredients before you bite into your pie.

This is a helpful tip for anyone following a diet that restricts certain foods. In this case, you will especially be on the lookout for the ingredients of the crust, the main carb source in pizza.

Be wary of pizzas with a lot of modified starches and make sure the ingredients dont contain any of the foods to avoid while following a keto diet.

If you are ordering out, most chain restaurants will have their ingredients and nutrition facts listed on their website, so you can check before chowing down.

Can You Make This Low

Keto Pizza! BEST Low Carb Fathead Pizza Crust Idea  Quick ...

While this pizza crust is simple and easy to make whenever you have that pizza craving, sometimes its nice to have it ready to go.

To make this crust ahead of time, simply follow the instructions through step 7. Dont add the toppings and do the second baking.

Instead, allow it to cool completely on a cooling rack. This step is very important and will keep your crust from getting soggy.

After the crust has completely cooled, put it in an airtight container or wrap it up well with plastic wrap. An extra large plastic zip bag meant for pies would work for this as well. Refrigerate for up to three days, or freeze for up to three months.

To use the made-ahead crusts, defrost the crust if it is frozen. Next, preheat the oven to 350ºFahrenheit.

Place the crust on a cookie sheet or pizza pan, then add your favorite toppings. Bake until the cheese melts. This usually takes about 5-8 minutes.

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Cauliflower Crust Versus Keto Crust

When talking low-carb, bringing up keto is a must. Depending on your diet, 16 grams of carbohydrates in our cauliflower crust might not be too much. If it is though, we recommend our keto crust! Its made with cauliflower rice and has a similar base to cauliflower crust in that regard. However, the rest of its recipe is made up of eggs, casein protein, and whey protein. Designed to have more protein and fat, our keto crust is great for avoiding carbs and feeling full.

Tips For Making This Keto Pizza Recipe A Success

There are a lot of recipes floating around the Internet for Fathead pizza, which is basically a combination of shredded and melted cheese, cream cheese, almond flour, and egg. I based this keto pizza recipe off of what I believe is the original, from Cookys Creations.

I did first make the recipe as written, and it worked quite well as its a tried and true recipe, and seemingly led to something of a revolution. Recipes like this one from Cooky prove that there is still room for true innovation in recipe creation.

But I did ultimately make some changes that didnt add any carbs but did make the recipe taste more like, well, the pizza I know and love. As originally written, the recipe tasted a bit oily to me .

I resisted the strong urge to add tapioca starch, which is a staple of all gluten free baking since it provides so much structure and chew. Instead, I added some coconut flour, which really helped to absorb some of the oil from the cheese and almond flour.

Ive tried melting the cream cheese and shredded cheese in this recipe in the microwave, but I find that its much harder to combine all of the ingredients that way. Be sure to use very low heat on the stovetop, and turn off the heat the moment you see the ingredients begin to brown.

The more you knead the dough, the easier it will be to handle. Dont be afraid to roll it out and gather it back together multiple times before youre satisfied with its texture.

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What If I Have An Egg Sensitivity

If you have any sensitivity to eggs, this isnt going to be the best recipe for you, but you can still use the rest of the casserole recipe and use an allergen friendly foundation like this delicious egg-free Fat Head dough.

You can still enjoy the spicy sauce, savory toppings, and melty cheese that make pizza casseroles so enjoyable that way. The egg free dough requires a little more work than this particular low carb pizza casserole dough, but its worth it if youve got an egg sensitivity!

Can The Crust Be Made With Something Other Than Coconut Flour

Gluten Free Keto Friendly Cream Cheese Pizza Crust


If I had the choice, I would stick with the coconut flour, as when whisked with the egg whites , really lends a firm and durable texture. However, if you dont want to use coconut flour, there are two options for you- gluten free oat flour or almond flour!

For the oat flour version, follow this recipe here. Id recommend using a smaller frying pan for it, so youll have a thicker base, making it easier to top. The grain-free options seem to hold toppings considerably better, but with care, this will be fine.

The almond flour was an interesting success- Although in many of my recipes, swapping coconut flour for almond flour is pretty much impossible, it worked really well in this! The only difference is youll need to increase the amount, but it works!

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How Many Carbs In Fathead Pizza

The nutrition info varies a little depending on which flour is used, but is pretty similar:

  • Fathead pizza with almond flour: 144 calories | 12g fat | 3g total carbs | 2g net carbs | 8g protein
  • Fathead pizza with coconut flour: 117 calories | 8g fat | 4g total carbs | 2g net carbs | 7g protein

For both versions, this is nutrition info above is per slice of crust , without toppings. Toppings would be extra, depending on what you add.

Even though this keto pizza crust is a little on the high side when it comes to calories, but youll be surprised at how filling it is. Most people agree its well worth it, and you end up eating less, too.

Can You Eat Pizza Toppings Or Cheese Off Pizza While On Keto

I get it, you’re at a party, and maybe you’ve snuck into the bathroom and reading this wondering if eating the toppings off a regular pizza will de-rail your keto diet.

Of course, if it’s a Hawaiian pizza, you may want to skip out on the pineapple.

This reminds me of that one episode from the Jersey Shore where Vinny, also known as the keto guido, was drunk scraping off the toppings from the pizza.

Major props to him, because in that drunken state, I may have gone into screw it mode and ate the entire pizza.

Crust and all

Most toppings, including the cheese, are relatively low in carbohydrates.

While there may be some places that use a few fillers here and there, it’s not enough to add any significant amount of carbohydrates.

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Low Carb Pizza Crust & Calzone Mix

This keto pizza and calzone mix is a great option for your next low carb pizza night. Just because you’re on a low carb diet doesn’t mean you need to miss out on your favorite foods. This keto pizza crust mix contains only 1 net carb per serving. You can add all of your favorite delicious toppings like pepperoni or buffalo chicken.One container makes three 8-10″ keto pizzas, making this perfect for the entire family.

  • DELICIOUS LOW CARB PIZZA AND CALZONE CRUST– Made with All Natural Ingredients for a Low Carb, Sugar Free and Preservative Free crust. Only 1 Net Carb per serving!
  • DIABETIC FRIENDLY with a healthy dose of dietary fiber and protein! Eat good, delicious food while maintaining your diet, perfect for health conscience pizza and calzone lovers
  • THE BEST LOW CARB MIX FOR TRUE PIZZA & CALZONE LOVERS LC Foods Pizza & Calzone Mix is a great tasting low carb choice for anyone. Kids love our mix too!
  • PERFECT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – One 8.57 oz mix makes three 8-10 pizzas. Plenty for the whole family to enjoy!
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA You can depend on LC Foods top quality ingredients and standards. No one makes a better low carb pizza and calzone mix than us!

Missing Pizza On The Keto Diet This Major Chain Now Has A Low

Keto Pizza Recipe

Those on the popular keto diet who crave pizza will now be able to satisfy a hankering for the Italian classic without having to whip up their own low-carb version at home.

On Tuesday, Blaze Pizza became the first national chain to offer a keto-friendly pizza crust.

Blaze, which has more than 300 locations in the U.S., Canada and the Middle East, just introduced a new crust that replaces flour with cheese, eggs, flax seed and cauliflower. Blaze, which counts basketball superstar LeBron James among its investors, is known for its Chipotle-style service which allows diners to customize individual pizzas with a la carte toppings before their pie is baked to order.

The low-carb crust has just 6 net carbs for the whole pizza compared with around 80 net carbs in the traditional crust. The keto crust contains roughly the same number of calories per serving.

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Order Fresh Brothers Now

Whether cauliflower crust pizza fits your macros or not, we can all agree that its absolutely delicious. Plus, you can try it now by ordering a gluten-free crust with any medium-sized pizza or 7 personal pizza. A balanced diet has some days that include a few more carbs, and other days where protein, fat, and lots of vegetables take over plan your week so that you can always enjoy the Fresh Brothers favorites you love. Feeling hungry yet? Us too! Order Fresh Brothers online now and have it delivered in no time.

What Should We Avoid In A Gluten

Gluten is widely used during food production making it difficult at times to maintain a gluten-free diet. Although gluten is safe to be consume by many people, those with gluten sensitivity should avoid it to prevent complications.

Below are some basic foods that contain gluten, and some examples that may contain gluten :

  • Baked goods – Cookies, muffins, cakes, pizzas, etc.
  • Bread – All wheat-based bread.
  • Snack foods – Pre-packaged chips, roasted nuts, candy, pretzels, crackers, etc.
  • Beverages – Flavored alcoholic drinks or beer.
  • Cereals – Unless stated gluten-free.
  • Other foods – Sauces, couscous, broth cubes.

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How To Get A Crisp Keto Cauliflower Crust

The one thing that may prevent this from becoming a crisp and thin crust is water, particularly the cauliflowers water content.

When cauliflower rice has too much moisture, it can prevent the crust from crisping up in the oven. This can result in a keto dish that is more like a pizza casserole than a thin crust pizza.

To prevent that from happening, make sure to squeeze out as much moisture as you can from the cooked cauliflower rice before adding it to the dough mixture. Feel free to use a kitchen towel, cheesecloth, nut milk bag, or any cloth that will allow you to squeeze the water out without losing any precious cauliflower.

Time-saving tip: Use pre-made cauliflower rice. Though this can be more expensive, it will allow you to skip the ricing process and keep your clean up time to a minimum.

How To Make A Keto Paleo Pizza Crust

Crustless Pizza ~ Keto Friendly and Gluten Free

I first shared a 3 Ingredient Paleo Pizza Base recipe way back last year and since then, had a plethora of questions, positive feedback, negative feedback and a twirl off the dance floor. Ive been meaning to re-share the recipe, with some tweaks to fulfill these requests, suggestions, and questions.

Can the crust be made with something other than coconut flour?

Can the crust be made thicker?


Can we sauce them and freeze them?

Well, we shall tackle each of those main queries and share a new and improved pizza base recipe! Sorry, pizza crust.

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Does Mayo Have Gluten

Mayonnaise or mayo is typically made from naturally gluten-free ingredients: eggs, oil, vinegar, lemon and sometimes mustard/mustard seed or other spices. Mayo brands that have a gluten-free label have passed thorough testing and are safe to eat for people with celiac disease.

Possible Negative Effects Of Gluten

As with all good things, there are sometimes bad things that come with them. Despite having a variety of health benefits, there are certain risks associated with both diets.

First, you may be at risk of nutrient deficiency due to the elimination of too many foods. This can cause you, for example, to not consume enough fiber from traditional sources. Fiber also assists your body in the absorption of nutrients.

Furthermore, the lack of fiber can lead you to have bowel issues such as constipation. Gluten-free and keto diets both eliminate many sources of fibre like wheat bran and fruits that promote good bowel movements. Constipation can cause serious issues if not dealt with.

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